Mabel Pines and the Heroine's Journey

So I took a seminar on Hero and Heroine journeys this past semester, and it’s impossible to miss these patterns in movies/TV/books once you’re aware of them, including Gravity Falls.

And with the wonderful growth we’ve seen with Mabel’s character during the second season, I decided to make a post documenting her journey. 

Please take a look, I’m quite happy with how this turned out!

Note: The difference between a hero/masculine journey and a heroine/feminine journey is not the gender of the character. Rather, the feminine journeys deal with overcoming fears and struggles from within, whereas the masculine journeys have more to do with defeating physical or outward obstacles.

Male protagonists can undergo a heroine’s journey, female protagonists can undergo a hero’s journey, and one character could very well have both within the span of a single story (think Disney’s Mulan).

There are various heroine journey models, but I’m using the Feminine Journey outlined by Victoria Schmidt, since I believe it fits Mabel best. This journey has three acts and nine stages

Act I - Containment

1. Illusion of a Perfect World

Description: “The heroine lives in a glass bubble, a world of innocence, believing she is safe and can’t be touched.”

From the first episode of the series, it’s clear that as opposed to Dipper, Mabel’s only mission this summer is to be a kid and have fun.

She’s carefree and in no rush for her vacation to be over, but nor does she fear the future at this point, because she’s an optimist by nature and has a childlike, predetermined notion of how perfect her future will be.

2. The Betrayal or Realization

Description: “An event occurs, one that shatters her glass bubble, leaving her exposed, in danger and/or aware of the imperfections in her world.”

I would argue that this stage occurs at the end of A Tale of Two Stans.

After learning the Stan twins’ backstory and seeing the similarity between the older set of Pines and she and her brother, Mabel expresses concern over drifting apart the same way they did. While Dipper dismisses her worries as unfounded, Mabel has become aware that the future is not always so certain, and this disillusionment plagues her with doubt.

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I was going through my archive and found a text message that I had sent to my friend in 2013 (the year I watched YGO for the first time)

“help me, i just finished the last episode of yuugiou and atem left and everything is horrible”


anonymous asked:

OH MY GOD THIS THEORY IS THE BEST THING I'VE READ!!!!!!!!! IT ACTUALLY MADE ME TEAR UP AT THE END! AND IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE WOW! Would you be disappointed if it doesn't turn to be right? Because I know I will. I fear CC is not as smart as you're lol. They should hire you as a writer!

I would be, yes. Unless whatever he has planned is even better. 

Hey CC, hire me to fix your mythology bro ;)

I just spent the past 40 minutes on YouTube watching that lady with the Rainbow Sponges advertise the product. (BECAUSE IT’s SATURDAY NIGHT! WHAT ELSE WOULD I DO??)

1) It’s actually a cool thing! I mean she made some really awesome art. I’d want one but it looks messy and all the ink you need is probably really expensive.

2) I NEED friends.


‘MY LIFE IS HELL’ | Nathan Prescott | Life is Strange

WARNING: Life is Strange ep.1-5 SPOILERS

‘If Nathan had more help, more support… This might have gone a different way. I think about him, chilling there on the grass in the other timeline… I hate what he did, but… I can’t hate him.’

Okay, so… I’m back on track with editing. It’s not like I haven’t done it all this time I wasn’t on YouTube though… just not the TAR material (my YouTube channel). I remembered the good old days of fanvids, rewatched some of mine (dated 2007-2012 something) and created THIS.

This is… Call it 'The Aesthetics of Nathan Prescott’ or a 'really long LiS GMV about that piece os sh–’, but it is what it is. Life is Strange was HELLA an experience and I still can’t really get over it and its characters. Nathan Prescott is indeed a very dark, twisted, troubled character with a story in itself, a story partly told through LiS gameplay. He’s interesting to analyze and to rant about. Apparently to inspire vids like this too.

This is a video of Nathan’s little world with its Vortex partying, violence, daddy issues, Jefferson’s influence, drugs, meds, friendship with Victoria, dark room, black and white photography, Rachel’s death, bullying Kate, loss of control, saving Max and listening to (dead) whales. It isn’t a vid saying Nathan is GOOD or BAD, he is what he is, he’s complex and that I find the most attractive about his character. Also it’s not a shipping vid (duh), I honestly don’t ship him with anybody, I mean.. guy have mental problems, c'mon. He doesn’t need relationship drama, he needs professional help.


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