My very bad attempt at making a gif from my kiddie cart doodle. Was supposed to be transparent and Yukine having his green coat but my lack of digital skills and a working version of After Effects meant it had to be animated at school in a small hunk of class time…This is actually the best digital piece I’ve ever done XD


i found out that firealpaca had animation tools now and i decided to draw isabel instead of doing hw and finishing old art because priorities

i dont actually know how to animate i just did stuff until it looked relatively ok lmao;; even now it looks kind of off but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i tried lol

Re[arctan(z)] (blue) and Im[arctan(z)] (red) plotted from [0, 2π]

holy shit y’all
So when I was writing up the description for my arctan sculptures last post I had initially written [0, 2π] instead of [-π, π] and then thought about it a little harder and realized I’d never actually looked at any of these trig functions from [0, 2π], all the plots and animations and everything I’d ever done was always [-π, π]. And I looked at what arctan looked like, and I wondered what the hell the [0, 2π] version would look like and kind of imagined it as something that puckered out in the middle and tapered off at the ends. WRONG. NOT EVEN CLOSE, AND WOAH THAT’S COOL. So I am now sitting in a chaise lounge in the fancy hotel this conference is at just trying to hammer out animations of all the ~shape variations~ of all four “trig families” (can I just start calling them that for my own sake? The regular, inverse regular, hyperbolic, and inverse hyperbolic? They lil families? Mom, dad, brother, sister, baby trig functions? I just really like making up my own terms for things to make my life easier?).

Anyway, here’s the first one, and with a color scheme that actually follows the one I’m more or less standardizing for my sculptures: real parts cool colors, imaginary parts warm colors, since the real numbers are ~familiar and comforting and calm~ and complex numbers are (legitimately) more dynamic and full of life and movement herp derp derp. So yeah just finished up coth so I’ll dump that one on you here shortly. Er mer gerd I’ve missed making these animations, going to hopefully actually download some gif making software so I can make them on the drive back since I usually just use gifmaker.me.