shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

I’m so in love with you,
And I hope you know,
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold,
We’ve come so far my dear,
Look how we’ve grown,
And I wanna stay with you,
Until we’re grey and old,
Just say you won’t let go.
—  James Arthur, Say You Won’t Let Go.
I promise I’ll be there until the very end. No matter who comes, no matter who leaves, I’ll stand there holding your hand always, through everything.
—  Leohearts

In Hindi, they say:
“Sacche pyaar karne waale kabhi alvida nahi kehte,
Kyunki unke dil kabhi juda nahi hote.”

It means, “True lovers never say goodbye because their hearts never separate.”

Oh, how bad I want to believe that. I really do. I hope against all hope that after months and then years of separation, we’ll meet again and it will all be the same.
But will our love win against time, distance, and all these differences?

Please tell me you won’t fall for some pretty girl who has long hair that covers her face. Please tell me you’ll never say I put my career before you. Please tell me that one day, you’ll understand my dreams. Please tell me you’ll always accept me just thr way I am. Please tell me you won’t forget why you fell in love with me. Please tell me you miss me every second of the day. Please tell me you miss the way I hugged you like you were my hero. Please tell me you think of me every night before you close your eyes.
Please tell me you love me like I love you.




You said I taught you the meaning of “I love you”, now please tell me you’ll always love me. Please tell me there’s no goodbye.


Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly - Say You Won’t Let Go (James Arthur cover) in the Live Lounge


Like who he tryna kid though?

Detail of the Little Gold Shrine found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun, which is covered in scenes of the Pharaoh with his wife, Ankhesenamun.

This scene shows the royal couple out hunting ducks together. Tutankhamun is seated behind Ankhesenamun, taking aim at the birds in flight. His wife sits in front of him, pointing to where the ducks are and heady to hand him another arrow.