Why would anyone take the bus?

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Type: Reader insert / Drabble

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count: 680

A/N:  Aka things I wish would happen to me on my bus every morning

Warnings: a curse word or two.

At 5.15 every morning, you would walk the 15 minutes and wait for your hour long bus to work. And every morning, the handsome stranger that you had been watching for the past 2 months would sit on the seat next to you and smile as the two of you made eye contact and proceed to sip his coffee.

You were the only two at the bus stop every morning, most people still asleep or they made the smarter decision to drive into work. The two of you never spoke, instead you would sit in silence till your bus arrived where you would quickly make your way onto the bus and sit right at the back.  The back of the bus was your favourite spot, mostly because you could stare at the handsome stranger as much as you want without being caught. Oh how you liked to stare at him.

This man had a face sculpted by the gods; A strong jawline covered in day old stubble, piercing blue eyes that you had to avoid for fear of getting lost in them, luscious brown hair that you just wanted to run your fingers through and those lips. Those lips were your weakness, even more so when his tongue would peek out to wet his lips, a smile stretching across his face as he scrolled through his phone.

Every morning you would watch him from the back of the bus, well that was until yesterday when you were running late. You could see the bus pull up ahead so you sprinted as fast as you could to make it Just as the driver closed the door, rolling his eyes he opened the door for you to let you on. As you took one step onto the bus, your feet stumbled and you nearly fell to the ground, saving yourself at the last minute.  God, could this moment get any more embarrassing?

As you made your way down the bus, you noticed the handsome stranger sitting in his usual seat, a smirk on his face as he watched you with curiosity.  Exhaling softly, you made your way to the back of the bus and sat down, putting your handbag beside you and catching your breath. Looking up, you saw him smiling at you before chuckling and looking away. Colour flooded your cheeks as you looked anywhere but at the man. Can a hole just open up and bury you inside.

To be fair, you didn’t do anything embarrassing for a whole month.  Every morning you would sit in the back of the bus with your cup of coffee and just silently sip at it as you peeked at the handsome stranger. It was one morning where just as you took a large sip of your coffee, the stranger decided to take his coat off and holy fuck could his arms be any bigger. After a very audible squeak, you start choking and coughing on your drink to the point that it is loud enough for everyone on the bus to hear you. You nearly died of mortification as the stranger turned around in his seat and chuckled at you, a smile on his face as you slid further down in your chair and prayed it would swallow you up whole.  You took one last risk and quickly looked back over to the stranger, his gaze still on you with that smirk on his face as he caught you peeking. Yep, you could never take this bus again.

The next day on the bus, you try your hardest to keep your eyes straight, looking at nothing in particular, certainly not the attractive brunette who was moving from his regular seat to the one next to you. Shit.

Your eyes went wild as he took a seat next to you, a smile on his face as he introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Bucky.”


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about the trc/pynch thing - i don't disagree with you, but just to add a point. it might not be maggie's fault, it might be the editors'. it sucks, but talking openly about these things is still considered 'risky' for a LOT of publishers, and would have meant she couldn't promote her books in certain places events, etc. I'm not that familiar with the publishing industry, but I know some authors have been screwed over that way before. it sucks, but it's not necessarily maggie's fault,

yeah definitely, publishers and editors can cut this stuff down a lot. and the whole “oh would you look at that i need another 300 months to edit” thing with TRK makes me suspicious that something like that might have happened. still, I do wish that she would be less… idk… mega-defensive and asshole-y on social media about the whole thing. Like when LGBT teens call her out, she doesn’t need to say “well I’m right and you’re wrong lol! bye i’m gonna drive a fast car into the sunset” she can be like “oh… you know… that’s just not the story I wanted to write… but I appreciate your criticism” I don’t know. But yes I definitely don’t want to discount the role that censoring editors/publishers play in this sort of thing

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I really want to believe Amelia! I am actually inclined to believe her :) I wished she would have said when did this sighting happened.... come back Amelia! Come back! *to be read as Kate Winslet calling back the boats after titanic sinked*

Lol! I assumed it happened recently, we know Gillian has spent a week in NY lately, and we only found out a few days after she arrived, so it wouldn’t surprised me if they saw each other at that time, David even flew back from LA at the same time. Coooome Baaaaack, Ameliaaaaa!

Hit the Diamond

The way that this episode had not only things I wished, but things I thought that would be pretty unlikely to happen makes it hard to believe that I’m not dreaming, somehow. At the beginning of this year I made a fancomic with lots of Rubies and had such a great time just by playing with the idea… I could never imagine that we would have such an anime-istic episode WITH THAT MANY RUBIES. AND SO MANY RUPPHIRE MOMENTS. The jokes were amazing, all other characters were just as incredible, DAMN. I’m so happy! 


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

  • On set of Civil War.
  • Russo Brothers: Chris, have you ever made out with another guy?
  • Chris: Ummm....no?
  • Russo Brothers: Ok, well here's the scene, you, Bucky, Sam, and Scott are in a safe house, everyone is asleep except Bucky, he's by the window keeping guard. You walk over to Bucky and tell him that you missed him and your happy you finally found him.
  • Chris: Ok.
  • Russo Brothers: You slowly lean in to kiss Bucky on the lips, and Bucky kisses you back hard. We fade to black and open with you and Bucky asleep on a bed naked with clothes everywhere.
  • Chris: Ummm...
  • Russo Brothers: Chris, it will be perfect! *shoots the scene*
  • Joe Russo: Maybe we should put that scene in the deleted scene.
  • Anthony Russo: Yeah, your right, the fans will love it so much more.
  • Chris and Sebastian: *both look at each other and shrugs*

mini!seventeen : hoshi edition!  ♥

introducing hoshi, the first mini!seventeen boy for sale! hoshi is very (very) playful, hyper and almost always happy. he is very sweet and will love you a lot if you take good care of him! hoshi enjoys dancing, so we recommend to play music for him often. at night, make sure he sleeps wrapped in a lot of blankets, and make sure you always watch over him (as he can be a little clumsy). he will randomly break out in song or dance. we recommend buying another mini!seventeen boy to keep him company. if you buy a hoshi, you will never regret it, for he can be the best little companion!  ( ´ ▽ `)

So I’m rambling but..

Emma’s not strong, brave and tenacious because she’s the saviour. She’s always been that way, it’s a part of who she is. Emma’s the saviour because she’s strong, brave and tenacious. So the wish took those things away. It didn’t strip her of the ‘saviour’ title, it stripped her of all the things that make Emma.. Emma. 

Instead, we saw Princess Emma.. unwilling and unable to defend herself and fight for what’s right, easily accepting of defeat. That person is the polar opposite of the Emma Swan we know and love, which I guess was the point? I don’t think the message was that without the curse and magic and heartache, Emma wouldn’t be that resilient, capable woman. I think the message is supposed to be that without all of the things that make Emma herself, she wouldn’t have even been the saviour in the first place. ‘Emma’ first, ‘saviour’ second.

At least, that’s how I’m choosing to see this episode. 

Boxer!Luke sneaking into little girl Hemmo’s room after a fight and his lip is busted and there’s a cut above his eye and when she stirs in her sleep and peeks one eye open to find her daddy sitting beside her she crawls onto his lap to hug him. Her little fingers gingerly touching his wounds and she whispers ‘does it hurt, daddy?’ and he just shakes his head, reassuringly mumbling, 'No, not even a little bit, baby.’ But she kneels up, her little hands on his cheeks, and kisses above his eye, anyway.


Billie Piper

-As alwaysI do have a step by step for this one so if anyone’s interested just ask:)

Okay imagine

Fall out boy is doing a concert. Patrick is singing, Pete is doing what he does, Andy and Joe are tearing up the guitar and drums. in between songs Patrick says
“we have a surprise for you guys just wait until later”.
No one know what is it but continue to sing and dance along and have an all around good time. Then suddenly, the opening of a song you Recognize begins. While the first notes of I Write Sins Not Tragedies ring though the arena, the crowd goes wild.
“Here’s the surprise I promised” says Patrick. Old panic! Bursts onto the stage. Everyone is screaming, Patrick and Brendon sing together in harmony.
“ what a shame the poor grooms bride is a-”
and with those words the arena goes black. Everyone silences, suspense and confusion ripples through the crowd. After a few long seconds of silence, the prominent G note of a piano rings out from the stage, which can only mean one thing. Screams erupt as the spotlights flash back on, Gerard way and the rest of my chemical romance stand in their black parade costumes in the centre of the stage while the intro continues to play. And with that the holy trinity is united and the story is told in tumblr for years.