Chapter 2 has a LOT of Christine and Raoul and I dearly wish they could be doing fun stuff like this instead of being dazed/confused/angry lil’ warrior children. Maybe this is them on vacation/honeymooning(???) in the Mediterranean–sailing, of course (put your skills to work, Raoul). Although, I think that Christine’s fair complexion would make like Don Juan Triumphant and BURN.

Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Von Trapps EP lately and they are the perfect tunes to draw C+R fluff to, I guess. <3 *is shameless*

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i have a very curious question since you're one of the few nsfw artists i follow. (love your work!) i'm asking this because i've always been curious what it'd be like if i were to get into drawing that kinda stuff online, but what are your usual intentions when drawing nsfw? is the intention to turn on people? is it just for pure enjoyment? i'd be really interesting to know what nsfw artists really strive for or think when posting/drawing their work. c: if that's ok of course!

A lot of the NSFW material I draw is for my own personal enjoyment, it’s a bonus when other people actually like it~! I wish I could give you a more in depth reply but it’s just that simple- I draw what I like.


Kon El, from Teen Titans #9! I have never been the biggest fan of Superboy. But in Teen Titans, I feel like he works better than solo. I wish that Superboy had come back to the Titans under different pretenses, but I suppose it works. I wish Tim could get his answers a lot faster as to what happened with Superboy, but the longer it takes, the better the story. I loved seeing Tim and Conner argue, just like in the old Young Justice days. I think next up will be Tim

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I found your blog today and let me start by saying I love it and I think you are AMAZINGLY TALENTED. Its weird how seeing your wonderful drawings makes my heart happy and smile like a goofball. Plus, who could ever get enough of korrasami, bubbline, life is strange, etc? Keep up the amazing work and don't let anything or anyone (including yourself) ever stop you from sharing your art and expressing yourself in one of the most beautiful ways possible. ;-D

Oh my god, thank you so much! <3 Making people happy is the best thing I can ever achieve with my art. And thanks for encouraging me, it’s much appreciated :)

I wish you all the best and a wonderful life!


Yearbook Entry No. 32: Farewell Party at Eren Jaeger’s House. 2:42 AM. 

“’Best Friends’ Jean and Marco not leaving each other’s side as they say goodbye to their friends and batchmates. I think we’ve got like, 100+ photos of them - TOGETHER. It’s insane. Connie and I can’t wait to see the development of their relationship after graduation. If you know what I mean. ;)” 

- Sasha Blouse

Did we feel lonely as children? Because I can’t remember many times I wasn’t alone. Off in a corner, a corner of the world. Make belief was a religion and monsters actually stayed under the bed if we told them to. I would draw a map for my past self because his dreams were something worth following. He knew the importance of pretend and now, I can pretend, that I’m okay, that I have it all figured out.

I wish I could meet my child self on the playground and watch the world take on a new shape together. We’d exchange lunches like we’d exchange stories, in pieces. Enjoying them and thinking about the quality and value of them. Wondering if a fruit roll up was really worth everything…

When I was a kid I conquered the entire world before I left my house in the morning. These days it seems the only thing I conquer is the urge to fall back asleep, and I fail frequently. Did we always waste so much time dreaming instead of sleeping? Did we always try that hard? Laugh that hard? Cry that hard? And think so big? What we gave as children we traded in so we could grow up, never considering the value of what we already had and might lose. Grown ups always told me to cherish my childhood and not grow up too fast. What a joke I thought that was. The truth is, I’m smaller now than I was then.

Holding onto your younger self might just be a good thing. I used to colour the sky a shade of purple and paint the grass neon red. I had no issue imagining such things. Now you’d be hard pressed to get me to make a wish on my birthday. Whether it’s gone or never came, there was magic in this place. There is good in avoiding the cracks on the sidewalk as you skip to the bus stop. Racing from one end of the street to the other. The Saturday mornings where you felt anything was possible. You are most spectacular when you are smiling.

So remember the times where you got your hands sticky, or scraped your knee rollerblading. The time you got a raisin stuck in your nose. There is still good here. Perhaps we did feel lonely as children. Perhaps you and I were imaginary friends who thought a wish was worth something. Perhaps those kids on the playground know what they’re doing when they swing so high.

In moments of joy, release the chains and jump. In moments of madness, paint your skies purple. In the overwhelming moments, tilt your head back, look out and let the world be made different.