okay I’m so sad that we’ll probably never get a canon supercorp but I’m mostly mad with this new scene of tonight’s episode. Lena’s just being accused, yet again, of something she hasn’t done. fact is, people know they’re dealing with aliens and that there are aliens who can turn into other people. we’ve seen it over and over, it’s basically what last episode’s was about as a matter of fact. but at the moment they get one tape of “said Lena Luthor” messing up there’s an arrest call for her right away. she has no right to explain herself, no one will believe her, except for Kara. that’s why she doesn’t look bothered by the tape -she knows who the fuck she is and that’s not her-, the reason she’s showing worry on her face and tears in her eyes are: does Kara believe in me?? and that’s why she affirms that that’s not her on that tape while looking directly at Kara like she’s asking if she believes in her, because Kara would be the only one.

and Kara does!

summing up: I’m sad and emo and bitter!

One of my favourite gallavich scenes is when they’re in the club and Ian tries to kiss Mickey, and you can see it in Noel’s eyes that Mickey is literally just noticing that it’s okay, nobody is going to judge him in that room, nobody cares that he’s gay because they’re all the same. I just can’t get over how much you can see on Noel’s face in that scene. I will never not be grateful that Mickey is portrayed by someone who gives him so much depth.

Okay so there are a lot of things that contribute to the wedding scene and make it great but there’s one thing I absolutely never get over. And that’s if you look at Magnus standing there, this Downworlder standing in the middle of a Shadowhunter wedding, this man who just lost one of his friends and is trying trying for the last time to get this man he started to have feelings for after being closed off for all these years, to see that he feels the same way too and is making the wrong decision, his fingers are crossed.

Magnus’s fingers are crossed. He is standing there crossing his fingers like some good luck charm. This immortal all powerful Warlock, who is used to healing and conjuring up magic with the snap of his fingers, has resorted to a superstition, and probably a mundane one at that, because he has tried just about all he can and now all he has is this raw emotion and courage and luck. So he crosses his fingers and he hopes.

Giving you this cause i have no idea what else to do with it and it was my favorite part and I’ll never get over it.

okay so i’d like to apologise in advance for a whole lot of screaming coming from my end of the world oh my goodness gracious me

Aaaaa, this is so wonderfully done, and a real treat to see, dude! :’D This was probably one of my favourite scenes to write, and I’m so happy to see it in picture form! Poor, poor Sans looks so shaken in the flashback. ;_;

Thank you so much, man! I really appreciate it! :’)

…She gets over it! Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes [he] tells her, “I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.” And she says, “Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.” And then they go back to normal, that’s what people do…
—  Steven Moffat talking about the I Love You scene™
Aomine protecting Momoi

Heavily Aomomo. Most scenes are from Replace which is somewhat dubious!canon and reads like a shoujo manga, but I love protective!Aomine and I just had to compile them.

Honestly, here he’s just a little more than a baby himself and he still manages to get the doki-dokis across. 

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Which scene would you pick to introduce Even to a friend? :)

oh my goodness i absolutely adore this question. i’m gonna have to pick mekke ol because you get to see so much of even in this scene? his fascination with people, his interests like music and art, his kindness but also his confidence. we also get a sense of how much he values love?? like he pretends not to have his ID (okay never confirmed but i believe this in my soul) just so he can have his crush over, and then he gives him weed and cool music and cheese toasties just to see him smile. also, this may be cheating, but i’m gonna pick hjernen er alene to pair with this because that’s when we get our first taste of the more vulnerable side of even, like his hopes and fears and what he wants out of life. but i don’t think you can really appreciate even’s vulnerable side until you see this cool dude image that he lets the rest of the world see, you know? basically, even is complex and this question is hard and i am indecisive. 

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You said once that there is a list of characters who you openly hate in Fairy Tail who are they and why?

I’ll try and keep this brief

Mest: He’s flat out crazy at points, has motivations that turn on a dime, and just kinda not interesting. He’s got that whole peedo under toe which I try not to see him as, but boy this guy gets on my nerves.

Frosche: I don’t care how cute he is, he is the most usless exceed.

Jellal: I’ve stated numerous times my problem with him is he’s great in concept but bad in execution. But I think that irriates me the most is how he’s just forced into every arc, like why?

Sting: Okay I have to be fair here, I don’t hate him much anymore. I think I just have residual hate from that “I give up” scene and how easily he was jobbered, I think he has become much better over time but I can never get that scene of his surrender out of my mind

Angel, Racer, and Midnight: Again like Sting I don’t activly hate them but boy are they just intrusive. I think they had great potential the problem is it’s never used so they just end up being space fillers and I always was boggled by how they had fans.

Mavis: Mavis is my absolute, hated character. I hate how she’s a walking deus ex machina, I hate how she is hailed as being a mother when she’s done jack shit, and I really hate how she is suppose to be this awesome strategist but always ends up not having a strategy and just bullshiting her way through.

I try to never be negative but you asked
Rant Incoming: Why did Garmadon have to die (like this)?

Rant Incoming: Why did Garmadon have to die (like this)?

I guess it’s been like months since I watched the season where Garmadon is banished to the Cursed Realm but I never made peace with it. It’s already bad they sacrificed Garmadon of all, but the reasons he was banished and the way they sent him off always made me feel like the writers stomped on my heart and I think I’ll never get over it. Somewhere I understand their decision, but the way they handled the scene just makes me think they didn’t care for him as much as he deserved.

I mean, when he offers to sacrifice himself for Ninjago, he just tells all these reasons to try and justify it but is it just me who thinks these reasons are not damn okay? I mean,

just because somebody had to be sacrificed,
just because the ninja didn’t need 2 sensei,
just because he felt like he could never atone for his sins made in the past,
just because there was “no room for him”,
just because he was bad in the past AND IT WASN’T EVEN HIS OWN FAULT, in fact, he did his best to at least not harm his family while he was evil,
they just wrote him off like that?

And what’s more, I just feel so bad for him that he decides to sacrifice himself, to be eternally banished to the ‘belly of the beast’, without a moment of hesitation, and the rest don’t even seem to be that regretting or sad about it? Nobody asks him if he’s really sure, nobody tries to stop him, nobody tries to at least give him some time to think it over. When he hands the spell book over to his brother, Wu doesn’t stop for even a second to at least sigh. Yes, they were in a pretty tight situation, but is there anyone whose heart wouldn’t break when they saw that they were never really needed, that nobody seems to have a problem with their eternal banishment? That their own son doesn’t want to see them off (at first), and that nobody seems to at least act like they will miss him?

I understand that somebody had to be sacrificed, I guess this was too big a cast to work with, I guess having 2 sensei was too much. But did it really have to be Garmadon? Is there no way for somebody to atone unless they sacrifice themselves?

And if it really had to be Garmadon, couldn’t they have done it at least a bit better? A bit more touching? Zane gets the best send-off ever in the history of cinematographics and his resurrection is confirmed not even minutes later!! Yet Garmadon doesn’t appear for the entirity of the next season, and when he finally does, he is sent off to death, pretty much in the same cold and cruel way as last time?

Why didn’t the writers feel like Garmadon deserves more? He was probably the wisest of them all, and when he finally got over his evil phase I think he did so much for the team and he did so much for his son. He at least tried to make up for the time lost, while Misako is still gone at least 80% of the time. He pledged to never fight again, and I think that takes a lot. He had to let go of Skylar when he and Nya were facing death because of it, but he never broke his promise. He looked his own fear in the eyes when he admitted stealing Wu’s love letter and owned up to his mistake, despite knowing the consequences. He taugh the ninja that they can win without fighting, and I think that is one of the most important lessons throughout all the seasons. Once Garmadon’s curse was finally over I think he repaid his debts double, but apparently the staff didn’t think that was enough.

Tl;dr, I just feel like Garmadon wasn’t given the justice he really deserved.

*wraps blanket around Garmadon and gives him creamy biscuits*

Theory about Marinette

Beware because I use things from the origin episodes! (SPOILER)

I still can’t get over the umbrella scene and over the origin episode, but then I realised something. (sorry if someone already mentioned these things)

This bugging me a long ago, but Marinette here not just a cutie with bun, but a sad cutie. First I thought maybe the photo isn’t the best (like in Juleka’s case) but she seems kinda seperated from the class. And after the origin episodes realised what if she don’t had friends? Okay, it’s obvious that she don’t had any friend because of Chloé, but what if she never had any friend before? I mean we never saw a pic about her with other friends etc. And maybe this explain that she don’t had any self-confidence just since she is Ladybug and she is in this class. Maybe she was too shy and wanted to get so much friends that she acted strange and can’t get any? And later comes Chloé, who saw a lonely girl and began to bully her. (don’t know she had any reason or she is just Chloé XD) and no one stop her. Even in the origin can see that none of the previous class Rose, Juleka Nathaniel, Kim or Max try to stop her. I don’t say they never wanted or don’t feel sorry for Mari just they was afraid from Chloé. And then comes Alya. Alya is a new girl but helped her out on her first day and finally Mari get a friend and we can see that Marinette began to open up step by step. Then comes Adrien… first Marinette thought she got again someone, who will bully her, but here she isn’t afraid anymore to say what she think because of Alya. and then the umbrella scene

When Adrien explained the whole situation she is suprised because she misunderstood him and maybe because she got another one, who tried to help her.

And we can see her cute blushing face. I’m sure this scene is about that she fall in love with him because of his kindness but I would add what if she felt some connection between them? Like Adrien never had friends like her. Being in a friendship is totally new for him like for her. and he was always so lonely like her. (okay, Marinette wasn’t so lonely like Adrien because she have awesome parents.)And he is someone who helped her and cared for her. And don’t suprised that she fall in love with him because he was later too really supportive and kind with her. (and sometimes protective too)

And this pic so important! Not just because we can see how awesome this class is. (they care for each other and they’re all so awesome <3) but look at Marinette’s happy face! She stand with her first friend and with her first love and maybe they were the first people (expect her parents), who try to help her and care for her.

Maybe I overexplain this and Marinette never was so lonely, just she had issues with Chloé and the previous class wasn’t so cool and caring like this class. (I hope we will see more scenes like in Reflekta)

Bonus: After they got this class pic, both Adrien and Marinette find a special place for this pic. Adrien because he is with his friends and this is his first class pic and Marinette because she is with her dear friend and with Adrien plus she loves this class so much. I love to think they’re the same at this and connected in many way.

I’m too deep into this show and I’m too deep into this ship

I’m just going to imagine there was a scene when the family was gently taking Stan through his memories and helping him remember, and they get to the part where he stopped Bill.

And they explain how brave and daring he was, but none of them know exactly what happened in Stan’s mind, so they don’t know the conversation he had with Bill.

But Stan does, and he smiles when he starts to remember, that same resigned but happy smile right before the flames consumed him, and he repeats, without really considering it all,

“Heh. Guess I was good for something after all.”

Everyone pauses and looks at him, so very concerned, and Stan blinks, confused because he know that’s how it happened - at least, he thinks he knows.

He feels a hand on his shoulder, a six-fingered grip that’s slowly starting to become familiar once more, and it turns him towards a face that he recognizes as his own but the only name he can put to it is Ford.

Ford says, very carefully, like he’s holding something back a whole whirlwind of emotion, “Don’t. Say that, Stanley. Don’t ever THINK that. You didn’t need to sacrifice yourself to become good. You were already good, just the way you are.”

Mabel and Dipper nod emphatically, curling closer to him. Soos lays his head on Stan’s.

Stan frowns, puzzled. “But that’s how I remember it,” he insists, quietly.

Ford smiles at him, and it’s a sad smile, but with an edge of hope.

“Well, your memory’s a little wrong in some ways,” he tells Stan firmly, winding an arm around his shoulders, tugging him near because he’s not ready to relinquish what he so nearly lost, not even to his brother’s own inner demons. “But don’t worry. We’ll help you fix that. We are your family, after all.”

And Stan, while he’s not quite sure of anything at the moment, feels positive that that’s true.

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Okay that makes sense, what about the hospital bed scene where he had his brace off, what did they do to his hand? Did it require like CGI or something? :\ (this is just me worrying over the possibility that we might never get a bed scene because the producers are so damn stingy over the hook situation lol)

Dude… i’m sorry to tell you… but we’re most probably NEVER going to get a bedroom scene. 

i’m so thirsty, i’m practically dehydrated waiting for one… but let’s be honest. OUAT went from s1&2 being teen audience with mature-ish themes, to PG Disney rated where sex is baaaad and true love = flowers and magical hand holding. The likeliness of us getting a scene in a bedroom (even just waking up) is very low I think personally.

So don’t hold on to too much hope. 

As for the hospital scene, they had, i’m guessing, a mould with a bandage cover to make it look like he had his ‘stump’ wrapped.

see? Too chunky to be a wrist, but perfect size to hide a fist. 

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For the 2nd Gishwhes event, I ended up driving to Toronto for a day with two buddies to complete items. One of them was "recreate a famous movie scene at its filming location", so we did the Pizza Pizza scene from Scott Pilgrim. I was told I was gonna be Ramona because apparently I look more like her than my friend does? Idk. Pretty sure she just didn't want to be on camera. Anyway, she had to play the movie clip for me over and over between shots so I could get the dialogue right.

(Cont.) We got it shot, and she was really happy with how it turned out. But needless to say she spent the rest of the day giving me shit for never having watched the movie.

okay, first of all:I see it. y’all have the same eyes.

also I’m with you because I’ve seen Scott Pilgrim but I have literally no memory of that scene?? pretty much all I remember are evil!Chris Evans and Ray Palmer being an evil vegan with magic vegan powers. 

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can you talk about the "tell me about paris" scene please?

Ohhhh nonny yes I can! Okay so this scene is one I almost included in the massive top 5 scenes post I did recently, but it was already at over 4k words and I decided that would just be insanity to make you guys suffer through anymore of my rambling at the time, but since you asked so nicely… ;)

Okay so the happily reunited viking husbands are sailing from Wessex back home to Kattegat, and Ragnar is looking a bit mopey…

I don’t wanna go home. I wanna stay on my ship with Athelstan so we can explore together and maybe we’ll find a magical land inhabited by nothing but baby goats.

And he is in desperate need of a distraction…

bb, you know how much I love your stories, especially when it’s the same one you just told me fifteen minutes ago.

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Words: 2974

Summary: “… the Reader getting a high fever due to poisoning or a virus/whatever, trying to remain focused and all, but fainting between Jacob’s arms in the end? She will safely recover thanks to his love and care… ♥ also, is it possible to add some friendly interaction with Henry?”

Warnings: Language, fight scene, illness

Author’s Note: Holy cow, this turned out to be longer than I intended. Thank you everyone for your support! The awesome part of this new job is unlimited and well compensated over time, so I’ve been wracking up hours, which has left me little time to write. But I’m finally getting caught up with bills, which is a relief! I hope you enjoy this, anon, and I hope it’s what you were looking for. I hope Henry is okay, I’ve never really written with him, which is a shame. Thanks everyone! Enjoy!

Your eyelids felt heavy, heavier than they had ever felt before as you swayed clumsily with the train as it clunked along the tracks. When the train hit a particularly rough piece of track you immediately leaned forward against the desk to keep your balance, every small movement to keep you upright exhausting. Still, you did your best to keep your illness hidden as you looked over the map Henry had laid out in front of you.

You squinted slightly, the words becoming blurry as you tried to make sense of them. Sweat began to bead along your brow, your skin burned to the touch. In all honesty you felt like shit, and the bed you shared with Jacob in the adjoining car sounded heavenly right now.

“Ms. [YLN] are you alright?” Henry’s voice shook you out of your concentration, your eyes momentarily darting to his before sliding away guiltily.

“I’m fine,” you lied.

Lying to Henry was as awful as you currently felt; he was so sweet lying to him was almost as bad as lying to your mother. And like your mother, he saw right through the lie, though he didn’t call you on it outright.

“You’re awfully pale,” he pressed, frowning slightly as you blinked your eyes rapidly in a last ditch effort to focus the words on the map.

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EXO’s reaction to bumping into you in the halls

For xiugasm <3

Xiumin: “Sorry, I wasn’t careful. Are you okay?”

Luhan: “Excuse yo-… oh why hello there.” 

Kris: *gets flustered* “Oh crap what should I do? Is she ok? Oh my god what have I done?”

Suho: “I am done for. I have made a fool out of myself. She’ll never look at me again.” 

Lay: “I-I’m so sorry….” *bows at you forever*

Baekhyun: *puts on cute act* “Please forgive me.”

Chen: *too busy admiring to even help*

Chanyeol: *waddles over to help you*


Tao: *flees the scene to avoid embarrassment*

Kai: “Are you ok? That wasn’t me btw, he did it…” *blames it on someone else*

Sehun: “She’s so cute omfg.” *stands and fanboys on the inside* “oH IM SORRY LET ME HELP YOU UP.”

Consolation - Keystone Motel
Austin C. Kuhn
Consolation - Keystone Motel

On the way home I was listening to Steven Universe, as I always do.

But I got to wondering… What if we had heard the conversation between Pearl and Amethyst? What if we would have gotten to see that?

So I’ve decided to make yet another contribution to this fantastic work. This is an original piece titled “Consolation” created for this (unseen) scene in Keystone Motel.

The drum kit available on my composition tool is limiting, but I’m okay with the simplicity of how it turned out. The idea is that Amethyst is there supporting Pearl, so the drums were never intended to take over. Of course, as the scene doesn’t get a resolution, I had to write this song without a proper resolution.

I always love to get opinions/advice, but I definitely have to thank the crew for one more thing! This especially goes out to the songwriters… thank you for teaching me. I can feel my composition skills improve as I listen to what you’ve written, so thank you so much for never failing to deliver new and exciting music for such an inspirational show.

jeffliujeffliu rebeccasugar laurenzuke ianjq ben-levin raveneesimo hilaryflorido waltzforluma surasshu stevensugar joethejohnston

Mary - The East Wind?

So I watched (for the zillionth time) the mind palace scene in HLV and noticed something. When Mycroft appears, he tells Sherlock: 

“Must be something in this ridiculous memory palace of yours that can calm you down. Find it.”

Mycroft is trying to help. Sherlock needs to calm down in order to avoid dying of shock. But I always wondered at Mycroft’s next words:

“The East Wind is coming, Sherlock. It’s coming to get you.”

This threat (or warning) is echoed by Sherlock’s own voice while he is running deeper into the MP: “It’s coming to get you.”

And what is the first thing he sees down there? Who is getting him?

And then there is the tarmac scene (words as always thanks to Callie-Ariane):

SHERLOCK: The game is never over, John … but there may be some new players now. It’s okay. The East Wind takes us all in the end

JOHN: What’s that?

SHERLOCK: It’s a story my brother told me when we were kids. The East Wind – this terrifying force that lays waste to all in its path. It seeks out the unworthy … and plucks them from the Earth. That was generally me.

If we choose to believe Sherlock this is how Mycroft used to scare his little brother. But it could also be something else, an outlook on what is to come. 

Because who are those new players? Magnussen is dead. Janine at least seems to be out of the picture, enjoying her cottage. So we actually have only one new player who is still alive and in the game. 

Let’s see if this makes any sense. 

  • The East Wind seeks out the unworthy - “People like Magnussen should be killed. This is why there are people like me.” 
  • and plucks them from the Earth - Oh, Sherlock, if you take one more step I swear I will kill you./What was directly behind you when you were murdered?/They are putting me down, too, now.” 
  • That was generally me, i.e. Sherlock - who almost died twice because of the bullet and is now expecting to die within the next months.

The problem being of course Sherlock’s resigned acceptance in the tarmac scene. Would love to hear your thoughts. 

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