I’m just going to imagine there was a scene when the family was gently taking Stan through his memories and helping him remember, and they get to the part where he stopped Bill.

And they explain how brave and daring he was, but none of them know exactly what happened in Stan’s mind, so they don’t know the conversation he had with Bill.

But Stan does, and he smiles when he starts to remember, that same resigned but happy smile right before the flames consumed him, and he repeats, without really considering it all,

“Heh. Guess I was good for something after all.”

Everyone pauses and looks at him, so very concerned, and Stan blinks, confused because he know that’s how it happened - at least, he thinks he knows.

He feels a hand on his shoulder, a six-fingered grip that’s slowly starting to become familiar once more, and it turns him towards a face that he recognizes as his own but the only name he can put to it is Ford.

Ford says, very carefully, like he’s holding something back a whole whirlwind of emotion, “Don’t. Say that, Stanley. Don’t ever THINK that. You didn’t need to sacrifice yourself to become good. You were already good, just the way you are.”

Mabel and Dipper nod emphatically, curling closer to him. Soos lays his head on Stan’s.

Stan frowns, puzzled. “But that’s how I remember it,” he insists, quietly.

Ford smiles at him, and it’s a sad smile, but with an edge of hope.

“Well, your memory’s a little wrong in some ways,” he tells Stan firmly, winding an arm around his shoulders, tugging him near because he’s not ready to relinquish what he so nearly lost, not even to his brother’s own inner demons. “But don’t worry. We’ll help you fix that. We are your family, after all.”

And Stan, while he’s not quite sure of anything at the moment, feels positive that that’s true.


Okay I think this scene broke all our hearts but can I just comment how even when these two are fighting and “ending” I couldn’t get over how actually perfect their dynamic is? Because, yes, Laura is (arguably rightfully) angry and lashing out but listen to what she says here. She’s mad because Carmilla gave up, and giving up has been Carmilla’s enemy since her mother came into her life. Which you can’t blame Carmilla for because she never saw another option. She forced herself into a life of apathy because it’s what she needed to do, she saw no way of fighting and she couldn’t live with what was happening around her. She had to be apathetic to survive. But that’s the thing, she was surviving and not living. Now comes this naive, headstrong girl to pull her out of it. Yes, Laura’s words were tough but those words are exactly what will shake Carmilla out of that apathy and fight. To find the courage to finally fight her mother and see it’s all worth the fight. To show her they can both find a way to be the heroes of this story.

Okay but like, are we even aware of the incredible luck we have with this show? Like that scene was a motherfucking cliche. In a good way, I mean.

That’s a typical cliche for romantic couples. Person A has to do something dangerous, Person B disagrees because she is worried about Person’s A safety. Person B says that she won’t go, but then she appears just in time so that Person A can see her. and that gives Person A the boost of confidence and energy to win.

I mean, even the fucking dialogue “I’m glad you came” “Me too”.

That is the kind of stuff straight couples always get. The worried looks. The theme music when they see each other… 

And for once, the teenage lesbian couple is getting that treatment.

I’m in tears, man.

EXO’s reaction to bumping into you in the halls

For xiugasm <3

Xiumin: “Sorry, I wasn’t careful. Are you okay?”

Luhan: “Excuse yo-… oh why hello there.” 

Kris: *gets flustered* “Oh crap what should I do? Is she ok? Oh my god what have I done?”

Suho: “I am done for. I have made a fool out of myself. She’ll never look at me again.” 

Lay: “I-I’m so sorry….” *bows at you forever*

Baekhyun: *puts on cute act* “Please forgive me.”

Chen: *too busy admiring to even help*

Chanyeol: *waddles over to help you*


Tao: *flees the scene to avoid embarrassment*

Kai: “Are you ok? That wasn’t me btw, he did it…” *blames it on someone else*

Sehun: “She’s so cute omfg.” *stands and fanboys on the inside* “oH IM SORRY LET ME HELP YOU UP.”

when i was first watching the graveyard scene i was like “okay this is weird and not right but i guess john could just be frustrated/trying to get sherlock to move on…” but then when sherlock said “please..please…” and john left i like Knew it was wrong because my brain was flashing images of john softly handing over the phone when sherlock said please that one time just so soft and p ui kjhgf g like that’s the point of no return. john would NEVER if sherlock were so open and vulnerable it’s killing me to think of all the times we saw how much he would never.

Aomine protecting Momoi

Heavily Aomomo. Most scenes are from Replace which is somewhat dubious!canon and reads like a shoujo manga, but I love protective!Aomine and I just had to compile them.

Honestly, here he’s just a little more than a baby himself and he still manages to get the doki-dokis across. 

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“I trust you. I trust you with my life, and I trust you to come up with another one of your usual, great plans to get us out of this mess. But in turn, you need to trust me enough to pull it off. And I promise, on my word as a Lycan, on my heart and the pull of Great Mother Moon, that I’ll get us safely home.”

A scene from my Sterek Space!AU S.T.I.L.E.S, where Derek is a soldier and Stiles is his AI partner. I drew this over a year ago, before the fic ever really took off, and I never uploaded it because it’s not my usual style and I was pretty self-conscious about it. I tried for more of a realistic approach with Derek, but I don’t know if it worked out or not? Also it took forever so I probably won’t be drawing something like this anytime soon, haha.

(Okay, so in the fic Derek doesn’t take off his helmet during the mission, so let’s just pretend they’re chilling out after a Training Module, okay?)


okay look, no matter how many times i watch this episode/scene i can never get over the look on farkle’s face in the second picture. in the scene, his lips wobble slightly and he looks like he’s about to cry too but he doesn’t. and the hurt on his face is so obvious like you can see how much it pains him to see her break down and know that somehow although he does not play a big part he is one of the reasons why she’s crying. and it just breaks my heart to see the look on his face. anyone can tell almost immediately that he could never ever bear to see riley cry judging by the look on his face

  • Me:Koushiro had this serious face and hesitated, then he blinked and forced a smile... and he said: "Hello, I don't know much about you guys or this world. Would you teach me?"
  • Future granchild:Grandma...
  • Me:He was broken on the inside but pretended that he was alright, for their sake... for Motimon's sake...
  • Future grandchild:Grandma, please...
  • Me:He still didn't know how to properly work with his emotions and was burying them deep into his heart to keep up a façade to make them believe he was okay. But he wasn't! He must've been so devastated but kept pushing himself forward!
  • Future grandchild:Grandma, it's been 57 years. You have to get over that old anime character already!
  • Me:My poor Koushiro. He had this serious face and hesitated...
Rant Incoming: Why did Garmadon have to die (like this)?

Rant Incoming: Why did Garmadon have to die (like this)?

I guess it’s been like months since I watched the season where Garmadon is banished to the Cursed Realm but I never made peace with it. It’s already bad they sacrificed Garmadon of all, but the reasons he was banished and the way they sent him off always made me feel like the writers stomped on my heart and I think I’ll never get over it. Somewhere I understand their decision, but the way they handled the scene just makes me think they didn’t care for him as much as he deserved.

I mean, when he offers to sacrifice himself for Ninjago, he just tells all these reasons to try and justify it but is it just me who thinks these reasons are not damn okay? I mean,

just because somebody had to be sacrificed,
just because the ninja didn’t need 2 sensei,
just because he felt like he could never atone for his sins made in the past,
just because there was “no room for him”,
just because he was bad in the past AND IT WASN’T EVEN HIS OWN FAULT, in fact, he did his best to at least not harm his family while he was evil,
they just wrote him off like that?

And what’s more, I just feel so bad for him that he decides to sacrifice himself, to be eternally banished to the ‘belly of the beast’, without a moment of hesitation, and the rest don’t even seem to be that regretting or sad about it? Nobody asks him if he’s really sure, nobody tries to stop him, nobody tries to at least give him some time to think it over. When he hands the spell book over to his brother, Wu doesn’t stop for even a second to at least sigh. Yes, they were in a pretty tight situation, but is there anyone whose heart wouldn’t break when they saw that they were never really needed, that nobody seems to have a problem with their eternal banishment? That their own son doesn’t want to see them off (at first), and that nobody seems to at least act like they will miss him?

I understand that somebody had to be sacrificed, I guess this was too big a cast to work with, I guess having 2 sensei was too much. But did it really have to be Garmadon? Is there no way for somebody to atone unless they sacrifice themselves?

And if it really had to be Garmadon, couldn’t they have done it at least a bit better? A bit more touching? Zane gets the best send-off ever in the history of cinematographics and his resurrection is confirmed not even minutes later!! Yet Garmadon doesn’t appear for the entirity of the next season, and when he finally does, he is sent off to death, pretty much in the same cold and cruel way as last time?

Why didn’t the writers feel like Garmadon deserves more? He was probably the wisest of them all, and when he finally got over his evil phase I think he did so much for the team and he did so much for his son. He at least tried to make up for the time lost, while Misako is still gone at least 80% of the time. He pledged to never fight again, and I think that takes a lot. He had to let go of Skylar when he and Nya were facing death because of it, but he never broke his promise. He looked his own fear in the eyes when he admitted stealing Wu’s love letter and owned up to his mistake, despite knowing the consequences. He taugh the ninja that they can win without fighting, and I think that is one of the most important lessons throughout all the seasons. Once Garmadon’s curse was finally over I think he repaid his debts double, but apparently the staff didn’t think that was enough.

Tl;dr, I just feel like Garmadon wasn’t given the justice he really deserved.

*wraps blanket around Garmadon and gives him creamy biscuits*

Rant of Thrones (Spoilers)

I promised myself I would never make a post like this since I myself skip over them, but I’m like, REALLY pissed right now.

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT a fan of what happened to Sansa tonight. I don’t think what the show did to the actress is right. But the bottoms line is that IT IS NOT REASON TO PETITION THE SHOW (as I have seen many people on this site threatening to do).

The writers are paid to make a program that vaguely follows the book plot line. Everyone is getting their panties in a bunch because that final scene never occurred in the series or that is cruel and a violation of human rights. Let me clear something up: this event WAS in the book. The only difference was the character it happened to. Jeyne (a girl show watchers won’t know) was the one to suffer Ramsey’s cruelty in the books. If the show had made this event happen to some side character, there wouldn’t be so much outrage. There was no huge group of GoT boycotters when the Crastor’s Keep episode aired.

Likewise, people are saying that D&D are devaluing women in their portrayal of Sansa as a “victim” again. News flash guys: rape is a real, horrible, terrible thing that actually (unfortunately) occurs. Probably more so in a medieval setting like Westeros. One thing that I love about this show though, is that it makes you ANGRY seeing these sort of things happen. I can guarantee you that no person who watched this episode said “Man, that guy knows how to treat a woman.” I can guarantee you that most people were trying to stab that SOB through the TV screen. That’s the point. It makes you ANGRY. It makes you hate any person that would DARE to do something like that to a little girl like Sansa. On that topic, the show isn’t over yet. I’m expecting some serious Theon Sansa revenge/torture on that *insert expletive here* as I know Martin is fond of. Women are some of the strongest characters in this show. Brienne, Arya, Catelyn, the Sand Snakes.

Don’t let one event discourage future viewers, cause I know that GoT is probably my favorite show of all times. It addresses real issues: rape, murder, betrayal, homosexuality. It’s not always tasteful in its execution, but it’s still amazing in my eyes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this:
You’re mad tumblr. It means the writers did their jobs. It’s why we love this show.
Chill out and wait a week.

About the “spoilers”

So I’ve seen some negative reactions about the possible KC mention spoilers and I would like you all to remember a couple of things before you freak out:
1. Klaus always respected Caroline’s relationships.
2. Klaus cares about her happiness.
3. He already promised never to come back to MF in 5x11. He gave us an exception to that rule: Caroline being treated badly.
4. They literally need Klaus and Caroline to okay the other’s love interest in hope the fans will too.
5. We survived over 2 years without scenes. We can survive the one we get.

Then there were these spoilers on its own:
1. We don’t know if they’re even true.
2. It doesn’t fit in the changing time lines of TVD (and possibly TO?)
3. At this point, do we really care what kind of shit the show ads?
4. WE DON’T KNOW IF THEY’RE EVEN TRUE! and won’t find out for at least a couple of months so read some KC fanfic, enjoy the 25DaysOfKlaroline and if you entered the KC gift exchange and relax.

Enjoy your Holidays and don’t let some spoilers ruin your shipping. We’ve been through this before.

Never getting over this!

Okay, big feels coming your way. I just have to say a few things I initially didn’t say. First, let me commend the cast tonight. Each did great in their parts, but we Shamy fans know what we were chomping at the bit for  Sheldon and Amy scenes. Jim and Mayim didn’t disappoint. The emotion here was off the charts beautiful and heartfelt, probably due to their real life love and friendship of the other. Jim was so tender as he delivered his lines. I kept waiting for the bazinga to come, but thankfully, it didn’t. The way he looked at her (Amy) was a combination of longing and acceptance. When they met at Penny’s door, it was like the whole world came down to he pair of them.  He admitted he has urges. He admitted he would have sex with Amy. He admitted he thinks she’s pretty. He admitted he loves her. Jesus…it was like Christmas tonight. Gone in this episode were the sarcastic remarks, the haughty quips. We saw a man who knows he can’t stem the tide and what is coming. He has finally admitted to himself he NEEDS Amy. He wants her. He was vulnerable and laid bare. And even then, he continued out on that limb and told her not once, but TWICE he loves her. I’m still reeling.I think I will always reel from this. I love Sheldon like he is real, to my husband’s constant teasing. I have a real soft spot for him. I feel I have witnessed a miracle tonight. This is the beginning of a beautiful road together for Shamy.

Something weird I just remembered:

when I was a kid playing Ocarina of Time, I was completely convinced the helpful owl guy

was Ganondorf in disguise.

At some point I just assumed it was true, not even in a “trying to predict the plot” way so much as “here’s a spoiler I heard somewhere.” Obviously he’s a bad guy; he tricks you into unsealing the Master Sword, a move that also unseals the power Ganondorf needs to take over the world and gets you out of the way long enough for him to do it.

I remember being vaguely disoriented when I finally beat OoT a few years later (I was not good at video games, okay) and the cut scene with that plot twist never came. But then, I assumed all sorts of weird things as a kid I didn’t bother to rethink until later.

+sherlolly because: fancy some chips?

I’m in the middle of a frightfully difficult transcription and instead of focusing on it like a responsible adult, I am sitting here reminiscing the staircase scene in The Empty Hearse. I will never get over the fact that he had invited her for a meal. Never. Ever. Sigh. x 

p.s. pardon all the strange typos and lack of spaces, extra spaces, weird punctuation and weird, spliced words. This tumblr copy and paste thing is really getting me down!


Destination (also on FF.net)

That felt surprisingly – not okay.

The detective shook his head at the thought, shrugging it away as he pulled his coat tighter around him. The wind was starting to bite, causing him to turn his collar up.

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anonymous asked:

do you think stiles was being abusive in that scene where lydia was high for the medicine she was taking? i love stydia but i hate that scene and i don't get it why people love it, she didn't even recognize him and he seemed like he was totally going for it ): (sorry for my english)

 I don’t think that scene was abusive at all. Stiles went over to make sure Lydia was okay, and then when he found out she was totally high, he tried to leave, never, not once forcing himself on her. Then when Lydia started trying to kiss him, Stiles pulled himself away and stopped it. That scene was honestly the complete opposite of abusive if you ask me, because Stiles’ intentions were purely to make sure Lydia was alright.