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like,,,300 followers in just less than two months?? i never expected at all to get past 100 at some point and just oijfsiodjfiosdjf thank you okay ;;u;; 

I saw some people doing raffles when reaching milestones, and that’s way more fun to me than just drawing something and slapping 300 followers on it like ive been doing in the past– so here we go ;w;


  • Prize 1: Full-body in Color + One full chibi in color + optional background
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DID I READ PACIFIC RIM AU?? Okay: Hux has never been able to find anyone compatible to drift with him, and he's resigned himself to making the most brilliantly designed jaeger of all time: The Starkiller. Kylo, who lived through piloting a mech alone after his partner died causing severe mental strain (and was told by Snoke he'd never pilot a jaeger again, he wouldn't survive it), manages to not only drift with Hux but is a perfect match for Starkiller. Almost like they were all meant to be.

Yes!!! And Hux and Kylo don’t think they’re compatible, and are shocked by their scores. They are yin and yang and together are perfect. They make up for what the other lacks.
Hux’s strategizing, Kylo’s strength.
They are not to be trifled with.

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One thing i dont get is why so many bellarke shippers thinking has changed when it comes to C loving L. before L died everyone made sure that the ship is viewed as toxic, abusive and some even went out of their way to claim that L is a rapist. but after she died everyone went 'okay yeah C loved her but you know what? she is also going to be with someone again'... Like, thats very fishy. Just because L is dead now everyone is okay with CL because it doesnt exist anymore. So much wrong here...

(2.2)  can you maybe explain why that is? you were one of those people too and i want to understand why that has changed since L died… because it just isn’t not right in my eyes.

First, let me be very VERY clear, I never, nor would I ever, claim the rapist argument. In fact, I don’t know if anyone claimed that L raped C, instead like one (maybe two) people claimed a type of dubious consent because of Clarke’s mental state in 3A (there’s a difference, btw. I’d appreciate it if you sent me a link to the “so-called” rape allegations that people claim a few bellarker shippers made. From what I know–though I could be wrong, so send me a link please–some people definitely made uncomfortable parallels, but I don’t recall anyone actually claiming “rape” p.s. I haven’t read every post ever made about the subject though, since that would be a huge timer sucker, so enlighten me with links please). In my opinion, when C and L made love, the show made it VERY clear that C made a conscious, free choice to sleep with L. 

Side Note: In my case, I put my vote in with what rashaka said (HERE) when it came to that CL authorial intent post that made everyone in the Bellarke fandom mad at each other several months ago. 

Next, what’s wrong with people wanting to move on? Honestly, many people made it clear how they felt about the CL relationship and how it was portrayed. I, personally, still have a problem with the way the relationship was portrayed. That hasn’t changed for me, but I digress… Instead, let me focus on what you said here: “'okay yeah C loved her but you know what? she is also going to be with someone again.” Keep this in mind, even the bloggers (from what I know–again–I don’t go around policing and reading every post ever made about this stuff since there are too many to count) writing about the relationship being problematic STILL STATED THE WHOLE TIME that C loved L and that L loved C… so what’s new about that? Nothing. No one (from I can remember) denied that these two were in love. 

From your statement, you’re making it sound like people are not standing behind their previous arguments in which they discussed why the CL relationship bothered/troubled them, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, people are just over the whole CL debates in general, and there’s nothing more to discuss. The topic is a beaten dead horse at this point. Besides, Jason and his crew meant for CL to be a true love, soulmate-type romance, so many people have just accepted that that was the authorial intent and are, perhaps, attempting to be more open about the relationship. But I don’t think many people are suddenly “okay” with CL; they’re just done fighting about it. They’re done discussing a topic that might put the fandom in a tizzy; they want peace in the fandom … I want peace in the fandom. In fact, I was debating whether or not to answer this question because it feels like an ask that’s meant to incite that awful debate all over again (but it won’t, because, like I said, ppl are over it). 

So… explain to me, what would make this whole thing “right”? I’m still not certain what is bothering you because you haven’t explained WHY you’re bothered about it. Are you bothered because people aren’t talking about CL’s relationship anymore? Are you bothered because people are just happy that C will be able to move on and get into a relationship that (hopefully) won’t cause her so much pain? Do you want people to say that CL was the purest relationship of all purest relationships, without any problematic aspects to it? Are you bothered that some people are “suddenly” accepting that Clarke loved L (which, btw, isn’t sudden at all. I can’t think of one person–one Bellarke meta writer I’ve read–who said that Clarke didn’t love L). 

Idk. I’m just confused about your purpose, anon. It would help if you explained in more detail what you feel would be the “right” way and not make you feel like people are being “fishy”?

So, in summary, many people (including myself) never, ever denied that C loved L and that L loved C, and just because people are moving on from the CL debate, it doesn’t mean that people’s opinions about the CL relationship are suddenly gone; just because people are trying to at least accept, understand, and respect the way the CL relationship made other people feel, it doesn’t mean that these people (including myself) are suddenly CL shippers. Instead, people just want to move on and are looking forward to Clarke’s next love story, and I (for one) am grateful for that … and, unless you message me answering the questions I had, I won’t ever discuss this topic again. 

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OKAY THE SHOW WAS AMAZING THEY TALKED MORE THAN THEY DID IN SEATTLE I'm so happy I got to go again I hope you had the best time ever. 😊

THEY TALKED SO MUCH??? i thought michael was never gonna shut up omg (in a good way) and Calum went on and on and ashton didn’t talk much but he riled up the crowd so well??? fuck I love them I’m so glad u had a great time too!!

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Amanda Waller had officially gone too far this time.

Harley had escaped Belle Reve and planned on never hearing anything from the ‘Devil’ again, but apparently the older woman had other ideas. After her escape, the blonde had gotten her wish. A family. She had a beautiful baby girl now that she knew she’d do anything for and that was proven when Waller sent a group of soldiers to their home. The soldiers had sneaked into the house on Amanda orders to take the baby and leave, giving her the leverage on Harley once more.

Harley had gotten out of the shower just in time, quickly grabbing her gun when she heard the noises of footsteps as she was in no condition to physically fight having given birth only a couple weeks prior. She managed to shoot one of them before they retreated, having been given strict orders by Waller hurt neither Harley or the baby. As soon as they left, the blonde laid down her gun on the nightstand, grabbing her daughter and holding her tightly against her chest. Her precious baby girl had almost been taken away from her. She shouldn’t have believed she could just have a peaceful family. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she squeezed her eyes shut, pressing a kiss to the top of the baby’s head.

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Smh George with his "I did acid with John Paul didn't" crap and George's ex girlfriend saying John and George were deeper together. She wasn't around enough years to know that. Cynthia said John was closest to Paul and I still believe it.

Yeah, same here. Once I read that when George was younger, John was sort of his senpai lol he wanted to catch John’s attention because he was older and cool. But for me John&George was totally different from John&Paul. Well, John and George fighted, but soon they were okay again. They never wrote songs teasing each other or stuff like that. John and Paul… it was totally different. When they fighted, it was literally a divorce… Too Many People, How Do You Sleep?… So much more dramatic. If this wasn’t a love story I don’t know what it was.

ilove dave strider i Love him and he deserves all the happiness and love in the world he deserves to never have to fight or be afraid ever again he deserves a long happy life as a househusband taking care of his kids and working as a paleontologist and dj for fun while karkat supports their family okay hussie??????okay

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The soundtrack for It's Okay, It's Love is so epic, I'm listening to it right now and fell in love with it again.

I just checked and I think I never downloaded the full ost album for this drama. I only chilled to Cross My Mind. I usually download the albums when there are some particular instrumentals that hooked me, I guess this didn’t happent for me in this case.

y’all know how i feel about my group chat (@alivingfire, @almimighty, @larendipity, and @rosegoldlouis), but you’re gonna hear it again. i love them. each and every one of them. and sometimes i think everyone wants to punch each other in the face now and again because we like to share painful headcanons (and rachel likes to literally murder people with her writing talent), but i love them so much, and if it weren’t for them, i honestly probably wouldn’t still be here with this blog on this website. i’ve never met four people on the internet and so swiftly reached a place where i can comfortably tell you i could not do without a single one of them than i have with these four and they’re amazing and beautiful and talented, ALL FOUR OF THEM AND I LOVE THEM, OKAY? OKAY! 


**Sequel to “Imagine getting captured on an away mission with Neelix.“ [x]**

Imagine Neelix making you promise to never offer your life for him again.

As soon as you woke up, Neelix was already smothering you in a crushing hug. You let out a noise somewhere between a groan and a chuckle. “Hey.”

Neelix pulled away instantly, his eyes flashing with concern. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you-” he stammered, but you cut him off.

“It’s okay, Neelix,” you assured, offering a weak grin. Your entire body throbbed with pain despite the Doctor’s efforts to patch you up after your ordeal.

“No, it’s not okay!” Neelix’s voice was sharp and filled with conviction. He fiddled with his hands, one knee bouncing randomly in a way that made you want to laugh. You supposed that knee bouncing was a universal action that went far beyond humans. Well, aliens that had knees to bounce. “You were dead, [f/n]!”

“Only for a minute. I was in good hands with Doc,” you assured, sitting up laboriously in the bio-bed. “He’s revived people who’ve been dead for a lot longer. You, for example.”

Neelix let out a snort of irritation, pursing his lips, “You shouldn’t have let them take you,” he grumbled, avoiding your gaze. “I’m not worth the risk.”

“Hey.” You leaned forwards and grasped the Talaxian’s hand gently, giving it a squeeze. “Give yourself some credit. You’re a valued member of this crew.”

“So are you.”

You blinked and felt your heart soften. “Neelix, I made my choice. I wasn’t going to let them execute you.”

“And how was I supposed to feel if they did kill you?” Neelix mumbled, blinking up at you with wide, sad eyes.

You pressed your lips together, “I had faith in the Captain.”

“If you had died…” the Talaxian trailed off and it took him a long moment to find the words. “I don’t think I would have been able to live with myself.”

You shook your head, “That doesn’t matter. We’re still here, Neelix. Both of us.”

“So guilt is irrelevant?”

“Neelix, you shouldn’t feel guilty about anything. You didn’t do anything wrong. I made my choice and I knew the risks involved,” you promised firmly. “What matters is that we’re both safe.”

Neelix considered your words, staring at your hand in his before mumbling at last. “Promise me that you’ll never do that again.”

Your lips quirked into a small smile, “If it makes you feel better.”

“It will.”

Gif Credit: Neelix

  • thranduil’s heart breaking when legolas stands against him and goes to ravenhill ʘ‿ʘ
  • thranduil immediately going to ravenhill after the battle and searching for legolas among the dead ಠ◡ಠ 
  • thranduil nearly crying when he sees legolas is alright ಠ_ಠ
  • thranduil pretending to be strong when legolas tells him he’s leaving ಥ_ಥ
  • ”your mother loved you. more than anything. more than life.” 
  • (╯ಥ_ಥ)╯彡 ┻━┻