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Christmas Caryl prompt: Carol finds out she's pregnant and plans a cute way to tell Daryl. Bonus: Daryl proposes to Carol by hiding the ring in the Christmas tree and having her look for it

(Set as if Denise never died, I liked her)

There it was again. 

Those two little pink lines confirming what she’d secretly known to be true for weeks, she was pregnant. 

And actually she wasn’t worried about his reaction. They’d been together over a year now, they were ready.

They were at a place where they were comfortable with each other, physically and emotionally. It took a while for Daryl to be okay with telling people about them being something with an actual label, but he got there in his own time.

A buzz of excitement went through her as she decided how to tell Daryl the news. Christmas was just three weeks away even though she’d love to wait till Christmas day the thought made her want to spontaneously combust, she was just too impatient.

Even though she wanted him to be the first to know there was going have to be at least one person before him if she wanted this to work.


It was a few days later before she’d managed to catch up with her.

“Denise,” Carol called after her as she went into the make shift doctors office. 

“Carol, what can I do for you?” Denise asked in a friendly tone, stacking medicines back onto their right shelves.

“Well I was wondering if you could do me a favor? And maybe just keep it between us?” Carol asked with a smile.

Denise stopped what she was doing now, turning around to face Carol, “what kind of favor?”

Carol took a moment before asking anything, knowing that this would be the first person to know anything about her pregnancy. 

“Do we still have the ultrasound machine we brought down from Hilltop for Maggie?” 

Denise looked at her as she put two and two together, her eyes drifting down to her still flat stomach and back up.

A grin threatened to form on her lips, “yeah I think so…you need it?”

Carol couldn’t stop the smile that upturned her mouth, “yeah I think I do.”

Denise immediately embraced her into a hug, “Carol that’s great, I bet Daryl was ecstatic!”

“That’s kinda what the favor was about actually,” Carol chuckled, “I need a picture of an ultra sound to surprise him with.”

“Oh okay,” Denise nodded, walking across the room, pulling a machine out of the cupboard, “no problem.”


Carol’s eyes lit up with almost childlike wonder as Denise moved the probe around with the cool jelly. Forming on the black screen was a small grey blob confirming the pregnancy tests for sure. The more Denise moved the probe around the more the blob became something more than just a blob, she was able to make out a head, a body and even tiny little hands and feet.

“Oh,” Carol breathed, her eyes glossing over as Denise took the screenshot, continuing to move the probe around her stomach to give Carol a good look.

“Baby looks healthy,” Denise murmured quietly, “you’re quite far gone already, I mean for someone not even showing.”

“How far gone am I?” she asked, tearing her eyes away from the screen for a moment.

“From the looks of this I’d say about nine to ten weeks,” she said before taking the probe off the stomach, passing Carol some tissue as she went to retrieve her picture.

“Already?” Carol asked, she knew she’d been pregnant for at least three weeks or so, but nine to ten? She’d not even had any pregnancy symptoms. 

“That’s definitely what it looks like, we’ll do another scan after you tell Daryl, check everything’s going okay, but for now, everything looks good.”

Carol’s hand dropped to her stomach, rubbing absent minded circles there, “thanks Denise and please-”

“I won’t tell anyone,” she assured before Carol’s words had even left her mouth, handing her over the image.

Carol smiled and thanked her once more before leaving, tucking the picture away in her pocket, tonight she’d tell Daryl.


It wasn’t often they got to have meals together, especially not just the two of them, but tonight was different, not that Daryl realized that yet. 

“Do ya want anything?” he blurted out randomly half way through his meal.

“Sorry?” Carol asked confused as to where this was going.

He shook his head at his own poor communication, “I meant for Christmas, I mean, you’ve decorated the damn house head to toe so I’m guessin’ ya wanna celebrate it?”

Carol shook her head determinedly, “no, I just want to spend the day with you.”

She got a grin from him at that, “I wanna get ya somethin’.”

“Daryl I don’t need anything, honestly I have everything I have right here.”

She reached across to rub her thumb across his knuckles, her other hand discreetly cradling her stomach, butterflies kicking up.

When they both finished their meals Carol’s eyes fell on a Christmas cracker on the table and she reached across to pick it up.

“Come on, get in the Christmas spirit Dixon,” she said ushering for him to grab the other side.

He made a show of sighing and rolling his eyes but he’d be damned if he could deny her anything. He reluctantly took the other end pulling it with some force when he felt her tug her end.

Her strength was no match for his, if she was going to make him do this he was at least going to win. 

The cracker snapped, Carol left with nothing but the handle she was pulling on to start with, Daryl with the end full of crappy novelty prizes.

“Ya happy now?” he gloated pulling out a folded pink paper hat, “gonna make me put on this stupid hat too?”

She shook her head laughing, “what prize did you get?” 

He reached his hand in seeing the laminated piece of paper curled around the inside edges.

“Don’t look like much of a prize, it’s a piece of paper,” he scoffed pulling it into his view.

He paused staring down at the image, “what the hell-”

It was then that the realization hit him, as he looked up at Carol with wide eyes, his gaze dropping down to where her hand rested on her stomach.

“Are ya- Is this?” he couldn’t form sentences right now, instead just pointing to the picture and then to her stomach.

Carol’s eyes threatened to spill over as she nodded a smile breaking out on her face.

Daryl’s eyes were steaming up as he wiped at a now sniffling nose. 

“We’re gonna have a baby?” he managed to choke out.

“Yes, yes we are,” she said softly the smile still in place.

Daryl stood quickly then, helping Carol up as he pulled her into an embrace, his face burying in the crook of her shoulder and neck. The tears were really close to falling now as he pulled back his hand dropping to her stomach.

“How far gone are ya?” he rasped, his voice going croaky.

“Denise thinks about ten weeks, she said we could go for another scan so you can see the baby soon if you want to?”

“Hell yeah I want to,” Daryl responded without hesitation, a grin now plastered on his face.

Carol made a noise that was a half laugh and half cry feeling so much happiness that she hadn’t felt before she met him.

He cupped her face in his hands leaning down to give her a kiss, loving, tender and sweet, his lips caressing hers in a fluid motion.

Christmas couldn’t get any better for Carol.


“I got ya a present,” he said as he lit the fire early Christmas morning, the frost on the window giving them enough privacy from anyone that may have been walking past.

“I told you I didn’t want one,” Carol scolded with a grin on her face, going to stand with him by the now gradually rising fire.

“Hey that’s not fair, ya got me one,” he said pulling her close, feeling her very small bump press against his stomach as he looked at the twelve week scan framed on the fireplace. 

“That’s different,” Carol scoffed, “that’s for both of us.”

“Well so’s my present,” he quipped back, giving her a kiss on the tip of her nose making her crinkle up her face in a smile.

“Okay then, so where is it?” she asked not seeing anything under the tree.

“Hidden,” he replied, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“What? That’s not fair.”

Daryl plopped down on the couch and chuckled, “sure it is. We’ll play a game of hot and cold to help you find it.”

“Or you could just tell me where it is,” Carol frowned getting another laugh out of Daryl.

“Not a chance woman, look it’s in the room just start lookin’ already, ain’t got all day.”

He stifled a grin at the glare she gave him followed by a sigh.

“Fine,” she complied walking over to the window.


She rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe she was doing this.

Next she went to the bookcase in the corner of the living room.

Daryl didn’t even turn his head to look back at her, instead putting his feet up on the coffee table, “even colder.”

Then she came around to stand next to him on the couch, “ya still cold.”

She sighed walking towards the fireplace.

“Warmer,” he smirked.

She followed it along until she got the Christmas tree.

“Damn you’re hot,” he winked flashing her a toothy smile.

“You said it wasn’t under the Christmas tree,” she grumbled looking under the tree still coming up empty, “what the-”

“I never said it was under the tree,” Daryl corrected her.

“So what it’s on the damn tree somewhere?”

Daryl let out a low whistle as he planted his feet on the floor, “not just a pretty face.”

She flipped him off at the earning a snort from Daryl as he now watched with eager eyes, her own eyes scanning the branches of the tree.

“You best not be messing with me Dixon cause I swear to-” 

She stopped as something caught her eye, something that was definitely not a Christmas decoration.

“Daryl,” she whispered, her fingers grasping around the small object that was attached to a branch with string.

“Yeah,” he whispered somehow ending right up behind her without her even noticing.

She turned, clutching onto the object for dear life.

He took the clenched hand in his, turning it over so he could open up her palm, finger by finger. His eyes cast downwards as he took the string off from it, then coming back to meet hers, never had anyone looked at her with such love in all her life like he did.

Carol’s breath hitched in her chest as he took a step back, now dropping to one knee, the sparkling object coming into focus.

The ring he now held up towards her was breath taking, she had no idea where he got that or how much trouble he went to getting it. The fire turned the tiny cut diamonds into dancing flames like the suns morning rays as it peaks over the horizon. 

“Carol,” he started already feeling his throat go tight, “Carol, you’re my best friend, my partner, you mean so much more to me than you’ll ever know. There’s no other woman I’m ever going to want to spend my life with, no other woman I’m going to want to wake up next to in the morning, no other woman I would want to have our child. So…Carol will you marry me?”

The tears were already falling by this point and she enthusiastically nodded while spluttering out a yes somewhere in the mix.

He scooped her up into a hug, lifting her effortlessly off the ground as she wrapped herself around him, pressing soft kisses into his neck and collarbone.

When he put her down she could see he was shaking, a tear forming in the corner of his own eye as he took her hand sliding the ring onto her finger. 

She pulled him back into an embrace, her hand cradling the back of his head, her mouth pressed against his ear.

“I love you Daryl,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” he murmured back in the crook of her neck.

Carol was wrong, Daryl found that one thing to make her Christmas better than she’d ever hoped for.

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RFA+ V and Unknown reacting to MC having an avoidant/dismissive attachment style. It's literally made it impossible for me to have a relationship with someone since I constantly have a wall between my heart and people who I like.

Since I’m a child psych, my mind immediately thinks about the child attachment style hahaha. You make me refresh my memories again, thanks anon. 

Anyways, I’m sure you can have a relationship one day. Find help, if you are willing I’m sure nothing is impossible in the future. 

Be happy!

Anyways, the some of the HCs doesn’t really end well …. Bad Relationsip End? I hope it’s okay with you!

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When I’m Not There (Candy Canes)

TOMORROW IS D-DAY FRIENDS. Send all of your love and motivation to the lovely and talented Miss Jo while she powers through the final corrections. 

IN THE MEANTIME, have another holiday ficlet featuring our dumb OTP. 

She comes to when Connor leaves, just a little. It’s early, too early, and he’s in her apartment – “I have to go. I have to make it back in an hour.” – and he never, ever leaves without kissing her goodbye. He’s a fucking sap. 

God she loves him so much. 

When she wakes again, it’s to the blaring of her alarm and Jack curses, reaching out to slap at her phone. Instead, she hears a crunching noise and sits up immediately, absolutely terrified. 

Her phone is okay. 

The candy cane beside it, is not. 

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Okay but Floriana's Instagram snaps

Like I’ve watched her story 10+ times now and I can’t get over her little laugh after Mechad says “I’ll never trust you again” Floriana did the cutest little laugh in the history of laughs and I could listen to that on repeat without ever getting tired of hearing it 🙌🏼

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She may miss my voice but I miss the way she used to look at me

I haven’t heard your voice in what feels like forever. Sure it’s there but never does it speak to me. I know I should be over it, I know you don’t care but that’s okay. I just wish we could at least be friends; just let me hear your voice again. Please, I’d give anything for you to just speak to me


“Okay, question: one year in the future, what do you want to be doing? Do you wanna have a sprout, do you wanna be moving into your new house, do you wanna be travelling around? Knowing your future helps to know your present. God, that sounds like such bullshit.”

Urtica blushed at the casual swear. He spoke a little like Coffea and the realisation only made her tear up again. The stranger had a point, though. She bit her lip. “I-I’ve never known what I wanted to do. Everything is just too… big. Too scary. Too much.”

“You’re on a BC, away from home for months, and going to be on millions of TVs around the country. What’s scarier than that?”

“I did it for my brother,” she shrugged. Her brother who may never look at her again. This had been a bad idea. This had been a colossally bad idea.

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hc that every time klance fight they scream bloody murder but end up making out

okay listen. they fight but it’s always about how the other is putting themselves in danger and risking their lives. it is NEVER harmful. they’re not throwing insults at each other, they’re not calling each other nasty names or threatening each other. no. and they never EVER get physical with each other. they get up in each others faces, they curse, they yell, they tear up and then they hug it out and kiss. only when it’s playful banter do they throw names or mild insults. and they’re still as competitive as always (sometimes the arguments are about who actually was faster/stronger/braver/whatever but in the end they both end up admitting the other was, and then arguing all over again about how “NO! YOU WERE! J-JUST LISTEN OKAY I’M SAYING YOU WON ALRIGHT JUST SHUT UP!” because “oh no, you’re not gonna pull that better person crap with me, if anyone’s gonna be the better person it’s gonna be me!”

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Hiii you don't know me but my mama was very worried about you and I really glad to know you're okay! -Niffler Anon

hehehe Hi Niffler Anon,thank you so much honey!  I’ll try to never ever worry your sweet mama again <3 That’s a promise from me and Mistah J ;) <3 

  • Me: I could totally do drawings on commission, I love drawings
  • Coworker: Hey could you draw a tattoo design for me, its [gives specs], I'll pay you
  • Me: Sure, here it is, drawn to your exact specs with some extra customization for your specific theme!
  • Coworker: This is... okay. It's not what I wanted, but you tried. Thanks.
  • Me: I'm never doing anything art again

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1. Joshua and Manu :-)

1. things you said at 1 am

There’s nothing like being a part of the german national team, that’s what Joshua has learnt over the past month. They just beat Italy on penalty kicks– the most intense moment he’s ever lived so far. The squad is euphoric of course, this is historical moment. He was a kid when Italy stole Germany’s dream in 2006, and a teenager when they again crashed down their hopes in Poland 2012. But all those memories, he had stood behind the television. He watched figures and legends fall, but now, he was there. The moment Jonas scored the final kick was unimaginable. 

Manuel walks inside their room, and he stinks of alcohol. Not really a surprise, turning the lights on, he’s shocked to find the young defender there.

“How come you’re not with everyone else?” 

Joshua hesitates, “I’m exhausted,” 

The goalkeeper shrugs, not really paying attention to him and walks to the fridge. He opens it and sits back. From this angle, Joshua can see the messy blond hair. An exasperated sigh comes, and Joshua gets out of bed, standing behind him. 

“I need your help.” He announces, which makes Jo blink. Help? The goalkeeper gets on his feet and takes a step closer to him. There’s no personal space between them, which speeds up Jo’s heartbeat a bit. Now he can clearly spot his bright baby blue eyes.

“My nutella,” 

The words are probably the last ones he’d ever except from the taller man. Joshua can’t help but take a step back and raise an eyebrow, “Your what?”

“I need you to guard my nutella,” 

Of course, Joshua breaks into a fit of laughter, Manuel serious as ever. He mumbles something about having it specially imported from Italy. If he’s being honest, Jo had no idea that it even came from there. 

The goalkeeper takes another step forward and placing a hand on his shoulder, adds. “I trust you,”

He gets a satisfied feeling, and nods softly. “You go back to have fun.” 

Manuel seems to have forgotten about the celebrations outside, and shakes his head. Sitting on Joshua’s bed, and resting his head on the cousin, he adds. 

“I’d rather be here with you.” 

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May I have A story where Luna and Crutchie talk after the he gets out of the refuge and they admit they have feelings for each other and its just super fluffy. Thank you so much I adore your blog

Thank you so much! I appreciate your support! Here comes the fluff! ~Frenchy

                                               Letters From the Refuge

              There he was! The boy of Luna’s dreams! Free from the refuge! Luna raced to him and threw her arms around him. She loved him so much! But Luna could never get up the nerve to tell him how she felt. That was until he was arrested. She promised herself that if she ever saw him again she’d tell him. But that was easier said than done.

               “Luna!” Crutchy laughed, hugging her close, trying not to fall over.

               “Crutchy! Are you okay? Dey didn’t rough ya up too much did dey?” Luna asked, stepping back to check him over.

               Crutchy blushed, “Nah, I’m fine… I… uh, I got somethin’ for ya.”

               Luna raised an eyebrow as he dug through his pockets.

               “Here,” he said, pushing a crumpled piece of paper at her.

               Looking down, Luna saw it was a letter.

                               “Dear Luna,

                                     I’m okay. Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself.                                   Stay safe. Keep an eye  out for the others. I don’t know                                       how to say this… But I love you like you really care about                                   you. I have tried to write this a million times and this is my                                   last piece of paper. So there you go. I don’t know if you                                       like me back. But being roughed up knocked some sense                                   into me and I figured I’d tell you… So… I love you.

                               Your friend Your boyfriend? Love,


               Luna read the letter a few times, trying to let it sink in while Crutchy shifted nervously.

               “Why.. Why didn’t ya send dis ta me?” Luna asked, still not believing the words written before her.

               “I don’t know,” Crutchy muttered, shrugging “Didn’t if I wrote it right or if you’d get it or accept it… So…?”

               Luna launched herself at Crutchy and kissed his cheek.


               Crutchy laughed, relief filling him as his letter to from the refuge fluttered to the ground.

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It's okay! I'm sure you will get another chance to sit next to your crush!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you~

you’re sweet, hehe. I’m probably never going to see him again since today was the final. It was kind of nice hearing his voice while it lasted!