done with this site

after what happened today, I’m leaving once I deal with this.

So, what happened?

Well, a couple weeks ago, tumblr user papatulus decided to crop a response out to make it look like I was a pedophile. This netted me only a few anon messages and like 2 people blocking me (as well as him because otherwise I’d be able to defend myself or something), until today.

at first, I ignored this. but then anon went a bit further…

of course this sounds like just a baseless threat until…

so, a few more harassing anons

and then…

ok, he’s probably just using google maps.

okay, now there’s reason to be concerned.

yep, this is fucked up.

so, this is zamii shit all over again. I’m fucking done with this hellsite, people say anti-sjws are as bad as sjws and I’d normally agree but I’ve literally NEVER seen an anti-sjw pull this level of shit.

once I get this crazy fuck in jail, I’m out of this site. 

my youtube channel is herecomesadam, mutuals can ask for my facebook. other than that, I’m out for good. 

might come back, probably not.

okay so it just hit me that once harry’s song is released it’s just gonna keep going?? like how did i not realize that SINGLE PROMO ALBUM PROMO DUNKIRK PROMO WE’LL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN

Okay but can we agree on a few things?

In light of the pro-artist list going around, stupid arguments pro recasts are surfacing again.

We have our differences and my personal view is, I just don’t really want to associate with pro-recasters. And that’s my prerogative, just as it is theirs to not want to associate with me for that same reason. I’m fine with that. It’s better if we not annoy each other, right?

Now first of, it is NEVER okay to send death threats. Don’t harass people. It gets you nowhere and it won’t make you feel better. It’s not the way to go.
If anything, try to educate. Stay kind.

Second, @bjdrecastpositive just compared this situation to horrible racism, bigotry and misogyny.
You simply cannot compare the pro and anti sides to the hardships darkskinned people have gone through (especially in America). Black people got lynched and killed for the color of their skin.
The LGBTQ community has suffered many losses because of the way they were born.
Women have suffered all sorts of abuse because they were not born as men.

You, for owning recasts, do not fall in any of these groups.

You were not born a thief. You made a choice. You made a very conscious choice (I’m speaking very generally here because there are some who bought one by accident, who have switched over etc) to buy a recast, to support recasters and to NOT support the original artist!
You made the choice to put your LUXURY needs before the livelihood of another person.

You are not oppressed, you put yourself in that position, in a hobby where creativity is everything and the ARTISTS make these dolls.

Morals will never change to accept thievery and they will remain to support artists, because there will always be more who see the value in artists.

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Is Kaneki really an ally for ghouls??? Cause the ghoul to human kill ratio is not equal when it comes Kaneki. He's killed so many ghouls compared to investigators whom I think he never killed. He always disarms them.

That comes down to semantics in the end, but it’s true that Kaneki has still never willingly killed a human (or someone he believes to be human). 

It’s tricky, and I think the reason for that is the dregs of coming into this life believing that ghouls were subhuman, as encouraged by society in general. In the depths of his mind, ghouls are violent and it’s still “okay” to hurt/kill them. 

Not to mention (apart from Hide), he’s still never killed a human before. It’s a trend he’s subconsciously not willing to break. It’s almost as if that fact alone represents his last ties to humanity, and he’s purposefully avoiding doing so. 

However, time and time again Haise was shown having an aversion to killing ghouls.

That’s a good sign, especially because we don’t know whether he’s started eating humans, or if he’s cannibalizing anymore. We have no idea what he’s been eating for the last FOUR YEARS. That’s a huge piece of information, and it’s kind of hard to tell what his train of thought concerning the issue is without it.

That all said, Kaneki accepts himself as a ghoul and loves his ghoul friends. They’re his family, and he’s in the process of dedicating his life to giving them a better future. He still has a lot of learning and growing to do, but in that sense, he is their ally. He’s trying to be.

You know, it just hit me (once again) that…


Bts as things my best friend has said/done
  • Jin: "Can we take a moment to appreciate how well my eyeliner went today? Look. I could slice a bitch."
  • Suga: *looks at people running on the field on sports day* "Nope. No. Nuh-huh. Can't do that."
  • Jhope: *lunges forward* "sexy."
  • Namjoon: *breaks a nail and exhales sharply* "Why do I even try."
  • Taehyung: *walks in one direction and suddenly does a U-turn* "WRONG WAY*
  • Jimin: "Okay so I do look at you while you change. I'm gay. Fight me."
  • Jungkook: "I'm never playing lego batman with you again."

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#122 w Mark ? :^) thank you !!

#122: “Do you ever stop smiling?”

It was the first thing Mark ever noticed about you. He was attracted to your happiness, and was shocked at how it spread to him. You remember him asking you, “Do you ever stop smiling?” after your first date with him, and you were taken aback, your smile instantly dropping. Mark noticed, and grabbed your arm before stepping in front of you. “I never want you to stop smiling, okay? Your happiness is infectious, and you make me happy after a really long, hard day, and I’m grateful for that.” He admitted, and your smile appeared once again.

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Hello sweetheart i'm craving for an scenario with xanxus, where his wife had a great surgery on her last days, xanxus met her and she hold his cheek "you were such a lovely husband i would never forget you, a wild beast with a great humna heart" and then she dies, and maybe he left a tear just a single tear? If thats okay? I love your blog!!

xanxus doesn’t strike me as the type to cry, even a single tear so i tweaked it a little

His head fell against the wall, waking him immediately.  Looking around, Xanxus saw Squalo across the small hallway, stretched out on his own bench.

“You dosed off again,” he said.  “You should get some actual sleep.”

“Any word?” Xanxus asked, ignoring the advice.

“I think they have her stabilized, at least there aren’t as many doctors and nurses running in and out of the room,” the swordsman answered.

Xanxus nodded and repositioned himself so he was leaning more comfortably against the wall before closing his eyes again.  

A rush of sound woke the assassin, along with Squalo shaking his shoulder.  “Something happened. The alarm went off, they’re calling you in,” he said urgently, looking at the door to your room.

Xanxus was fully awake and walking through the door in a split second, a thread of doubt tugging at him.  

“Are you the husband?” one of the nurses asked, holding out one of the plastic scrubs for him to put on.

Xanxus nodded and stepped into the outfit, his mind numbing when he saw you on the operating table, blood everywhere.  

Pushing past all the doctors and nurses, he cleared his way toward you.  “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“I’m not going to make it,” you said weakly.  “Too much internal damage,” you coughed.  

“To hell with that, the doctors at the base are much better, Lussuria would probably do a better job than these trash,” Xanxus spat.

“Babe,” you said, calmly, moving your hand over his.  “They’ve all tried.”  You saw his look of anger drop to one of disbelief.  “Come here.”

He leaned in closer, pulling your hand to his cheek.  “Don’t,” he said.

You coughed again, some blood spilling over your lip.  “Thank you.  For being such a wonderful husband.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I married you.  That you were a wild beast, a dog that would bite the hand that fed it,” you said, coughing some more.

“Stop talking,” Xanxus asked, borderline pleaded.

“But who would have thought that the ferocious beast had such a human heart,” you smiled.  “Tell everyone I said bye,” you said.

“Please don’t,” Xanxus said, leaning closer to you, his hand keeping yours pressed to his cheek.  “Don’t die,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.  

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learn how to use commas. a general rule of thumb is that you should NOT put more than two in one sentence or it gets a bit complicated

Okay, I’m trying really hard not to get upset with you, because you write a rule down for me after this, but your comment “lean how to use commas” kinda actually pisses me of. Like oh really? Because I didn’t know I was sucking at it? Hint, I do.

Once again, I’m not a native English speaker and I’m dyslexic, I’m pretty damn aware there are things I still need to learn (though I probably never will).

Like I really appreciate you trying to give me a tool on how to do it, because I actually do listen to them and try it as much as I can and I’m glad when people kindly do it.

But that comment you’re starting up with… that actually hurts me. BECAUSE I FUCKING KNOW. And you writing it as if it’s the easiest thing in the world to do or that I can just learn it like that in ten seconds – just like that - hurts me because I know using commas on English will never be something I’m gonna do perfectly. You’re by far the first one to tell me and I know, okay? I know my comma sucks and I am trying to work on it.

And this is not a slap to you, anon, because I do appreciate the rule you told you – which another lovely and very sweet anon have before – but that starting comment just really made me upset. And maybe it’s just me overacting, but I’ve just had this done so many times I can’t even count. Like what the hell is “learn to use proper comma” or “you need to learn how to use commas properly” going to for me? Like thank you, I know????? What am I supposed to answer to that?

Okay rant done, sorry and don’t mind me. Again, I’m really glad when people help me out and I will for sure be trying to keep that rule in mind, but ugh… sometimes those comments just makes me upset. I’m a mess and I know I’m overacting, I just need to get this off my chest once and for all.

And just to clear up, I’m sending you anon, all the good and positive vibes in the world!<3

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Not to start this conversation again, but like is it okay that I'm just not sold on Liam's situation. I feel like a bad fan because so many people seem to think differently then me. Just looking for advice. Thanks!

Hi! never feel bad just because your opinion is different from other people’s opinions! Better to think for yourself and be confident about the basis of the conclusions you reach than blindly follow the group like a sheep! :)

My personal opinion about Liam at the moment is ???, for instance. 

okay i finsihed petals to the metal last night and can I say how well the sloane and hurley part was done? Sure they died but like
it obviously wanst just for shock factor

Im glad they were immortalized in the cherry blossom tree
They never felt as if they were just there to be “token gay characters”
It felt as real as it could be for a dungeons and dragons podcast

Griffin Mcelroy once again amazes me

Thank you @sexymexicanmaid for tagging me ♥️ I did this last week but it’s fun so I’m going to do it again hahaha

Rules: 1. ALWAYS post these rules 2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you 3. Write down 11 questions of your own 4. Tag 11 people

1. Where do you live?
East coast USA
2. Do you like the country you live in?
It’s okay just because I’m used to it, never mind it sucks and I want to leave lol
3. Do you like traveling?
I absolutely love traveling
4. What’s the best place you’ve been to?
Probably Salem, Massachusetts. I loved the witchcraft history and there was even a pretty cool nightlife. I took a trip there this summer with my best friends so that makes it extra special
5. Do you have pets?
I do! Two dogs, a fish and a dwarf hamster
6. What’s your favorite subject at school?
I always liked history
7. What’s your favorite singer?
Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante but I also love Kurt Cobain and Lindsay Buckingham’s voices
8. What’s your favorite food?
does coffee count?
9. Do you like reading?
Yes, but I don’t read as often as I’d like to
10. Would you like to start a new life abroad?
Oh yes. I’d like to go to the Netherlands and restart there… or maybe Italy or France
11. Do you believe in true love?
Yes ♥️

I tag @rwadical @ambitious-daydream @violent-plants @psycho-sexy @anthesongbirdsings @redhotchilipeppersisamazing @hailfrusciante @snodil-praty @revelations-and-black-holes @seringe

My questions for you sweet people:
1. If you were given a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose?
2. What’s your favorite show or movie to watch?
3. Do you think you closely match the general characteristics of your zodiac sign?
4. What’s your favorite animal?
5. Do you collect anything?
6. Tea, coffee, or something else?
7. Favorite way to spend a day off?
8. What’s your pet peeve(s)?
9. Favorite album?
10. Would you change your name, and what to?
11. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

14 - Van’s POV

Request: “the lids go on tour to another country and Van meets a fan/girl and they hit off and Van ends up liking her. Then they go back home and he can’t get the girl off his mind. Then one day they meet again by chance and now the girl lives in the same place as him and they finally get to be together”

Currently writing this at 4am, I’m a mess. Catfish have officially taken over my life. I am okay with this. 


As usual, touring was fucking incredible. Every day the fans never cease to amaze me; their love and faith in our band is just mental. It was always such an unreal feeling playing my songs in a completely different country. After hanging outside the tour bus signing CDs and taking photos with some kids, I was hungry and went looking for some lunch. The lids stayed back playing Fifa on the bus; something I’d usually never turn down. I wandered through the narrow streets and small arcades near the venue. There were all kinds of things, it was so cool. A shop for anything you wanted and a food place for any cuisine you could think of. I eventually stumbled across a small, warm looking cafe that had records lining the walls. Maybe I could get a sandwich and a nice hot brew.

I ordered and thanked the waitress, then left the counter and went to find a corner somewhere so I could maybe scribble in my notebook a little. But instead of finding an empty table I saw a girl crying. She had her elbows leaning on the table, head in her hands and was silently shaking.

“Hey, love, what’s the matter? You alright?” I asked gently, not able to bear the thought of her being alone like that.

She moved her hands away from her face, tears and mascara ran down her cheeks. Her eyes were all red and puffy looking but they were still beautiful. She quickly stopped crying, sniffed a bit and wiped her face in embarrassment.

“Yeah. All good. Sorry. Um, did you want to sit here?” She began to panic a bit and scramble to get her stuff together.

“No no, I just wanted to see if you were okay. Do you wanna sit with me for a bit?” I asked, placing my hand on her arm to stop her packing up her stuff.

She froze for a second and then nodded, sitting back down. She pulled on her shirt sleeves that were scrunched into her fists. I joined her and my food arrived. I ordered her a cup of tea as well and she looked crazy grateful. She sipped the tea in silence for a bit, not looking at me.

“Why were you crying?” I asked her and her eyebrows furrowed.

“Found out my Grandfather died a week ago, no one told me about it,” she said bluntly, trying not to cry again.

My heart sank for her.

“I’m so sorry…?” I didn’t know her name.

“Y/n,” she responded.

“I’m so fucking sorry y/n,” I reached out and squeezed her hand, she smiled a little at the small gesture.

She began telling me all about him and how much she loved him. It took a lot of willpower to not whip out my notebook and jot some her words down. It was clear she was smart and sensitive. She spoke fondly of her memories and of their closeness when she was growing up, she was alive with nostalgia. It was quite moving actually and reminded me of my own experience with death.

“You know when I was younger, my Gran died and it was Christmas time and no one told me until way after. They didn’t want to spoil Christmas for me.”

“Really?” She asked, looking shocked that someone else could relate to her.

“Yeah. It’s shitty but you can’t let it ruin your memories of them. And by the sound of it, you have some pretty fucking good ones, yeah?” I smiled and she nodded.

I finished my sandwich and checked the time on my phone; about the only thing it was good for. Fuck I had to get back for an interview.

“I’m so sorry y/n I have to run. But chin up okay? I promise you’ll be right.”

For some reason, I didn’t want to leave her. I wanted to stay in this dark little cafe and chat with her all day, pick her brain. But I stood up reluctantly and so did she, packing her bag.

“Thank you so much for the tea and for listening and for everything. You’re really kind Van, I’ll never forget it,” she gushed.

Don’t think I told her my name. I looked at her confused for a second.

“It’s my pleasure love,” I responded anyway.

“How do you know my name?” I couldn’t help asking.

“Um…” she looked down at her feet.

“I uh…know Catfish, one of my favourite bands actually…” she whispered, sounding afraid to tell me.

“No way! That’s so cool. Why didn’t you say so?” I replied, feeling a sense of pride.

“To be honest, who you were was the last thing on my mind,” she laughed, when she saw I didn’t think she was weird or something.

“Oh yeah, fair. Sorry, y/n. Are you coming to the show tonight? It’s the last one of this tour.”

“It sold out before I could save up for a ticket,” she replied.

“I’ll put you on the list. Be there early and come find me yeah?” I smiled and leant in to kiss her on the cheek.

I waved goodbye and rushed out the door back to the bus. She just stood there glowing; I was glad I could stop her tears.


Y/n came to the show, she missed soundcheck but sat side stage for the gig. Every so often she’d have her phone out taking a video or something and I’d make sure to show off extra. I thrashed about and made all sorts of noises. At the end of Business, the crowd could tell I was having the time of my life; I started singing ‘Ignition’ before I even realised I was doing it. I loved to see y/n laugh and smile, it made me even more ecstatic to be on stage. When the gig was over, I stumbled back stage to wind down with a smoke; the lads and I were absolutely buzzing.  

Y/n just smiled and watched as I shouted and whistled, celebrating. Once we’d calmed down. We all sat around for a chat and some drinks. She sat with me on the couch and I had my arm resting around her shoulders. She had no trouble joining in with the craic; she fit right in.

“So, what did you really think of us? Did we live up to your expectations?” Bondy asked. He kept teasing her for being a fan.

“Well, to be honest…that singer’s a bit shit isn’t he?” She said, winking at me.

The boys howled and laughed and I sat there taking a flogging from everyone. She had a cheeky grin on her face; as she sipped her drink she locked eyes with me and they were full of mischief. I had a sudden urge to kiss her.

Once it all died down, we went back out to the bus. I ushered her inside quickly and ducked out to meet some fans. When I came back in, she was making cups of tea for everyone, handing them to us as we entered. What a doll.

“Why haven’t we had you here every night?” Larry asked her with a smile as he took a cuppa.

Everyone eventually broke off and did their own thing. Y/n and I were left alone in the lounge. She sat with her hands laced together in her lap, she seemed content. 

“Really was an amazing show Van. Thank you for this,” she said sincerely. 

“No, thank you. I’m glad you could come,” I smiled back at her.

We sat in a comfortable silence. I stood up and took her hands, pulling her up too. 

“We better get you home. Don’t you have work tomorrow or something?”

She nodded and headed for the door, glancing around the bus one last time.

“Oh hey, don’t forget your phone. You need to bell me when I get home, yeah?” I said, handing her phone that was still in my pocket from when I was pestering her earlier by taking photos on it of everyone.

She took the phone from me and turned it on, she grinned when she say that I’d set her lock screen to a shitty selfie of us together that Bondy had ruined by sticking his bum in the background in all its glory. 

Y/n opened the door and a gust of cold wind blew in, she shivered violently and shut it again. Without a word, I grabbed one of my jackets from out back and wrapped it around her from behind. She turned slightly to look at me, I kept my hands on her shoulders where I’d pulled the jacket up. We made eye contact for far too long, the tension was obvious. Her hair fell messily around her face, her eyeliner had smudged under her bottom lash line and my jacket drowned her. But her eyes shone and glistened and I felt like I was glued to them. Fuck it.

I went for it. I grabbed her face softly and pulled her into me hard. Our lips crashed into each other and it was more than electric. It felt as if time had stood still and we were the only people on that damn tour bus. 

When she pulled away, she giggled quietly and I licked my lips with a smile. Neither of us said anything and we didn’t need to. I took her hand tightly in mine and lead her outside. We stumbled around the streets, stopping to kiss messily every now and then, leaning against lamp posts and laughing like mad. This girl felt like magic.

It was too late for a bus or taxi so I walked her all the way home.


Leaving y/n that night was painful. I kissed her hard, she gripped my jacket tightly and we both wanted to fall through that door and make love, but we knew it would only hurt us later. We held each other and I kissed her forehead, she promised to call me. I remember walking all those miles back to the bus through the night, her sad smile and shining eyes from behind her door frame was replaying through my head like a broken record. 

I don’t know what happened, but she never called. All I had from that night was my memories. And for a while, that was enough. I thought of her fondly. After months had passed I began to forget about her, distracted with tours and life in the band. Yet every time I went home and just stopped to breathe, she popped into my mind. Soon, those memories became clouded with nostalgia and I wasn’t sure what was real or what I’d invented. I churned out song after song about the girl who lost her Grandad, the girl who showed me up to all my mates, the girl who kissed me like there was no tomorrow. 

None of the lads ever brought her up and I never let on how I felt. I let it fade away and soon forgot about her like she probably had forgotten about me. 


London always astounded me with how claustrophobic and bustling it was. It was a massive city and there was a fuck load of people all the time. You’d lose your own mum in a crowd it was that busy at peak hour. 

After finishing up at a radio station, I ducked off for an interview at a pub which suited me just fine because I was starving. I sat down with the guy, quite a nice bloke actually. We talked album number 3 while I not so politely stuffed my face with potato mash and fish. After the interview was over I bought him a pint then he took off. I went to pay at the register, fiddling about with my wallet, trying to hurry and get the coins out. 

I shouldn’t have bothered because when I looked up, I dropped them all over the floor. There, behind the counter, stacking glasses was y/n. 

I blinked a few times, my jaw dropped.

“Y/n?” I asked in disbelief.

She turned around quickly and her eyes snapped wide open when she saw me.

“Van?” She echoed my tone.

Hearing her voice again suddenly made every feeling I thought I’d lost for her, come flooding back.


“Telling the lads I wasn’t going to play Fifa that day was the best decision of my life,” I told y/n, pulling the blankets up around us tightly. 

“Oh yeah, why’s that?” She asked, resting her head on my chest.

“Because I was hungry. I said no to Fifa and went off to find food. Then I went into that dim cafe and saw you. If I’d said yes to Fifa, I’d never have met you would I?” I said, she grinned and kissed my nose.

Y/n had moved to London three months before I ran into her at the pub. We never talked about the reason she didn’t call or the year between our goodbye and our chance meeting. All that mattered was that we were together now. 

“Lucky I was a blubbering mess then too?” She said, I nodded and kissed her deep.

I had her neck in my hand and rubbed my thumb up and down on it soothingly after I pulled away. She cuddled into me more and I breathed a sigh of contentment. When home off tour, I stayed at y/n’s flat in London. She had a full-time job now and worked at the pub on weekends. She was always busy but always made time for me when I came home. She was supportive and caring; she still made tea for all the lads after any show she could make and took it upon herself to mother everyone which we all loved. She was still a massive Catfish fan. Bondy teased her all the time about her saying that ‘her opinion of the lead singer must have gone up a bit’.  

I couldn’t believe how things had fallen into place. I’d ended up with the girl who felt like magic and it still felt too good to be true.

take a look 👀👀👀 at this! that ➡️right ➡️ there is the mail. ✉️✉️ can we talk about the mail ✉️✉️ please, mac 💻? i’ve been dying 🤒🤢 to talk about the mail ✉️✉️ with you all day, okay 👌🏽? pepe 🐸🐸 silvia. this name keeps coming ⬆️up ⬆️ over and over again. every day, pepe’s mail ✉️ is getting sent 📪 back to me. pepe 🐸🐸silvia. pepe 🐸🐸 silvia. i look 👀 in the mail ✉️, well THIS WHOLE BOX 📦 IS PEPE 🐸 SILVIA!! so i say to myself, i gotta 🔎find 🔎 this guy. i gotta go ⬆️up⬆️ to his office 🏢. i gotta put his mail ✉️ in the guy’s goddamn ✋🏽hands ✋🏽otherwise he’s never gonna get it. he’s gonna keep coming ⬇️down⬇️ here. so i go ⬆️up⬆️ to pepe’s office 🏢 and what do i 🔎find🔎 out, mac 🍔? what do i 🔎find🔎 out? there is no 🐸pepe🐸 silvia. THE 👨🏻MAN 👨🏻DOES NOT ❌❌ EXIST. okay, so i decided ohhh 💩shit💩buddy. i gotta ⚒dig⚒ a little deeper📉. there’s no 🐸pepe 🐸silvia? you gotta be 😂kidding 😂 me. i got boxes📦📦 full of 🐸pepe🐸. alright, so i start 🏃🏽marching 🏃🏽my way ⬇️down ⬇️to carol💁🏽 in HR. and i ✊🏻knock✊🏻 on her door🚪 and i say “💁🏽💁🏽CAAAROL💁🏽. 💁🏽💁🏽CAAAAAAAROL. 💁🏽💁🏽 i gotta talk to you about 🐸pepe🐸.” and when i open the 🚪door, 🚪what do i find? 🤔🤔🤔there’s ❌not ❌a single goddamn 🗄desk 🗄in that office🏢! THERE. IS. ❌NO. ❌CAROL 💁🏽IN💁🏽 HR. 🍔mac💻, half the employees in this 🏢building 🏢 have been made up. this office is a goddamn 👻ghost👻 town.