“I’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician, and now I want to be neonatologist as well. When you tell people what your dream is, they tell you that if you follow a certain path, if you do this and that, you should get there: ‘Finish high school in four years, finish college in four years, go to med school for four or more years…’ But it doesn’t always work like that. They don’t tell you that sometimes life gets in the way. I had a setback, so now it’s back to the drawing board trying to figure out again how to achieve my dream. It’s a difficult field. I’m taking baby steps, but it’s going to happen.
If my mom was able to come here as a 17-year old, and convert her education from another country and become a nurse, then I can aim higher because I was born and raised here.”

So that happened.

Went for a run (see: run/walk/wheeze/complain about side cramps/run again/nope, start walking again) yesterday and it was all well and good. I was rocking out to the Tangled soundtrack as I’m wont to do and then I realized I could no longer feel my car key bouncing around in my basketball shorts pocket. What was bouncing around though was my junk. Because it’s large. Noted. 

But seriously, fuck. Now I’m like 2.5 miles into this park run/walk/wheeze fest and I’m like, awesome, now I can’t get home. I call mi madre and I’m like, “Yo, qurl, we gots a major malfunction!” That’s not entirely true. In fact I prefaced telling her the bad news by saying something like, “Promise you won’t be mad and you love me no matter what.” It was strikingly similar to that whole soldier coming out to his father entirely through GIFs thing that’s been going around Tumblr (that’s what that was, right?) except without all the schmaltz or meaningful emotion. 

Long story short, she was a little mad! Soldier Dad took the news way better.

Today, in Ulta...
  • Friend who specializes in perfumes at ULTA:I like Fame by Lady Gaga, but it smells like black licorice after a while.
  • ULTA employee:It still smells good, though. Like saffron.
  • Me:-puts on Fame perfume-
  • Friend:Do you like it?
  • Me:It actually smells really, really good.
  • ULTA employee:Doesn't it?
  • Me:Yeah. People are going to be all, "What perfume are you wearing, it smells so nice!" And I'll be like "What perfume? I WAS BORN THIS WAY."
  • Friend:What.
  • Employee:HAHAHAHAHA.

notyourjamie  asked:

You and I should make like a bakery and roll... Fuck it, let's do it old school and BLT on that roll. Know what I mean, mate? Hope so. Because I only vaguely know. I'm hot, by the way. Did you notice? Yeah thanks, I woke up like this.

Yeah I get the idea, although I’m not sure you can handle this level of baking.

You woke up like that? Bitch, please. I was born this way.

cursedquill  asked:

Erwin is Armin's Dad Theory. So on the way back from an expedition, Shadis sees Carla and baby Eren, Armin hasn't been born yet. Erwin was in the SC. Erwin could've spent a night with Miss Arlert and left the next day never knowing she got pregnant.

I mean hey, why not?