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What was garnet's reaction to being "born"? I mean was she like a baby or an adult in the mind era (like being taught to talk and learn ) or just knew Ruby and Sapphire off the bat?

she reacted the same way to her creation as she did in The Answer, ‘what is this? what am i?’ she didn’t immediately know who ruby and sapphire were and had no concept of what a ‘mother’ was, as the ritual worked more to fuse their essences and create a third being rather than a pre-made offspring who instantly knows and loves it’s parents.

i think that ruby and sapphire would have treaded carefully around garnet for a while, knowing that she was ‘lost, and scared, and happy’. they’d work towards building a relationship with her and earning her trust, rather than assuming they instantly have it. they would have explained who they were, what they were, and that she would always have a home with them. after a while, they’d just be like any other family and garnet would adore her moms.

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I'm curious. Whats the most "dad" thing Oliver has ever done, and as he was doing it, dId it hit him, Jesus I'm doing a dad thing? Same for felicity. What was the moment when she thought "oh frack I'm a mom I'm responsible for little people now" ? Love your writing! Thanks for the world of legacy.


It hit me hard the first time I bellowed at Jon, “Because I said so!”

I was that dad.

But then, he was that kid.


Oh, the terrifying responsibility thing started before Jonny was even born.

He was still smaller than a grapefruit, and I was researching the optimal way to do pregnancy, because the baby was inside me. Stuck in there. Whatever I ate, I was feeding him too. Whatever risks I took, he took with me.

I started reading some of the research on the effects of the intrauterine environment on later development - especially neural development - and I could have driven myself crazy diving down that particular rabbit hole.

Oliver kind of grabbed me by the collar on the way down. He said people had been making new people for a hundred thousand years without referring to peer-reviewed journals, and would I please just eat the omelet?

“We had five or six miscarriages before we had our daughter. She was a twin, but the other one miscarried. So we call her our miracle baby. I was forty when she was born. We were close in every way. We’d always go camping and hiking together. She’s always loved animals and creatures. When she was little, she’d always pick up snakes and frogs and insects. She begged us for a dog, and when we finally got her one, she called it her ‘sister.’ Now she’s in vet school in Ohio. She sends me pictures all the time. She delivered twin goats last week. I’m getting to the point where I’d like to retire, but I’m going to keep working until she’s in a place where she feels secure. Then I can finally relax. We paid for her undergrad already. She took out loans for vet school, and we’ve agreed she’s going to pay them back herself. But you know, just in case, I’m going to keep working until she feels secure. Then I can relax.”

#341. All asexuals are born with the ability to swear in fluent Japanese.

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pledis’ group seventeen is going to be debuting soon so here’s a psa for all u nasties (specifically “pedo noonas”): a lot of the members are underage so don’t fucking sexulize them ok thank u

Mark Quinn, Lucas, 2001

Last year I had a son. In the days after his birth, I made a series of clay portraits of his head until I got one right. It was a way of physically getting to know him. When he was born, I kept his placenta. This sculpture is a cast of that clay head in the placenta, kept frozen at eighteen degrees centrigrade, again in silicone. It’s like a baby on a life-support system. It’s about the emergence of his identity. (…)

23rd January



text au’s

‘such a diva’

 ‘insecure little noodle’

 “be there in 10’

 “we have to be quiet”

 ‘pet names’

 ‘voodoo doll’ 

 ‘born this way’


‘what are big brother’s for?’

‘that isn’t what you want baby?’


‘….I’m still mad at you’

 ‘growing old’

‘we’re even’

‘this changes everything’


‘no buts’

‘lashton’ *requested

‘with my teeth’

 ‘I can be better’

 ‘you’re uninvited’

‘don’t say okie dokie’

‘you’re weak’ 

‘suite 137′

‘still weird..’

‘I think I can manage’ 

‘43 minutes fyi’ ft michael

‘get used to it’ *requested


‘just relax’

‘delete my number’

‘roses are red’


tables are turned 

meeting backstage @ a music festival 

bad boy  pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5


insecure about your height (blurb) *requested


crumpled letters ~ muke


text au’s:

 ‘I got you something’

 ‘can I get those digits?’

‘he’s easily a 10’

 ‘no can do’

‘kitty cat’


 ‘lick away’

 ‘tell me why first’

 ‘frozen peas’

‘the stupid kind’

 ‘make that 4’

 ‘being weird’

 ‘just don’t tell him that’

 ‘since when?’

 ‘in denial’

 ‘let me guess’

‘i had you’

 ‘oh come on’ *requested

‘uhm not exactly..’

‘so bad’

 ‘i’ll do that thing you like’


‘damn it’

‘quite the actor’

‘yeah wow’ 

‘you definitely will be’ 

‘guess what I just found?’

‘not in the mood’

‘welcome to my world’



build-a-bear date

practical joke



he sings you to sleep *requested

crumpled letters ~ muke


vampire! michael 


ch. 3

ch. 4

ch. 5

ch. 6

ch. 7


ch. 9

ch. 10

ch. 11

ch. 12

ch. 13

ch. 14

ch. 15

ch. 16


text au’s:

 ‘bad girl’

 ‘man crush monday’

 ‘guess I’m coming to visit’

 ‘you aren’t the boss of me’

 ‘about an 8.5’

‘you don’t even take the bus’

 ‘how could you?’


 ‘the shit was expensive’

 ‘knock knock’

 ‘I’ll talk to him’

 ‘this isn’t 50 shades of grey’

‘a little too late’

‘he’ll probably like it’

‘that’s a swimming emoji’

‘never again’

 ‘what if I don’t wanna?’


 ‘this took a drastic turn’

‘15 minutes’

‘popcorn chips’


‘fire hot’


he has a nightmare  pt.2

pretending you hate eachother 


text au’s:


 ‘sorry daddy’

‘that makes 2 of us’

 ‘done and done’

 ‘why are you acting weird?’

 ‘close as strangers’

 ‘permission granted’

 ‘he can work a miracle’

 ‘you’re so difficult’

 ‘I’m scared to ask’

 ‘we’re far from done’

 ‘cry baby’

‘hey friend’

 ‘my ass hurts’

 ‘am not’ *requested

 ‘you didn’t..’ *requested

 ‘delete that picture’

 ‘not likely’


‘not helping’

‘noah wouldn’t say that’ 

‘invasion of my privacy’ 

‘yeah oh’

‘patience baby’


‘is that even a real thing?’


meeting him while dog walking

drunk sex 

high sex *


channel 3


text au’s:

 ‘attempting to sext’

‘you’re disabled & insecure’

‘caught by a family member’

‘goofing around’


#1 Admitting feelings when you/he’s drunk

#2 He gets jealous.

plus size series:

calum pt 2

luke pt 2

ashton pt 2

michael pt 2


Are labels to identify? - Or are labels to conform?

I will always be disappointed about the personal decisions of my life that were made for me by other people. I won’t talk about them because they are personal and should be left that way.

From the moment I was born, someone else has been labeling me.

Labeling my mind.
Labeling my body.
Labeling my spirit.

Society labeling your character, sexual preference and stereotyping who you are, or at least who society thinks you should be based on your genitalia.
Doctor’s performing surgical procedures on intersex babies to conform their bodies to fit into the social construct of gender. Doctors should not even consider surgery unless it relates to a REAL health issue for the baby. But 9 out of 10 times it has NOTHING to do with the health of the child, and everything to do with the pressure of society to prolong the social construct of gender.
That’s just ONE of many examples of how our lives are narrowed and conformed from the very moment we are born.

Quite literally before I knew enough to speak, there were people making decisions about my life that were not theirs to make.

Not anymore.
But that’s because I got older and realized how wrong it was. I dream of a world where other people don’t have to go through what I went through to figure out I was denied the opportunity to make very personal decisions about my life.

But everyday this happens to someone else.
A new born child stripped of the chance at making these PERSONAL decisions for themselves when they get older.

In my opinion,
it is confusing,
and it’s wrong.

-Elliott Alexzander

You won’t remember the way I stood in the bathroom late that night in labor with you, fearfully and excitedly gazing up at the moon, knowing I was going to bring you into the world soon and whispering to you, “We can do this.”

You won’t remember the way you looked at me right after you were born, or the way I pulled you up next to my heart and marveled “Hi, baby” in your ear.

You won’t remember the way you healed my broken spirit. The way you completed my heart. I was weak before I had you, and you made me whole again.

You won’t remember the way I proudly watched you everywhere we went, you were always the most beautiful boy in the room to me.

You won’t remember the way you made me laugh with all of the silly things you did. I saw how kind your heart was.

You won’t remember the way I would brush the hair off of your forehead and the way you’d look up at me. Without any words, our souls could touch and say everything to each other that words couldn’t.

You won’t remember the tickle fests we had, and how I always cheated so I could hold you close and cover your salty little face in kisses.

You won’t remember all the times I went to bed at night and felt such fear being your mother: Am I doing okay? Have I messed up too many times already? Can I be the kind of mother he needs?

You won’t remember the way my heart broke and grew a little bigger each time you passed a milestone, watching the sand fall through the hourglass while feeling overjoyed witnessing you expand and grow.

You won’t remember the way I would hold your little feet in my hands, imagining how much bigger than my own feet they will one day grow, and how I will have to let you go.

You won’t remember, but I will… and I’ll hold these memories in my heart for the both of us.

—  Jessica Dimas
The Huffington Post

What if Ally Brooke’s solo career worked out?
What if Camila Cabello chose not to wait though her odds of auditioning was 1%?
What if Dinah Jane didn’t forget the lyrics in the next round?
What if Lauren Jauregui chose not to pursue her dream and audition?
What if Normani Kordei gave up after losing everything after Hurricane Katrina?

Everything happened the way it was meant to be. Fifth Harmony were meant to come together. Each of them deserve to be happy, have their dreams come true and each of them have an inspiring story to share, through their voice, their music and the messsage they preach. Whatever they achieved, they earned through hard work, sacrifice, tears, sweat, their loved ones’ support and ours. I was feeling very nostalgic today, thinking about how I’ve been there from the start and seeing them grow as young women, artists and performers. What better way to express how proud I feel than to write?

Ally Brooke, the oldest yet cutie tiniest, was a fighter from the start considering she was born as a pre-mature baby. Her inspirational tweets, motivational twitlongers and tumblr posts help countless, she is the literal definition of what being a sunshine in someone’s life means. The professional one, nicknamed “mother” of the group, has remained true to her Texas baking-loving self, nuturing all those around her. Whatever she does, baking, tweeting, talking, hugging, she does it all with love and sincerity and throughout the years, in more and more interviews, we gradually got to see her fun jester side. I truly believe Ally Brooke is one of the funniest people on this planet and the best part is, she does it without trying. Bringing people joy, along with amazing them with her powerful voice is something she does naturally. I am proud of Ally Brooke, she matters and is loved so much.

Camila Cabello, the dorky teen who is most relatable to several, an introvert who loves getting lost in the world of literature and rhythms. She took that 1% she had and changed it into a life-changing opportunity. Forever humble, caring and kind, we get to see her blossom into a young, confident, secure young woman. Embracing her uniqueness, not being afraid to feel and stay true to who she is. It’s hard being a sensitive person in the public eye yet she doesn’t let that stop her from believing the best in people. Never scared to experiment with her voice, hitting various note changes and scats like a beast. From being insecure to secure, singing a Demi Lovato song to touring with her, sneaking in One Direction’s concert to getting front passes, being shy to sing in front of her loved ones to singing in front of the world, to winning VMA’s and so much more. I am proud of Camila Cabello, she matters and is loved so much.

Dinah Jane, I like to call her the Mariah Carey of the group, it’s hard to believe she’s just eighteen with a powerful voice like hers. Being told at the age of fifteen that she sang a Beyoncé song better than Queen B herself? What kind of slay is that? Instantly, you could tell by her story, how important family means to her and seeing her live her dreams and to be able to provide for them and help her parents, that’s priceless. I vividly remember how she would pass the mike to one of the girls during interviews cause of how nervous she was. Now? Oh honey, we see her dancing and hitting people, the girl isn’t afraid to let her personality out and I love every second of it. She kills me with her dancing, touches me with her heart and slays me with her voice. I am proud of Dinah Jane, she matters and is loved so much.

Lauren Jauregui, I mean, I’ll be an idiot if I don’t talk about how captivating her eyes are. They literally hyponotize you, it’s like you’re looking at an infinite beauty of galaxies. The one with the soothing, raspy and calm voice, forever intellectual mind and a passion to stand up for what she believes in. At times, she is misunderstood. I have been misunderstood and it truly hurts so I can’t imagine the strength she has to recieve it at a scale she has and still be so loving and caring. No matter what, she is open and fearless. No longer chooses to be defensive, calm and collected, choosing her battles and focusing on love, that’s how we all should be. Don’t let negative energy bring you down. I am proud of Lauren Jauregui, she matters and is loved so much.

Normani Kordei is more than a triple threat. The girl can act, dance, sing, model, is a gymnast and I’m sure she’s great at more things! As a shy person myself, I understand the courage it takes to come out of your shell, Normani blossomed and let her personality shine so beautifully and always gives it her all on stage, letting her inner Sasha Fierce persona come out. I’m alwaya touched by her beautiful voice and always amazed by her whistle notes, she makes everything look so effortless, when in reality, it takes a lot of work. She proves people that doubt her wrong and isn’t phased by haters, you go girl! I am proud of Normani Kordei, she matters and is so loved.

If you ever feel like giving up after something that means a lot to you was taken away from you, remember Ally Brooke and her solo career. Have faith in God’s timing, better things will come your way.

If you ever get scared to take that 1% chance you have of making your dreams come true, remember Camila Cabello and her determination. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Take a leap, you may fall, but then again, what if you fly?

If you ever know you’re so good at something and want to do that for the rest of your life, who cares what others think? Be like Dinah Jane, use the talent God blessed you with, be you, be happy.

If you ever get a gut feeling inside you saying, “I’m ready, this is my dream and it’s time”, don’t let the fear of failure stop you for going after your passion. Be like Lauren Jauregui, dare to try.

If you ever feel so dedicated to something and you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else, be like Normani Kordei. Dream it, wish it, be it.

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hi! sorry this took FOREVER to do. i’ve been looking everywhereeeeeee for gifs for this post because i want it to be as close to the request as possible. but, alas, i couldn’t find anything, and then i started panicking when i realised this ask has been in my inbox for a week omg. i’m so sorry !!!! (also sorry for having to screen cap the request, xkit was fucking up and wouldn’t let me answer directly)

- he probably wants you to give birth at home,,
- every day you wake up and he’s rubbing your belly or smthing cheesy like that
- or he’s making your favourite breakfast
- he would love the baby either way but he really really wants his first born to be a girl
- he will spoil her so much omg
- when ur preg he takes you shopping rly often for clothes as ur body is changing all the time
- probably the type of guy who posts pics of u on instagram with his hand on ur belly (lowkey showing off your expensive wedding rings lmao)

- and you find out the gender and it actually is a girl wow lucky
- he calls you his queen
- and he calls ur daughter his princess
- he’s quite nervous about you being pregnant with all that could go wrong
- but he tells you you’re beautiful every day, and posts candid pics of you on his instagram with captions about how lucky he is
- takes selfies with the baby scan pics
- rubs ur back and gives u foot massages
- in the bath with u lying between his legs
- he never stops touching ur belly. ever.

- god help her she’s so nervous
- she’s done so much research
- u chose a sperm donor together that shared the closest traits with jaehee
- every day she cooks you breakfast with everything u need to make u and the baby healthy in it
- then she rubs essential oils on ur belly to make u soft and keep u looking gud
- gives u massages
- she does everything for you bc you’re so close with eachother it doesn’t even matter. you need to wipe after the toilet but can’t reach? jaehee’s on it.
- makes sure ur baths are not too hot
- drinks all the alcohol so u won’t be tempted haha

- bless him
- nervous wreck
- completely and 100% floored by every change that happens to your body
- thinks ur beautiful
- “omg mc ur glowing *0*”
- always cuddling you or has his head on ur belly
- he really wants a boy
- BUT LMAO U PROBABLY END UP WITH LIKE 5 DAUGHTERS (not at the same time tho :0 )
- he’s really nervous about not being a good dad but,,, his career is starting to take off and he’s getting money in now so u keep reminding him that everything will be okay
- cries when you cry
- cries when the baby cries

- coolest father on this earth
- every day he speaks to ur belly and makes really bad jokes
- always holding ur waist or ur belly
- puts on weight while ur pregnant
- i heard that’s a thing
- like the dad puts on sympathy weight HAHA
- puts headphones on ur belly and plays all star
- but he tells u he’s playing Beethoven or sum shit
- u call ur baby saeran

- wow what a c r a z y experience
- he’s kinda just in shock like,,, it was probably an accident but you’re both excited
- it wasn’t a bad time to have a baby anyway, and you had spoken about it before
- he loves that the baby will be half him and half you (but he wants it to be more like you than him)
- nervous about being a bad father
- always lying with his head on ur chest and his hand on ur belly
- bless him
- he wants a girl SO BAD

- i’m sticking to my little hc that u struggled to have kids for a long time
- fully stresses himself out about it
- reads EVERYTHJN on how to be s good father and how to have a healthy pregnancy
- so stressed you’d think he was the pregnant one
- but he cooks u healthy food
- and makes u do stretches and yoga,,,, smthing stupid like that
- does that thing where u take a pic every day through the pregnancy
- sentimental twat

  • Robin:Both your kids have been born while someone was coming after them and you. Any advice?
  • Charming:Yes. The best way to protect the baby is to have a sword ready to fight the attacker.
  • Robin:Who holds the baby while I fight?
  • Charming:You do.
  • Robin:
  • Robin:That's a great idea!