Let’s Talk Headcanons: Sparklings, Part 2! Electric Boogaloo!

Aaand now that we have all determined that Sparkpulse is not as funny as she likes to think she is…

What can I say, I love @vstrider‘s mochi Vehicon baby way too much. That’s right, here’s the follow up to my first post on my personal sparkling headcanon. We’ve covered how I think parentage works… how two or more Cybertronians can create new life, as opposed to the sparks that wander freely from the Well or hot spots or Vector Sigma depending on which continuity you’re looking at. To recap, sparklings are born from spark bonds, when energy sharing is lopsided enough that one parent builds an excess in the spark. Now we’re onto how the sparkling is actually “born” and, as usual, I’ll start with a little of what we can glean from the canon…

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hunk: hey have you ever thought who shiros favorite is?

lance: oh hunk. oh my hunky honey bear. you do NOT want to know my thoughts on THAT whole situation

hunk: oh boy. ok I’ll bite, who is shiros favorite?

lance: fine you asked for it. it’s pidge.

hunk: …..huh. I would’ve thought you might have said keith.

lance: oh yeah he is too

hunk: ok you lost me

lance: look the way i see it is, pidge is the favorite the way the baby of the family is always the favorite. Keith is like the eldest son, born to take over the family business or whatever.

hunk: alright….so where do we fall in all of this?

lance: well pidge is first with keith running a close second so while keith may not get more desert at the table or get away with murder like pidge does, he’s given more responsibilities and will ultimately gain more of the inheritance. after him comes allura who’s sort of like the hot girl next door shiro has a crush on but he’s too shy to ever ask out. then it’d be you, the cuddly middle child who’s kind of left to his own devices cause your can obviously take care of yourself, then coran, alluras whacky uncle, then the Lions who are the family pets, then me


lance: the other middle child who’s the obnoxious class clown only there to get a cheap laugh out of the audience and kind of just there to make shiro angry or exasperated and give him more personality otherwise he’ll look boring

hunk: ….lance

lance: but then again I’m not the last one anymore cause now slavs in the picture and HE’S the one who makes shiro angry and annoyed…..although, he is a lot smarter than i am and he brings out an even funnier side of shiro so I’m probably still the least favorite…….what were we talking about again?

hunk getting up and hugging lance from behind: lance you know you can always talk to me about stuff right?

lance trying not to tear up: uh yeah hunky bear i know that why wouldn’t i know that

hunk: us ignored middle children need to stick together

lance: heh yeah



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A/N: This could link to one of the other reader inserts ‘The Baby Is Coming’ but you don’t have to read that to understand this. I hope I haven’t made Mycroft or Sherlock to OOC. Enjoy! xxx 

Exhausted was an understatement. You knew that childbirth was very painful and tiring but nothing could have prepared you for that. However, the long nine months and incredibly painful birth was all worth it as your little boy was born. Sherlock was stood by the window nursing the babe. He’d insisted that you slept but you wanted to stay awake because the Holmes parents, now grandparents, were on their way. You assumed that Mycroft would probably stay at the Holmes residence but you didn’t know whether he’d be forced to pay a visit to the hospital. Sherlock was tense. You could tell he didn’t want Mycroft to come but you did. You wanted a close family and although Mycroft was a fairly distant and an unsociable person, he was the uncle of your child and you wanted him to be involved.



“Yes mother,” A voice said from the other side of the door. The voice belonged to Mycroft Holmes. “The nurse said that they were in here.” The door opened slowly and in came Mycroft and his parents.

“Congratulations!” Mrs Holmes exclaimed and came over to your bedside. She kissed your cheek and then rushed over to Sherlock and kissed him. Mr Holmes gave his congratulations whereas Mycroft stayed in the doorway.

“Have you decided on a name?” Mycroft asked.

“Arthur Hamish William Holmes,” You replied with a smile.

“My little Arthur,” Mrs Holmes said happily as she took the boy from Sherlock. “I say that we’re too young to be grandparents."  

"I for one accept my age,” Her husband replied but she just chuckled. After holding Arthur for quite a while, she finally passed your son over to grandfather Holmes.

“Finally a grandchild,” He said. “We knew Mycroft would never have children and we finally gave up hope with Sherlock. Then he met you, Y/N. You both produced a lovely little baby boy. My grandson.” He was full of pride.

“Would you like a hold?” You asked Mycroft.

Sherlock was about to object but his brother did first. “No thank you,” He said. “Babies are not really my forte and I have a good view from here.”

“No I insist.”

“I don’t-”

“Mycroft Holmes, you will take the baby, hold the baby, and enjoy it.” You got out of bed and you took Arthur from Mr Holmes. You then passed him to the child’s uncle. Mycroft was terrified. He was almost shaking. Mycroft was in charge of the whole country (practically) but that was no problem and he was as cool as a cucumber. Give him a child and he will panic.

“I think we should all, with the exception of Mycroft and Y/N, get some coffee,” Mrs Holmes said. “No objections!" They all got up and left. There was no arguing with Mrs Holmes.



Mycroft watched helplessly as you fell asleep. He had hoped to hand Arthur back you but tiredness had took over you. He couldn’t give him to anyone else either. He was stuck. He walked over to the window, which was where Sherlock had stood earlier. Mycroft looked down at the boy. Arthur’s eyes were wide open and he was looking up at his uncle. Mycroft’s expression softened. He began to realise how important this child was to him. He was trusted with little Arthur and he would do anything to protect him. Mycroft was the one who taught Sherlock to not care however the 'iceman’ himself was now making exceptions.



Sherlock entered the room. He saw you asleep in the bed and then saw his older brother looking down at Arthur with admiration in his eyes.

"I may appear harsh,” Mycroft stated. “However, I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep Arthur, you, and Y/N safe.”

“Were you not doing that already?”

“Yes but that was out of 'brotherly compassion.’ Now it is out of… Out of… Love.” Love was a hard word for Mycroft to get out but he did it all the same.

Sherlock chuckled. “I’m flattered.”

“I’m serious.”

“I’m the father. Am I not able to keep my wife and child safe?”

“Yes but what happens when it comes to cases? When you’re getting into other people’s business and you put yourself and them in danger? Or when you’re bored so you get high? Who will be there to pick up the pieces? This isn’t a game, Sherlock! These are people’s lives!”

“I’m a changed man now.”

“I’m trying to help, Sherlock!”

He sighed. “Then thank you. Also, Y/N would like you to be godfather as well as John.”

“Just Y/N?”

“Fine! I guess I think you’d be fit too…”

“Then I am honoured.”

I finally started watching YOI with my housemates and @luftballons99‘s nb!Yuri headcanon was like a fucking trumpet in my brain the whole time

S C O R P I O + T H E  S I G N S P L A Y L I S T

Scorpio x Aries: Serial Killer // Lana Del Rey

Scorpio x Taurus: Cola // Lana Del Rey

Scorpio x Gemini: Like Real People Do // Hozier

Scorpio x Cancer: Cupid // Hurts

Scorpio x Leo: Happy Together // Filter

Scorpio x Virgo: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby // Cigarettes After Sex

Scorpio x Libra: How To Be A Heartbreaker // Marina and the Diamonds

Scorpio x Scorpio: Mercy // Hurts

Scorpio x Sagittarius: Strange Love // Halsey

Scorpio x Capricorn: Epic (Part II) // Anaïs Mitchell

Scorpio x Aquarius: Born To Die // Lana Del Rey

Scorpio x Pisces: One Way Or Another // Until the Ribbon Breaks

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check your moon and venus playlists here

the GOOD alblums...
  1. a seat at the table
  2. achtung baby
  3. alone iii: the pinkerton years
  4. are you experienced
  5. art angels
  6. beyonce
  7. blonde
  8. born in the usa
  9. born this way
  10. born to die
  11. born to run
  12. boy
  13. bury me at makeout creek
  14. carrie & lowell
  15. cerulean salt
  16. channel orange
  17. city of daughters
  18. come i’m a lion
  19. darkness on the edge of town
  20. days are gone
  21. dig me out
  22. double nickels on the dime
  23. either/or
  24. electra heart
  25. exile in guyville
  26. fearless
  27. feels
  28. feels like
  29. franz ferdinand
  30. funeral
  31. good kid maad city
  32. graceland
  33. hospice
  34. how to leave town
  35. i get wet
  36. if you’re reading this it’s too late
  37. illinois
  38. i’m wide awake it’s morning
  39. in the aeroplane over the sea
  40. in utero
  41. joyful rebellion
  42. kaputt
  43. late registration
  44. lemonade
  45. light upon the lake
  46. live through this
  47. michigan
  48. my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
  49. nebraska
  50. neon bible
  51. nevermind
  52. night falls over kortedala
  53. no cities to love
  54. nothing was the same
  55. pet sounds
  56. pinkerton
  57. plans
  58. puberty 2
  59. pure heroine
  60. purple rain
  61. red
  62. rhythm nation 1814
  63. section 80
  64. silent alarm
  65. sleater-kinney
  66. sprained ankle
  67. straight outta compton
  68. take care
  69. teens of denial
  70. tha carter iii
  71. the age of adz
  72. the avalanche
  73. the black album
  74. the black and white album
  75. the blueprint
  76. the college dropout
  77. the disintegration loops
  78. the fame monster
  79. the family jewels
  80. the joshua tree
  81. the miseducation of lauryn hill
  82. the monitor
  83. the party
  84. the river
  85. the woods
  86. to pimp a butterfly
  87. twin fantasy
  88. ugly cherries
  89. vampire weekend
  90. watch the throne
  91. war
  92. we are the pipettes
  93. weezer (blue)
  94. weezer (white)
  95. whatever and ever amen
  96. yankee hotel foxtrot
  97. 1989
  98. 4
  99. 69 love songs
  100. 808s and heartbreak

You won’t remember the way I stood in the bathroom late that night in labor with you, fearfully and excitedly gazing up at the moon, knowing I was going to bring you into the world soon and whispering to you, “We can do this.”

You won’t remember the way you looked at me right after you were born, or the way I pulled you up next to my heart and marveled “Hi, baby” in your ear.

You won’t remember the way you healed my broken spirit. The way you completed my heart. I was weak before I had you, and you made me whole again.

You won’t remember the way I proudly watched you everywhere we went, you were always the most beautiful boy in the room to me.

You won’t remember the way you made me laugh with all of the silly things you did. I saw how kind your heart was.

You won’t remember the way I would brush the hair off of your forehead and the way you’d look up at me. Without any words, our souls could touch and say everything to each other that words couldn’t.

You won’t remember the tickle fests we had, and how I always cheated so I could hold you close and cover your salty little face in kisses.

You won’t remember all the times I went to bed at night and felt such fear being your mother: Am I doing okay? Have I messed up too many times already? Can I be the kind of mother he needs?

You won’t remember the way my heart broke and grew a little bigger each time you passed a milestone, watching the sand fall through the hourglass while feeling overjoyed witnessing you expand and grow.

You won’t remember the way I would hold your little feet in my hands, imagining how much bigger than my own feet they will one day grow, and how I will have to let you go.

You won’t remember, but I will… and I’ll hold these memories in my heart for the both of us.

—  Jessica Dimas
The Huffington Post
No matter gay, straight or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born to survive!
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born to be brave!
—  Lady Gaga “Born This Way” (via OptimisticallyAstray)

so this is a little fic i wrote of emma and killian talking about having kids. cause i have a lot of feelings.

this fic tbh is kind of born out of my own pettiness after that anon called me condescending for me not wanting cs babies or marriage to happen. well, this is actually something i’d be okay with so yeah. this fic is for you anon <3

Emma feels his eyes on her as she struts around their room, going through her nightly routine. He has already used the bathroom and now is just lazing on their bed on top of the covers, shirt and jeans disposed off properly in the laundry hamper, and his hook, brace, and rings all stacked neatly on the little table beside him with his book.

 If it weren’t for the fact that they had had a quite adventurous, more than adventurous, night – with them having to deliver Belle’s baby and all – Emma would’ve thought his intent gaze following her movements were lustful. Yet as she takes her shirt off and throws it in the general direction of the laundry hamper and is working in unhooking her bra, she chances a sly glance towards him to find his eyes fixed on her face, and not her now exposed breasts. She looks down his bare chest, trailing the dark hair all the way down to his boxers and…nothing.

She strikes down horny pirate in her brain as a reason for his staring, and after taking her leggings off and putting on a big sweatshirt, switches the lights off and slips into the covers, watching as he himself settles under the covers beside her.

He turns and faces her, his hand coming under his cheek as he peers down at her.

“Are you okay? Why are you brooding?” She finally whispers, bringing a hand to ruffle his hair back, her thumb rubbing soothing circles on the side of his forehead.

“Nothing, love, just thinking.”

“So brooding and thinking; that’s a classic combo.” She smiles as her similar words from so long ago make his lips twitch into a little smile. 

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Okay, time for some real talk. It’s a new year, but to say I’m ready for a “new me” isn’t really accurate. It isn’t accurate because I’ve already been where I want to go - I’m on my way back to it. The picture you see on the left was from 2014 (maybe early 2015?) I stuck to my keto diet religiously, and went to the gym at least four times a week. I felt fucking amazing! I had so much energy, I loved the way clothes fit, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything with the diet I stuck to. I mean, come on, with keto you can enjoy things like bacon and cheese and STILL lose weight.

So what happened between then and now? Life. The body you see on the right has had a second baby! That’s right! I made another awesome little person! I attempted to stay on keto after she was born, but had trouble due to the fact that I was nursing. I traded gym time for cuddles and napping whenever I had the chance. I ate whenever and whatever I could because a baby doesn’t care that you haven’t had lunch yet, let alone breakfast. Life has definitely made this body!

But hey, it’s 2017 now, and I’m starting fresh. After the giant pile of shit that was 2016, I feel like I can take on anything! Keto started yesterday, and gym starts in four weeks. My daughter will be a year old soon and everything is slowly getting a little easier. I plan to start being the “fitblr” I once was, and I hope that I can help motivate some of you the way that so many of you have motivated me!

A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: ‘Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I’m pregnant again. I don’t want kids so close together. So th e doctor said: ‘Ok and what do you want me to do?’ She said: ‘I want you to end my pregnancy, and I’m counting on your help with this.’
The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: ‘I think I have a better solution for your problem. It’s less dangerous for you too.’ She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request.
Then he continued: ‘You see, in order for you not to have to take care 2 babies at the same time, let’s kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we’re going to kill one of them, it doesn’t matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.
The lady was horrified and said: ‘No doctor! How terrible! It’s a crime to kill a child!
‘I agree’, the doctor replied. ‘But you seemed to be OK with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.’
The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point. He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that’s already been born and one that’s still in the womb. The crime is the same!
—  Prolife

My dad and I both have this auditory thing that we’ve tried explaining to people, like omg my mom would get so worried because we both say, “what?” after someone speaks. She was gonna take me to the doctor because she was afraid I was partially deaf, like she is (but not born that way, when my sister was a baby in the 80′s, someone punched my mom really hard in the ear/side of head while she was holding her and tried to take the baby from her. like blood bursting from ear hard. so gnarly D:). 

This is the best way we’ve found to explain it, is like. Idunno, it gets garbled and has to replay in my head for me to make sense of it? Like

Person: Do you want any cereal?
Me: (I heard 😝💥  D҉o҉ ʸ𝑜𝕌 ʇuɐʍ Ã𝐧𝔶 𝐜ⓔⓇⓔᵃ𝐥?  🎁♘) What??
Person: I said do you want—
Me: (reforms in head until I realized important words were to figure this out were want and cereal) Oh yeah, I’d love some cereal.

Does anyone know this feel because it’s so embarrassing and frustrating sometimes. I cannot understand people. I lip read a lot so if I can’t see someone’s lips or if they mumble I literally ask “what?” like 3x in a row, and then feel my face burning.

Secondhand Soulmate (Stiles/Derek)

Secondhand Soulmate. Stiles/Derek. Teen. 6/6.

Not always, not even most of the time, but sometimes –  24% of the time, statistically speaking – people meet their soulmates and live happily ever after.

THIS isn’t that story.

This is the story of Stiles Stilinski, whose soulmate died before he was born.  This is the story of all the sorrows and heartache Stiles experienced, all the bullying and oppression from those who should know better but didn’t.  This is also the story of the friendships Stiles made along the way, of the battles he fought – and won – and the love that endured through it all.

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