During gym...
  • Teacher: *plays Drake*
  • Friend: It would be better if she played-
  • Me: K-pop
  • Friend: No, I want her to play-
  • Me: K-pop. We want her to play k-pop
  • Friend: No, you do.
  • Me: No, we do. We're in this together. Wether you like it or not.

“I left you my tears.”



Jacob: Shepard, my father.

Miranda: Shepard, my sister.

Samara: Shepard, my daughter.

Thane: Shepard, my son.

Mordin: Shepard, my student.

Kasumi: Shepard, the graybox.

Tali: Shepard, my father.

Legion: Shepard Commander, our people.

Zaeed: Goddamn I want revenge.

Jack: Fuck that place.

Garrus: I want that guy dead.

Grunt: K - I - L- L

- Forced Kiss -

“Forgive me, but I wish for this to be done with me leaving unscathed. Now hold still for a second.”

(( honestly the roll for this this is really OOC for Momoko, I figured she’d only force his hands to a wall if anything <:V; I think I made it work even with the iffy roll.

… something tells me she’d still get cut somehow though, heh. ))

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A Sad Sandwich

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Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested from the ‘I want the K’ list:
10. Neck Kiss
21. Then there’s tongue

*This is set in the ‘Not in Front of the Baby’ timeline, but is also a standalone piece.*


To be honest, Y/N couldn’t even remember what had started the argument. All she knew was that it had spiraled out of control at an alarming speed. She sat on the sofa, sniffling with her head in her hands, feeling lower than low.

Y/N and Steve had arguments, not often, but they did have them. Though, it scared Y/N that this had been their worst yet. Hurtful things were said on both sides, and blinded by anger, she told Steve to get out.

And he did. He left. And he took Scooter with him.

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