aries - me against the music
taurus - work b**tch
gemini - oops… i did it again
cancer - hold it against me
leo - piece of me
virgo - i wanna go
libra - womanizer
scorpio - till the world ends
sagittarius - break the ice
capricorn - if u seek amy
aquarius - gimme more
pisces - toxic

ashhollow  asked:

Hi Bee! I was just wondering if you were going to Sakura-con or Emerald City comic con this year? Sorry if you already answered this somewhere!

No worries aw!!! I’m really touched you thought of me. I’ve been flip-flopping about going to sakuracon again since late 2016 coz’ my sister and her bf are gearing up to- part of me really wants to go because I had so much fun in 2014, but it’s so soon after my birthday flight and concert trip (Like I return on march 27th and Sakuracon is literally a week after that) that I don’t know if I will be able to afford it financially or mentally. If something happens that works it out at the last minute I’ll let everyone know, but atm it seems a bit unlikely. <:(