First Encounters - 2p!America/Allen F. Jones

((This is my first post and it was originally going to involve a drabble for each ally, but… I got carried away with Al. Whoops~ Maybe I’ll do more in the future.
It’s not as ‘yandere’ as it could be, but it’s just a first encounter. Gotta let the crazy build up, you know?))

He first ran into s/o late one Halloween night. 

   It had been an eventful night for him, as shown by his shiny black eye and busted lip. Most people he passed thought nothing of his appearance, which was fine. Al didn’t need any attention. All he wanted was to get home, clean himself up, and then hit the sack.
   As he walked down the street, he passed a bar bustling with cheerful drunkards all dressed in costumes. One of those drunkards was s/o, their face painted like a cat with a headband sporting simple cat ears. They were totally wasted as they staggered outside and collided with Al. “’Eyyy,” they slurred, “watch wer’ ‘yer goin’.”
   Al didn’t want to deal with anyone, let alone a drunk. He was too tired as it was. But as he tried to walk away, s/o suddenly grabbed his arm and held him in place. “What the hell?” He tried to pull his arm away, but stopped when he saw how fixated they were on his face.
   S/o stood still for only a few seconds before pointing at his face, their finger nearly poking him in the eye. “You’re hurt!” they exclaimed. “That’s not make-up-” they lowered their finger to his bleeding lip “-neither’s that!”
   Al waved their hand away, trying to establish distance to no avail. “It’s none of your business.” When he finally freed his arm from s/o’s grasp, he fixed his jacket and… noticed tears welling in their eyes. Unsure of how to react, he asked, “What the fuck is your problem now?” There was nothing graceful about the waterfalls streaming down their face or the snot running from their nose. When they tried to wipe the fluids away, s/o only created a bigger mess. It didn’t help when they started to sob. “Hey, quit it! Come on, nobody likes a sad drunk!”
   “I’m sorry,” they blubbered, still trying to wipe their leaky eyes. “It’s just, I don’t like seeing people get hurt. It makes me so sad.” As if turning a faucet, more tears poured down their reddened cheeks, now causing their face paint to run.
   Al was familiar with a handful of drunk archetypes, but s/o was the first of their kind - the overly-caring drunk - to ever show such interest in him. It was flattering, and almost cute. But the constant crying was starting to get on his nerves.
   It was more in hopes of smothering their sobs, but he enveloped s/o in a hug. At first, it was awkward, but Al soon found comfort holding them in his arms. It was like fitting two pieces of a puzzle together - just right. Maybe they felt the same, as their blubbering stopped and they turned silent.
   “Better?” Al waited for their response, which was only a little nod, before pulling away.
   S/o looked confused, perhaps a little shaken, but then their expression turned thoughtful. When they met eyes with Al again, they asked, “Could you just… bend down for a sec?” S/o gestured with their hand, as if tempting him with a secret. When Al finally did as they asked, they grabbed his head on either side and placed a quick, feather-light kiss upon his black eye. After pulling away, there was a goofy grin on their face. “Are you cured now?”
   It took a second for Al to gather his bearings before he managed an amused smirk. “Yep, all better.” He closed the distance a bit, placing his hands on their hips to pull them closer. “Thanks, kitten.”
   A person wearing a black cloak poked their head out the front door of the bar, scanning left to right until they caught sight of s/o. “S/o! I’ve been looking all over for you!” They marched over and grabbed their hand, pulling them away from Al. They were noticeably more sober than s/o, but still possessed a red tint across their face. “Why are you out here? You’re supposed to stay with the group-! Oh jeez, you look awful. Were you crying?” The friend immediately shot a glare at Al, but s/o was quick to intervene.
   “I was helpin’ someone!” All eyes fell on Al the minute s/o gestured towards him. “He was hurt, so I had cured ‘im.”
   S/o’s friend sighed. “Sorry, please forgive them. They’re very drunk.” They began leading s/o back towards the bar, but was pulled to a halt as s/o dug their feet into the sidewalk. 
   “Wait! I forgot somethin’!” They pulled away from their friend and ran back to Al in order to give him a chaste kiss on his lips. It seemed to startle both parties, though Al had no qualms with the action. His only problem was how quickly it ended. S/o then turned back to their friend, seemingly unaware of the blood smeared across their lips. “I almost forgot t’ cure ‘s lip.”
   Before Al had a chance to respond, s/o’s friend grabbed them and dragged them away. “That was so gross! What if he’s got some sort of disease?! God, I can’t believe you!” They continued scolding them for their naiveté until the two of them disappeared into the bar.
   Now was Al’s chance to finally head home and rest, but he couldn’t move. He didn’t feel like heading home anymore, because there was something much more interesting in the bar than at home.
   “This looks like the start of something interesting.”

“I wanna dieee.”
   “That’s what you get for drinking so much last night.”
   S/o was lying in bed, talking to their friend over the phone while battling a massive headache. The only think worse than the pain were the embarrassing stories s/o’s friend was telling them.
   “And then you just disappeared all of a sudden. We were all freaking out ‘cause no one knew where the hell you were, so while everyone was inside looking for you, I went outside and found you getting up close and personal with some stranger on the street.”
   S/o groaned. “Are you serious?”
   Their friend laughed. “Yeah, and the guy was some badass thug. He looked like he’d just got out of a brawl or something. And you know what?” When s/o didn’t respond, their friend said, “As I was trying to save your ass, you ran back to him and kissed him!”
   “I did what?!”
   “And then, when you turned around, you had blood all over your lips! It was so gross!”
   S/o buried their face into their pillow and screamed. When they finished, they asked, “Okay, now I really wanna die.”
   “Don’t worry about it,” assured their friend, “no one else saw you, and I doubt you’ll ever see that guy again. It’s all good.”
   There was no curing the weight of embarrassment that would linger in the back of s/o’s mind forever, but the reassurance was nice. “Thanks,” they muttered into the phone. “Okay, I’m gonna see if I can sleep my hangover away.”
   “Good luck with that.” 
   After a quick goodbye, s/o hung up and shifted into a more comfortable position. As they began to close their eyes, their phone buzzed. It sounded like a text.
   “Whyyy…” S/o grabbed their phone, discovering a text from an unknown number. As they read the message, their heart sank.
   : Morning, kitten. I bet you’ve got a wicked headache this morning. Anyway, I had fun last night. Your kisses worked miracles on my wounds, especially my lip. I might need some more~ I’ll see you around. :
   S/o stared at the message, reading it over and over until it finally sunk in. “How the hell did he get my number?!”

Now that I’ve figured out the height differences

Midoriya’s 5'5". Okay, that’s fine.




(If you wanna know Bakugou’s 5'8" he must be so salty about that)

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Ugh what a loser. It makes me disgusted to look at your blog. So much self pity. How pathetic. Wah wah i wanna dieee this isnt a cry for help waahhh! Oh quit it with the self pity! Its obvious your followers already give you enough pity when they give your "writing" a pity like or reblog. No one reads your stuff. They only have 4 notes. No one cares if you go on hiatus and no one cares about chips you bought from the store.

Most of the stuff I do is to let people know I’m still alive
The writing is to keep people entertained
The self-hate is to make people laugh at my situations
And, friend, if you need someone to come to- I’m right here.

There is no complaint box.

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Eiji, I dunno who else to say this to, but today I tried making an inside joke to my friend saying "deku can deck me any day~", but what I didn't know was that her friend heard me, who also watches bnha, and knew exactly what I meant. He looked at me like "wowww" and I wanna dieee >///< aaaa

hwgihwarguqi pfffttt,,omfg that’s just as bad as me talking about how i want bakugou to punch me in the face or making electric jokes because of denki and sometimes i wonder how many people would hit me for making such terrible puns,,,