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genos is just such a good toaster. he's so pure i wanna dieee... like he's so innocent?? i meann compare that to when we first saw him!! his life before saitama was nothing other than REVENGEE, and fighting monsters, but now?? he's got beautiful, mundane, but peaceful memories with saitama that he could tell other ppl (although they were villains in the ova haha) if he was the person before he met saitama, he would probably not have hesitated to fry those gangsters. mm yeah character development

YES PLEASE BORG MAKE A TON OF GOOD MEMORIES THAT IS SO??? GOOD IM SO HAPPY yes i mean i was kinda !!!! when he just opened fire on their asses 👀 but he clearly held back so all is good sjdahfsdf yes oh my god im so happy that they’re showing us their daily lives honestly are the ovas even anything close to a shounen?,,,, its a freakin slice of life at this point

Breaking down.. Someone please help me..
  • What the hell is this? I was doing so fine. But what happened?? I am starting to lose it all again. I am so fucking tired right now. :'( I can't do anything.. I am just done. :( I wanna dieee..