C: “I literally – I don’t wanna see you.”
B: “All lies. All lies. All those text messages you send me at night bein like, come visit me, I miss youuu.
C: “It’s getting weird–”
B: “You’re a liar.”

Screenshots from Superstar Ink with Baron Corbin.

(I’d be lying if I tried to say I didn’t mildly ship them after watching this…)


B: Why aren’t you in Europe?

C: I was in Paris. But only to get your favorite macaroons from Pierre Hermé. 

B: And Germany? 

C: To pick up your favorite Falke stockings. You know how I adore them. 

B: What are you doing here then? 

C: You were right. I was a coward running away again. And everywhere I went, you caught up with me. I had to come back.

B: I wanna believe you. But I can’t. You hurt me too many times.

C: You can believe me this time.

In reply to a Tulio/Miguel gifset from The Road to El Dorado


Not gonna touch all the other ridiculous things said here but I just wanna point out…

You know a character gives another character a blow job in this movie right? This movie was way sexual before I ever touched it.

Party Girl ~ BTS Namjoon

Requested: Where you have a bad habit of partying and staying out late, and Namjoon your boyfriend gets fed up with it and it turns into an argument with a fluffy ending. :)

Word Count: 2,458


“BYE JESS!!” You slurred with a goofy smile on your face, as your best friend waved goodbye. 

Heels in hand, you waddled towards the apartment you shared with your boyfriend of two years. Grabbing the wall for support, you sniffled feeling the makeup you sweated off already dry against your cheeks. Digging into your clutch, dropping your heels in the process you try to find your keys through your blurred vision. 

“Shit!” You groaned in frustration stomping your bare foot onto the concrete. You lost your keys again.. Namjoon isn’t gonna be to happy. Your head was buzzing as you still felt the alcohol strong in your system. Grabbing the door frame to support yourself you started to bang on the door. “NAMJOONIE OPPA! LET ME IN!” You let out a high pitch laugh slightly stumbling backwards. Getting ahold of your balance you started to bang on the light blue apartment door harder, clenching your small fist you banged a random pattern against it.

No answer..

“Hmm.. Where the hell is he.. That.. Giant.. D-Dork.” You grumbled to yourself, swaying back and forth. You leaned back a bit getting ready to kick down the door when it swung open. Almost falling you stumbled over to walk gripping it for support. Flipping your hair back you smiled at the sight of your boyfriend who was not returning such a pleased smile. Your head bobbed back and forth your eyes fighting to stay open. Namjoon sighed at the sight of you, bending down to grab your clutch and heels off the floor. “Come on..” He whispered, grabbing your wrist pulling you towards him. You leaned against your tall boyfriend for support as you hummed feeling the buzz of the alcohol hit its high point. Namjoon kicked the door close, placed your things on the table and walked you towards your shared bedroom.

Laying you down on the bed he walked towards the dresser to find you some PJ’s.

“Oh, (Y/N).. What am I gonna do with you?” He muttered under his breath searching through the cherry wood drawers. You on the other hand were starting to feel down. The high point of your drunken state started to crash down a bit to soon. You moaned in annoyance pulling off your jacket leaving you in only your strapless, tight black dress. 

“Namjoonie.. It’s so.. So.. So.. Hot..” You whined like a little girl thrashing your legs as if you were throwing a tantrum. Namjoon finally finding you some PJ’s, strolled over to the edge of the bed. He grabbed your arm sitting you up so he can help you get undressed. His hands going down your hips to your mid thigh pulling up the thin black material over your head. Leaving you in only your bra and underwear. Namjoon kissed your forehead, grabbing your pajama shirt getting ready to put your shirt over your bare upper body.

“W-W-Wait.. I don’t wanna.. Wear.. B-Bra..” You hiccuped putting your hands behind your back fumbling with your bra clip. You glared at the wall trying to concentrate but the buzzing in your ears and the light headed feeling you had wouldn’t let you. You felt the bed sink behind you and a pair of hands grab yours. Putting your hands to your side Namjoon unclipped your bra letting it fall down your arms. You pulled it off in annoyance throwing it across the room. You heard Namjoon sigh, putting your shirt over your head and your arms into the shirt holes. He got up letting out a loud breath walking back towards the edge of the bed to grab your PJ bottoms. You stared at him through hooded, heavy eyes. You felt weak and tired. You gripped the sheets for support feeling really sleepy. 

You couldn’t fight the feeling anymore, your eyes closing as you fell back on to the dark blue blankets. Sleep taking over.


You felt like you had just been hit by a train. Your body felt sore and ached in many places. You hesitantly stretched your arms and legs out, wincing from your sore muscles you mentally cursed yourself for making that decision.

“Ow!” You whined into your pillow turning to your side. Your eyes still closed afraid to be greeted by the sunlight… But even worse.. Even more afraid to be greeted by an angry boyfriend. You promised it was your last time going out partying. It was a bad habit that you had. Namjoon was three years older then you, you guys started dating when he was 20 and you were 17, you guys met at one of his concerts. He knew how wild you were and how much you loved to have a good time. But that was one of the things that Namjoon found attractive about you. Your high spirit and urge to always have a good time, it made him smile.

Lately, you could tell Namjoon was getting annoyed with it. You were pushing your limits with his patience and that’s why you were scared to face him. Afraid of what he might say.. Or do.. You have to face him sooner or later, right? Your eyes shot open ready to be greeted by the harsh rays of the sun but to your dismay you were greeted by darkness. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you sat up quickly.

“Shit!” You hissed as wave of vertigo hit you causing you to feel dizzy. Your head started to pound, your stomach feeling upset. Groaning you gripped your stomach scooting towards the edge of the bed. Your feet padding across the white soft carpet as you practically ran towards the bathroom, flicking on the lights you flinched at the sudden brightness. Letting your eyes adjust you gripped the black bathroom counter blinking a few times to look at yourself in the mirror.

You gasped in horror at the sight of yourself. Your mascara and eyeliner running down your cheeks, your crimson red lipstick smudged all over your chin, your hair looked like a chicken coop. “Oh no..” You let out a frustrated moan, grabbing your tooth brush and tooth paste. If this is how you look now you didn’t wanna know what you looked like when you got home last night.


After doing your morning routine and taking nice long hot shower, you changed into some black joggers, a red V neck and some fuzzy white socks. You braided your hair into two ponytails as you walked towards the kitchen, ignoring the pounding headache you had. The sight of Namjoon caught your eye. He sat at the dining table scrolling through his laptop, swallowing the lump in your throat you sat down beside him, hanging your head in shame. The way he ignored you and didn’t greet you, you knew he was pissed off. 

“Namjoon..” You began, placing your hand on his, only to have him pull his hand away, closing his laptop. “Don’t.” Namjoon shook his head at you standing up. You were correct. He was furious. You stood up following, him back to the bedroom. 

“Please let me explain.” You pled, watching him throw his laptop on the bed walking towards the closet. You sat on the bed staring at him confused. “What’re you doing?” You asked nervously, hoping he wasn’t doing what you think he was doing. You hoped he wasn’t leaving you. 

“I’m getting ready for practice. Suga texted me.. I have to be there in an hour. And whatever you have to say to me I don’t wanna hear it (Y/N). I don’t wanna hear what stupid excuse you have. So just stop before this turns into a big fight.” He warned, placing his clothes on the bed getting ready to take a shower. You frowned a little not knowing what to do. You knew you deserved this cold attitude from Namjoon. You’ve been taking advantage of his kindness since the beginning of your relationship with him. 

“But I’m sorry..” You mumbled, playing with the zipper on your joggers. You looked up seeing him sigh, running his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. Namjoon strolled towards you standing in front of the bed. He looked down at you with a blank expression. And that made you feel even more like shit. You knew he was upset with you in his head he just didn’t show it on the outside cause that’s the way he is. He never showed his outer emotions but being with him for so long you can read him like an open book, you knew every eye twitch, scrunched up nose, fake smile and shaky hand movement Namjoon did. Knowing what each movement meant, he couldn’t fool you. 

“I’m.. I’m..” He began speaking but shook his head walking towards the dresser. 

“Namjoon! I’m sorry! Please, just talk to me!” You pled, getting up from the bed walking towards him. Placing your hands on his back, you felt him tense up but quickly relaxed under your touch. “I can’t anymore… I can’t do this.” Namjoon whispered, leaning his hands against the dresser. Your heart started to pound quickly, your hands left his back falling to your sides. Was he breaking up with you?

“No! I’ll stop! I know this is my fault! But please don’t break up with me!” You begged, tears threatening to spill. You knew you could change for him. But you needed him in your life. He’s helped you through so much and you aren’t ready to give him up now. Namjoon turned around looking at you with a confused expression. 

“I’m not breaking up with you, (Y/N). I just can’t handle your wild party side anymore. When we first met I loved it. I loved how much you could just let loose and have fun. But now it’s a problem.. I don’t like it.” He snapped, finally letting some of his anger show. You stepped back a little, gulping. 

“I’ll stop.. I promise.” You muttered, pulling on your thumb. You knew you had to stop for the sake of your relationship.

“Can you? Can you really stop? I’m so fed up with it! I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I want to take this relationship seriously and I’m so madly in love with you but if your gonna be immature then maybe we’re not ready to take the next step.” He shouted but quickly calmed down seeing you flinch at his raised voice. You rubbed your temples your pounding headache becoming more painfully, inhaling a sharp breath you looked at Namjoon with soft eyes.

“Next step?” You questioned, trying to soothe your headache. 

“I wanna get married some day and start a family but if you’re gonna be out partying every night and doing god knows what then I’ve got a lot of rethinking to do.” He confessed walking towards the table beside his side of the bed. Opening his drawer he pulled out a bottle of Advil, opening it he poured some pills into his hand, handing them to you. You took them, sighing, seeing how nice he is to you even though you’re the reason for this argument. Not being able to bare this headache any longer, you swallowed the pills quickly without water.

“Namjoon…” You breathed out, his words finally hitting you. Was he serious? Did he really want to take the next step?

“I know we’re both very young. But… You make me have these thoughts. You make my mind wonder all the possibilities I have with you, (Y/N).” Namjoon turned towards you, looking down at you. Your eyes scanned his face seeing a both serious and upset expression. Realization finally hit you. Namjoon really cared for you but all you did was take his consideration and kindness for granted. How could you be so stupid and inconsiderate to his feelings? You don’t deserve a man like this, after the way you’ve been treating him.

“I’m sorry… I must be the most horrible girlfriend in the world.” You mumbled looking down, tears threatening to escape your eyes as remorse hit you. Namjoon stepped forward wrapping his long arms around your waist.

“You’re not the most horrible girlfriend in the world… You’re just a party girl who needs to be tamed.” Namjoon whispered the last part in a deep voice, making you narrow your eyes. How could he be like that in a moment like this. 

“You would say something like that?” You rolled your eyes at him, looking up with your chin leaning against his chest. He looked down placing a kiss on your lips, you sighed in content at the feeling of his lips on yours. Wrapping your arms around his waist you pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss with great force. Favoring this moment you prayed that you never leave his side. Namjoon’s hand slid up your waist to your cheeks, pulling away he pecked your lips one last time giving you a dimpled smile.

“As much as I love to continue this little session of ours, I have to get to practice or Suga will kill me.” Pecking your forehead, he walked back towards the bed packing the rest of his gym bag. You crossed your arms, playfully pouting at him. “But you’re the leader of Bangtan Boys.. Not Min Yoongi!” You exclaimed in a fake sad voice. Namjoon laughed, zipping up his bag turning towards you. 

“Come with me. I’ll buy you food and you watch my sick dance moves.”
You snorted when he said ‘sick dance moves’. Nodding your head, you went towards the closet to grab your pair of converse. Picking your black ones out of the variety of colors you had due to the fact Namjoon had an odd obsession with those shoes, slipped them on walking back to the bedroom.

“Ready to watch me break it down.” Your dorky boyfriend asked overly excited, slinging his bag over his shoulder. 

“I’m going for the free food.” You laughed, grabbing your phone.

“Don’t be like that! My moves are.. Dope.” Namjoon laughed at his stupid joke he made. You stared at him in disbelief at how stupid his pun was. Although Namjoon wasn’t the greatest dancer out there he did know how to move when it came to their choreography. After all they had some of the hardest choreography out there. 

“Come on, Dance Monster.” You grabbed his hand dragging him out the door, ignoring his jabbering on how it’s R-A-P Monster not D-A-N-C-E Monster. You never wanted this end. You would never give this up. Your wild nights were now over. And that was something you could live with, cause…

You could never live without Kim Namjoon..


-Admin Kat