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“now son, i’m only telling you this because life can to terrible things”

I tried so, so hard to catch your beauty, but on a limited time schedule! I apologize if you do not like if, and for the poor quality; I don’t have a scanner….

Anyway, I hope you like this! -Dragon, faithful admirer   

“Look at how beautiful I am. And you’ve even drawn me without my mask, How lovely.”

reaching aims and making decisions par Lara Wernet
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i shot two concepts in one day. waouh. i shot both key-concepts yesterday. Weekend is over so no new pictures until next weekend. It´s always dark when i come home from school :( But last weekend i had enough of not producing anything new and feeling bad because of that. I tried so hard to create something (beautiful). I tried so hard. And at least I have a much better feeling now. I´m quitetly proud of this one :) so..<i>waiting for next weekend.</i> <b>oh, one question, guess how many keys I used for this picture? :)</b> <a href=“http://www.flickr.com/photos/44669483@N04/8091085973/in/photostream”>inspired</a> by <a href=“http://www.flickr.com/photos/44669483@N04/”>her</a>. i love her so much.


The Rainbow Hub’s Comics Editor Emma Houxbois fancasts the upcoming TV adaptation of The Wicked + The Divine

Claire “Grimes” Boucher as Amaterasu: I tried hard to keep the casting UK centric because one of the really great things about this series is that it reflects the actual beauty and diversity of the isles, but when it came to Amaterasu I felt like I just needed to have fellow Canadian Grimes in this role. Think of it as a wink to Alanis Morissette playing God in Dogma.

Melissa Jaffer as Anake: We all have a half dozen amazing old British ladies we dream of being our grandmothers; Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, the incomparable Helen Mirren, but who is everyone talking about right now? The badass grandmas of Mad Max: Fury Road.

John Boyega as Baal: This one takes care of itself. There hasn’t been a simpler casting decision to make since Robert Downey Junior being tapped for Tony Stark.

Sam Riley as Baphomet: You probably recognize him as the sidekick from Maleficent, which works fine relative to his dynamic with The Morrigan, but Riley rose to prominence playing Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis in Control.

James Howson as Dionysus: Did you know that Fish Tank director Andrea Arnold made a Wuthering Heights adaptation with Skins’ Kaya Scodelario and newcomer Howson in 2011? Probably not, but it’s cool. You know now. He’s got the eyebrows, he’s got the guile so let’s get this party started.

Luke Pasqualino as Inanna: How I kept this list down to a single Skins alumnus I have absolutely no idea, but here he is. You could also just cast Zayn Malik as Inanna, though. He’s free and probably also at least half of the basis for the character.

Antonia Thomas as Laura: Another one that sorts itself. Possibly even more obvious than Boyega for Baal.

Natalie Dormer as Lucifer: I’m sure the whole internet is flooded with this one, but some things just plain are not worth fighting. We all want it, why deny ourselves?

Saraya-Jade “Paige” Bevis as The Morrigan: Professional wrestler and reality star Paige knows all about meteoric rises to fame, has buckets of charisma, and is The None More Goth of the WWE. The Morrigan is an ideal next chapter in her career.

Q’orianka Kilcher as Sekhmet: Criminally underutilized and supremely talented, Kilcher would absolutely steal scenes and hearts as Sekhmet.

Sean Harris as Woden: When you’re casting a creepy dude who spends basically all his time under a helmet, you need to cast  for voice above all else, and no one has a more distinctive, Woden ready voice than Harris.

(He also played Ian Curtis in 24 Hour Party People.)

I elected not to cast Cassandra because I believe the producers have a very specific responsibility to search for and cast a newcomer East Asian trans woman in that role.

Edit: I regret a lot, mostly that it just ocurred to me that I ought to have cast Rami Malek as the prime candidate for Inanna.

impalaforthree asked:

I tried so hard. I thought I was out, that ereri had finally freed me, that I was allowed to go on with my life. I created a different blog, I followed different people. ...I read River's end again last night. Damn you! All my efforts, for nothing! (Oh gosh I think I loved it even more this time, every word is beautiful). Anyways here I am again and I don't even feel guilty

Welcome back friend. You can ever escape the ereri. Never. 


❗️Please read this, thanks❗️

I know nobody will see, read or really care about this but I really need to get it out of my system. So the picture above explains that this poor girl had a panic attack, and I’ve just been on Twitter and seen someone who said they wish they had a panic attack so Connor would talk to them. I HAD A PANIC ATTACK IN THE LINE WAITING TO MEET HIM! It was the most awful feeling ever, and when I got to meet him I tried really hard to speak but my mouth was so dry I physically couldn’t. I couldn’t even say ‘I love you’ which made me feel 10000x worse afterwards which made me more upset which made the panic attack worse. I don’t even know what I ended up saying or what I was intending on saying sounded like, probably gibberish but I literally couldn’t do anything to stop or help myself. I felt like I was being closed in by everyone and trapped with no escape, and I’ve never been in a situation with so many people like this before so I had no idea what exactly was happening either which made me panic more. It was a horrible experience but what topped it off was while I was hyperventilating, the staff came up to me like ‘aw it’s exciting isn’t it!’ and cut off the wristband. Connor didn’t even know I had a panic attack, the only people who knew were my 4 friends I was with and a couple of people in front and behind us in the line who were kind enough to ask if I was okay. So I apologise to Connor for being awkward and I love you loads, I’m so sorry I couldn’t say it there and then, and I hope this girl was and is okay.

Thank you to anybody who took their time to read this.

f*ck you all the t i m e

i tried way too hard lmao 😭