Yondu’s a purty brightly-colored seahorse who’s been kept on display in a tank his whole life. As a result, he’s used to being the biggest and toughest thing around. When he gets released to the ocean (NB: do not indiscriminately release tanked fish ‘to the wild!’ unless you know wtf you’re doing) he decides he’s still the biggest and toughest, and that he’s going to fight everything.

He wanders into the territory of a lonely shark, who may or may not have accidentally taken a bite out of his crest on their first meeting. That shark starts following him around purely for amusement, because he wants to see this overconfident, bratty lil’ prey-species get his ass handed to him. But somewhere along the way, he starts giving a shit, and from then on there’s no going back

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Now that I’m at it, I might as well post these.

Quick “how do I draw these guys” sketches of Mordecai and Brick. Originally doodled on a piece of paper but decided to make better sketched of them now that I can use my tablet again.My art style doesn’t do justice to Brick but dammit, I tried!

Pranks, Laughter, and an Angry Turtle

One shot: Yes

Request: kinda

Can you do a Raph x reader comical fluffy oneshot lol. Don’t really have an idea leave it up to you.

Requester: kinda llturner7

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 719


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Friends in Accepting Places

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Request: Hey I don’t know if you’ll write this but could you possibly write about the reader coming out to the team about being nonbinary? I’m nonbinary and never really see anything with readers like that and I think it’d be great

Summary: Nonbinary!Reader comes out to teamiplier but they’re afraid of the team’s reaction. Spoiler alert: they don’t care what reader identifies as bc they still love them.

A/N: Hey friends, hope I did this correctly? I’ve never written a fic like this so I’m sorry if it’s bad. Thanks for the request though! Really made my morning when I saw the requests/notifications that the first two fics received! I even saw that the 2 other fics were among the top posts in the ‘markiplier x reader’ tag! Thanks so much for the love! Again, hope I did your request justice-I tried!

Also dammit  I really wish Tyler was in that gif bc it’s so cute.

Wordcount: 443, smol little blurb that took me 20 min to write oops

Requests are open! Request some more! Pls!

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Envy ; MJ & Rocky [part!two]

Characters: Myungjun (MJ) / Minhyuk (Rocky) / Astro / Reader
Genre: Slight angst, romance
A/N: i waited like 27 days to write this smh also remember each chapter is a year later!!! spot the swdbs reference this is also hella short im sorry


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You turned around, smiling upon seeing Minhyuk, your new (and old) best friend. “Hey, Min Min.” You waited as he jogged up to you. You noticed that his smile was timid, which was odd– he was usually quite eccentric around you. “What’s up?”

“I have extremely important something to tell you,” he announced. He watched patiently as curiosity pooled in your eyes before continuing, “but! I won’t tell you unless you pass your driver’s test.” You pouted at him, your curiosity dwindling. He knew very, very well that you weren’t confident in your ‘driving’ skills as of that moment, having only practice driven twice in the year you had.

“That’s so unfair, Min Min.” You punched his shoulder lightly, turning your head away. He chuckled at your childish behavior, despite being nineteen years in age, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. You payed no heed to the sudden skinship, as it had become a regular thing in your friendship.

“How is it unfair, [Y/N]? Your fault for not practicing,” he noted, sticking his tongue out at you. You narrowed your eyes at him, jabbing his sides causing him to flinch away. “Well maybe I don’t want to hear your important something anyway,” you grumbled. A look of panic settled in Minhyuk’s expression, making you sag your shoulders.

“Okay fine,” you gave in. “I’ll practice super hard just for you so I can pass that test. Happy?” Minhyuk beamed at you, his ears turning pink. “Yup!” He laughed, which sounded more like a giggle, before running ahead of you. You watched with a small smile as he bounded down the sidewalk.

You hadn’t even noticed it, but Minhyuk, the very boy you had been childhood friends with, the same boy who supported you and laughed with you for months, had managed to steal your broken heart.

“Hey! Wait up,” you called, running to catch up with him.

You didn’t mind. Not one bit.

Two months later, you sat in your mom’s car, your heart pounding. The driving examiner sat in the passenger seat in silence, jotting down a few notes on his clipboard. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he sent a smile your way. “Congrats, [Y/N], you’ve passed with flying colours.”

A grin made its way onto your face as you held in an excited scream. You, a practically inept driver two months ago, had passed your driver’s test. Take that Minhyuk, you thought gleefully. In retrospect, he had actually been quite supportive of you in the passed two months, more than usual, and had helped you learn to drive despite not being a driver himself.

He must’ve really wanted to tell you about his important thing.

Later on, you decided to call Minhyuk about the good news.

“Min Min,” you practically screamed into the phone. You could just imagine him recoiling from shock. “Guess what?”

“Did you lose your turtle again?”

“What– Min Min, I don’t even have a turtle–” you shook your head, “never mind. I passed my driver’s test!” You heard him whooping and smiled. You had such a dorky best friend. You heard your bedroom door opening, and turned to see a sleepy Bin standing in your doorway.

“Why are you screaming so early,” he whined cutely, shuffling into your room and collapsing on the bed beside you. “Some of us need our beauty sleep, you know.” You rolled your eyes, resting your head on his shoulder. “It’s three in the afternoon, Binnie.”

“Who’re you talking to?” he mumbled, closing his eyes contently. You smiled for the umpteenth time that day and put Minhyuk on speaker. “Min Min.” Bin opened his eyes and turned to you with an incredulous look, his eyes darting to the phone.

“Hey,” he grumbled, “I’ve been your friend longer but I don’t get to call you a nickname?” Minhyuk laughed, but chose not to answer. “We should all meet up,” you suggested, poking Bin’s stomach as if to convince him.

“I’m at MODA now,” Minhyuk said, “we can meet here if you want. I’m with a friend I want you guys to meet.” Bin groaned, complaining about having to leave the house, but complied nonetheless.

And so, you and Bin went, blissfully oblivious.

“Where is he,” Bin asked, looking around once you entered the semi-busy mall. “He said he and his friend were shopping for birthday gifts at some store,” you shrugged nonchalantly. Bin gave you an exasperated look.

“Some store?” he repeated, raising a brow. “[Y/N], there are so many stores here, be more specific will you?” You mocked his expression, “that’s what he said.”

“[Y/N]! Bin!”

You looked up to see Minhyuk waving over at the two of you, a boy with his back facing you standing next to him. You smiled after seeing him, rushing over with Minhyuk.

“Min Min–” you froze abruptly once the boy turned around with wide eyes. Bin immediately frowned, pulling you back into his chest. Minhyuk noticed, and glanced between you and him. “Myungjun,” Bin addressed, narrowing his eyes.

Even after almost a year, Bin hadn’t reconciled with Myungjun after what had happened. You’ve called him petty for it multiple times, but you didn’t say much otherwise. He was just being overprotective, so you payed no mind to it.

Although, part of you wished for Bin to just make up with Myungjun already. You knew being friends with him made Bin happy.

You, on the other hand, avoided Myungjun like the plague. Whenever you’d see him in public, which was surprisingly often, you’d steer away and in the opposite direction. Not to mention you always avoided conversation about him, not wanting to talk about what happened.

“Do you know each other?” a clueless Minhyuk asked, a confused frown etched onto his face. You gave him a soft smile, trying to ease his conscience. “He went to school with us for a bit,” you said. Technically it was the truth, so you weren’t lying.

Minhyuk bit his lip, not exactly believing you. You avoided eye contact with Myungjun, but you could see him trying to get your attention from the corner of your eye.

“Minhyuk,” Bin muttered, his eyes not leaving Myungjun’s stiff form. “Can I speak to you?”

You watched with a clenched jaw as Bin walked off with Minhyuk, leaving you with Myungjun. Your brother merely turned to you and mouthed ‘talk.’

Minhyuk waited patiently for Bin to speak, glancing over to you from time to time. He could tell you felt quite awkward around Myungjun, but he had no idea why. “Has [Y/N] never told you about Myungjun?” Bin asked. Minhyuk simply shook his head, concern growing in his stomach.

“He’s the guy from last year,” Bin whispered, narrowing his eyes at Myungjun. Minhyuk’s eyes widened. You had briefly told him about the incident, but you never told him who did it. “Myungjun did that?” he stammered, extremely surprised from the turn of events.

Bin pursed his lips, nodding. Minhyuk, “that’s so unlike Myungjun. He’s so,” he trailed off, seeing as Bin got his message.

“I know.”

Minhyuk tilted his head, looking back at you again, frowning when Myungjun took grasp of your arm. It seemed as though Myungjun was trying to talk to you. “You obviously have some sort of dislike toward Myungjun right now,” he started, “so why’d you bring us over here?” Bin followed his gaze, his eyes stopping on you and Myungjun.

“I seriously don’t like him for what he did,” he shrugged, “but I think [Y/N] needs to talk to him. Even though it’s been so long since it happened, [Y/N] still thinks about it.” Minhyuk looked up at Bin, “[Y/N] still likes him?” he asked in a disheartened tone.

Bin chuckled, patting Minhyuk’s shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he leaned in, “I think you have a bigger chance than Myungjun.”

Minhyuk blushed, narrowing his eyes at Bin. “How did you know?” he mumbled. Bin laughed again, shaking his head. “Because, Minhyuk, you make it extremely obvious. I’m surprised you haven’t asked them to marry you yet.”

Once again, Minhyuk glared at Bin.

You sucked on your teeth, tapping on your lap as you wished for Minhyuk and Bin to finish their conversation faster. Myungjun cleared his throat, making you turn to him. You briefly made eye contact before you broke it. Myungjun frowned, obviously not liking how the situation was going.

“[Y/N], I,” he trailed off, unsure on how to continue. You scoffed, moving to pull out your phone. Before you could fully take it out of your pocket, Myungjun held your wrist. You looked up at him with furrowed brows, trying to shake your arm out of his grasp. “Please, just listen to what I have to say.”

You glared at him, feeling a slight pang in your heart when he cowered back subtly. “Listen to what? An apology?” you hissed, finally wrenching your arm out of his tight hold. “Myungjun, you literally trapped me between you and a wall and told me what I already knew. That you didn’t like me back and that you never would.”

He opened his mouth to talk, but you didn’t let him. “You could’ve just told me you didn’t like me!” You exploded, trying your hardest to not yell at the male in front of you, ignoring the bystanders who stopped to stare. “You called me pathetic when I tried to comfort you over your girlfriend dumping you. I tried, dammit, and that’s how you repaid me!”

Myungjun flinched upon hearing his past mistakes being brought up but didn’t move away from you, determined to apologize. “I know, what I did was horrible, but–”

“But nothing, Myungjun. That night ruined me for weeks. Do you realize how low my self confidence got?” You sighed, clenching your fists. “I refuse to let my self-worth be hindered like that again, much less by the same person.”

You hadn’t noticed when Bin and Minhyuk returned from their conversation, but when you turned you saw them staring at the two of you with worried expressions.

“I’m tired, Binnie,” you said quietly, stepping away from Myungjun’s frozen state. “Can we go home?” Bin nodded, not saying a word to Myungjun or Minhyuk before whisking you away.

Myungjun bit his lip, staring at a tile on the floor. “I didn’t know that [Y/N] was the friend you were talking about,” he mumbled. Minhyuk nodded curtly, his eyes watching as you left the vicinity. “And I didn’t know that you were the one who hurt them.”

It was silent.

You and Bin had gone home and decided to have a movie marathon in the living room. “Why is she so stupid,” you said with a mouthful of popcorn, gesturing toward the screen, where a girl explored the basement of a creepy hotel. “When you hear a scream in a basement of a weird hotel, your first reaction isn’t to explore.”

Bin chuckled at your frustration, stealing popcorn from the bowl in your lap. You were about to say something else, but he shushed you as the music gradually became more and more dramatic.

A knock sounded at the ‘front’ door (even though it was the door that separated your home from the cafe), snapping the two of you out of your concentration. “I’ll get it,” you said, propping the bowl onto the couch, “tell me what happens.”

Bin mumbled a half-assed reply as you walked off. After walking to the front door, you glanced through the peep hole, seeing Minhyuk standing outside. Opening the door, you leaned on the frame. “Hey.”

Minhyuk gave you a shy smile, handing you a paper bag. You easily recognized the label– one of your favourite fast food joints. You grinned, happily taking it. “Not that I’m not grateful for the food, but what’s this for? Earlier?”

Minhyuk obviously stiffened after hearing you speak, but nodded anyways. “When I asked you to meet up, I didn’t expect to upset you,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled at how thoughtful he sounded, despite the simple words.

“It’s fine, Min Min.” You laughed when he lit up at the nickname, “it’s not your fault anyway.” He returned the smile, becoming the Minhyuk you know and love again. “Ah– you said you had something important to tell me? I passed my test,” you reminded him.

Minhyuk turned red, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. “Oh yeah,” he laughed nervously, “forgot about that.” Clearing his throat and straightening his posture, Minhyuk looked at you with a serious expression.

“[Y/N], you’ve been my friend since we were practically in diapers, even through my dork phase–”

“You’re still a dork.” He shushed you.

“Anyway– you’ve been with me through thick and thin and you supported me and my dream even when you knew I’d be gone for years. And when I came back, you welcomed me with open arms and I’m thankful.” He bowed slightly, leaving you in shock. Where was this coming from?

He cleared his throat again, obviously nervous beyond belief. “And I,” he bit his lip. “These past few months that I spent with you have been so much fun. I forgot how much fun I could have when I’m with you.” Your heart fluttered at his words, a smile subconsciously making its way onto your face.

“I realized this a while ago, but… I like you, [Y/N]. I like how adorably awkward you get around new people, I like how aren’t afraid to voice your opinions, I like how kind you are, and I like so many more things about you, but it’d take me forever to list them all, because I keep finding new things to like.”

Your jaw was left agape when he finished, not expecting that at all. Your heart raced as you stared at him, a look of anticipation and fear obvious in his expression. “You don’t have to answer me now,” he rushed, stumbling over his words even though he was perfectly fine a second ago.

“It’s okay, I can wait–” you cut him off, leaning forward and pressing your lips against his in a gentle manner. Pulling back no less than a second later, you smiled at his surprised stupor. “I like you too, Min Min.”

Minhyuk’s smile grew into a grin as he pulled you into a hug. You laughed, wrapping your arms around his torso.

Unbeknownst to you, a man stood at the bottom of the staircase, wearing no expression at all. He practically crushed the stuffed bear in his hands, spinning on his heel and walking off.

rip what was this
character development is strong here amirite im kidding its not

Always You // Bo Oneshot

Idea // You and Bo are both comedians, and during one of your shows, you make jokes about him. The audience loves it, but Bo doesn’t. Once you get back to the hotel, Bo blows up on you. You and him have a huge fight, which leads to you and him breaking up. But soon you and him get back together because you can’t live without each other.

Rating  // R (profanity and smut)

Disclaimer // I had to change one thing: instead of going back to their hotel, they go back to their house. It’s nothing personal; it was just the way I envisioned it, it was their house and it made it more sensual that way. Also, another anon requested to add smut, so I added that.

He didn’t speak to me the entire drive home. I felt the tension dripping off of him from the moment I walked off the stage tonight, and he hasn’t said a word to me since. I stared blankly ahead at the road, afraid to meddle with his sudden resentful mood, though I did have an idea where he got it from.

It did occur to me I had gone too far tonight, but when I’m on stage the words just seem to flow out without consulting with me first. And once I get the reaction I want from the audience, I try to take it as far as I can, which is something Bo is very familiar with. The crowd loved my stories and jokes, but he, on the other hand, did not.

On any other night, Bo would greet me back in my dressing room with a kiss, telling me what a great job I did. Tonight, he stood outside the doors, car keys in hand and eyes plastered to the ground. It was clear to me then that I had gone too far this time.

Maybe I shouldn’t have joked about his height, yes. Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of the fact Zach Stone got cancelled, probably. But it wasn’t like he didn’t poke jokes at me when he performed. Just a month before, he told the audience a story of me wobbling around everywhere when I had to wear a boot after I broke my ankle. He even demonstrated it to the audience, but did I say anything? Yeah, I told him he’ll end up breaking his ankle and have to wobble around in a boot and be made fun of, but I at least didn’t ignore him like he was with me now.

I figured once he went to bed, slept it off, he’d be back to his old self in the morning. I also knew he was tired and stressed due to his upcoming tour, so I could understand why he’d take tonight a little personal. We all have those days where nothing is funny.

We pulled into the driveway and he immediately turned off the ignition and exited the car before I could say a word. I followed him inside and once I shut the door behind me, he harshly spun around and I was greeted by a pair of piercing blue eyes.

“What the fuck was that?” He snapped, throwing a hand in the air for dramatic effect.

I took a step back, surprised by his sudden outburst. I went to open my mouth but nothing came out. At this point I had no idea what to say other than I was sorry.

“I, uh—” I stammered, fiddling with my hands. I couldn’t form the words I wanted, and the only thing I could think of was how stupid I was for hurting him to get the audience to laugh for five seconds. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you—”

“You don’t see me belittling you when I’m on stage.”

“Last week you made fun of me for looking like Sasha Grey.” I crossed my arms, narrowing my eyes at him. He couldn’t get mad at me for what I said when he does the same thing to me, but I try to not take it personal because I know he doesn’t truly mean it.

“It wasn’t making fun—” He demanded, lowering his voice.

“When you start to make sex jokes and get the audience in on it, yeah, it’s not going to make me feel great.”

“I wasn’t the one making the sex jokes—”

“You always tell them to shut up, but the one time I’m actually embarrassed and you talk about our sex life with them, in front of hundreds of people, you provoke them more! That’s not something that should be discussed—”

“I’m done,” he muttered as I watched him grab his keys from the coffee table. I reached my arm out to him but he shrugged me off, and began to walk to the door.

“Bo, don’t—” I cried out, chasing after him. My heart pounded and I felt like my legs were going to give out.

He was halfway out the door before he turned to me, and without even looking at me, he said, “I knew this wouldn’t work out,” and he closed the door behind him.

I expected him to come back, to waltz back in like he had been fucking with me the entire time but the longer I stood there in the entryway I knew he wasn’t coming back. I grabbed the vase that sat on our end table and chucked it at the door, watching as the pieces scattered across the linoleum tiling.

An hour passed, and the sudden realization that this could possibly be the end finally entered my mind. This didn’t feel like a stupid fight that we would pretend never happened. He actually left.

I pulled out my phone and dialed his number—voicemail each time. I left him several messages, most of which were incoherent through my heavy sobbing. I finally gave up after the ninth call, and decided I should just go to bed.

I walked into our closet, pulling out one of his hoodies and quickly threw it on, taking in his scent. I felt my eyes well up again, but I ignored it as I laid on his side of the bed, checking my phone once more before going to sleep. I knew I was going to do everything in my power to win him back.


The next morning I woke up to an aroma of bacon wafting in the air. My hand grazed Bo’s side of the bed that went untouched overnight. I shot my eyes open, remembering the night before and him walking out. All the memories flooded back and I was left with a crushing amount of guilt.

The smell became more pungent and quickly sat up, realizing that he might have come back while I was sleeping. Still in his hoodie, I rushed down the stairs to find Bo, still in the clothes from the night before, huddled over the stove, flipping bacon. I admired him from afar—his hair a mess but somehow it always seemed to work for him. That’s something I was always envious about him; he didn’t have to try to look good. He always told me the same thing but I never believed him. Maybe he never believed me when I told him the same thing.

I choked back tears, wanting to walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his stomach and just hold him for the rest of the day. But I didn’t know if I was in the clear just yet.

I looked over at the foyer to see the broken vase had been cleaned up as well.

He turned around setting two plates down on the breakfast bar and finally caught sight of me standing on the bottom step.

“Good morning,” he said, giving me a weary smile before turning back around to grab two cups from the cabinet. “I made breakfast—hope you don’t mind.”

Why would I mind? I thought to myself. I took a seat down at the bar and watched as he poured orange juice into the glasses and set them in front of me. Bo was a good cook; not the best but if he followed instructions and didn’t experiment, his food was edible.

“I’m really sorry about last night,” he muttered, his back still turned to me. I could hear the anguish in his voice as he shot around and pulled me up from my seat, pressing me hard against his chest. “I didn’t mean it, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered back, pulling my arms around his waist to hold him tighter.

“And I’m sorry I compared you to a porn star, because we both know who would be better in bed.” I could feel the smile that was forming on his face. I rolled my eyes. Yeah, Bo is back to his old self.

“Bo, she’s a porn star; it would be her.”

“You don’t know that,” he whispered back, kissing the top of my head before squeezing my butt, and walking back over to the stove.

“Yeah, I do. Porn stars are like the trained athletes of sex.”

Bo shot around and gave me a provocative look, spatula in hand. I wonder what it would be like if he spanked me with that. Fuck, Y/N, stop.

“Y/N, do not make me come over there and spank you with this…” God dammit.

I tried my hardest to keep a straight face as I folded my arms across my stomach, cocking my head slightly, and narrowing my eyes to him I said, “Well fucking do it.”

In a swift motion, he stopped everything he was doing and chased after me, spatula still in his hand. I booked it to the living room, screaming, as I felt him close in on me. Once I knew I couldn’t run any farther, he grabbed my hand, pulling me around to face him, and kissed me hard. I had missed this so much.

He deepened the kiss, dropping the spatula on the ground and began tugging at the bottom of my shirt. I did the same to him, biting his lip. I could feel his growing erection against me, so I knew he wanted this as much as I did.

I removed his shirt, kissing up and down his chest as he began to unbutton my jeans. I sucked on his flesh, which I knew was a weak spot for him. He quickly removed his hoodie from me, leaving me exposed in only my bra and jeans.

“You look beautiful,” he said, gracing his hand on my cheek. He removed a piece of stray hair from my eye and casually started to back me up until I felt the couch on the back of my thighs. I fell back over the armrest and he joined himself on top of me, removing the rest of my jeans and underwear.  

He didn’t skip a beat by removing his jeans, leaving us both exposed.

Bo crawled back on top, grinding against me, rubbing his already rock hard member against my spot. He smiled, knowing what he was putting me through. I bit my lip, raising me hips up at him.

“I want you so much,” I said at almost a whisper, rubbing my hands up and down his arms. Bo leaned down to kiss me, slowly entering him inside me. I let out a moan, digging my nails into his forearm. I had missed this so much.

“You feel so good,” he muttered, picking up his pace. Our moans grew louder in unison with every thrust. He slid one hand down in between my legs and began to rub my clit, which sent me over the edge. I started to feel my face grow numb and lips get tingly. That’s when I knew I had hit my limit.

He continued to push me farther and farther, until I screamed out his name, reaching my orgasm. Bo smiled down at me, seeming pleased with himself. He finished not long after me, releasing his orgasm on my stomach.

I laid there breathless, as he began to retrieve our clothes. I sat up on my elbows, watching him put his boxers back on. He turned to me with a half-smile and said, “I think breakfast got cold.”


Nothing Gold Can Stay for Annie

‘That doesn’t seem like a sound strategy,’

'Ridiculous strategies are the only ones I seem to be able to come up with where you’re concerned.’

  • Ludus is playful or uncommitted love
  • Philautia is self-love 
  • Eros is sexual or passionate love 
  • Agape is unconditional love
  • Pragma is love that endures

-Soukoku ft the 5 different kinds of love-

I keep thinking now about the house in Hightown, and how it must feel like this big cold thing to Jay - his mother obviously remembers it from her childhood and youth and has fond memories associated with it (bad memories as well, but those came later), but for Jay it’s just this house that is too big and has all this useless space and all these unwelcoming, opposite of cozy rooms - extravagant architecture for the sake of extravagant architecture, stone upon stone upon stone, cold hard floors. And that’s home now. This big house he didn’t want for his own sake, this big house that he rattles in like a pea in an empty jar, this house that is so far from what he ever dared dream he would settle in? This house that is empty, and gets emptier with every loss, and he can try to fill but never can.

I think only certain parts of the house ever end up feeling more cozy to him, and even then it’s AFTER he spends plenty of time trying to make it so. The kitchen is one, and Jay tends to hand out in there getting underfoot just for the comfort of it (feels more like HIS childhood), the “servants’ wing” part with whatever’s there - pantries, laundry? -, the bedroom, bathroom, the garden in the back - and the library. The library is where Anders tends to go pretty often when he’s writing the manifesto because Jay keeps accumulating (or carries up from the basements) these books that he himself rarely reads, and Jay both wants it to be a nice place for HIM, but also he likes to join him there, to kind of hang out comfortably in the same room without really having to talk, just chilling, you know? And even there I suppose it’s just the downstairs part of it - the statues upstairs and the open window to the hall that makes that part of the house drafty are not to his liking.

Just. Jay trying his best to make the house feel a little more like home where he can, with varying success, but never being able to swallow the feeling of emptiness around him when he steps into a part of the house that has not been made to feel like home. The hall, the big room downstairs and the balcony, the other bedrooms, dining room, the vault? all never feel like home.

(idk why he doesn’t just move if he’s not happy? Maybe he’s just happy ENOUGH, and the location IS convenient, and Anders and the clinic are free to use the basements to their advantage whenever they need so it’s in some parts convenience, I think, but maybe also in part some feeling of duty or loyalty to his family…? mother wanted this so much. I don’t know.)

Dammit I tried to end on a positive note! JAY TRYING HIS BEST OKAY.

Klaus Imagine: The “L” Word

Request:  Love your work, could you do a Klaus x reader where, Klaus starts to fall for the reader and one day while him and the reader are in the living room, he starts to rant about how much he loves her and how he wants to kiss her everyday and then the reader says “then do it”, and then that’s were things start getting a little steamy. Please?

Hope this is what you were looking for! Love getting to do requests. Smut Warning


I’ve lived in Mystic Falls all my life; born and raised to hunt, fight, and kill vampires. I come from a long line of vampire hunters that came to this town near a century ago when they learned of the ‘infestation’of supernatral beings that practically ran the place. My parents are long gone by now, cause of deaths: a nasty run in with the originals duo, Elijah and Rebekah. It isn’t something I like to dwell on though. 

Once my parents died I spent every spare moment of my time training and hunting. Well, that was until I had stupidly tried to take on Rebekah by myself and instead of killing me when she had the chance she turned me. I have to admit that it took me by complete surprise but also it was a smart move. I continued my tansition knowing my job wasn’t done until I had avenged my parents death by killing the two Mikaelsons. 

Of course plans change and although I never do get along with any of the Mikaelson siblings I do manage to deal with them. Plus I’ve come to the conclusion that they aren’t as bad as I thought, well at least Elijah isn’t. Rebekah could be kind of a bitch. The worst of the worst comes in on a whole new level of dispicable, a guy who could make the devil flinch, and the biggest son of a bitch I’ve ever met, also known as Klaus. 

Klaus and I have an interesting history to say the least. He’s been my most reliable ally and my most devious enemy. I could never tell what he really felt about me beacause he’s mastered the skill of hiding his honest feelings and it made it hard to read him. The only thing I know for sure about Klaus is that he is only ever in it for himself. I doubt he’s ever felt true love since he has the biggest trust issues on the planet and is constantly tormented by the thought of betrayal. I would hate to be him. 

I was sitting on the the couch in the elegant living room of the Mikaelsons mansion and reading up on some important information for my latest task when Klaus walked in pouring himself a drink. I tried to ignore him since I’m still slightly pissed at him for - literally - stabbing me in the back last week. Being the attention seeker he is, Klaus just wouldn’t accept that and he sat right beside me. 

He cleared his throat loudly and grabbed the book from my hands. “Bennett family history, hm?” 

I took the book back and moved further away from him. “What do you want, Klaus?” I said, the annoyance in my tone obvious. 

“Why so nasty, love? What have I done this time?” He said in an amused voice. 

“Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s that you staked me last week?” 

“Are we still on that?”

“You impaled me.” I dead panned. He flashed a slight smirk at me which did not go unnoticed by my furious eyes. “You think this is funny?” 

“I only did it to save you.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“What? How the hell did driving a wooden stack through my back save me?”

“If you had walked into that building you would have died, there was vampire traps everywhere. I had to stop you.”

“And a simple ‘hey Y/N don’t go in there or you’ll probably die’ wouldn’t do it?”

“You wouldn’t have listened to me!” 

“You’re right, I probably wouldn’t have. Why do you even care if I live or not? it’s not like we’re actually friends or anything.”

Klaus suddenly stood up and threw his glass into the fire. It shattered instantly with a loud clash against the granite bricks, making me jump. I set the book down on the coffee table and stood up prepairing myself for whatever he did next. This definitely wasn’t something that I wasn’t already very used to. It wasn’t hard to get on the wrong side of Klaus’ irrational temper. 

“Damn it Y/N! You think I really don’t care about you? You think I couldn’t care less if you died? Well you’re wrong, love. I do care, I care so much and it fucking sucks because you don’t feel the same way! You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and- and I love you! I don’t even know when I started to fall for you but I did and I can’t stop thinking about you for a even a damn second. I can’t stop thinking about holding you, touching you, kissing you…”

“Then do it.” 

The words came out of my mouth before I could process them and it probably shocked me more than it did him. He rushed me then and brought his lips to mine, every touch made my skin tingle with delight and excitment. 

“Can I let you feel the way I feel about you?” He asked, his slightly swollen lips brushing against mine. 


“Close your eyes.” He demanded, whispering into my ear. I obliged my eyelids shutting knowing my obedience would make it difficult for him to control himself. 

“Klaus,” I said leaning my body against his feeling him push us back onto the couch. He sat back agaisnt the cushions and let me straddle his waist. His head rested on my shoulder, wrapping his arms around my waist. 

“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered in my ear. 

 He burried his head in the crook of my neck and let his hands fall from my waist to my legs. I stiffened; a little surprised and a little sensitive to his touch.

“Uh…” It was meant to come out as a sound to tell him to stop but it was to high pitched for that and instead sounded more inviting. 

“I want to be with you more than anybody in this world.” He muttered kissing against my soft skin. His fingers dragged back up my legs to the end of my shirt. I swallowed a moan and arched my back when his fingers brushed lightly over my bare skin. 

“I love being able to feel you.” He murmured against the sensitive spot on my neck. He slipped one hand under my shirt to touch my bare stomach and rub my side enough to have me quivering in his hands. His other hand dropped to the bottom button of my flannel shirt, undoing it quickly and doing the same to the next. I gripped his arms tightly sinking my nails into his skin. 

“I know you want me too, Y/N.” He looked up at me through his eyelashes while undoing the last button on my shirt, revealing my black bra. “Say it.”

 I shivered at the athority in his voice, moaning out my words, “I want y-you Klaus.”

His hands dropped to my lap before dragging them back up my body pressing into me. I arched my back again pushing into him with my eyes still closed as he requested. Not being able to see heightened all my other senses, including touch and it was like sparks when his fingers ran over my skin. I wanted to feel him all over me, see his gorgeous eyes as he mad love to me but of course I was under his will as usual. 

When I ran my hands across his chest I could feel his quickened heart beat and uneven breathing which made me smile knowing what I did to him. “You’re fingers are cold.” I said what I was thinking out loud. 

“Then warm them up,” He said dippinghis hand into my pants and panties, rubbing between my folds before pushing them insid me. I gasped and sat up straight in surprise. He chuckled at my response and continued to drag his fingers over my wetness, occasionally letting a finger dip inside. His opposite hand ran over my clothed breast and squeezed lightly earning a low groan from my throat. My toes curled instantly and I gripped his shirt tightly. 

“Klaus!” I groaned. He pushed the shirt off my shoulders kissing and sucking on my neck. 

“Come on, I know you like it.” He chuckled. I let out a shaky breath when his hand moved to the back of my bra and unhooked the clasp. “Let me make you feel good, love… You know I can.” He pulled his fingers from my pants and I could hear him sucking on them. “Mmm, you taste so good, I bet almost as good as your blood.” 

He traced circles on my sensitive skin, focusing in on my nipples, simply running his fingers over the nipples before taking them in between his calloused fingers. 

“You’re really sensitive here.” he comments on my sudden whimpering and inability to keep still. 

“Tease.” I groan with flushed cheeks. 

“Are you ready?” He asks, continuing to tease me relentlessly. I dug my teeth into my bottom lip to ignore his question and I hear him sigh. “Are you lying?” He asks unzipping my pants and rubbing my heat carefully. I open my eyes and glare at him. He smirks at me, “I don’t know, love, you’re pretty wet… Liar.” 

“Klaus!” I whined feeling him focus more on my clit. 

“Close your eyes and just feel, sweetheart.” He suggested pushing me back against the couch and removing his shirt and my pants completely. 


“I said close your eyes.” And this time I had no choice in the matter, my eyes shutting against my will and I couldn’t reopen them even if I tried. Dammit. 

“Klaus…” I whined again, digging my nails into his shoulders. A pool gathered between my legs when I heard him groan at the sight of me. I heard a zipper and the couch shifted as I suspected he removed his pants. He took my panties in his fist and ripped them right off me and I gasped. 

“That was my favorite pair you dick!” I laughed. 

“Sorry.” He said and I could practically hear his annoying grin. 

“You’re not sorry.” I said sitting up and pushing him back so I could straddle his lap again. “Can I open my eyes, please?”He laughed at my request like it was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard. I wanted to be able to see his amazing body so bad I would have done just about anything. “You won’t let me do anything to you.” I pout. He used his hands on my back to guide me to press against him. 

“Fine,” He said in mock exhaustion and he carressed my face in his hands. “You can open your eyes.” And I did as soon as the switch in me flipped. 

My eyes scoped out his body beneath me, he was gorgeous… and fit, I couldn’t help but notice. Sitting over him I was taller than him for once and it made me feel almost in control so I kissed him like I wanted, hard and passionate. Klaus let me slip my tongue in his mouth but to keep himself in charge he guided my hips to his and pushed himself inside me. 

My head fell back at the feeling of him filling me up. It was the most incredible experience to have him so close and intimate with me. Klaus pulled me to his neck and let me sink my teeth into his skin and suck harshly. It was such an intense amount of pleasure that I felt myself getting closer. I circled my hips and began moving down on him faster and crying out in pleasure. Klaus grunted, holding my hips and guiding me on him. Moans fell from my lips and I reached a point where I couldn’t keep going faster and I was growing sloppier in my movements. Finally I reached my peak, unravelling before him as I let go, allowing him to take full control. I rode out my high and watched as Klaus hit his, he looked vulnerable in that moment. A look that I would consider myself lucky to be one of the few to ever see.

Once I finally regained my breath I smiled at him, holding myself against his sweaty chest. “I think I love you too.” I mumble sweetly.