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People were trying to uncover the blacked out part: reddit.com/r/asoia…

Well, good for them. :) But while I agree they’ve figured out the mentions of Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn, I think the effort is essentially pointless. Even if they get some of the letterforms, it’s truly just guessing. But if it makes them happy, who am I to stop them?

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#tbh I was thinking #and I think it’s truly amazing how he managed to take that idea and turn it into something fantastic as now ASoIaF is #like his idea of the plot seems not really good to me #maybe he just needs a lot of time to rethink everything and form it until it’s done #and that’s pretty amazing #most writers would have just published that love story thing #it might have been still known…? who knows #but really he had an idea (and we read about his first draft idea) #and he worked on it until he was happy with it #and it turned out to be an amazingly detailed work with fantastic characters and an amazing story #just let the man work on his books as much as he wants; even if it takes years #I’d rather have him work on it a lot and make is something good #than to rush it and turn it into something /weird/ #but it’s interesting to see the history behind his books :) #even if I laugh #I think it’s great

Yes, I totally agree. Maybe when ASOIAF is finally done (whenever that is) his publisher will do a big book on GRRM’s writing process, like Tolkien’s The History of Middle Earth? Probably not a dozen volumes, but I bet they could get at least one. Include the letter (unredacted), parts of the first 13 chapters that didn’t make it to the final version (wholly rewritten or whatever), parts of the original AFFC/ADWD before GRRM took out the 5-year-gap, notes between GRRM and his editor (like that Coldhands thing from the ADWD manuscript that got news the other week), whatever other process notes GRRM might have made and kept… it could be really cool. :) I mean, maybe some people might not want to see the making of the sausage, but it sounds fascinating to me. So many what-ifs…

(And you know it would sell, Random House/HarperCollins. *wink wink*)

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#yes absolutely #I’m more interested in seeing how GRRM went from first draft to Actual Asoiaf #than in speculating how much of the original plot is still gonna happen #i love the tyrion –> theon thing

Exactly. And re Tyrion -> Theon, my guess about the names was probably way out there, but if I know writers, then I can totally see Theon being developed to take Tyrion’s northern plotline once GRRM decided Tyrion wasn’t going north to fight or wouldn’t be involved in the loss of Winterfell etc. I mean, you can see some of the elements as GRRM said in his letter, like being torn between loyalty to his family and sympathy with the Starks… And heck, for all that people are thinking Tyrion/Sansa replaced Tyrion/Arya… why not look at Theon/Jeyne? A “replacement Tyrion”, who reportedly burned Winterfell (but didn’t really) having a tragic emotional connection with a “replacement Arya”… It truly fascinates me.

Pt 1, The #Aspergers Mask: Mitigating the effects of pretending to be ‘normal’

“Masking” our quirky traits in order to “pass for normal” is an essential life skill for many #Aspies and other quirky and neuro-diverse people. While a necessary survival tactic in the workforce, this strategy can become damaging.   Many AS people spend so many years modelling their behaviour on other people that they begin to lose their own sense of self.  When told to “just be yourself,” many, especially women, feel a sense of desolation and have thoughts like “I don’t know how” or even “I don’t have a self to be.”  Many Aspies describe themselves as being like onions, made up of layers upon layers of masks, with very little at the core.

Masking is essentially acting and indeed, many AS people take acting lessons in order to improve their ability to ‘pass.’  But one need only look at the lives of many professional actors to see the toll that the strain of pretending to be other people can take, even for Neuro-Typical people.  The psychological distress of ‘passing’ can even manifest as physical discomfort and sensory overload.  Mitigating the strain of masking comes from three sources:  Recognising what we’re doing when we create and wear a mask, strengthening the core sense of self, and changing the purpose of the mask.

Self-advocacy, particularly by the method developed by Dr. Norm Giesbrecht, is my preferred strategy.  However, there are times when masking is necessary, and masking is usually the first strategy learned by many neuro-diverse people.  Because of this, over the next little while, I will write about dealing specifically with masking and how to keep it from eroding your soul.

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I'm with the anon too. Your fanfics are such a blessing to this Fandom, thank you and I can't wait for your next one :)

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I have written a few over the last few days:

  1. The Break (M-rated angst, somewhat OOC )
  2. Service As Pleasure (M-rated, warning for cunnilingus)
  3. Pillow Talk (T, Fluffy fluffness)

Essentially, I have had a few requests for ‘naughty’ fics over the last few weeks so thought I might as well write a few one-shots and get them out of the way.

Fluffy IchiHime is my thing tbh…

Hope this helps!

I’m kind of over this nymphet thing.
I am not a nymphet, I never honestly have been and I am getting too old to ever be one. I don’t get out enough. I am quite flirty but nonetheless-
‘nymphet’ culture essentially sexualises budding maturity in girls. I also think it’s very cheesy when girls label themselves as one, especially when most of us here are virgins.

I really don’t want to offend anyone with this. every girl I’ve met here is so lovely and kind. keep dressing and acting whatever way you want to!
but for me? I love the aesthetic but the fashion isn’t 100% for me. I am not this teen seductress depicted in cinema. though I’m a big child at heart, I have to turn down this label. I can see Nabokov being confused and mildly disgusted at this community, for cherry picking parts of a sick fantasy and moulding oneself on it.
I’m keeping my blog- I worked hard on it. but I thought I would share my change of opinion on this whole nymphet 'thing’.

okay ill precede this w i ship victuuri w all my gay heart

Bbbbbbbbut? Am I the only one who feels just a littttle bit uncomfortable about the fact the ship is with a coach/mentor and his student essentially? Like we’ll see where this goes bc Yuuri had the biggest fuckin crush on Victor the whole time up until now. But like…. mmmm… it feels….weird? 

Like it’s just the power imbalance I’m looking at and how Victor holds a /lot/ of the shots here. Whether it be deciding to be his coach or not and and sort of dangling that over his head. I’m sure their dynamic will change and tbh they’re both adults around 23-27 but??? any thoughts???

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Hi Pandy! How are you? Can you please explain to me what Foujoshi means? And when you were little did you play Tamagotchi?

Hello! I’m doing ok, thanks!

Anyway, Fujoshi (literally “rotten girl”) is a Japanese slang term used to refer to girls (joshi) who like yaoi/BL. There are a lot of cultural connotations that you should look up if you’re more interested in it, but that’s essentially what is it. 

As for Tamagotchis…I played??? A little??? I never had one myself because my parents always thought they were stupid lmao so i could never buy one. But my friends had them so I sometimes played with theirs. TBH though, I got bored pretty fast ha