Intuition {S.M}

requested// imagine from Shawn’s point of view where you are best friends with Shawn and his family says you are perfect for one another and he should do something about it

author’s note// all my imagines are going to crap idk if im gonna keep up with this page much longer


I loved her. I knew for a long time that I loved her, but for a good while I didn’t know if that was right. 

Okay, now before you call my crazy, just here me out. 

Haven’t you ever loved someone that you knew wasn’t the one for you? I know that sounds cringey and stupid, but you know what I’m talking about. That one person that you fell in love with, but they were so wrong for you, so unhealthy, even so mean to you, but you fell in love anyways. 

Well, I was convinced she was that for me. I thought she would never feel the same, and I thought that she would never love me the way that I loved her. I thought that she would always just see me as her best friend who was always just there. That’s what she was to me until the eighth grade, if we are being completely honest. We were at the school dance and I saw her in that cheap Macy’s dress with the beads falling off of it, and I thought she was so beautiful. She had been my best friend for like, five years, and I had never seen her like that. Now that’s the only way that I see her. 

And it’s been seven years now, I’m always on tour, and she was always with the kids she taught. She was a classroom assistant for fourth graders, she’ll be an actual teacher in a year. It’s kind of adorable. But we continue to be best friends. We continue to stay in touch even though she is in school and I’m almost never home. And I continue to harbor these absolutely disgusting feelings for her that she probably has no idea about. I’m pretty sure no one knew about them. 

The weird thing is, there weren’t even dating rumors about us. We had been seen in public together a few times, and photos surfaced, but it wasn’t ever,

“Shawn Mendes and mystery woman???????” 

Which baffled me to an extreme extent, but at the same time I’m glad. 

I’m rambling, aren’t I? 

Okay, so summary of the backstory before I get to the point:

I’ve been friends with her since third grade, been in love with her since eighth grade, she’s graduating college this year and I still haven’t told her how I feel, I do the pop star thing and we continue to be best friends, and I’m coming home for a month to take a break from tour and I’m seeing her tonight. 

Okay, let’s get on with it then!

“I’m excited to see you!” She beamed. I could tell through the phone. She was excited. I hadn’t seen her in person in six months, and I missed her more than words could say. 

“Me too!” I smiled, and I knew she could tell that I was. She just laughed a little, and I heard the line click off. I sighed and slipped the phone next to me as I placed my other hand back on the wheel. I was nervous to say the least, because I decided that seven years was long enough and tonight I would decide to tell her how I felt. 

Or maybe I wasn’t. 

I don’t know. 

But I do know who to ask. 

I pulled into my driveway, seeing the exact face I wanted to see. My sister, Aaliyah. I purposefully came home about an hour earlier than my parents get home, so I could talk to her before they got home. She sprinted to my car, waiting for it to come to a halt, and when it did, she ran over to the door waiting for me to open it, and when I did I thought she was going to cry when she jumped into my arms. 

“Shawn, oh my god!” She held on so tight as I let out a chuckle. She was happy to see me, I was guessing. I was always close with my sister. She always knew what was going on. She always knew what I was feeling, and she got it. Sometimes even when I didn’t tell her. “I missed you.” I squeezed just a little tighter, and  hoped she’d never have to let go, so I pushed the thought of having to leave soon out of my head. 

“Yeah? I missed you too kiddo, but I need your advice.” I pulled back, my sister doing the same. She smiled.

“I knew you would. Come on.” She started to go inside, and I followed her. I just left his suitcase in his truck, knowing he would be back out for it later. I walked up the familiar steps into my house, my black boots clonking on the wooden steps. “I’m pretty sure I already know too.” She mumbled, walking into the house, the scent of home washing over me. It almost hurt that I had been gone for so long. I loved this place with everything I am. I instantly walked into the kitchen, seeing that oh-so-familiar tin of blueberry muffins, grabbing one, and sitting at the bar. Aaliyah did the same, and as she sat down she let out a sigh. “What do you need my wise high school kid help with?” She bit into her muffin, obviously incredibly content. 

“Y/n…” I trailed off peeling the wrapping off of my muffin. God, I missed these. 

“You mean your future wife.” She stated non-nonchalantly. I almost choked on that muffin I shit you not. 

“What?” I coughed, trying to form words and get air into my lungs. 

“Shawn, come on. You love her. Jesus, everyone knows. It isn’t hard to tell. Even my friends know. Like seriously, you don’t hide it well. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t know.” She paused, collecting her thoughts for a moment and it caused his stomach to drop about seven stories. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt the same way.” That was seventeen stories. 

“Really?” I choked out, not even trying to take another bite out of that muffin knowing I would probably die. 

“Yeah, really. In all honesty, you really should have gone and seen her first instead of waiting for six a clock tonight and just tell her what you’re feeling. You’ve been harboring these feelings for what? Five and a half years?” She stated, still engrossed in that muffin. 

“Actually seven but..” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Pretty sure she’s at work anyways…” I knew very well she wasn’t. I was honestly just trying to think up an excuse on to why I shouldn’t go over there. 

“Fat lie. Call her, tell her you’re coming over, and then go tell her how you feel.” My sister basically demanded. All of the things that could possibly go wrong, or go right even, ran through my head at about a million miles a minute. No, more like a second. She could say no, she could say that she didn’t want to ever talk to me again since she didn’t want to have to deal with my feelings. She could laugh at me. Or, she could feel the same. She could jump into my arms and we could live happily ever after. And I’d really like to see the outcome. 

“Aaliyah, I know I just got home, but I really have to do something.” She didn’t even say a word and I knew she was fine with it. I instantly got up from the bar and walked out of the door. My courage was rushing through my veins and I hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t just go away. I instantly got in my car, put the key in the ignition, and pulled out of the driveway. My blood was boiling over with anticipation and in that moment I was so incredibly grateful that her house was only five minutes away. Because I was pulling into her driveway before I could even give it a second thought. I took a deep breath, making sure not to think it through again before I hopped out of the car and out onto her driveway. I took long, fast strides up to her front door, and knocked. She had gotten a tiny house of her own, only one story since she hated the idea of an apartment so much. I looked at the white paint that was chipped, most likely from the previous owner. It seemed like forever and a half I was waiting until I heard that door creak open. I looked over, her long legs uncovered since she was only wearing some pajama shorts, her arms pressed against the door frame, those only covered up by a long sleeve purple t-shirt. 

“Hey, you’re early.” She laughed, and god, it was a heavenly sound. Her dark skin glowing in the early afternoon sunlight. “Wanna come in?” She asked. 

“No.” I shook my head. “I just have to say something and then I can leave or stay or whatever it is you want.” I took a deep breath again, and she nodded her head, as if telling me to get on it with already. She crossed her arms and waited. “Okay well, so like this may be creepy but i’m in love with you?” She raised an eyebrow at him. “I am, and I have been for a while but I thought It’d just be better if you didn’t know but… But at this point it’s just sad and I wanted you to know I can leave now.” I instantly grew embarrassed and started to turn away, but I felt her hand wrap around my wrist and turn me around. 

“God, it took you long enough. I’ve only been waiting for you to tell me since what? Ninth grade?” She bit her lip and smiled at me. 

“Eighth grade, actually.”

author’s note// OH MY G O D ITS GROSS I HATE IT WHY DO I EVEN WRITE ANYMORE I NEED TO DIE NOT WRITE also i made the y/n a poc cause freaking every imagine is a white hoe and its sickening. cant wait to get triggered messages even tho theres literally oNE sentence about her being a poc!!!!! bye!!!

The amazing thing that happened to me while meditating.

So I meant to post this on solstice when it happened but alas, time slipped away and I’ve only now gotten a moment to share my incredible experience! Tuesday morning started off well, woke up happy, went to work (I’m a nanny for two boys, 2&4), was having a chill morning. Then my boss crushed it like a grape. I was so angry and insulted, my feelings where steamrolled, I really thought I was going to cry. (And possibly quit) ((don’t worry I didn’t)) (((maybe someday but not today))) I text my boyfriend to tell him how pissed I was, he didn’t make me feel any better but his advice did ❤, “go outside and do some meditation and breathing while the kids sleep and you’ll feel better” duhh Danielle So that’s what I did, I went outside, put a chair under the pineapple guava tree, held my crystals that I brought to work with me (my ulexite and aragonite) and let myself breath. I let the sun warm my soul and my skin, I let the breeze caress my face and carry away my anger, listened to the birds and the rustling leaves fill me with a song of peace and joy, and felt the power of my crystals flow from my hands into my heart. I. Felt. Amazing. Now here is the best part. I opened my eyes to see a precious little hummingbird zoom around me and perch in the tree about two feet above my head where we could look at each other! I was so happy I laughed. When I said “hello, how are you?” She replied by getting up and flying right up to my face chirping happily. She twirled around me once more, chirped goodbye and collected nectar from some nearby flowers before going on her way. I felt utter bliss and so connected with nature and disconnected with my problems, I think it was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, or one of them at least! Anyway, I’m so glad I got to finally share this, happy late summer solstice 😄🌻🐦🌞

Music Series: Someone Like You by Adele

Hmmm…Harry’s POV, eh?

I have a hard time passing up Adele songs because I truly love her songwriting and performance. There is a beautiful separation between her and most other artists…not all, but most. I feel like I will never have the privilege of seeing her live, as she doesn’t usually come near where I live…she’s THAT important. But…she’s lived her songs. They pour from her soul, and I am in awe of that.

I remember her saying in an interview one time that, toward the end of the song, when the chorus is sung twice in a row, during the first time, she’s crying during the recording. That’s passion. That’s her feeling the pain. And she shares that with all of us. How amazing is that?!

This is Someone Like You, hopefully from Harry’s POV (we’ll see how that goes), by the soul queen, Adele. You can listen to it HERE via my Spotify playlist called, ‘Everybody Now!’. Love her.

Thank you for requesting! xo



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Haha you are legit my inspiration after that scam you pulled. I'm very new to this world, I'm a little bit nervous about the sexual aspect to it.. how do you overcome that fear?

I asked this question a lot when I first started sugaring and never really got an answer. Most girls would brush me off as a naive newbie instead of offering useful advice. It’s a genuine concern! How do you perform sexually when you’re attracted to the money, and not him? 

Change the way you think about it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just sex. That’s it.

Start with oral. The first time I was with an SD, he went down on me, nothing else happened. He was absolutely terrible at giving head and I thought I was going to puke or cry for the first 5 minutes. But after a while I started laughing and thinking, “really? This is all I have to do?” I had such a high. It’s nothing I haven’t done before and nothing I wouldn’t do for free with a boyfriend. Back in high school I had sex with boys I didn’t like at all so I was already prepared for this. The only difference is now I’m paid for it.

Try positions where you’re not facing him and imagine he’s someone you’re attracted to. Perform as flawlessly as you can in efforts to make him cum quickly. If you start with giving him some bomb ass head, he might not even make it to penetration. Always have lube on you. Moan loud as fuck. Talk dirty. The faster you fuck, the faster they cum. Think about the cash sitting in your purse. Think about your future and why you’re doing this. Take a shower immediately after (alone) and breathe. Recharge while counting your stacks.

As long as you’re safe and cautious, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

25 - A collab with @storiesaboutvan

Hello, everyone. Boy, are you in for a treat. 

So it all began when Rhi ( @storiesaboutvan ) and I realised we had both received wedding requests. We made the decision to team up to collab the most spectacular wedding vanfic. 12,521 words to be exact. We have spent aaaages working on this and it’s been amazing. I hope you love it as much as we do. 

So, read below for 6390 words of Van’s POV wedding goodness. Think nerves, love, kisses, and oh….Van in a suit. Yep. 

Then click here for ‘your’/ reader’s perspective, written by Rhi. 

Thank you to whoever requested these for the patience, we definitely did not forget about you. 

Love Evangeline xx 


Today was one of the days I’d been dreaming of since I could remember. Everything was leading up to this. I’d stand in the kitchen as a kid watching on as my dad would drunkenly confess his love for my mum and she’d roll her eyes and kiss him; growing up I’d think about how lucky they were to be so in love and how I couldn’t wait to have that with my own wife one day.

Every girl I’d ever fancied I’d planned on marrying, but it was always a puppy love dream. That changed when I met y/n. In fact, everything changed when I met her.

Family had always been the most important thing to me and today marked the official start of my own. I was beyond excited but right now, nerves were taking hold. I was overwhelmed with a mix of anticipation, anxiety and full-blown love. I wanted everything to be perfect for y/n; I wanted everyone to see how much I fucking love her.

I stood in front of the mirror at home, fiddling with my tie. I couldn’t get the fucking thing to sit straight. I ran a sweaty, shaky hand through my hair and groaned in frustration.

“You alright mate”? Larry asked, coming in after hearing the sound I’d made.

I was flustered. I just looked at him, my eyes clearly expressing what was going on inside my head. He came up to me and undid my tie then fixed it up so it rested flat and straight against my chest. He was already in his suit; he looked like some fancy secret agent or somethin’. We were all in navy suits and white button ups with burgundy ties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

“What if I fuck up? I just want it to be perfect you know and I’m just this scruffy lad who sings nonsense and she’s a fucking queen. Honestly, why the fuck is she marrying me she could do so much b-”

“Van. Don’t be stupid. She fucking loves you and has for years yeah? Maybe she could do better, but it doesn’t matter, she chose you. You love her better than anyone could and for her, that’s perfect. It’s not about your wonky tie or even Catfish,” Larry interrupted me as I started to lose it, putting a hand on my shoulder and talking with a rare sincerity.

For months now he’d been killing me, teasing me that he’d gotten to see y/n in her dress ages ago and that I had to wait. He droned on about it, trying to get me mad and it sure as hell worked; many incidents of wrestling had occurred. He went to help her choose her dress, which was sweet, but he wouldn’t shut up about how stunning she looked and all that. It was driving me mental, I could have rung his neck, the smug bastard! But now I appreciated his seriousness, I was glad to have him by my side today more than ever.

I didn’t get nervous often, I was usually easy going and confident. But this was all new; this was bigger than anything I’d faced yet. No amount of fans in a venue, no amount of pressure to put out a good album could match to this.

“Yeah?” I said, taking a breath in and fixing my hair.

“Yeah mate, you’re Van fucking McCann!” He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

I couldn’t have chosen a better best man.

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How was the GENE NYC concert????

Lets start at 10am…we were allowed to get there early to get an early admission ticket and 30 min into standing in line NYPD shows up and asks my group (bc everyone else wasn’t really speaking english and sis looked like she was trying to get in and out of the situation. She just asked why there was a line in front of the building and whatnot. Things got hectic when it came to lining up (language barriors too bc most of the fans were foreign and the venue staff and the ldh staff seemed to not be on the same page at one point…but i digress). (Fast forward to 2pm) I got a t-shirt, sweatshirt and a flag. I was going to get a towel but they sold out. So VIP went in an hour before the show (at 4 pm) to see them and we saw them rehearse “Sun and Moon” and “Evergreen”. The boys just kinda went through the motions, just making sure they had enough space and were in the right spot. They also joked around with each other too. (Mendy and Yuta had a funny moment on stage, as well as Hayato and Mendy lol). The high touch….I forgot to say something to Mendy bc i was beyond nervous but his smile cleared my pores and warmed my heart. I told Ryuto that he was “cute” and he paused for a quick second and thanked me lol. They all were so cute, and yes they look better in person than in pictures. Hayato came for my heart and I tried to resist him…..still trying. The setlist was short but I felt completely satisfied with what I was and experienced. The dancing was flawless, Vocalists hit EVERY NOTE, DJ Alan was impressive (he played Mask Off and I lost my ish), FANTASTICS (minus Taiki) was too great!!!! The performers showcase was one of my favorite parts was the boys dancing to “Se Encendio el Beeper” lmao. One thing that was just a cluster fuck: they threw out money with the members faces on them and the crowd rushed to the front. I almost fell, I dropped the card that I wrote for Mendy (almost cried), and it was really just unsafe in general. What would have been better is if they released it from the ceiling of the venue. Trial and error though. Their song “Sora”, which has been sung by LDH’s Deep, was soooooooooooo beautiful. The harmonies were great and the dance was so smooth.


Evergreen…….I thought i was going to cry but when it started I was just in a state of awe and amazement (I was going to record it but I didnt want to worry if my phone would capture all the members or the dance break, so I didn’t) They sang the english version and i know that song like the back of my hand but i forgot all the lyrics and only sang the chorus. I was mesmerized by them. The dance break was perfection and Ryota and Ryuto great! 

I got some pics but they move so damn fast that most of them are blurry lol. Photographing Gene should be left to the pro’s or at least someone with a steady arm. The clear pictures that I did get had perfect meme-worthy faces lol.

HIRO WAS THERE!!!!!!! I had to hold my composure bc I have a love hate relationship with HIro and I didn’t know at first if it was him but then i saw that middle part and his bun. Project Taro was there as well and they were just watching from upstairs. Elly and Ryuji were in NYC the day before but i didnt see either of them.

Overall…….this was definitely one of the best experiences in my life. I met friends that I’ve only known from behind a computer screen and met new friends while waiting in line (we even got coffee *weeps*). Music literally has the power to bring people from different corners of the world together and I’m so thankful for LDH and Generations. I did not cry during the concert but i did on my way to the airport this morning bc reality had set in.

ps: Ryuto’s vocals made me fall so hard for him. Like him and Mendy are fighting for the #1 spot in my heart lol 

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Even when she fell asleep, she still had the most beautiful smile on her face and in that moment I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with another human being
—  Happy valentine’s day, angel (💜)
Does anyone else destroy their temptation foods?


1. My friend Allison didn’t eat the rest of her pizza roll ups and she wanted me to eat them. So I ate half of one and then took the plate to the kitchen where i proceeded to literally rip them apart. I threw them into the garbage and then dumped water on them.

2. My boyfriend left oreo cookies in the kitchen and I thought I was going to cry over how bad I wanted them. So I took the remaining cookies (There were maybe 3) and I threw them on the ground and stomped on them.

I cannot just say no to food. If it’s left for me then I have to absolutely destroy it so that no matter what I can’t sit down and think “Well maybe just one bite.”.
The problem is that I feel so much hatred when I destroy the food.. I’m kind of worried.

Cameron Dallas - The perfect dad

Request:  Y/N is 8 months pregnant with Cams baby and all the magcon boys go over to there house and y/n has been really off lately and she gets stressed out so bad and cam kicks the boys out he takes care of her and baths with her and stuff like that to help the stress and pain go away


I didn’t want to be that kind of pregnant wife who thinks the word stops just because she is expecting a baby. I tried to deal with this pregnancy as normally and cool as I could not making it hard for others. I got through the morning sicknesses and then I didn’t complain all day that my clothes didn’t fit anymore, I tried my best to be the best wife in the meanwhile as well but as I reached the third trimester I started to get moody and my legs were swollen because of the sudden weight gain. Cam tried to help me with everything, he was the best husband I could wish for, he was by my side all the time and I could tell he was dying for some free time to spend it with his friends, so I invited the boys over for dinner to surprise him.

“Babe, you sure about it?” he asked me when all the boys arrived and the made themselves comfy in the living room. I cupped his face into my hands and gave his lips a quick peck.

“You deserve this, Cam. Just enjoy your time with your friends,” I said smiling at him.

I cooked dinner, meaning I stood in the kitchen all day. My legs were already twice as big, but I didn’t want to complain and ruin the evening. I sucked it up and put on a smile as I made sure the boys had everything they needed.

My energy level was definitely lower than before the pregnancy, lately I got tired so easily, I felt like an old lady who needed to take a nap every day no matter what. Because I had so much to do that day I couldn’t sleep and I felt like I could just fall asleep anytime.

I brought the snack and drinks to the guys through the night ignoring my desperate need of sleeping or just lying down for a bit.

“Y/N, is everything okay?” Cam asked coming out to the kitchen. I was sitting on a barstool because my legs were hurting badly by that time and I was just stressing over everything, I wanted him to have fun and not worry about me.

“Yeah, sure. Just enjoy your time!” I said placing a fake smile on my face trying to fool him, but he knew me too damn well.

“Baby, your legs are hurting and I can tell you are stressing out. This has to come to an end,” he stated turning back to go to the room, but I stopped him.

“No! I want you to have fun! I don’t want your life to stop just because your wife is pregnant. You are young, you’re going to be a dad in a month meaning no fun time. I don’t want to ruin your last chances to have fun,” I said keeping my gaze on the floor. I felt bad that I couldn’t keep up my act.

“What are you talking about? You are not ruining anything, baby. And just for the record, you are younger than me,” he said chuckling. He pulled another barstool in front of me and sat down holding my hands. “My word did not stop because you got pregnant, I wanted it and it made my word complete, remember it. And me becoming a dad in a month means that the fun time is just about to start. What can be more fun than to have a cute little bundle of joy with the love of my life? You are not ruining anything, I want to take good care of you, you are the one who is having this baby, I can’t even imagine what are you going through and I can’t do anything than just help you.”

By the time he finished I was crying like a little baby, like our little baby would in a short time. I had my emotions all over the place all the damn time, my hormones were going nuts and then he drops a speech like this. I couldn’t hold myself back. I threw myself on him hugging him as tight as it was possible, my belly was right in the way, but I didn’t bother myself.

“I love you so much,” I sobbed into his neck and I hated to be the emotional pregnant woman, but he got this out of me.

“I love you too, baby. And I’m not letting this night to go further. I’m kicking the boys out,” he informed me. I let out a laugh that sounded much more like another sob and then let go of him.

“They’ll think I’m a horrible wife. I invited them over and now they have to go.”

“They had been here for hours now, it was great to see them, but my wife is my priority now. They aren’t carrying a baby inside them, so I guess you are the winner here,” he said grinning at me. He kissed me before going back to the living room.

“Okay guys, it was nice of you to come, but Y/N is really feeling off, the party is over,” I heard him announce. I was expecting the guys to be mad, but I had a pleasant surprise. They all came in to the kitchen and told me the dinner was awesome and they were happy to see us. I was so touched by their nice gesture, I thought I was going to cry again.

When it was again just the two of us Cam came back to me helping me down from the barstool.

“Come on baby, I’ll run you a hot bath, and then we can watch Netflix until you fall asleep. Don’t mind the dishes, I’ll take care of everything.”

I couldn’t be more thankful for this man. I knew he would be the perfect dad for our baby.

@aidanstein said: Well now I’m crying again. What a wonderfully experience that must have been for you. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Honestly I thought I was going cry writing it but I enjoyed every minute of it.. I smiled thinking about it for the first time cause Carrie would have loved me to enjoy this brief and precious moment I had with her.

I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope my story inspires many. I will definitely tell it to my children when they feel down X3

For the past few months, I’ve been wondering what the universe has been up to and slowly coming to the realisation that life is not a straight path but very much a zig zag and today, I got some really really really wonderful news. I thought I was going to cry happy tears on the bus! Honestly, I’m just so thankful and feel so blessed and elated - words can’t do the feelings justice

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I thought I was going to be sad or cry or something like that after today, but instead I'm really angry at Emmerdale 'cause I don't understand anymore what's the point of rooting for them.


i get this babe, i really do because at the moment i really feel like they are showing a destructive af relationship and it’s so hard to see past it and try to think of them as a happy couple which we should root for ??

but let me say that personally, i just love them and always will and i can see past this, but for the ga? i just feel like they are trying to show how heartbreaking it is when a couple are in love but only essentially are working to destroy each other’s chance of true happiness??

so to answer your question, it is obvs up to you why you root for robron but i think at the moment you’re supposed to root for their individual happiness and want to (in time) see them happy together??

i’m no expert but basically right now i feel like it’s all up in the air and ed is showing how aaron and robert individually need to be happy and sorted before they ever get to be together and content again, like ?? idk this is just my opinion!

hold in there though babes, better days are coming!


Exo’s Reaction to watching Hachiko

I watched this movie a while ago and omg it’s so freaking sad. I love dogs and that made it even sadder :’( But anyways, hope you enjoy the reaction -Admin G


*Since he was watching the movie with you and you were already shedding some tears, he didn’t want to cry as well. So every time he felt his eyes getting watery he would look away from the movie and would try to get rid of the tear without you noticing.*


*No matter how sad he felt about the movie and how watery his eyes got sometimes, he still somehow held the tears in and never once cried.*

Luhan: *after movie ends* “Told you I wasn’t going to cry. I’m too manly for these kind of movies…”

Y/N: “Yeah right. I saw your eyes get watery a bunch of times Lu.”

*He then just walks away before you could say anything else.*


*Even though he told you he wasn’t going to cry, multiple times, somehow a tear escaped his watery eyes in which he didn't notice until you pointed it out.*

Y/N: “Kris.” *laughs* “Is that a tear I see rolling down your face?”

Kris: *quickly touches his face* “Ahh damn it!” *wipes tears away* “Why is this movie so sad?? I thought I really wasn’t going to cry.”


*You see him about to cry with watery eyes so you point it out, which makes him laugh because he said he probably wasn’t going to get sad while watching this movie.*


*Before the movie could get any sadder he would fall asleep so then he wouldn’t cry.*


*He told you that you weren’t going to see him cry while watching this movie. So every time he felt that a tear was going to fall he would quickly rub his eyes pretending that they itched, but really he’s wiping the tears away without you noticing.*


*He would pout a lot during the movie during some sad parts but when it came to the really sad part, a tear might escape at least one.*


*He would just eat during the whole movie specially during those sad parts so then he doesn't end up crying.*


*No matter what he says before starting the movie, he still ends up crying.*


*From start to finish, Tao cries every time sad parts come. And when he can’t handle it he would look away.*


*Every time during sad parts he would look away so then he wouldn’t cry but would still have watery eyes during the whole movie.*



Most of these gifs are from Exo showtime but like they all go with it since they were watching a sad movie then lol

If you guys have any requests, Please, feel free to send them in :)

djpaige13paige  asked:

What is something that you like to do just for fun? And it can't be doing stuff for Tumblr

I love painting a lot. I could do it all day. And I enjoy going to book shops. Not just Barnes and noble or books a million but the old ones. I recently found a shop with a ton of vintage things and I thought I was going to cry from happiness