• Scotty (trying to get pictures to send back to earth):Try moving around a bit more, maybe some dynamic poses, hey! How about Spock leans on Kirk’s shoulders?
  • Spock:I don’t think we should do that it’d make us feel a bit uncomfortable
  • Kirk:Yes, I agree, it would be weird and is not something we would do, but it’d be kind of hilarious.

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How would Levi, Mikasa, Armin and Eren react to seeing/being around snow for the first time? Would they like the climate change? I've never actually been around it so maybe it's fun? Also how good is Levi at ice skating? Hope you have a good day! ♡

They’ve actually seen snow already. But Armin would be amazed, so would Eren, though he’d be more playful about it and Mikasa would find it beautiful. Levi thinks snow is pretty but he hates it because it makes everything dirty. They’d all be pretty oposed to climate change though, although Armin and Mikasa would be the only ones actually doing something about it. Levi would be good at ice skating, yes

My own Rapunzel

(A/N): I thought this request was really cute but i feel as though i didn’t do it justice so im sorry :( Request: ahh, hello! I have a request c: I’m not sure if you’ve done it before, but if you haven’t, then maybe you could write something like the reader having reaaalllyyyy long hair and Bucky is sooo obsessed with it? he’s always wanting to smell and play with it? and it’s really soft and it’s basically past the readers butt? sorry if that’s weird but I think Bucky would looove someone with really long hair 😂😂 thank you!!

Warnings: none

Originally posted by bucha-nan

   Bucky didn’t know what it was about (Y/N)’s hair, maybe the soft feel of it, it’s wonderful shine, perhaps the length? All Bucky knew was that he absolutely loved (Y/N)’s hair. He constantly was burying his face in it, inhaling deeply to gather all of it’s scent.

    He realized it must have looked strange to the rest of the Avengers to see a grown ass man nuzzling into someone’s neck like their life depended on it but Bucky couldn’t bring himself to care. He knew that he often got strange looks from everyone, it was peculiar to see such a large man curled up on such a small person’s lap, his face buried in their hair but neither of the minded. They both enjoyed the affection, Bucky giving and (Y/N) receiving. 

    Not only that but Bucky absolutely loved playing with (Y/N)’s hair, running his fingers through it, braiding it, putting it up into very large, mess buns (“Bucky my hair is too long and thick for this” “be quiet you look good with it”). Quite honesty Bucky didn’t know what it was about their hair that he loved so much, it had always been something he loved though.

    He had a specific time and place where he absolutely loved playing with (Y/N)’s hair, he noted it was a little OCD for him to think like that but he didn’t care. Bucky’s favorite place was at night, wrapped up in the safety of their blankets and each other’s limbs. Most times they’d both be exhausted, nearly asleep but Bucky couldn’t help but sleepily run his fingers through (Y/N)’s hair, from the roots at their scalp down to the ends below their butt. It was soothing for the both of them, after a long day of training and shield work they were more than wound tight and just being able to relax in an intimate manner soothed them immediately. 

   Maybe that’s why Bucky loved it so much, because it was some what of a comfort to him, being able to escape the world and just curl up beside (or on) (Y/N) and soothe them to sleep by playing with their hair. Sure, it was more than a little strange but he just couldn’t bring himself to care. But once or twice they’d been called out on it, (only when they’d been out in the open doing it) most of the time by Tony. 

    “What’s with the hair fetish Barnes?” Tony asked jokingly one day. The comment made Bucky uncomfortable enough to nearly flail out of (Y/N)’s lap, his fingers immediately falling from their hair. 

    “I don’t have-” Bucky sighed, his face burning with embarrassment. “I don’t have a hair fetish," 

    "Then why the hell are you always hiding away in (Y/N)’s hair?”

    “I-” Bucky paused, attempting to think of a good answer. The only problem was he didn’t know why he loved (Y/N)’s hair so much. “I don’t know…” Tony snorted shaking his head in disbelief. 

    “You’re one weird guy,” Tony stated simply before turning his attention back to his phone, already immersed within a new message he’d received. Bucky knew his words had been playful but they made him self-conscious, did everyone think his liking of (Y/N)’s hair was weird? Were their confused gazes actually disgusted ones? 

   Soon after Bucky stopped lavishing (Y/N)’s hair in attention, worried it made the other Avengers uncomfortable. He didnt think it would affect anyone but himself, he was the only one who enjoyed (Y/N)’s hair. Little had he known that he was also affecting (Y/N). 

    “You stopped,” (Y/N) whispered one night as Bucky was deep in thought. He hadn’t noticed that they’d been eyeing Him all night, waiting for him to run his fingers through their hair like he used to. For the past few weeks though he’d been completely neglecting (Y/N)’s hair and to say they missed the attention was an understatement. Bucky hummed softly, his expression confused. 

   "Stopped what?“ He asks just as quietly. 

    "You stopped playing with my hair…” (Y/N) knew they must have sounded stupid and pathetic for missing his fingers in their hair but they did. They liked the sense of peace and comfort it brought and recently they hadn’t been getting it. Bucky stares at (Y/N) for a moment, his face expressionless as he does so. 

    “Yeah,” He finally sighs, blinking away his momentary lag. “Didn’t want to make you uncomfortable with my constant…affection,”

    “But…” (Y/N) sighs softly as they tuck a strand of long hair behind their ear. “I liked it. It was…comforting…” Bucky looks up at (Y/N), his expression a mix of hope and shock. 

    “Really?” He asks quietly. (Y/N) nods in response, a small smile rising to their lips. “So can I-” Bucky doesn’t even finish his sentence before (Y/N) is nodding, a wider smile upon their lips.

    Bucky is damn near ecstatic as he runs his fingers through (Y/N)’s hair, a sleepy smile making it’s way to his lips. (Y/N) hums contently as they snuggle closer, pressing their head upwards against Bucky’s touch. 

   Sleep begins to tug a the couple, ushering them to give in but They don’t want to, they want to stay up and relish in the shared affection and care. Eventually, The soft touches and shared hums of tranquility become too much for the two and eventually a peaceful sleep slips over them.

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How would you deal with pseudo-intellectuals? Maybe you'll answer that you wouldn't, but if they tried to humiliate you, then how would you?

I think the first problem here is deciding who’s a pseudo-intellectual and who’s a ‘real’ intellectual. What are the criteria? Degrees? Number of books you’ve read? Papers you’ve published? I think deciding whose intellectual activity is valid and who’s faking is a dangerous game to play. Just because you’re educated and somebody disagrees with you doesn’t automatically mean they’re wrong. This is an iffy term to use and smacks a little bit of elitism (ironically). However, if you do feel that someone really is baiting you just to bait you, you have two good options. The first is to just not take the bait. Just say, “That’s an interesting perspective,” and move on. You don’t have to agree with them but you don’t have to engage and fight about it either, and that’s the best way to derail their plan of humiliating you. Chances are if they really don’t know what they’re talking about, that will be apparent without you enumerating their wrongness (and that just makes you look like a jerk, too). The second option is to (calmly and respectfully) explain your own opinion, and if they persist in fighting about it, revert to option one. Just say, “I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree” and move on. It’s not worth the energy. Take the high road and let it go.

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you might have talked about this already at some point, but i couldn't find it when i searched for it, so, i'm sorry, if this is the case. my question is; do you think that it's possible for a gem's gemstone to be located completely *within* their body, without any part of it visible on the surface? and if so, how would a gem with an internal gemstone be different from other gems? (eg, presumably they wouldn't be able to summon a traditional weapon from their gem..?)

An interesting thought!

I think that Gems need to have their gem exposed, practically, otherwise they would all have their gems located internally. It’s kind of a liability to have a vital organ exposed- think about how the human heart is set up. Our body went “yeah maybe I do not want that lying around” and wedged it inside of a nice friendly protective bone cage that we generally know as our ribs.

Gems seem to need their gems exposed, specifically for the weapon summoning process. Some, like Steven, Garnet, and Jasper, seem able to just project it- in Steven’s case, even through a thin/loose covering- but I doubt they’d be able to do so through their own flesh. Others, like Amethyst and Pearl, have their weapon physically protrude out of their gem so it needs to be visible to be accessible.

Also, from a character design standpoint, it’s a good idea for character design to spotlight the gem since it’s kind of a Big Deal for their character and race as a whole. It’s a huge part of their identity. Narratively there’s no reason to hide it except in the case of Steven who is conflicted about his gem/human identity, and even then it’s placed in a way that’s very easily revealed.

If you were trying to make a point with a Gem whose nature is hidden in some way, a couple of ways to do that:

In canon, consider Garnet. Her gems aren’t really hidden- they’re on an obvious part of her body- but depending on how she holds her hands they may or may not be visible and I think this reflects some of Garnet’s stoicism and her “depths” that in the beginning of the show were not known to us. It’s pretty hard to really have a solid understanding of who Garnet is and where she comes from without the revelation in Jailbreak that she’s a fusion composed of two different gems.

Alternatively, there’s Lapis, whose Gem is again, not specifically hidden but it’s on her back, not the part of the person you generally look at when you’re talking to them. Lapis is a step removed, and she’s a very effective liar by omission- she does’t often specifically utter falsehood, but she works with misdirection. Our natural social reflexes tell us to look at someone’s face, and position ourselves towards their front. In a way, Lapis is set up to direct your attention towards her face and away from her “true self”, tucked out of sight on her back.

I think the only other way that I could think of to ‘hide’ a gem outside of just covering it with clothing as everybody did in Hit The Diamond, would be placing it on the tongue, and thus normally inside the mouth.

In that sense, you would have a character who, like Garnet, is not exactly hiding- it’d be plainly obvious where their gem is, you’d get that flash of color every time they opened their mouth- but may be difficult to read or have a particular context that’s important for understanding them, and without that context, they don’t make as much sense. Creating that sense of open and closed- are they showing or not? This could be very interesting if you combine it with the concept of “biting your tongue”- this might be a character where staying quiet is really in their best interest but their personality or nature behooves them to speak up about something they feel strongly about- and doing so not only puts their “true self” on display but imperils them.

File under: Things I missed when first watching critical role

When Percy’s telling them all about his tragic backstory at the begging of ep. 24, and he’s talking about him being stuck in a cell in Stilben after failing to kill Ripley, he says

“When I got thrown in that dungeon, I came to the realization that maybe I wasn’t doing this the right way. That maybe I wasn’t being responsible. And I prayed to- whatever it is I pray to- that maybe I would have a sign. Of what I should be doing. And then- There you were. And I’ve been trusting that VOx Machina will take me where I need to go.”

And I just-

Do you ever wonder if Percy thinks that Vox Machina was brought into his life by Orthax so he could finally fulfil his contract? Do you think that Percy’s new family is one more thing that he feels he owes to the demon who nearly destroyed his soul?

touka might have visited haru??

if touka didn’t visit kimi in the hospital…and she didn’t visit shinohara..the only other person that we know is in a hospital is haru, shirazu’s sister. this might be a stretch, but touka did say that she was interested in ghoul biology and how humans turned into ghouls in the first place, and ROS disease is the closest thing we have to an answer. maybe she was doing some research?? the whole thing with the ROS disease is super important but has been brushed under the rug ever since shirazu died, and with all these ccg members leaving to help ghouls, finding out how ghouls came to be might help ‘ghoul rights’ become a thing. after takatsuki sen declared she was a ghoul, some people are fighting for ghoul rights already. the only problem with this is that i dont think the hospital would just let random cafe managers walk into someone’s room for ‘research’. idk. but nobody has brought up touka visiting haru yet so i was just putting this out there.

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Hello there. You still seem to be an active Royai fan. If you don't mind me asking this: what's your headcanon on Royai? I've been thinking about them a lot lately (and I'd kill for a spin-off, I swear). Do you think they'll ever give into their feelings and become more, maybe when they reach their goal side by side or even before just in secret (bc of the law)? Or not in secret as Riza's grandfather supports them a lot haha.

I would also kill for a spin off.   Especially since I know Arakawa would just make it a million times better than I could ever imagine it,   

I HC that they have been together since the early days in East City.    I think they probably tried to be good, say that this would be improper conduct for officers in their position, how it would jeopardize his rise to power and also make them both vulnerable.   Yeah, they needed to respect those boundaries.

But it only lasted so long. Maybe it was “just this once” a few times.   Then it became a realization that this plan could take years, a lifetime even.   That their own strength wasn’t what it used to be and this idea that they could resist crashing back into each other was just that…an ideal.  And they weren’t saints or idealists, they were broken sinners.   

They don’t believe they are worthy of the other person.  It’s easy to deprive yourself when you’re punishing yourself, there is a satisfaction in that kind of self-inflicted denial of what you want…..but to see the other person suffer,  To know they feel unworthy of love or life or happiness is another thing entirely.   

They carry a heavy burden and it’s hard to shoulder that yourself.   It’s only human to want a piece of happiness even if it’s wrong and in secret.  So I think they do have a relationship from the early days.   It’s how I can see them carrying all that guilt and not crashing down under it.

I think it all really changes after the Promised Day because EVERYTHING changed.   They both watched each other disappear before their eyes.   I don’t believe in the fanon thing about repealing frat laws, I respect everyone who wants to do that in their work, but I see the frat laws having a purpose.  It’s realism in that world,  repealing it is abuse of power, it just doesn’t work for me.   I don’t think they need it,  I’d like to think Riza eventually transfers to another division and they get married.  

 After the Promised Day Roy is in a position where he participated in a coup d etat and was in Central Command when some alchemic shitstorm went down and put a sun roof on Central HQ,  There are military inquiries.   There are scared citizens and politicians.   Grumman seizes control but has to calm nerves, give answers and shuffle the people , Armstrong and Mustang, back into the corners until dust settles.   Then I think eyes might be off them a little.  Because  Ishval isn’t really a priority for the people of Amestris.  It’s probably looked on as a punitive assignment by the military, even if Mustang is pushing for it.   Out of sight, out of mind.   They probably felt the upstart Flame Alchemist was banished out there so Grumman didn’t have competition.

So we have Roy and Riza who have now watched the Elrics complete their journey, watched each other get battered and broken and almost die, saved the world, go back to the place where they lost their way and life is rushing by them.   Ed gets married.  Hayate has pups.  Roy is full General in charge of the reconstruction of Ishval and one more step takes him to the top.  Change is underway.   If they take that next step it’s now.   Because Hughes was right, a man with a family is more endearing to a nation needing a leader.  That’s a pretty nice rationalization for it.  And you know what?  After all this, the other person deserves to have that.     

But that’s just me.   

Did I even answer the question or just go on a weird drabble tangent?

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If Jackie broke Marco's heart, what do you think Star would do? Would she comfort Marco? Would she beat up Jackie? Would she make a move on Marco Diaz?

Beat up, definitely no. Making a move on Marco, maybe, if by then her feelings are a bit more clear. I guess she’d just comfort him as a friend, possibly falling even more for him while trying not to take advantage of Marco’s weakness.

But I hope that no heart is going to be broken, at least not unilaterally.

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Ok but why does every show HAVE to have diversity? Monty didnt think 'oh hey lets make everyone white' they just made characters. How would you like it if you made a show with characters and people changed their race because THEY didnt like it?

are you fucking serious? 

diversity may not matter to you because i know 100% that youre white, but it definitely matters to every poc who has to grow up watching shows with little to no characters of their race, and most of the time theyre minor characters or viliians, or they die before the show ends. 

and rt doesnt even fucking care if we draw characters different races than they are in the show. if they were really bothered by it they wouldve told us to stop (which wouldve been an extremely shitty thing to do) if someone was doing this to me i would take it as a sign that Maybe Im Doing Something Wrong

it doesnt matter to them, and it SHOULDNT matter to you, so maybe u should really think abt why youre throwing a hissy fit over me drawing a character black

Hauntingly 45 : To Know Red

Harry had spent many sleepless hours thinking about this exact moment.

About how it would unfold, when he, Harry James Potter, finally met Lord Voldemort on equal ground under agreed upon terms. About how he would carry himself, about what he would do. And while he hadn’t been entirely sure what his very first words would be when he arrived, he’d had a few ideas.

Perhaps something dramatic but suave. A timeless classic, like: ‘So… We meet again.’

Or maybe something a bit less theatrical, slightly witty, even, like: ‘For once, you don’t look like a dream.’

Or a simple but effective:


What he had not anticipated was this, landing on the doorstep of Tom Riddle Senior’s massive old mansion with Peter Pettigrew’s corpse in front of him, on his knees and positively drenched. And Harry realized at once how it must look to Voldemort, who had only just appeared—his envoy and Death Eater unquestionably dead while he, Harry, had the Elder Wand pointed right at his crushed throat…

And so the first words which came rushing out of Harry’s mouth upon locking eyes with Lord Voldemort, most unfortunately, were:

“I didn’t do it.”

Or, in other words: Hi, I’m working on the next chapter, damn it all, damn your beautifully kind words, crazy messages and rambling e-mails, damn you all. It’ll still be a few weeks, but it’s on my desktop and therefore my radar again.

…Damn it. 



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I just don't get why Harry would get a half a heart tattoo with that guy, even if they are the best of friends? Like, maybe another set of tattoos representing friendship like Louis had with Z, but half a heart? I'm a bit lost. Also, I know we haven't seen it on Louis for a while, but I'm pretty sure in that one blurry photo of his chest there was also half of a heart. What do you think it means?

I think it’s sad to see how a not even complementary half a heart tattoo can shake people when just yesterday Louis posted that pic. It was a clear message. Its purpose wasn’t to talk about NF.

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Considering that you've said in the past that you consider Celestia and Luna to be demi-gods, and the fact that they harbor an almost impossible amount of magic from all three pony races (and their associated sub-races, presumably), do you think they would be capable of all the elemental magic that all the Mane Six and other characters have been shown to be capable of in your drawings? Maybe even more so?

Before I get down with the headcanon here’s a summary of my headcanon on magic for anyone who doesn’t know but is curious:

Magic is a very real and very present thing in the world of Gaia (what I call the MLP world), and almost everything residing in it has it. It’s just the matter of whether or not it’s wielded consciously or unconsciously. Sapient creatures (species with human intelligence) often have direct control over their innate magic, where as non-sapient species (feral animals/plants/insects/ect) only use their magic subconsciously/instinctively without any sign of being fully aware of it. As I see it, Magic has five core elements that essentially define it as the world knows it: Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Energy, with energy being basically the base element of every other element in that it is neutral, raw, and is basically the embodiment of magic in its purest form. Each creature has all five elements within their being, the elements often intermingle with one another, and how they can use their magic depends on the species of the creature and the individual creature itself. You can read the entirety of this headcanon HERE, and you can read about which elements the Mane 6 are more in-tuned with HERE.

Now! With that said, back to your question. :3

The sisters have the capability to wield all the elements of magic and, in theory, perform all elements of magic, but in practice it isn’t that simple. Having a large amount of magic doesn’t automatically give them the leeway to spontaneously do the things, say, Applejack can do; even as something resembling Demigods, there are elements the sisters are not adept in or don’t have a lot of practice/training/discipline in. For example, Celestia’s biggest magic-based strength deals with heat, fire (courtesy to her connection to the sun), but she struggles with magic based in water, ice, or earth. She’s okay with wind-based magics, but she hasn’t quite practiced it in years. Luna in contrast has a firm grasp on water and ice-based magic, and she has a strong understanding on earth-based magics (specifically gem/mineral-based magic), but she struggles with fire magics. They are both skilled in wielding raw, unfiltered magic. Of the two, Luna is the more skilled magic user and is able to cast a wider variety of spells and magic, whereas Celestia is more of a powerhouse and has a larger magic font, which allows her to patch a stronger punch to her magic, so she in tern is more a of a “brute force” magic user.

TL;DR: The sisters may be something like Demigods but that doesn’t mean they can automatically perform every type of magic with ease. Regardless of their vast power, they still need practice and study to hone it, and like any other normal creature, they have elements that their magic is naturally inclined to, and elements they have trouble wielding for one reason or another.

Man, it’s been a little while since I’ve done headcanon of this sort. Thank you so much for asking, and I hope this answered your question! ^.^

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I had sex with a boy who didn't love me thinking maybe it would be okay and it's been a week and he hasn't talked to me and I just need some advice on how to feel better bc I feel really sad

having sex with someone wont make them love you. maybe you made an innocent mistake we all do its okay. you are not bad and you may feel sad about it which is normal but he is the rude and inconsiderate one and trust me you will find someone someday that every single time
they see you naked or not will think you are beautiful and just simply amazing.

Let’s talk about Time Attack episode 2!

So far it’s been received well across the board! I’m visiting Cali now and showed Butch Hartman lol, he likes it but had one criticism; he doesn’t think what I’m doing is clear enough. And to someone that doesn’t know gaming youtube videos or speedruns very well I understand, so I might extend the intro to 10 seconds or so and maybe have a narrator explain the point of the show. I think that will help make sense of things. I’ll need someone with a really cool voice. What do you guys think?

I’m also happy with this format and will keep doing it like this. I won’t always remake the protagonist’s sprites though, I might just replace the head - definitely with 3D games. I do like the look of remaking the sprites though. It was simple with Earthbound, but I edited the Runner sprite over game footage, it would take too much time to do it with anything more complex. Unless I romhack and replace the sprites then record that.

Do any of you know how to do that? Or know of any good way to learn?

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Amenadiel's wings died when he fell, but Lucifer's didn't? The part of me that wants to protect Luci at all costs is hoping that maybe God did have a bigger plan for Lucifer, despite all the resentment between then. Would love to know what you think.

Good question anon! Now what I was thinking was that perhaps it was because Lucifer simply had a change of career. Now he did fall but because his new job is a hellish one and you got tons of demons and damned souls running amok, he’s going to need every power that he can get and God bestowed that and let him keep his wings.

Amenadiel however is still an angel of God. He had not fallen when he was assigned to guard the gates of Hell or when he came to Earth to get Lucifer. Getting assigned and falling to Hell are two completely different things. Not to mention, he did some pretty bad stuff (but Mazikeen and Amenadiel together is the only good thing and gives me life other than Lucifer and Chloe) and that did take a toll on his grace I would say thus his wings dying because he IS now falling but on Earth not Hell.

Hope this answers your question anon.

Test Run

Yo so I wrote just a couple pages of an idea I’m having - the middle of action otl. If you wanna know more about what’s going on, and would maybe like a fic of this, please let me know? It’s an adventure with a lil bit of fantasy/sci fi, I can’t really tell which honestly I’m bad at subgenre details but yea please read this and lemme know if it sounds interesting and if you’d like more. It’s called Test Run because I don’t feel like actually naming it.

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I've always wondered if all the beards knew they were beards, haha. I mean Eleanor and Danielle probably had contracts and all that, but girls like Taylor and Kendall I mean.. Maybe that's why Taylor uses her "relationship" with H for all it's worth, maybe she's bitter and found out or something.. Idk, what do you guys think? xx

The beards all definitley know/knew.  As for Taylor, look, I hesitate to shame her for “writing songs about Harry” because if she faked a relationship with Harry, she has to fake a breakup with him.  What does Taylor normally do post breakup?  Write about her ex, so fine, she is playing her role.  Now 1989 came out nearly 2 years after Haylor’s end but of course the content of the album would be about what took place for her since her previous album, Red (2012), so also fine.  The issue with Taylor for me was HOW bitter she behaved.  

I could’ve understood had she played the sad, “I miss him” girl but she played the bitter “he cheated/hurt me” girl and out of all her exes (real or PR), Harry did not deserve that.  When she did it to John Mayer, I did not give a damn because John Mayer is an asshole, I’m sure he did treat her like shit and he was like 11 years older than her so, go ahead Taylor.  Now, to be fair, she played it bitter and mad ‘post-breakup” with Harry but on 1989 her songs about him are not too mean compared to some other things she has said about her exes.  She more plays it as a “longing for what could’ve been” type love. 

Now, going back to what you said, maybe she DID get bitter right off the bat (2013 VMA’s anyone?) because she didn’t know and found out midway.  I mean, maybe she thought it was mutual PR or since Taylor was already huge and 1D was still rising (they were popular but not her level at that point), she thought she was doing him/them a favor and then she began to fall for him and he was like “….yeah so this is my boyfriend”.  If that’s the case and she got THAT publicly bitter because a guy 4 years younger than her, that she “dated” for 6 weeks, came out to her, then she really is an asshole.  

That said, sorry to keep going back at forth but your question has opened a few layers here, that could explain 1989 being so “longing for what we could’ve had” thing.  Like she probably got out of herself and said “alright, I won’t go too in on Harry anymore”.

TLDR: The beards know, and Taylor is a shady snake but maybe she got out of herself to somewhat be nice to Harry in the end.

-Martha xx

If you could make any bookish wish, what would you wish for? Maybe a library like Belle’s? An endless supply of bookstore gift cards? Perhaps all the bookish merchandise you can fit in your house? Yes… I think if I was awarded a wish today, it would have something to do with bookish goodies. Candles, bookmarks, stationary, mugs, totes, pillows… I want it alllllll!!! 🙈
I received this adorable sticky notes set and notepad from two different @uppercasebox boxes!! Their boxes always have the BEST stationary items!! 🤗
✨#bookishbirthdaymonth: Make a Bookish Wish
#stationary #uppercase #theleakycandle

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