Allura: Well, I do rock a suit. Maybe I should do away with the dress and we all wear suits.

Shiro: Whatever you think is best, you rock everything.

Pidge: Pidge would never wear a full on dress… Kaity, on the other hand, would but never as short as the normal uniform. Girls gotta draw a line.. and mine is below the knee. But this does make me feel powerful.

Coran: I agree! Skirts are quite freeing! and these pumpkin panties are very comfy.

Allura: …

Hunk: Why do you guys keep dressing me up! I got a job in the kitchen for a reason!

Allura: Well thank you for being a good sport about this.

Lance: Why on earth are these so short.

Pidge: You never complained about them when they were on the girls.

Lance: That’s cause they got the legs for them.

Keith: So do you.

Lance: (O-O  )

Keith: (<_<   )

A.N. The thing I named the main picture is “got itmaid”. Can you see how tired I am?Sorry for the lack of quality in the main image, I obviously had a focus >..>

It gets hard and usually id say you don’t give up but sometimes it’s not that you don’t work it’s that the world around you doesn’t. And you know the kind of person he is, he’d never drop everyone for you and if they don’t then he doesn’t love you enough not as much as you do though. I left everyone for him but he never would maybe I’m dumb for thinking giving your all at 18 was the right thing to do.
Show 'Em You Won't Give Up

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Word count: 5300+
Pairing: pre-serum!Steve Rogers & female!tomboy!Reader
Warnings: violence, swearing, kissing
Summary: You aren’t the average woman of the 40′s, but Steve adores you nevertheless. He isn’t the average man of the 40′s, but you love him nevertheless as well. After seventy years in ice and no information about your whereabouts after he left for war, he didn’t think he would see you again.
A/N: I wrote at this for two weeks, even though I really wanted to post it sooner. I googled so much about the 40′s, haha. Enjoy!

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I Love You Baby

Anonymous Asked: Hey I hope you’re doing okay, I have an imagine pls if you could get round to it, it would make my year! I was thinking of you could do Bucky x reader getting to know some modern movies and watching 10 things I hate about you and then later down the line professing his love for them like in the can’t take my eyes off of you scene with all the avengers keeping the reader away until the moment and maybe joining in?? Sorry it’s so long I just love the scene and think it’s so Bucky! Good luck x

A/N: AHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THAT MOVIEEEEEEEEEE. Okay, so I basically based it completely off of the scene but obviously made it more realistic to the Avengers universe and yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: fluff and cussing xx

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Movie night was easily your favorite night with Bucky. Showing him modern films was always a joy, whether it be for his utter distaste for them or his fascination at far they’ve come visually in such a short amount of time. 

Today was one of your favorite movies, a true 90s classic and a rom-com that always left you in tears. 

“10 Things I Hate About You?” Bucky questioned, staring at the DVD case with his eyebrows raised. 

You nodded, crossing your legs on the couch and handing Bucky the bowl of popcorn. 

Bucky read the back of it quickly, “So this is like- a chick flick?” 

You threw your head back and giggled, “I guess, yeah. It’s cute though.” 

Bucky shrugged, leaning back into the couch and allowing you to cuddle into his side. 

You listened to Bucky’s soft chuckles as the movie went on, throwing his arms up in frustration at Joey’s plan to pay Patrick to date Kat, and watching intently with a smile on his face as Patrick sang to Kat on the football field. 

“Do you like the movie?” You asked towards the end.  

“Shush.” Bucky said, now leaned forward on his knees and listening to Kat’s poem. 

Soon enough, the movie ended and you sniffled as you heard the poem yet again. Bucky leaned back, “So he still gets the girl?” 

“Yes, because he fell in love with her and she with him.” You explained, putting the now empty bowl of popcorn on the table and turning on the lights. Now you could see Bucky’s facial expression a bit more clearly, seeing the pondering look across his face. 

You plopped down beside him, “Whatcha thinking about?” 

He broke out of his thought, “Nothing much.” 

Bucky and you hadn’t been dating long. A couple months at most, you weren’t really keeping track. With him, you just lived day to day without really over thinking anything. You were happy, of course, and you certainly missed him when he was gone. 

You enjoyed having him around. He asked you out not long after you joined the Avengers, and from there you two were practically joined at the hip. You went to bed that night with a smile on your face.

A couple days passed and you noticed Bucky had become slightly distant. You’d walk into the room and he’d walk out without so much as a glance your direction. You’d try to talk to him and he’d give you a nervous smile and walk away. 

“I think he wants to break up.” You said to Sam one night on the balcony, looking at the cars passing beneath you. 

“No, he doesn’t. Trust me. He’s just going through some stuff.” Sam said, scratching the back of his neck. 

“Why can’t he talk to me about it?” 

“You’ll find out soon enough.” 

At one point you walked in on everyone in the kitchen, whispering about something then stopping suddenly as they noticed your presence. 

“What’s going o-” your sentence was cut off by chairs scraping against the ground. 

“No time to talk, (Y/N). Gotta go train.” Bucky said, kissing your cheek and rushing out of the room. 

You went to follow him out but was stopped by Natasha and Wanda pulling you back into the kitchen. “Guys I-” 

“No, no. We’re going to go up to my room and, uh, you’re gonna help me pick out an outfit for a date I have tonight!” Natasha yelled, looking at Wanda nervously. You furrowed your brows, “Date?” 

“Yeah! For tonight. Come now, I don’t want to be late.” 

You felt them pulling you towards the stairs while your feet clumsily followed, still unsure about what was going on with Bucky. 

Steve and Sam avoided your eyes and stared down at the table as you passed, causing you to glare at them with your mind filling with unanswered questions. 

As you made it up to Natasha’s room, she threw open the closet and started pulling out various items of clothing that you hadn’t a clue she had. Wanda sat down on the bed, crossing her legs and leaning backward, “How about that cute blue one? With the open back?” 

Natasha shook her head, “No. It’s too bright. It’s look good on (Y/N), though.” 

“What do I have to do with anything?” You muttered, crossing your arms as Nat grabbed the dress they were talking about. You stared in disbelief as she handed you the dress with a smirk. 

“You don’t, but put it on anyway. For future reference.” Wanda said, her sentence thick with her accent. 

You threw your head back with a groan, slipping off your shirt and pants and putting on the dress. 

Natasha clapped with glee as you zipped up the lower back of the dress. “I thought you were the one with the date!” 

“This is more fun.” Natasha giggled, pulling you down and sitting you in front of the mirror. “Whoa! What’s with the make up?” You said loudly as she pulled out a dark brown liquid lipstick. 

“Shush. Let me work my magic.” 

Your mind was exploding as you puckered your lips and allowed Nat to apply lipstick. You didn’t know why you complied so easily, but the feeling in your gut told you to play along and maybe you’d find answers as to why Bucky was acting the way he was. 

Natasha quickly applied some mascara to your eyelashes and smiled brightly at you. “Will somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on?” 

When neither of the girls said a word, you stood up and promptly walked out of the room. You were confused as to why neither of them stopped you, but you furrowed your brows and walked down the stairs quickly. 

“Hey!” Steve stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking you up and down when he noticed your attire. “Wow- you look gorgeous.” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to go talk to Bucky.” You said stiffly, feeling the bottom of the dress drag along the wooden floors with your feet. Steve ran quickly in front of you, “No!” 

You turned abruptly and allowed your eyes to turn to slits, “What?” 

“Do you know any recipes for banana bread?” Steve hands were out in front of him and his face turned into an awkward toothy smile.

“I’m gonna kill you.” You walked away and as you glanced back, you saw Steve pulling out his phone quickly and almost dropping it. 

You walked through the corridors of the building and towards the gym, the dress flowing behind you. 

Just as you rounded the corner to the gym, Tony stepped in your way. “Hey, how you doing babe?” 

“I’m attempting to find my boyfriend.” 

“I need help with something!” Tony said, blocking you with every step. 

“What? What could you possibly need that’s so important?” 

Tony’s foot tapped anxiously against the tile as he looked around the room. “Uhm…” 

You glared and crossed your arms over your chest. Tony gave a sheepish grin as he tapped his watch and allowed the hand from his suit to wrap around his flesh. “Does this look like it’s working alright to you?” 

Tony shot out from his hand, a ball of energy flying out from the circle and through the wall, leaving a perfect rounded shape with burnt edges. 

“Tony what the fuck?!” You said after you had ducked, staring at the wall. 

“Hm, I guess it works fine.” 

You stomped away angrily, wondering what exactly was up with everyone in the building. You spotted the gym doors and walked through quickly, noticing immediately the echos of your steps and the emptiness of the room. 

“Bucky?” You called out, furrowing your brows and spinning around to see he was gone. 

You sighed, rubbing your temples to get rid of your ache. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening with everyone, they all acted weird and you wanted answers. 

As if on cue, you heard a deep voice singing softly. “You’re just too good to be true.” 

Your head whipped around and you saw Bucky with a suit on and his, his hands holding a microphone and standing perfectly in the center of the room. “Can’t take my eyes off of you…” 

Your jaw dropped open as he continued to sing, his voice actually quite good and you hadn’t a clue he could actually sing. Images of the movie rushed through your head, a grin stretching across your face as you realized what he was doing. 

Wheels scratched against the floor and a chair swept you off of your feet that Steve and Sam pushed together. You laughed as the spun you around and the music picked up. 

“I love you baby!” Bucky rushed towards you, sliding on his knees and stopping at your feet. All of your attention was on him at this point, a smile across your face as you were completely oblivious to everything happening around you. 

The music continued to play as Bucky slid closer to you and finished singing, dropping the mic and taking your hands in his. 

“I love you.” Bucky said simply, his chest heaving and his forehead glistening. 

You looked around, seeing everyone standing nearby with sheepish grins on their faces. “Hey… you weren’t training.” You said, earning a laugh from everyone. 

Suddenly you were able to put everything together. The dress, the stalling, the distance from Bucky. You almost leaped out of your chair with joy as you realized that Bucky was saying that he loved you. He wasn’t going to leave you. 

Your heart bubbled with love as you threw yourself at him, wrapping your arms tightly around his shoulders and allowing a couple of tears to slip from your eyes. “You scared me, I thought you were going to leave me.” 

Bucky took your head in between his hands, “I can’t leave you because I love you.” 

You jumped forward again and pressed your lips hard against his, taking in his scent and loving the feeling of his arms wrapped around you. 

“I love you too.” 

Cheers erupted from everyone around you, causing a blush to grow on your cheeks but not caring as you had finally figured out what was going on with everyone. 

Bucky stood abruptly, causing you to look up at him with confusion before you lifted you bridal style off of the ground. A gasp fell from your lips as you felt nothing but his arms beneath you. “Thank you all for helping me set this up, but (Y/N) and I are off to celebrate. In private.” 

And with that, Bucky carried you out of the gym and towards the elevator, where his lips met yours once again. 

hey guys so lately i’ve been thinking of maybe hosting a kind of “spacelatinx week” for us to interact more with each other and create more latinx centric fanwork. i was thinking maybe during spring break/after the rogue one dvd comes out, so i wanted to know if anyone would be interested in something like this? i think it could be really fun if done properly so do let me know what you all think :)

New art collective. I wanna have like video chats and meetings to share ideas and help each other spread our work across the country so it can be rightly appreciated. We could even use a barter system for certain skill sets. It sounds dope to me what y'all think. Reblog and comment. We start in March hopefully.

I also jus would like a place to bounce ideas off of other creatives in a comfortable environment. Reblog if ur interested and in March we’ll get a conversation going on how to do this the right way. Reblog and comment y'all. Spread the word to other creatives and maybe even young black lawyers for help wit copyrights and things of that nature down the line.

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How do you think Ardyn would have Prompto dressed like if he forced him to get married together ?

Remember that time Seymour forced Yuna to marry him??

THAT!!!!! X’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘DDDD

sorry anon, I cannot unsee this :’‘‘DDD Everytime I thought about your ask this came to mind lol   Forcing smn into marriage can’t end well, FFX already proofed that. and they did it with hilarious outfits ~

however, I have another sketch lying around where I try to take your ask more seriously. maybe I’ll finish it. dunno yet though >_o

on another note- your ask inspired a different thought in me that I wanna explore cause I was shocked about my own theory.  you might be too o-o”

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If you had to kill off two main characters from Harry Potter who would you kill

This is a cruel question to ask the fan of all fans.
If i HAVE to choose…. i guess…
no I can’t do it hahaha
Draco? Maybe.
And I guess McGonagall but ONLY if it were in an epic battle with some badass death eater. And the death eater died too.
That was emotionally draining for me to think about.

stereden  asked:

For the writing/reading ask meme: 1, 4, 5, 8 and 10, if you don't mind?

1.  Do you/would you like to write professionally?

Maybe someday, but for now I’m happy as I am. ^-^

4.  What’s better (or the least bad): character over plot or plot over character?

I…would probably pick character over plot, because I can totally read a character-driven story, but if I don’t care about the characters I’ll likely drop it. 

8.  Favorite quotes?

Top 3 are…

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” by AA Milne

“People think that the world itself is overflowing with beauty, but they forget that they are its cause.” by Friedrich Nietzsche 

“I’ve had the wind knocked out of me, but never the hurricane.” by Jeffrey McDaniel

10.  What’s your favorite trope?


and the audience is astonished by this unexpected twist

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Do you think Will would ever involve dogs in their murdering? You know, like backup in case something goes wrong. Or maybe he enjoys watching dogs get revenge on dog abusers.

So, I don’t think Will would want the dogs involved in any murder husband shenanigans, generally.  He may have come around to embracing - or at least deciding that he can’t seem to kill off, so he may as well go with - his own inner killer, but that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s a good life choice or something he’d wish on anyone else, human or dog.  

That said, I think we have two things here:

1) I can be convinced that Will would train the dogs as watchdogs more specifically/intensely than his other dogs ever were.  Mostly to guard their own property, but maybe on occasion the dogs come along to stand watch on a hunt.

2) I don’t think he’d enjoy watching the dogs get their revenge, per se.  But I think that if he were to find himself rescuing a bunch of dogs from a dogfight ring or something, and the dogs were to happen to get some chomps in on their former master?  Will would not be in any rush to shoo them away.  He’d be leaning against the wall all deadpan quietly saying, “No. Stop.  How terrible.  You probably shouldn’t do that, guys,” while they go to town.  Afterward he gives them treats and extra head-scratches.  Later on he will of course do his best to train them out of any violent training they’ve been given, but it can wait twenty minutes for some asshole to get a taste of what he’s caused.

Hannibal meanwhile is super-annoyed because he had plans, there was a whole art murder tableau they were gonna do based on famous paintings of dogs in history, and it’s not gonna work if the guy’s been chewed to hamburger before they get their hands on him.

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Honestly, can I just say, I'm really excited for Tiger Philanthropist!! I've seen lotsa theories that say there might be a possibility of a Greg/Steven fusion, which would make my year! If there was a fusion between the two, what do you think it'll end up looking like? My guess is an older Steven, with long, fluffy, dark brown hair, with pink highlights, and stubble. Maybe there'll even be a song they sing!

I’ve heard about that too!! I’ve been hoping it’ll be about Amethyst or Jasper, personally, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to a Greg/Steven episode!

Logic says a fusion between them would probably look a bit like young Greg … But I have a feeling they’d look much different than we expect, and a bit more magical.

Having pink highlights would be AMAZING, but even without it, they’d undoubtedly have the wildest, most majestic head of hair this side of the cosmos!

Even if they don’t fuse in TP, it could still happen someday. I just really really wanna see them fuse!!

I’m surprised but not surprised that some TS blogs are being extra and pissy and bashing Calvin for going to the Vanity Fair party last night. Y'all ever think maybe he’s realizing his mistakes? Doing stuff he wouldn’t have before cause he’s trying to be “better”? Nah cause that would mean y'all can’t bash him 🙄🙄🙄

(W)rapped Around Her Finger (pt 2)

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A/N: I had such a hard time writing this, and I rewrote this like multiple times but this was the best I could do and for that i’m sorry. I had such a hard time making J-hope look like a douche. He’s such a cutie! Hopefully you all like this little series. I had fun writing~

Thank you for requesting and I would love to write more for people! Send in your requests~ I just don’t write smut hehe.

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Part 1

pairing: j-hope x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

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i like art positivity and i like positivity thats like “all art is good art!” but at the same time nothing ever helped me fight through intense art self-loathing quite like being able to look at something i made, think “wow, this fucking sucks!” and laugh about it and move on

accepting you’re gonna make bad art sometimes, maybe even lots of times, was the biggest weight off my shoulder. it was hard pushing it off, and i still get bogged down in perfectionist mindsets, but im not nearly as hard on myself as i was before, and i enjoy drawing so much more now because of it. 

it wasnt too long ago i would rather Die than post fanart in multiple tags, or post anything i didnt run by several friends to see if it was even good enough to post, or even draw my own damn ocs (who do you think you are thinking your characters are worth drawing for fun, i told myself constantly) and now like

i can post this and not feel deep intense shame (tho maybe i should)

this sort of stage in my life right now is the most ive ever had fun drawing, and i dont think i wouldve reached this point if i didnt learn to just laugh at my own art, and hell, at myself. i dont have to pretend every work i make is or was or has to be a masterpiece. not everything’s gotta be so serious. some things can be bees.

deathordesire  asked:

I love the witches art book idea and was wondering if you would ever stock more? I just now found your blog and would love to buy one

Hi! Thank you! I actually don’t know yet…Maybe if I do another one? It’s something I’m thinking about but don’t know yet, sorry!

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Do you think that Ging wanted Gon? Since Ging's smart and loves predict, maybe yes?

i think he did, because he’s shown to be the type of person who 1) can predict/calculate scenarios, even years in advance 2) gets what he wants. this leads me to think that gon’s birth was planned and not spontaneous. however, while he wanted a son for whatever reason, i don’t think ging wanted or planned on being a father. it seemed like he calculated that mito would take gon, even fight him in court for custody (thus he had the cassette tape + greed island items prepared in advance).

ging’s motivations around gon, like why we wanted a son, wanted to train him, but didn’t want to raise him personally, are such a mystery. i can only assume that he went through all the effort because he thought it’d be fun/interesting, as that’s ging’s primary motive lol.

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U know what I've thought and I think it'll be cool. That Camila tweet a sentence and then fans reply with other until it matches up and rhymes and finally it comes a song. U know what I mean? Like I know some would write stupid shit but by ignoring that and just pick up the good ones and create a song that at the end gives a message and we can understand it. Idk maybe I'm crazy and it's boring but for some reason i find that cool to do it.

that idea is amazing

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I just keep thinking of if Dean throws Jonas out if he comes out Bi or something and Mitch looses his shit. Also.... I HATE DEAN WITH A BURNING PASSION AAAAAHHHHH

I’m really worried about this too! (A lot of things to worry about……)

I do think Jonas isn’t gonna tell Dean himself right away about his sexuality or when he’s dating Mitch…… I do think however he would want to… Maybe tell him?

But, Dean doesn’t seem like a very open minded person and, from what I can predict from the update, he mcfucking hates Mitch…A GGHGH I LOVE JONAS AND I CAN ONLY HOPE HE’LL BE OKAY