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What do you think about Allura using the same pickup that Lance used to get into the Lance mindset to pilot blue?

Honestly I was more distracted how Lance flirted with his lion. I laughed ten minutes and didn’t get so much more of it. I also should rewatch the other episodes again.

But can we talk about HOW lance flirted with his lion? Like… isn’t he the sweetest bean of them all?

Also we get more LANCE

Here’s my headcanons for the Galra women based solely off of their picture

Red Galra (furthest left)

  • Comes off as sweet but can turn lethal in an instant
  • Takes a little longer than the rest to process things, but the rest of the squad acknowledges this and helps her through it
    • Once she understands though she’ll execute it perfectly
  • Cries when she sees a cute dog

Big Earred Galra (front)

  • Super strong, can break you in half
  • Acts tough but is really a softie
  • Has the loudest belly laugh 
    • When the rest of the team hears it they can’t help but laugh along with her

Purpled Haired Galra (back)

  • Expensive hair products
  • Rebellious, doesn’t always follow directions
    • Likes to rush into missions guns blazing
  • Not good at hiding her emotions but tries to anyway

Masked Galra (furthest right)

  • Mysterious™
  • Loves her cat and would kill whoever hurt a single hair on their head
  • Dark humor

Oh, and all of them can kick my ass and I’d say thank you

guys, a fair warning:

i am going to write a few threads related to the leaked episode 6 — which, obviously, will contain varying degrees of spoilers. i will not put these under Read More cuts, admittedly for my own convenience, but i will tag them all as GOT spoilers until Sunday night, when the episode rightfully airs. please consider blacklisting it, if you haven’t watched the episode yet. thank you!

FOREWARNING TO MY FOLLOWERS:   i will be posting screencaps and edits immediately following the chapter, so be wary of spoilers! i will be tagging them as ks spoilers for those who would like to blacklist them!


I typically don’t watch the videos I post from SDCC today due to lack of time so it is possible that some vids from the press room are really similiar since some websites share a table in the press room and therefore get the same answers.

I also can’t say if the actor or Jason truly spoil anything but I am tagging them with “spoilers” just in case.

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I don't think I'll get to play V's route right away because (no matter what my age is) my grandparents take all my electronics away at night because they say it effects my school (it really doesnt.) But I made a deal with them if I get all my grades to an A I get my stuff back at night. But my grades suck so I really doubt that'll happen lol ~deer anon

I’m sure you can get your grades up, sweetheart! If you ever need help i could attempt;;;; 

but thats dumb like lmao im sure you’re quite old enough to have your phone and stuff at night thats stupid im so sorry 

!!! but hey!!!! when DaddV’s route is released, I’ll wait at least a week to post anything about it (since I have android) and i’ll tag them as spoilers for a couple of weeks following so there’s that~ ~Admin 404

vld followers, i won’t be posting s3 spoilers for at least a week, but know that i’ll tag them “vld spoilers” and “vlds3″ if ur blacklisting! 

I’m going to avoid reblogging/posting spoilers for Darkness of Dragons until the 10th of August

When I DO start reblogging them I’ll tag them “wof spoiler” until the end of October
(unless otherwise requested! If you need me to tag through November-December please don’t hesitate to tell me!!)

I also will NOT be offended if anyone unfollows me to avoid spoilers

About to reblog some content relating to the audio of the sdcc promo after my queue runs out (so about an hour). To anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, it does not nesessary spoil too much, but if anyone still wants to avoid it, I’ll tag them as “su spoilers”

Heads up

Just warning to my followers that this will not be a spoiler free blog when s3 hits. I’ll tag them as ‘s3 spoilers’ for anyone who needs to blacklist

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Teases Major Reunion in Season 7 (SPOILERS)
SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones” One of “Game of Thrones” most beloved pairings could be reuniting in Season 7. Jerome Flynn…
By Joe Otterson

this is a good time to mention that once Bronn does show up, I’ll be posting caps/gifs and if you want to avoid that (hopefully because you’re waiting to watch & not because I’m terrible) I’ll be tagging them GoT S7 spoilers,