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Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: au!Animal Crossing

“How the fuck did you steal my bells?!”

Izaya was getting bored because it was almost too easy to scam Shizuo.

Sprawled in Shizuo’s bed, the two had decided to do homework together, but Izaya took out his DS and managed to convince Shizuo to do the same, explain that they should relax before doing any work. Shizuo, knowing that he probably would take more than twice as long to do the homework by himself than with Izaya even with the break, ended up agreeing, though he looked grumpy.

Scowling, he smashed the buttons on his device furiously.

“Did you steal my neighbor too?!”

“What can I say? People love me.”

“You fuckin’ wish!! What the–are you diggin’ holes?! Don’t just go diggin’ holes!!”

“Relax, Shizu-chan… you need peach trees, aa?”

“…Well, yeah, but don’t just go diggin’ holes!!”

Giving a lazy smirk, Izaya planted a few seeds before running off. He began to bury the money he’d taken from Shizuo, humming as he did so; he was more than aware that Shizuo was still fuming, probably checking if the rest of his neighbors were still there. Izaya already had plans to send Shizuo one of his own favorites, willing to give her up because he knew Shizuo liked the cow neighbors the best. 

Actually, Izaya liked her because she, as a cow, reminded him of Shizuo.

“Shizu-chan, how about you come over to my town?”


“You can steal a neighbor and dig holes too.”

“…Then hurry up and open your goddamn gate!!”


Study skill:

Why should I get a tutor? Tutoring can be both beneficial and necessary for pass or even just understanding a class. Here’s a few people who do cheap/free tutoring:

Japanese Translation Help

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Oddities such as witchcraft and past life 

Useful websites that have tutor video/explanations: 

Math: [X]   [X]   [X

English: Shakespeare language explained

Hope this help, please feel free to message me anytime so that I can help you as well or help you find someone who can! <3

(( this blog should basically be considered on semi-hiatus right now. no, i’m not “WAH WAH GONNA DELETE” or “I CAN’T WRITE ANYMORE” but lately i’m in a shitty, shitty place mentally speaking and yeah. if i’m awake, i’m doing my homework or distracting myself with video games as of late so when i’m feeling a bit better, we will get back to your regularly scheduled pyromancy. 

thanks for reading. ))

Luke’s neck appreciation post (im obsessed with it ok, leave me alone) 

his neck looks so kissable

look at it, with his lil scruff

so so kissable (he looked so good that day omfg)

also look at his jawline, damn son (again, he killed me that day)

just fuck me up

hes so pretty

RIP luke girls

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Get Organized

I wrote an entire post on getting organized in college, but let me gloss over the key points:

♦ Write everything down. If you have to do it in the future, it should be written down.

♦ I highly recommend a whiteboard so you can prioritize and rearrange your to-do lists.

♦ Your homework area should be kept clean. If there is a mountain of loose papers, food wrappers, or anything else covering your desk, you are going to be so much less likely to actually start working. Keep your desk clean.

Get a study buddy

Find a like minded friend to study with. You’re going to want to study with someone that you won’t get off track with. I have found asking someone I only sort of  know from one of my classes to study with me worked a lot better than studying with my friends. Not only do we not have much to talk about other than the only thing we have in common – our class, but it’s an easy way to make friends. During your study session you’ll probably stay pretty focused on the material, and you may also find that you enjoy each other’s company as well.

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