I think I have this character over 10 years now…
He always is my favourite man-suit when I use my imagination to dive into certain fandoms.
Of course, he has his own story too, but that’s not important now.
It’s interesting to rethink your powers and possibilities every time so everything works.
Even though nobody can see into my head, I just can’t do things which would cause ooc-ness or plotholes.
I always have some kind of audience in my mind who judges the actions I do in those fandoms. %D

“Shy” is one of his aliases. In my own Digimon story he is some kind of celebrity, because he is the second human getting a Digimon on Megalevel in his country.
He truly is shy, but uses his acting skills to appear fearless and unconcerned. Also he acts really friendly and caring.
That Lopmon is not his Digimon. Part of his job is to motivate other tamers to train their Digimon to Megalevel and work for the government (because if a country has many strong Digimon = power!).
He often touches, pets and cuddles the Digimon of the rookie-tamers while he talks, but the Digimon don’t like it most of the times. Maybe they sense that his displayed emotions are fake.
His Digimon is Piedmon, who adds some black humour to Shy’s speeches (and fights). Because Piedmon is a virus-type and overall an evil creepy clown, Shy is the least favourite out of the three Megalevel-tamers the country currently has and is mistrusted easily.
His natural haircolour is light blonde, but a little bit of cosplaying sometimes is part of his act…