I still can't get over this quote from Cursed Child

Scorpius: A doe? Lily’s Patronus.

Snape: Strange isn’t it? What comes from within.

- it shows that Snape’s patronus was not common knowledge, Scorpius who is very smart and bookish lacked this information. Meaning, Harry never shared that with anyone.
- Snape is aware that his goodness derives from the influence Lily had on him. To me, Snape’s life is quite the reflection of the cycle that doesn’t break; doesn’t receive love (assuming, not canon as we don’t know much about his parents), is a typical loner, is bullied mercilessly then becomes a bully later in life, thirst for power in any means (hence the bullying and becomes a DE). Except, it is shown that he loved the goodness that was Lily, she was kind and loving and so much more.
- He is completely aware that everyone painted him as the bad guy. Even in this alternate universe everyone saw him as just that. They saw he wasn’t capable of anything other than bad, not even love or kindness. He goes on to disprove this even in this AU.

- if we are going to talk about this quote based on his love for Lily, it shows a kind of mellow reaction. I don’t see this scene matching up at all with the common antis “He was obsessed with her. That’s not love.” rhetoric.