• 707:My flirting game with MC is strong af.
  • Yoosung:Really?
  • 707:Yeah! Watch us!
  • 707:01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101
  • Yoosung:???
  • MC:Aww I love you too Seven!
  • 707:
  • 707:I don't have feelings for you. Stay away from me.

Q  (About Steve’s checklist in CATWS): If you had to recommend anything for Steve, what would it be and why?S: The Godfather for sure, I mean, right? The Godfather and maybe cronuts? I don’t know.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Sebastian Stan!

{August, 13; 1982}.

It’s been 5 months and my chest is still just as heavy as the day you left.

CBS Summer Press: Mary E. Winstead & Aaron Tveit for BrainDead
@MattMitovich, @mytakeontv, & @KittinExploits ( x | x | x - cropped )

“’I keep telling people–this show is nuts. It’s really nuts!’ @AaronTveit on CBS summer series @BrainDeadCBS” - @BCMikeMalone (x)

“The Kings have a 4-season plan for #BrainDead: D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood. #CBSSummerPress” - @MattMitovich (x)

I love you… which makes me want to tear my heart out and burn it.
—  Let me go