I stayed up all night playing DragonBall Fusions.

@kairi-yajuu talked about it so much I had to get it myself and like

Not disappointed at all. Lives up to her hype. <3

Driving test

The day after tomorrow I have a driving test booked. It’s midnight and I spent my evening turning a 72 page driving manual into 8 pages of intricately worded notes. I’ve tried this test three times already and it’s always ended catastrophically and I’ve always panicked. This isn’t something my brain is equipped to deal with. I hope it’s different this time. I’m losing way too much sleep over this 🌌🚗💌

Idk maybe I’ve become hard hearted but I am too old to put my effort on people who don’t care about my existence this is the new wave this coming year. I will pour all my love to people who care about me. I’ve spent way too much time chasing after people who clearly don’t care about me so Yh I’m done. Took me a while but I’m done


Okay so I’m travelling back home tomorrow and I just wanted to share this with you guys. Even tho Eliza cancelled I had a great time with my kru. It was great to finally meet them all and we spent as much time as possible together. They are great and it was fun drinking and talking to them. I’m still pretty hungover haha but it was probably the best weekend ever amd I meet so many people. It was also great seeimg L again even tho I didnt spend as much time with her as i would have liked. Also I meet Pamela anderson and saw way too much of David Hasselhof -WildChlid

That is amazing WildChild! I’m so glad you had a good time even though things didn’t go as planned. You’re so lucky to have all these opportunities, I’m honestly really jealous! XD -BK

I spent too much time on these drawings, but I’d say they were worth it. I needed practice on drawing chubby girls and I thought Lena was the perfect character to do so.

There is way too much blank space. I hate it so much. Oh well, what can you do.

Pst. If you want more I will literally throw myself into doing more. I have chronic doodling syndrome, I need ideas.

Hope you like them ^u^


this legit just made my night, oh my goodness, loooooook god i can’t believe people still actually will draw fanart of my silly fanfic and my ocs AND ME, LOOK AT EM ahHHAHHHHHHHH <333333 thank you SO much!!!

I couldn’t possibly decline any more of this fabulous fanart, go for it!!