so this a little canon era ficlet/foreword thing written by my friend who isn’t part of the fandom per se, but has spent way too much time with me, she doesn’t have tumblr so I’m posting this on her behalf because I love it !! _________________________________________________________________________

“Drink with me.”
It was supposed to be a question, but he’d asked it so many times now, that it had become more of a demand. He should have been tired of this scenario because it was the same every time, and yet he wasn’t. Every night, he would sit and drink in the hopes of blocking out everything in his crowded mind— he would get so close to forgetting it all, but then he would come closer.

It was almost painfully ironic that one of the many reasons he drowned himself in spirits was the man who stood across from him but of course, the other wasn’t to know that. Sometimes Grantaire wished that he knew, he wished that the other man could see this, but he felt conflicted; If he really did know, things would get messy, far messier than any strong drink or punching bag could tidy.

The response was blunt, it always was, he never understood why he had ever hoped for more. Of all the things that he had lost, the pieces of him that he was sure he would never get back; he held on to the tiniest bit of hope.

It made him look weak, and surely anyone looking on could think of no other way to describe him, but they would be wrong. They would be wrong because it takes a strong person to fight the battles that we can see, but an even stronger person to fight the battles that we can’t.

Unpopular opinion: I like Jared Letos Joker. Now don’t get me wrong Leto did way too much and is v pathetic. He also overacted his part and the Joker itself didn’t seem fleshed out at all and probably should have been left out of the movie all together and saved for another time…. However.. I did like the way they portrayed the Joker?? Like it seemed like it was a fresh new take on who he is and it didn’t seem based off of any of the past live theatrical Jokers. I do think that if they had spent more time explaining WHY the joker was doing what he was and explaining his decisions (I.e. Killing Commons character after they made a business deal), the joker would have been more.. Digestible. Anyways I like him.


“oh my god he’s perfect go ask him to join our band”

“he looks like a dick”

[bert and jean are just hangin out eating hamburgers or something and bert just freezes and spins around with his mouth full to see eren jammin out and points super seriously as he chokes down his food and goes “that’s him that’s the one we need”]

inspired by tags from straydo on this video "#ill just contribute to your jeager bombs stuff #what if that was how they met #just hanging somewhere eating or something #and then him playing is just heard in the background"


A Grumpy Pete/Angry Pete comic based on Phil’s tale in his latest video of the grump man on the plane who actually told Dan to stop singing. Phil pretends that he “accidentally dropped” his headphones on the man, or that the “turbulence” made it happen, but come on we all know the truth 

(phil’s the nicest person ever this is meant to be a joke)