Okay I’ve been called many things and been talked to in a different way because I’m a furry, and dealt with people saying my art isn’t as good because it’s furry. I don’t care it’s whatever, 99% of people who say that stuff are insecure
But this one irks me the most: when people assume, because I don’t look like the stereotypical furry, that I’m pandering to get money or attention. like it doesn’t upset me as much as I don’t understand. people genuinely believe I spent way too much time learning how to draw different animals and bend anatomy just to make money.
for real

I made like an alter spotlight thingy for Nina.

i like nina bc she actually makes notes in lectures for me. I don’t know if I will do more of this since I spent way too much time on this one but I hope its interesting to somebody :c 

(also ty to @fangirlinginleatherboots for the inspiration, i hope this is ok to emulate the idea a bit, youre an asset to the DID community so please keep up the great work!) 

OverwatchDad after a rough night. I wanted to do a piece that sort of highlighted his life as a vigilante. I imagine while he’s running around from country to country, blowing up shadowy corporations and beating up punks with piñatas he hunkers down in whatever abandoned place he can find to set up for a while before moving on.

I like this old guy alot someone make it stop