Riverdale Episode 5 “Holy crap what is going on?”
  • There’s a set of parents crazier than the Coopers? No freaking way.
  • Oh nevermind, Betty’s dad has gone crazy and may have killed Jaon, false alarm people, the Coopers are still the wackiest of them all.
  • Veronica eating those fries and staring at Betty is so damn gay, like honestly are they trying to hide it?
  • Archie honey the only thing I care about in your story line is this Valerie girl.
  • But also Ronnie fixing him up was the cutest thing.
  • This episode is actually making me like Cheryl. Also I love this friendship between her and Ronnie.
  • This episode is also making me ship Bughead.
  • But seriously I cannot wait to meet Polly. That conversation between that old woman and Betty gave me chills.
  • Bring on next week (and a supposed Bughead kiss?).
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Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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The year of the golden chicken is almost here! Chinese New Year is my favorite time of year, I seriously cannot wait, I’m making some treats this week to get ready. I’ve got a card I’m making prints of to give to my family this Saturday, but this one was just for fun. 

This Last Episode Will Be LIT

Seriously, all this tension and angst?? Yeah, It’s gonna pay off big time! I don’t know about anyone else but I would have been scared if there WASN’T any angst in this episode.
This gives me more hope that Yuri will KILL IT with his final performance!

And of course Victuri…I’m really excited guys. We all know by now that Kubo cares deeply about these characters and that the whole show evolves around their love story. She wants to protect them. We can trust her, it’s okay.

It hurt to watch this epi, but it was totally expected. And I seriously cannot wait for this upcoming final. Don’t let that anxiety and fear take control, my lovelies 💕

Plus, an added 3mins?? Ya’ll know that’s gonna be something amazing 👌

*cough* wedding pics and/or awesome sexy Victuri banquet.

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yay your ask is open again! you're like, one of very few people i go to drop in and spiel random x drake things to as anon. just gotta remember/come up with something now c:

I was starting to miss getting random X Drake things or general comments, honestly. It’s the whole reason I opened it back up again. XD

On that note, since I feel you (and others, hopefully) will find my most recent train of thought entertaining, I think I should share my latest Drake/ Robin/ Franky musings.

So, I always write Drake and Robin instantly hitting it off, clicking like lost souls finding each other. I mean, she’s genuinely pleasant and amicable to 99% of the people she meets, even a lot of her supposed enemies. She can be wary with some of them, but she doesn’t go out of her way to be rude or mean. And Drake’s quiet and smart and seems generally polite (unless you’re Law), and he seems like the mama’s-boy type who would totally be endeared to a woman like Robin who is the uncontested Straw Hat mom, so it only makes sense that they would instantly be at least civil with each other.

But then I started wondering what sort of circumstances might make that impossible. How would their first meeting have to go to leave Robin with a low enough impression of Drake to be instantly cold and cruel to him? Obviously there are two things that will immediately put someone on her shit list with a long uphill battle to get off it - hurting her friends, and destroying important historical ruins or evidence. Drake is capable of the former, assuming he does initially work for Kaidou and attacks them, maybe even tries to capture her so that Kaidou can translate the Road Poneglyph, whatever. But I can’t see him intentionally doing the latter. Like, he’s smart enough to know the significance of those sorts of things, but there is the chance that he does it on accident. Which brought about the best scenario ever (to me)-

Robin is exploring Wano, taking in the history related to people so few get to meet and learn about, people that have a connection to her through the poneglyphs (seriously, that woman is going to be in her own heaven in Wano, probably). She’s just minding her own business, unaware that a battle broke out not far from where she is between Franky and Drake (because robot versus dinosaur needs to happen, especially with Drake’s knowledge of Vegapunk’s research). Suddenly the fight crashes toward her. Lasers are firing everywhere. There’s a dinosaur screaming and thrashing its tail. It’s madness. And a historical structure gets decimated in the chaos.

Needless to say, Robin is not having any of that shit.

Franky knows he fucked up the moment two gigantic hands are sprouting up to restrain him and Drake. All he needs to do is look at Robin’s face and he knows she’s pissed. Doesn’t need to ask why, the reason does not matter to him, she was willing to crush his balls to get him to join the crew, there is no telling what she will do to him out of genuine anger. He just goes very still and very quiet and prays to every god in existence that he is not the one in trouble.

Angry Robin is a million times more terrifying than literally anyone else on their crew because Robin does not get angry that often and right at that moment she looks down-right furious.

Meanwhile Drake is a very confused and irritated dinosaur. He’s just trying to turn this robot and the cyborg operating it into scrap metal, but all of a sudden there’s a hand restraining him, and he’s not exactly in control of all his faculties while in full dino-mode so reason is a little out of his grasp at that moment. So, he’s just thrashing and clawing and trying to bite his way out of her hold until she slams him head first into the ground. The shock forces him to return to his human form and Drake’s just shaking off the unexpected concussion while Robin slowly approaches him.

And in the coldest, most merciless voice says, “Do you have any idea what you have just done?”

Drake’s more confused now than anything. He’s having a harder time understanding the situation thanks to the concussion, but also… Why is the devil child of Ohara looking at him like he just ate everyone she’s ever loved? Or worse, why does he feel like a little kid who just disappointed his mother? He can’t find a single word to answer her, let alone an actual answer, but she doesn’t really give him time to, because the next thing he knows, he’s bound up in hundreds of hands, all trying to twist him in ways that are not anatomically possible, and he’s pretty sure she’s literally trying to shove his head up his ass and HE STILL DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE DID WRONG!

Once she’s gotten most of her anger out, she leaves him to think about what he did (like a good mother would) while getting his joints back into their correct places, and just walks away saying “I will never forgive you for this.”

He’s just sitting there, utterly defeated by a pissed off archaeologist, and he has no clue how the hell that happened.

Franky, finally free of his restraints (and breathing a sigh of relief for being spared her wrath), takes some pity on Drake and goes up to him, pats him on the shoulder with a very consoling look, and says, “Bro, you suuuper fucked up. We’ll finish this fight another time… Away from any structures built before we were born.” And then he walks away to leave Drake to the realization that he just helped destroy a five-hundred-year old ruin by getting into a fight with a robot and now he’s Nico Robin’s mortal enemy.

Franky isn’t as free of his punishment as he thought, by the way. He just has to suffer a cold shoulder for a week, which is actually worse than ball squeezing for him. He likes having Robin’s attention, so being purposefully ignored is super awful.

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When Kellyanne gets fired this week Hillary's tweet will say "couldn't even make it to 3-0 days" and with that the witch will be slain and the villagers freed

hillary rodham is seriously gonna Go There and i cannot wait