Riverdale Episode 5 “Holy crap what is going on?”
  • There’s a set of parents crazier than the Coopers? No freaking way.
  • Oh nevermind, Betty’s dad has gone crazy and may have killed Jaon, false alarm people, the Coopers are still the wackiest of them all.
  • Veronica eating those fries and staring at Betty is so damn gay, like honestly are they trying to hide it?
  • Archie honey the only thing I care about in your story line is this Valerie girl.
  • But also Ronnie fixing him up was the cutest thing.
  • This episode is actually making me like Cheryl. Also I love this friendship between her and Ronnie.
  • This episode is also making me ship Bughead.
  • But seriously I cannot wait to meet Polly. That conversation between that old woman and Betty gave me chills.
  • Bring on next week (and a supposed Bughead kiss?).
Read It Wednesday

Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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Distance // Changkyun

Request for: @lallainex91

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 897

As soon as you woke up by the blinding light, you internally groaned, and as your eyes adjusted, you stared at the empty space next to you, your boyfriend, Changkyun was currently away promoting for Monsta X’s recent comeback, and you missed him like crazy, from seeing him every day, to barely being able to talk to him on the phone left an unbearable feeling inside you. You missed his silly jokes, the way he never failed to make you laugh and smile, the way you’d both cuddle up together, they way he looked in your eyes and told you how much you meant to him, you longed for him so much.

You grabbed your phone from your bedside table hastily, but there were no new notifications or messages. You sighed, feeling your heart sink. You didn’t want to disturb him, and so binge watched a load of Monsta x videos, and then read through previous texts you’d had with your boyfriend, making you smile from ear to ear.
Later that day you decided to do a bit of shopping to take buy Changkyun a present to congratulate him, as he was supposed to be coming home in a couple of days, and whilst walking past various shops, you reminisced how you both had shared so many memories here, the bakery were he always bought you cakes, clothing shops were he’d wait for hours on end for you to try things on, and he’d shower you in compliments about how great you looked.

You walked into the shop and picked up a few articles of clothing for him, and enjoyed a nice long walk in the spring breeze, browsing through different shops, eventually becoming too engrossed in the busy Seoul atmosphere to beING able to forget about the numb feeling for a split second.

You decided to sit in small cafe that didn’t look to busy as you got extremely tired from walking, and carrying the heavy bags, and ordered bubble tea and your favourite cake, and took your phone out your coat pocket, only to see 4 missed calls. You almost dropped your phone, in shock and disappointment that you had missed Changkyun’s calls whilst you were busy shopping,
You immediately called back, and were so relieved when he answered instantly,

“Jagi are you okay?” he said hurriedly, and your heart melted at how his voice was full of concern, and clenched the necklace he had given you as a sentimental keepsake, an old habit you couldn’t help whilst talking to him.
“Oppa I’m fine, I’m sorry I missed your calls I was out shopping, how are you?” you blurted, although you had a million things you wanted to tell and ask him.
He laughed a little “I’m fine y/n-iee I miss you soo much though” he whined, and in the background you heard Wonho mocking him, and Changkyun shouting at him, you could just picture him rolling his eyes, and you giggled so loud, you got a few strange looks from people nearby.
“I miss you more Jagi, every second without you is torture…time passes slower without you” you said, looking down, feeling miserable again.
“Aww y/n I know, I want to see your beautiful face and kiss your beautiful lips soo desperately, you know I’m going to be home a few more days now, I seriously cannot wait to see you, I love you Jagi always remember that” he said, making you smile again. You were in love with his voice, and could listen to him for hours.
“I know..I can’t wait either Jagi I love you too”
You were struggling to hear him as there was a lot of noise in the background, he was obviously really busy.
“Bye Jagi I’ll call you later” he said hurriedly.
“You better Oppa! Bye”.
After clenching your phone in your hand, feeling so much more warm-hearted after the phone call, and decided it would be a good idea to make your way home.  
After putting the shopping away, you got changed into some clothing and dived on the sofa, aching from walking so much ealier. You just sat down, and were about to continue watching a series, when there was an abrupt knocking at your door. You groaned, and threw the remote to the side, confused at who it might be at this time. As you swung the door open, you were greeted by a colossal bunch of red roses, and were taken aback, had Changkyun sent someone to give these to you? Just then they lowered the giant bunch of roses, it was Changkyun!

You were so speechless, “Surprise Jagi!!” he said grinning, and you squealed, unable to form any words, and engulfed him in the biggest hug ever.
“Woah y/n I can’t breathe!” he giggled as you finally let go of him, and he stepped inside with another large bag.
“But you said you’d be here in a few d-“
He cut you off by pulling you in for a long kiss, and you feel like time froze. When you finally pulled away, you lightly punched his shoulder,
“You could’ve at least told me you were coming, I look like shit” you whined motioning at your baggy jumper and sweatpants.
“Y/n you looks beautiful and amazing as always, and besides I wanted to surprise you” he said, pulling you closer by your waist.

About Yesterday

Making a little public post because there were a LOT of messages and I want you guys to know that even though I didn’t respond to them all, I read them all and I thank you guys for that. So so much.

I am feeling a lot better and more confident today. The wonderful thing about dedicating myself to drawing every day for years has been that on the worst days and the best days art is a constant. I know that from personal experience it’s easy to cause harm with the best of intentions, so I don’t hold anything against the anons. 

I have a lot of really beautiful things going on in my life right now (seriously, I cannot WAIT until I’m allowed to tell you some of this stuff!). I’m trying to focus on that, because I really and truly am very fortunate. Even with the not-so-good things that tiny internet notoriety brings there is still SO much good and the art journey is worth all the struggle. I hope in my dealing with situations that arise sometimes I don’t discourage people from putting themselves out there. I just like to be transparent because I don’t want anyone else who deals with these things to think they are alone. We’re all in this great art journey together.

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Question; has Mr. PizzaPasta™ released any details for,,, the new Red Vox album?

Oh my guy!! Hello!

As far as I’m concerned, I belive either on his instagram or the redvoxband twitter he’s given some little sneak peeks for the songs?

I seriously cannot fucking wait. Im like 98% positive Another Light will be their best album yet. He said “late spring” when he released In the Garden so I’m speculating after his break, or after the vinesauce anniversey, is when he might release it. But thats merely speculation.

But soon my friend, soon..

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i seriously cannot wait to finally know who puched isak so i can focus all my hatred to one person and burn that motherfucker to the ground with hellfire

Hi, Anon!!!

Looool I’ll laugh if it ends up turning out that it wasn’t even one of the guys from the balloon squad but instead was a genuine white guy in passing that saw him and Even who punched him.