Let's recap....

Bones season 8, 26 episodes!

Hart says David and Emily are negotiating for at LEAST a season 9.

There could be a wedding….

David and Emily enjoy breaking furniture.

David trolls.

Booth’s mom might show up.

cyndi lauper is back for the 150th episode.

B&B are gonna get HOT.

Back to epic murder cases.

Yup. This is going to be good

I seriously cannot wait for the day when I can be curled up in my bed, going over my case files from work and you come straggling in, throw off your clothes and put on my college sweatshirt, put your hair up, put your glasses on, and snuggle up into my side smelling like our child’s shampoo.


I finally finished my poster for 1989!!! It took me a total of 12 hours BUT IM REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT.

I’m seeing Taylor in Montreal on July 7th, and I seriously CANNOT WAIT. Over the last few months I’ve been freaking out because it felt like I had no ideas for a cute costume or clever lyrical pun to write on a poster.. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that I might as well draw something!! It’s not really creative, clever, or funny… But I combined my love for drawing and Taylor and I don’t think I could express how much she means to me in any other way.

I know it’s really really small, especially for a “poster”… but I’m going to be in the pit and I don’t know what the poster policies are, so I’m basically going to attempt to sneak it in! I don’t think Taylor will have a chance to see it at the show because she’ll be so busy performing and it really is tiny, so I’m hoping she’ll see it here. It would really truly be a dream if she does see it (OR SIGNS IT but that’s another story and asking for luck I seriously don’t have)

SO taylorswift I hope you like it, and thank you for the past 8 years, they’ve been the best of my life. See you soon 😊💓

i feel so happy when i imagine myself playing wizard101 over the summer