Diary Entries of the Moon Signs

Aries: No matter what I do, I can’t control the way I feel and I can’t stop myself from expressing it. I act like I don’t care what comes out of my mouth, but I do deep down. And that’s why I get so angry, that’s why I blow things out of proportion and jump to conclusions. I feel too much and I feel nothing all at once. 

Taurus: I just want to feel safe and comfortable. That’s all. I don’t want to change my habits! I refuse to.  Why can’t people understand that? Why do they have to make fun of my ‘weird’ habits and indulgent activities? I just want to be able to enjoy myself.

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“What are you talking about? No one has ever tried to exclude bi people from the LGBT+ community; they’ve been there since the beginning! Why are you so worried about ace exclusion, it doesn’t affect you?”

Translation: I don’t know my history at all. Radfems who? I refuse to understand why bi people, who have a history of being shut out of the community, would be concerned about other groups being excluded. I guess it’s just a mystery.

You Don’t Want Me To Get Angry

Title: You Don’t Want Me To Get Angry
Requested? No.
Plot: A king captured you and is doing his best to make you weak, so you would be even more of a leverage to make sure Ivar doesn’t kill any more of his men, but your husband is not taking it so nicely.
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1492


You struggled to open your eyes, your head pounding like it was trying to detach from your body to escape the pain it was under. The last time you ate properly was around five days ago, and if it wasn’t for a miniscule piece of bread and half a cup of water you were given each day, you would have surely died. Your foggy mind knew what was going on and why you were there, but due to how tired you were, falling in and out of consciousness, you couldn’t get all of your thoughts rounded in one, so every time you were awake, you thought about one of the events that led up to your current state. You have been in this dungeon for around a week, and you were starting to think he was not coming. He was just gonna leave you to die.

You had met the youngest Ragnarsson, Ivar, when you stumbled upon Kattegat one rainy day. You were left in the woods by the man you were supposed to marry as soon as he heard the roar of a bear. You ran as fast as you could and you looked back to notice a large brown bear chasing you. You thanked the Gods once you noticed a settlement and you didn’t think twice before you ran straight through the gates and into someone, knocking them down from a log they were sitting on. You look down and your eyes meet a pair of icy blues of the man you were on top of. Coming to your senses, as the roar of the bear stil rang through your ears as clear as day, you jumped up and closed the door, soon being assisted by the man with icy blue eyes. You noticed he was sitting with his back against the door, instead of standing up, but you noticed soon enough who you were dealing with.

Someone even more terrifying than that bear, the son of Ragnar Lothbrook, Ivar. You had heard a lot about him through others, but never once saw him in person. He looked more shocked about everything than scared. Compared to the poor excuse of a man that left you for dead to save himself. After you heard the bear was running in the opposite direction, after something else that caught its attention, you let out a sigh of relief. You thanked Ivar for his  help and opened the door to peek your head out.
“What are you doing?”
He asked, confused. You explained how you couldn’t just stay here, now knowing the place and the people. He replied telling you not to be stupid and to follow him into the great hall. You listened to him and soon you two were sitting in front of the fire, both of you still in your wet clothes, while the slaves found some dry clothes for you to change into. After that you two drank ale and talked.

You left the next day to see your parents and tell them what happened, but you knew you would be coming back. And you did, Ivar and you soon falling for each other, meeting in the woods before telling both your parents you were in love. Queen Aslaug didn’t really like you, and no matter how much you tried, you never seemed to be good enough for her son. Your parents took a liking in Ivar, after he had convinced them he would protect you no matter the cost, but your mother still told you to be safe. Your love growing each day, soon enough Ivar and you were married, and you loved him not even caring about what anyone said. You were always there when he felt bad, due to not being able to walk, and not being able to please a woman, or so he tought. With you it went just fine, and that’s one of the reasons he knew you were the one. But right now you didn’t know what was keeping him so long. Did he not want to save you?

Unknown to you, he was holding back his urge to just slaughter everyone to get to you, but knew his brothers were right when they said just what he thought, that there was a lot to do before going there. To check the area, and see how many guards they have and so on. And not to mention they didn’t know where the king had hidden you. Soon enough he couldn’t take it anymore and got into his carriage that Floki had made for him and with a few vikings at his side, he rushed to the castle. 
“Y-your useless God won’t h-help you when m-my husband arrives.”
You managed to say, but the king just laughed at your face.
“Are you sure? He has not come yet, could it be he forgot?”
The king teased you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little sting in your heart. You never wanted to doubt Ivar, but in this moment you didn’t know what to think. Until you heard the words from a guards mouth, immediately cursing yourself for even taking a second to think he would not be coming for you.

“My king, the heathens are here.”
The king smirked at you and you leaned against a rock in the center of your cell to be able to notice your husband if he enters the room himself. 
“Welcome Ivar, if you would please come in-”
The king started, but was cut off by Ivar.
“I came to get my wife.”
Was all he said, not moving an inch. After the king tried once again to invite him in and try to negotiate something in return for letting you go, Ivar smirked, sliding his tongue to poke his right cheek. Annoyance was filing his blue eyes, as he once again refused.
“I don’t think you understand me. I said I came here to get my wife. No negotiation, just get me my wife. You don’t want me to get angry.”
Annoyance soon switched to rage as he tilted his head to the side. The king knew he had a limited amount of time, and so he tried another tactic, letting Ivar find you on his own, and hoping to get to talk to him on the way. But all Ivar could see was you. Once he entered the dungeon area, he noticed fragile frame and felt the urge to kill everyone immediately, but the look in your eyes, begging for him to be by your side was pulling him stronger and soon enough, he was in front of your cell.
“I have an entire army coming to destroy every single soul in your kingdom, I sent one of my vikings to get them, so if you don’t want to die today you will let me inside and let me get my wife out.” 
Ivar gestured to the two big men at the door who were gonna be carrying you out.

Having no other choice, fear filling his heart at the mere sight of Ivar’s eyes, the king ordered they let Ivar into your cell. He crawled to you and rested his arm on the rock, looking at your tired face trying to muster a smile. You heart filling with joy as you stared at the man you loved, knowing you will never doubt him again, not even for a second. His eyes scanned every inch of you, to see how much damage they caused you, his heart breaking at the sight of your blood covered clothes and messy hair.

“I will never let anyone do this to you again, my love. Or anything. Nobody is going to hurt you ever again. I am going to make sure of it.”
He said, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, his lips being the thing you needed and craved all this time. You calmed down, not needing to be on high alert anymore. Ivar motioned for one of the two vikings with him to take you in his arms and out of the castle, while the other one held down the king in his chair.
“This is for hurting my wife.”
Ivar said before he thrusted a knife directly into the kings heart, hurting him right where he was hurting by being depraved of you for so long. He stayed by your side as you were recovering, and kept repeating how much he loved you and how much you mean to him.
“You are my reason to live, I don’t know what I would do without you Y/N.”
He frowned, but smirked as you tried to reply with your voice low and groggy.
“I love you s-so much Ivar, y-you are my life.”
He knew you meant what you said and lied next to you, wrapping his arm around you, whispering in your ear to get some rest, as he stared at you with adoring eyes.

I know I said it would be up earlier, but my internet broke so here it is now, hope you like it :D <3 it took me so long to figure out a plot for Ivar I liked. This is the one I liked the best in my crazy mind. IF YOU GUYS WANT ME TO MAKE IT LONGER LET ME KNOW! (2000 words here we come :D Just say it and I’ll do it)

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Why Jean Jacques Leroy deserves to be loved.

the “characters interactions” that most disturbed me in Yuri On Ice was these JJ have with other skaters. 

I will explain me better…

 We know for sure Jean Jacques Leroy is apparently one of the most cocky character in all the show, his “self-confidence” is so strong to underline an unbearable personality for most of the audience and for the  other characters themselves.

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 But what is really true about the Canadian skater? 

Every time we see him in the show he tries so hardly to have interactions with the others.

 Failing miserably

(Viktor, please he is only trying to be friend..)

He spent every scene with a smile, proclaiming himself “the best” and at the same time seeking to be part of others conversations

And he ALWAYS is refused. 

 Now I understand that he is not the most appealing person to speak with, that he has the sustain of his family, his fans but the fact that never one time they accepted him and No one offered to be his friend really hurts me.

 In my opinion we learned well at the end of the season that his self-confidence was used to hide his insecurities… 

however repeating something out loud, continually make you believe it.

 "I’m good enough?“ Sure, I’m the king

 "I’m doing well?” Of course, It’s JJ style

 This is false self confidence, this is a way to surpass the problem, hiding the tension, the weight of responsibilities. 

We see in fact the lost of his normal composure when at the end he fails miserably.

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This could perfectly be a singular episode.

 But from the reactions of his fans and family we can assume he has felt this way before, maybe in the privacy of his home. 

For sure JJ lack of security in his social interactions, he just DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK AND BEFRIEND WITH OTHERS.

I personally saw people who underestimated him.

“He is such an horrible character”
“He is too narcissists”
“I don’t like him, he is so full of himself”

Now in my young life, I understood only one thing, 

we should stop assuming

 Anxiety, Depression as other mental illness don’t show in the same way. 

Yuuri Katsuki and Jean Jacques Leroy are the perfect examples, they both feel the pressure, they both failed, they both have the support of their lovers and family.

We have characters that admitted publicly their weaknesses, such as yuuri, and others that tried to hide them, as JJ.

In conclusion and In my opinion the canadian derseves to be loved and appreciated as much as the others.

Doing their homework

Gryffindor : C'mon, Ravenclaw, explain this to me one last time.

Ravenclaw : when I try to explain something to you, I feel like I’m going against a wall. A wall so long and high I can’t go around it or climb it.

Slytherin : break it.

Hufflepuff : Normally I’d say stop being rude but even I am at my wit’s end. How did he pass last year’s exams if he didn’t know that ?

Slytherin : *singing mockingly* money money money…

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is messy, and develops over time, and rooted in friendship, first and foremost. It’s a much more grown-up way of looking at a relationship, and it’s a relationship that we often don’t explore in these kinds of shows, and that’s part of the fun of it for us: getting to see as these characters get older, can they establish true, intimate and connected relationships with each other? DE fans said that The young love at first sight = stelena. Powerful Passionate = delena. Real life love = steroline

But where is this true, intimate and connected relationship, though? WHERE IS IT? I’m genuinely asking.

First of all, what DErs and SCers refuse and I mean this, they refuse to understand, Stefan and Elena evolve past love at first sight. Their relationship doesn’t stay as young love, their relationship wasn’t even young love to begin with, their relationship started very intimate and very profound and it actually just gets more profound with each season, hell with each episode. They continuously shift and figure out more aspects about one another.

Damon and Elena cannot have an actual conversation that goes somewhere because they are so scared by honesty

Damon continuously lies to her:

(this is when he still doesn’t tell her about the cure)

Elena doesn’t talk to Damon about her problems, she talks to Stefan and then Stefan tells her to talk to Damon:

Damon doesn’t talk to Elena about his problems, he talks to Bonnie:

Damon and Elena only really talk about having lots of sex:

and then they have lots of sex

but that’s not powerful and passionate love. Powerful and passionate love is being able to fight compulsion for each other:

loving and trusting each other so intrinsically that the other person can lead you out of your darkness:

like the SE love was that“our love can move mountains” kind of love, it did the impossible and as a really great bonus, they had really great sex:

Caroline and Stefan are never on the same page. Ever. In build-up, in the will-they-won’t-they, that worked, in an actual relationship it is a fundamental issue that they’re never truly communicating until it’s too late.

In season 7, Stefan deluded himself into thinking that Caroline wouldn’t want to be a part of the twins’ lives and Caroline didn’t want to tell Stefan that she actually wanted to be. Klaus and Damon had to tell Stefan he was being stupid. Stefan had to ask Lily for advice on how to handle the situation. In season 6 when he didn’t know what he was feeling, that’s fine, but when you’re in a relationship, you should know how to communicate with your girlfriend. Caroline relied on Alaric and Stefan relied on Valerie and then when Stefan left, Caroline got engaged and that didn’t need to happen. It’s the 21st Century, she did not need to get engaged to the father of her children, their situation is bizarre anyway, they have gemini twins who were sent to Caroline’s womb without her consent, she is a vampire, Alaric was a hunter turned original vampire turned human adventurer for the supernatural, so it’s not like they’re a conventional, traditionalist family.

And then in season 8, Caroline has to tell Stefan to rely on her when it comes to Damon, we never evolve past this point of Caroline telling Stefan to open himself up

and then Caroline suspends their engagement while she looks for her kids. She doesn’t feel like she can rely on him and be a team with him when it comes to her children because their priorities are different and these are important priorities, which carries from season 7.

They’re never really a family.

There’s Stefan’s life and Caroline’s life running parallel to each other but never connecting, not really.

Then when Stefan sells his soul for her children, she does the bare minimum to get him back. That isn’t an adult relationship, they don’t know how to work together, they don’t know how to be together, everything is a miscommunication, everything is an argument, they’re continuously trying to teach each other how to love one another

and it never sticks for more than a moment and that moment is usually in the morning before life actually begins and that isn’t a problem with Stelena:

So I ask again, what are they talking about?

Belum dikasih judul

Ketika menulis tulisan ini, saya meninggalkan handphone saya di mobil. Saya duduk di ruang keluarga. Menunggu teman saya membetulkan regulator kompor yang rusak.

“Don’t be a stranger, Kinan. Live a normal life”

Tulisan ini masih menempel di notes yang saya gunakan untuk menulis. Notes yang sedang saya gunakan adalah hadiah dari seorang teman bertahun-tahun lalu. Hadiah perpisahan sebelum dia kembali bekerja di tempat yang jauh. Teman saya itulah yang menulis kalimat tadi.

“Don’t be a stranger. Live a normal life”. 

I smiled. What kind of normal life do you mean? There are so many megalomaniac around me, and i am afraid.

Being infj means being too sensitive. Pathetic. People can hurt you without touching you. 

Kadang saya ngerasa kesal sendiri dengan sifat saya ini.

Apa yang sebenarnya membuat saya selalu ingin menyendiri? Padahal saya sedang tidak dilukai siapapun?

Saya terlalu lama hidup di tempat dimana banyak orang mendewakan relasi untuk meraih kesuksesan. Ini normal dan wajar. Di dunia orang dewasa memang seperti itu.

But i am not already matured yet. Bukan peterpan syndrome. No. Saya bukan orang yang menolak untuk diberi tanggung jawab. Saya cuma orang yang mudah teriritasi jika lingkungan saya ternyata tidak ideal untuk nilai-nilai yang saya pegang.

Saya sudah terbiasa berteman karena saya ingin berteman. Bagaimanapun jenis teman saya itu, bagi saya semua berhak dihormati. Berhak dihargai.

Saya terbiasa memahami bahwa bila ingin sukses, kita harus mengupgrade skill. Mengupgrade integritas kita. Kita mengenal orang yang lebih sukses dari kita untuk belajar bagaimana mereka sukses. Bukan sekedar demi link, demi banyak privelege bila kita mengenal mereka.

Saya ngerasa sakit ketika ada teman yang nanya:

“Kinan, orang ini penting nggak?”

“Setiap orang itu penting mbak”

“Bukan itu yang gue maksud. Ini orang posisinya tinggi nggak?”

“Terus kalo posisinya tinggi, mbak mau apa?”

“Hmmm……lo nggak faham ato pura-pura nggak faham sih?”

I refuse to understand mbak. Saya masih ingin hidup dengan waras. Berusaha memperlakukan semua orang dengan cara yang sama baiknya. Meski saya belum mampu.

“Lo kenapa nggak cerita sih kalo bokap lo itu menteri?”

“Buat apa?”

“Paling nggak, lo bakal dapat privellege kalo orang tau”

Di era megalomaniac dan hiperkonektifitas seperti saat ini, saya justeru tidak ingin mencaritakan banyak hal tentang diri saya, petualangan apa saja yang pernah saya lakukan dan banyak hal lagi. Saya ingin berusaha lebih dekat dengan orang-orang di sekitar saya. Memperlakukan mereka benar-benar sebagai sahabat. Biarlah manusia mengenal kita sebagai manusia. Biarlah kita dikenang sebagai sahabat. Bukan sebagai figur hebat di dunia maya namun jauh tak tersentuh. Biarlah kita mengenal teman-teman kita dengan wajah mereka yang sesungguhnya. Bukan sekedar wajah-wajah silau dengan label yang tersemat di nama kita. Label yang cuma dipinjamkan. Tidak benar-benar kita miliki.

Jabatan, kekayaan pada dasarnya amanah. Patutkah kita membanggakannya? Meminta privellege atasnya? Sama sekali tidak.

Pada akhirnya manusia pasti menyadari bahwa yang mereka butuhkan adalah pelukan hangat sahabat dan keluarga. Bukan tepuk tangan dan pujian dari orang-orang yang sama sekali tidak mengenal mereka. Seperti hari ini, ketika film yang saya kerjakan mendapatkan banyak penghargaan. Saya mestinya berpidato dengan banyak piala. Tapi saya memilih menikmati senyum kamu di sini. Biar cinta kita cukup menjadi milik kita berdua. Kita nikmati berdua. 

“Kamu serius mau pulang?”

“Iya. Aku pengen masak buat kamu”

“Saya tersanjung bu Sutradara :’)”

“Saya lebih tersanjung kalo Bapak Dokter memuji masakan saya”

“Beneran nih pulang?”

“Iya mas. Kamu kan baru pulang dari rumah sakit. Pasti capek banget. Pulang aja. Kita makan bareng”




“Jadi menurut kamu hidup aku udah normal?”

“Iyalah. Udah ada aku soalnya. Dulu pas masih sendiri, kamu ganjil. Sekarang ada aku kan jadinya genap”



“By the way, kok kamu masih nulis aku sebagai teman sih?”

“Iya. Kan kamu teman hidup aku”

“Wkwkwkw…..preeet….ayo makan deh. Mual aku, kamu gombalin kayak gini. Harusnya aku yang gombalin kamu. Malah kebalik”


Terima kasih sudah menyelamatkan saya dari dunia orang dewasa mas Remi. Terima kasih sudah mengizinkan saya tetap menjadi anak-anak. Terima kasih sudah menjadi teman bermain dan belajar.


“Emang aku Bobo? Namaku Ramadhan lho. Bukan Remido -.-a”

“Nikmatin ajalah. Aneh kalo aku manggil kamu mas Rama”



NB: Cerita ini ditulis karena ada tantangan nulis flash fiction dari temen. Maaf kalo gombalnya keterlaluan plus kronologinya membingungkan. Nulis cepet-cepetan soalnya.

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Would you consider yourself a modern James Harriot? (If you're not familiar, he was an English vet who wrote about his experiences in All Creatures Great and Small, among other books)

I think every vet in the English speaking world is aware of James Herriot, the pen name of Alf Wight, and his stories.

I was considering writing about my own experiences as a vet and publishing them under the title ‘I’m not Herriot’ and may still get around to it.

We’re both vets, and we both write, but I think we’re both very different people. Although I did spot a comment on the Lucifer bunny post about someone saying my blog was the ‘James Herriot of 2017′, which I considered printing and framing. It’s high praise.

Herriot and I are both products of our time. He started practice when antibiotics were ‘new’, when speying a dog for pyometra was a specialist referral and surgically repairing a fractured leg was approached with skepticism. These days I worry about antibiotic drug resistance, speying is routine but so commonplace it’s debated and worry about the spread of misinformation on social media and the sustainability of my profession.

Herriot also downplayed the mental health aspects of his profession, whereas I refuse to. I can completely understand why, because such things were just not discussed, but I believe that by increasing mental health awareness we can reduce the rate of suicide.

We do have other things in common. We both love our patients, and are both fascinated by their humans. Part of Herriot’s charm isn’t that he wrote about animals, but about their people. And people are fascinating.

You will find that I have a lot more snark and sarcasm, I’m tired a lot and just wearing out most of the time. Herriot actively discouraged his daughter from becoming a vet like him. Sometimes it takes more convincing than it should to make people understand that yes, I am the vet, even though I am female. Herriot was probably not called love, Darl or sweetie. I get angry sometimes, and these posts aren’t filtered through an editor or a publishing house. They’re raw.

So I don’t consider myself a modern James Herriot.

I’m just Dr Ferox.

Infinity Part 16



Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Park Jinyoung (GOT7), GOT7 members, Mark’s parents, Marika (Your friend), and other surprise characters

Genre:  Slow Build, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Warning/s:  More angst, but not as much as the previous chapters, slightly suggestive at the end (wink wink)

Length:      4,913 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

A/N: OK so here comes chapter 16!   Please be gentle since I only wrote this fic for one day hahahaha I cannot seem to get it out of my head. Also, I am thinking this series will have at least 5-6 more chapters, I tend to get carried away when I write something so it always gets extended LMAO so I hope you can let me know what you think about this chapter, I promise this will lead to something good soon :))))

“I am so happy to see you again, ______, it’s been a while…”  Mark’s mother grabs your hand from across the table and you nodded at her.

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My Hearing Aids, And How I Got to Having Them

I finally got my hearing aids and went to the doctor to have them set for me. It took me a very long time to get there, and with this tiny bit of hope I now have, I want to share my story

The year of frustration

I first decided to go and see an ENT doctor after Misophonia started to be too much and I had finally gathered the courage to take care of myself. I come from a place where you can’t see an audiologist without seeing and ENT doctor at first, so I thought I should start with that.

I set an appointment with my regular ENT doctor, a doctor that is considered a very good doctor. I waited for over four months for my appointment, and when it was finally the time to go, I got really excited. But when I got to her and started explaining what I had, she just sent me to a hearing test, thinking it was hyperacusis.

So I set another appointment and a hearing test, waited another couple of months for those two, and when I got back to her with my results, she gave them one look, then looked up at me and said, in these exact words, “Well, that’s what you get for hearing too good”.

I got so very annoyed and insisted she do something. “It’s a neurological condition,” I pointed. And so she sent me to a neurologist.

Of course I waited another month for that appointment. When I got to his office and explained all I went through, he actually made an effort and looked Misophonia up. Then He looked me in the eye, and said, “I can’t help you. You need a psychiatrist”.

Well then. No hope here. I went home, and cried all the way back and at home, for over an hour straight. My Mum then somehow convinced me that I should drop it for a bit. I don’t know how she’d done it, but I dropped it for three months, a bit more.

Then one day I came home from work and saw the newspaper open on a random health article. I looked for a second, and the first word I read was tinnitus. Intrigued, I sat and read the article. I saw the name of some doctor who was one of two doctors who are licensed to perform TRT (Tinnitus Relief Treatment) in my country. Of course I saved the name and looked her up the day after.

Her title was ENT doctor, specializing in tinnitus and hyperacusis. I got so excited and hopeful, yet I was afraid I’ll get to her office and start to cry again when she dismissed me. I called and set an appointment, sad to find out that my health insurance didn’t work with her and it was going to cost me about $200.

I drove all the way to the clinic, paid, and went in. I was so stressed I just said, “Please tell me you know what Misophonia is”. She said, “Of course”. I started crying.

The diagnosis

I sat with her for an hour. She asked questions, smiled at me, and actually looked like this was interesting for her. I guess when you love what you do, you love having those special patients.

She laughed, she smiled, she encouraged, and after forty-five minutes, she said, “Now you’re my patient, and we’re going to help you”. She asked how my parents felt about it, and when I said they refused to understand, she nodded and opened her computer. She wrote a letter for them, explaining everything I was going through, and what they needed to do to help me.

She also said I should order white noise generating hearing aids. She gave me the name of a company that made Tinnitus hearing aids – ones that only generated white noise and weren’t actually hearing aids, and so were cheaper. Unfortunately, we don’t have them anywhere where I live, and I had to order them online from the UK.

The hearing aids

My doctor said that, unfortunately, my country doesn’t have any noise generator sellers. She told me about this British company “Puretone”, and sent me to their website. I started doing my research and had to decide between ITE (in the ear), ITC (in the canal) or BTE (behind the ear).

Each kind of hearing aids has its pros and cons, and eventually I decided to go with BTE. Their battery is bigger, so it lasts longer, the sound is of better quality, it has easier volume control (from 1 to 4, but with in-between options), and with an open fit, it’s not that visible.

My hearing aids are Puretone 22MA+ Open Fit. They cost less than £500, including shipping. They use battery type 312, and they are very small and they come in brown and beige to go with your skin colour.

They generate white noise. The lowest volume option (1) is very nice and you can only hear it when you’re in a really quiet place. The highest volume (4) is a bit loud, and can help cover noises that are a bit stronger than the general sniff.

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Can you pls do top 5 of wonho staring at kihyun? have u done that? I saw lots of moments like that hehe

ayy you know what i was surprised no one asked this earlier bc this is like the easiest one too do lets face it wonho’s whipped

#1 - the number one of all wonho staring at kihyun™ pics i would have given anything to get a video of this I MEAN ffs look at this. like the fondness, that smile on his face?? i’m really :(

#2 - okay i’ve had to screenshot this myself lmao bc i couldnt find a gif/picture of this anywhere but!! basically, after wonho gave kihyun his jacket on ki’s birthday :( he went and sat down and just kept glancing at kihyun watch the video and you’ll see his eyes literally move along with ki :( // video here

#3 - i dont, and i refuse to understand why kiho shippers seem to sleep on this gif right here dont yall see THAT LOOK on wonho’s face as he looks up i mean come on not to make this sexual but look AT IT!! // full gifset here

#4 - okay this is one of my faves purely because this was something minhyuk was making them do and wonho didnt have to look that shy and do all that™ // full gifset here

#5 - honestly is really the kiho performance™ like all i ever want from life is to see kihyun’s reaction to this, that is all // gifs used here

I don’t think a lot of people understand the terror some of us live in from terfs. Especially trans women and those of us with multiple hated identities by them.

I’ve been targeted, abused, and conditioned by terfs before. I’ve had people I trusted or looked up to turn out to push ideas that were created to harm me. I literally am terrified that every time I think I’m safe, that safety is going to be torn to shreds as an illusion because the safe space was created to exclude me. I am so scared because their rhetorics have been so layered with dog whistling and have become scattered and accepted in different ways all throughout the community.

So when I see people absolutely refusing to understand or care about terf ideology - denying the danger of using identical rhetorics and validating them, insisting that they’re allowed to agree “on some things,” selectively hating specific parts of me (like my queer identity, or my “special snowflake gender,” or my intersex identity, or my bisexuality,) I can’t help but be petrified that they’ve won. They’ve infested and convinced those who SHOULD be my allies that they aren’t so bad, that their ideas are tolerable, and that the only safe place I’ve ever known is going to shove me out, bit by bit, because it doesn’t seem so insidious when its only little pieces of my identity at a time.

So no, its not some overreaction when we flip out over seeing terf resembling rhetoric. You can brush off your accountability by claiming we are making mountains out of molehills; but the reality is, its an iceberg, you you’re refusing to acknowledge the colossal threat hiding beneath the surface.

Every little acceptance of “minor” terf ideology, every little rewording of terf arguments, every attack on one of my identities; every last one is slowly furthering terfs and making it more dangerous for all of us. Every time you choose to ignore terf origins and agendas behind things because you think it sounds reasonable, you are making it less safe for us, and are fully accountable for the resulting outcomes that damage us and benefit you.

Morgan Rielly - 2:00am in Toronto "Parties"

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 This series is based off songs from Jake Miller’s album “2:00am in LA

Word Count: 1952

Warnings: Steam, Drinking, Maybe Cursing

No Return / I Wish You Didn’t Love Me / Sleeping With Strangers / Parties / Back To The Start

*Morgan POV*

I’m currently sitting in my apartment looking out the window onto the city. My knuckles were rested on my chin while my elbows stayed on my knees.  It’s been a week since I last saw y/n. The only thing that has playing in my mind was her apologizing. She had no reason to. This was my fault. I’ve tried to plan and map out different ways to get her back but she has every right to never want to see me again.

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Salvation on a Sword’s Edge (Part 1 of 2)

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Pairings: Roan/Reader

Warnings: Smut, Heart Break

Request: Hi, i love your writing! I was wondering if I could request a roan smut imagine where Y/N is Clarke’s sister but her & roan are together & she takes octavia’s place in the conclave, she has the same skills as luna and she saves roan and she dies instead of him and he is heartbroken as he see’s her die (same way roan does) have hot lovey smut the night before the conclave & spend as much time as they have left together. he wins the conclave & hates skaikru and blames them for her death

A/N: @harduy Hi sweetie, i’m sorry i’m about an hour late with post and had to split it because the full thing is way to long for one part! Anyhow hope you like it and it is what you wanted. 


“We need you to do this for us Y/N” Clarke was begging, you’d never heard your twin beg before and it was making you uncomfortable.

“Clarke it’s not like you’re asking me to do your homework like when we were little, or to let you borrow my shirt. Clarke you want me to fight! Fight to the death”

“No” she shook her head in denial “No Y/N I don’t want you to fight, if I could do it I would. I haven’t trained like you though, haven’t learnt to fight like you… I’d do anything for you to not have to do this”

You watched your sister start to twist at the bottom of her shirt, nerves starting to ruin her normally ever present calm façade. “Clarke…” you paused “What does mum say about this?”

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Hoshidan Festival: Laslow and M!Kanna Parent-Child Convo

Done for a request. 

It seems that it’s a regular practice for Laslow to accompany Kanna and help him talk to strangers. Kanna is just as shy as Laslow… so of course Laslow offers some very Laslow-like (though it was originally Olivia’s) advice. 

Reading this conversation, it occurred to me that Laslow and the other two seem to believe that this world is in a parallel time to theirs… instead of being way back in the past or far into the future. Judging from how Chrom acted in the Before Awakening DLC, and from several of Asugi, Rhajat, and Caeldori’s lines in the game, I’d guess that Hoshido and Nohr is in the past… which means that the three of them may have jumped back in time even more, on top of crossing worlds. The real kicker is Anna’s Japanese skinship lines, which further imply that this is chronologically in the past. Hell, it even implies that Robin could be Kamui’s reincarnation.

Also, I just noticed that I tend to call Kanna “Kanna” despite “Kana” being his localized name. I have no idea why. Too late now though!

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JJBA fandom we needa have a talk

Okay I can kinda understand why so many people would draw Kakyoin as a scrawny uke who only lives as Jotaro’s cum dumpster (not really). He’s definitely more on the slim side. But with Caesar you’ve crossed the fucking line

Look at this man. Look at him.

Are we just going to ignore his thicc abs? His thicc arms? His thicc thighs? His thicc everything?

This man is the epitome of thicc and I cannot understand why you would make him into a bishie boytoy just for the sake of your sappy Caejose fanart. I flat out refuse to understand and there’s nothing you can do to make me feel any better about this whole situation



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The last rays of sunlight filter through the water and warm the surface just enough to make it pleasant. There are ripples from the biting winter wind and ice patches that linger along the shorelines but the enchantment that your father cast decades ago keeps the chill from becoming too much for you as you linger beneath the mostly still water. And the colors, while muted through the water and through winter’s bleary lens, are still vivid enough to convey the beauty of the world above.

The surface, although it lacks the widespread magic you’ve grown so comfortable with, holds an unexplainable power all its own. The trees, with their changing leaves and fruit; the stars, with their glittering beauty and romantic notions; the creatures, with their vast differences and innumerable similarities; though these things pale in comparison to the wonders beneath the waves, they never fail to capture you in their grasp and draw your head above the water most days.

As a child, you often dreamed of what it would be like to see what lay beyond the tree line. You longed to interact with the humans and with the animals that lingered near the shoreline. You longed to wander the streets that lay beyond the trees and experience life as one of them. But as you grew older and learned more about your life and your destiny, your interest in becoming a part of the outside world diminished nearly entirely. While you still long to roam the streets freely and observe humankind, your wish now is to do so at a distance.

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