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The big larries are defiant & refuse to believe the baby is real. I was hoping (futile, I know) that Louis' tweet would get them to reconsider but that's faith for you. Despite evidence to the contrary, the dogma reins supreme.

I don’t really follow any big Larries, so I’m not sure what their take on it is. I’m always hopeful that many of them will realize soon.

Free-Wrench by Joseph Lallo


It was 4am and I was wide awake, I had been in bed for an hour trying to get my brain to turn off for the day when I realized that it wasn’t happening any time soon. So I grabbed my Kindle and delved into my latest purchase, Free-Wrench the starting point of a steampunk series by Joseph Lallo.

I absolutely loved Big Sigma, Lallo’s Sci-Fi series. It was so good that I just had to see what else this man could write. I started with The Book of Deacon, his Sword and Sorcery series, and while it was ok I just didn’t enjoy it as much. But a few weeks ago I caught a tweet about The Big Sigma 4 Book Cover, and I got myself way too excited that the new release, before I realized that it was just a pre-order. After all the excitement, I just knew I had to read a new book so I decided to pick up Free-Wrench. I bought it, downloaded it and kept it in my kindle, just like those steam games that have been sitting in your library for years, but you have never even installed.

This book didn’t spend much time waiting though, when this fateful night came, I immediately knew where I could spend this restless time on.

Free-Wrench is the story of Amanita Graus, a girl born into a rich and respected family on an island that has isolated itself from the rest of the world. This Island of Caldera has an interesting society, where most people try to become the best artists they can be, but Amanita AKA Nita has decided to become and engineer instead. As the black sheep of a family of painters, dancers, musicians, and sculptors, Nita works at the boilers that make this steam powered world go round.

Or at least that’s what she did, before she ended up abandoning all the comforts of her secluded island in search of a cure for his sick mother. Nita quickly finds herself aboard the Wind Breaker, an Airship that is home to a crew of smugglers. And so the adventure begins…

Free-Wrench is an incredibly fast-paced and more importantly entertaining read. If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be fun. You might argue that the character’s are a bit stereotypical or one-dimensional, or that the plot is too straight-forward and doesn’t have enough depth, but I think that simplicity is a big part of this story’s charm.

Lallo does a good job describing not only the steampunk aesthetics of this world, but also its current political context, and he does this very effectively. This story doesn’t drag for chapters and chapters for the sake of world-building, instead Lallo expertly uses the characters’ adventures to illustrate this wonderful setting in a very natural way.

The other area where Free-Wrench excels is in establishing who the good and bad characters are. Our protagonist crew are not a merry band of goody two-shoes Heroes, they are smugglers after all. But despite their flaws, the main characters are shown to not be inherently bad, but rather people who have to do what they have to do in order to survive.

Here’s where the author avoids falling into the common trap of making protagonists edgy just for the sake of it. A lot of characters who are supposed to be anti-heroes are painfully written and villains, and we are just supposed to root for them because they are the main characters of the story. Conversely some villains have just way too many redeeming qualities, or they have legitimate reasons to act the way do. If you want a clear example just look at WWE. Ever since Stone Cold Steve Austin’s popularity pro-wrestling is falling into this trap of not knowing how to properly write anti-heroes, and don’t even get me started with how often the bad guys are the ones making legitimate points, but I digress.

Lallo’s characters show no such issues, and we quickly learn the backstory of most of his characters, which perfectly explains how despite having some traits you could consider villainous, they are good-hearted people. After you get to know the crew of the Wind Breaker, you can’t help but to root for them. The fact that the villains of this story are so deliciously evil just helps the cause.

In all, I have to give this book 5 stars out of 5. Sure its not perfect, its not a big masterpiece, but its extremely entertaining. If you are anything like me you’ll finish it in one sitting and have a very enjoyable experience.

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I really hope Louis says smth soon to debunk all this nonsense.

I mean he kind of has, hasn’t he? It should have ended with his tweets acknowledging the baby and the pictures we got. At this point people have to realize that nothing he says, short of “I’m in love with Harry” will make any kind of difference.