WWE grants Eden Stiles her release
[May 24th, 2016]

Yesterday, former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes tweeted:

Lot of folks say “ride or die” these days…well @RealEdenWWE is just that
in the next 24hrs, most people will realize what I’m saying 

It didn’t even take that long. Rhodes’ wife, Eden Stiles (real name Brandi Rhodes) has been granted her release from the WWE. Nobody’s shocked, I’m sure, but I’m very proud of both Cody for standing up for himself and Brandi for standing by her man. Brandi’s most recent tweets read:

What I’ve been teasing for weeks: I’ve been offered a new opportunity outside of WWE!! So I’ve decided to part w/ WWE after tonight. http://BeingBrandiRunnels.com will continue! Check it out soon for updates on my new career life!  Doing things my way! #RhodesStrong 

In regards to whether or not Goldust (Cody’s real-life brother) would be leaving the company, Goldust tweeted the following:

A lot of people asking me if I’m leaving. NOT planning on it. #GoldenTruth #DontReadTheDirtsheets #ImInMyPrime #BenjaminButton #HomeWWE 

anonymous asked:

One direction and their team better speak up soon because I'm seeing a lot of people in this fandom losing faith about them and realizing that they lied to us. Small things like a pinky promise and tweets aren't much when they jerk us around and don't respect us enough to even give us a sign it's going to okay. And I know they know that they are losing us each day shit is thrown at us and I don't think they care. They'll end up with the shitty het antis as their only fans.

Anon, this is a situation where you are feeling hurt and so you are looking to put the blame on them. As you yourself acknowledge right here, 1D is being hurt by the current situation too. 1D isn’t going to hurt themselves because ‘they don’t care about me’.

The current situation sucks for everybody.

Let me just

I’ve been reading articles, tweets, and whatnot about the TO season finale because I kinda hope that they’d incorporate KC in it because of all the media attention that they were giving Klaroline these past few months and since there were no KC hints in the TVD finale I figured maybe there might be something in TO. 

Lol and I just realized that I never learn. 

I don’t want to sound like a downer but I don’t think that KC is happening any time soon, even if TVD might be in their last season. That statement makes me so sad. But with everything that’s going on with the two shows right now I don’t really see my babies reuniting soon. 

And okay let me just get this out… ugh I hate how TO revolves AROUND Hayley. I get it that she played an “important” part in establishing the story in TO by being Klaus’ baby mama (I’m sorry I never really got pass this and I don’t think I ever will but she’ll always be just Klaus’ baby mama to me, and ok the werewolf that betrayed her hybrid friends) but come on to let the FUTURE of the originals depend on her hands? To quote the true queen, Caroline Forbes, “SERIOUSLY?” I just don’t get it. Maybe because I’ve been really darn stubborn and refuse to watch TO just after watching 6-8 episodes during the first season and so I don’t really know the value or importance of Hayley’s character and I don’t really see her as part of the family. Or maybe just maybe they’re giving her character too much credit? And this is just me but from the looks of it they value Hayley more than Rebekah, but yeah I get it because one of the reasons why is because of Claire Holt’s decision to leave but I don’t know why not focus on the other Originals? It’s called ‘The Originals’ after all. 

But again, that’s just me. And I know that I don’t really have the right to talk hate/trash about The Originals since I no longer watch it but every now and then I read on the different episodes/happenings in the show because no matter what happens I’ll always care for the characters, yes even Finn (and I still don’t get why they killed him off but I guess that’s a rant for some other time). I’ll never forget how they were gloriously introduced in The Vampire Diaries and I swear I’ve always loved the idea or prospect of having a spin-off for ‘The Originals’. How can I not want to explore their world and know more about the family? But I don’t know man, I never thought that they would take the path that they are taking now.

//rant over i’m sorry i just have a lot of feels