You were always the beacon,
I, always the boat.
At first it was a sort of game we played–
You out front, pulling me along by my shirt collar;
My laughter bouncing off the high bricks
As I tried to keep up–
Adolescence in the street.

You were always the beacon,
I, always the boat.
Everyone knew it;
The girls who turned away from me, flipping their curls;
The boys, who giggled behind their dirty hands;
Even strangers who saw you brush my knuckles once
right out in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge.

You were always the beacon,
I, always the boat.
We knew it from the day we were born–like kismet.
Your easy laughter stayed true long after I became
Stern looks, crossed arms in doorways.
Your eyes flashed black and gray and red
and still
I was the boat.



At everyone attending the concert today and any concerts in the future: It would be awesome if you could send me a message or a submission and tell me everything about your experience! I can’t wait for stories, I’m so nervous and I’m halfway across the world!

“cas opened purgatory because dean refused to help him” ?????what???? did u even watch season 6 because…that is not what what happened???

opening purgatory was cas’ plan to from the beginning, it had nothing to do with dean not helping him. actually, dean didn’t refuse to help castiel, castiel didn’t even ask him. communication is a two way street u know. it’s pretty hard for dean to help castiel when castiel doesn’t even answer when dean tries to contact him or disappears when dean is trying to get some answers (and the reason castiel didn’t answer him was because he didn’t want dean to find out, that’s pretty obvious if u watch the man who would be king)


DOES - Bakuchi Dancer single cover

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Do you have any headcanons for pokemon trainers that are afraid of the water? Is there any pokemon that's good at making trainers feel safe while at sea? Like Lapras maybe?

Phobias, like trainers, are highly individual.

Therapists are needed, not headcanons,

It’s an interesting though, though.

I watched the episode. I am a fan of the awesome dancing visuals. And another kiss to add to the gif collection. Other than that, I’m a bit…eh.

I’ve read the anti rants and the defenses of the Rumbelle scenes. Lots of anti Belle out there. I personally neither fault nor celebrate her for leaving. And, you know, she’s awake. He’s awake. Maybe there will be some forward momentum and actual conversations. I’m not holding my breath though. I thought we got that last season, the last time they were awake, but one step forward two steps back. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Basically, if this was the beginning of season 5, I’d be into it. However, in the past season and a half Belle has left him/told him off five or six times. I lost count. Which is really impressive considering that they’ve only been both awake at the same time and sharing screen time for about two episodes in that season and a half.

I’m in wait and see mode. Where I’ve been for a while now.

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hi! just wanted to say i'm REALLY enjoying everlasting party. in chapter 8 i was picturing it in my head like a movie, where it cut to you lying in bed and the phone buzzing a split second after the bomb went off... your writing is so powerful!!!

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OMG that’s so nice of you to say, gosh >///< I feel like I’ve really been improving my writing from writing all of these fics, and Everlasting Party is some of my favourite work that I’ve written so far. So thank you so much for saying that, it means a lot ^‿^ ♥♥♥