i was once mostly myself
until the day you poked me
in the chest so goddamned hard
that i couldn’t breathe
your fingertips went right through
ribs, tendons, muscles
straight to my heart and you
see, you didn’t snatch it like you
took some things you wanted
you pulled
and deliberately
just to see the surprise and
pain in my eyes;
you took it in your fist and you squeezed
my life blood dripped from your palm to elbow
plop, plop i bled out
on the ground and then
you simply dropped that precious organ
one that used to be mine
like a mic drop, bam!
and walked away
while i studied it on the earth of our backyard
and thought–
as breeze covered it with old dirt and fresh grass cuttings–
that finally i had become one with you
i was as dirty as you always
saw me,
made me feel,
molded me to be,
i was finally you

and i hate every
soaked second

who dares me to spend $100+ on makeup (i dont even wear makeup)



➸ 06.23.2017 | Guess what came in the mail!? If any of you don’t know who Stefan Kunz is, please check him out! I’ve really been wanting to improve and practice lettering, so I purchased his book! I’m excited 😍