I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light

so I was doodling this while covering the front desk at work and one of my coworkers stopped by asked about it all excited like

I work in a professional office

I’ve been here less than a week

I will never be ready to admit how deep I am in dp hell to anybody who wasn’t there for the fall- much less my coworkers…

needless to say, I’m glad I was drawing au stuff so I could brush it off hahaha

until i had you on the open road and now we're singing | chapter 2

New chapter, look inside for a lot of gratuitous sexy mechanic Bernie and some much gayer than originally anticipated Serena

Since the incredibly OOC ‘t.rulyichigo’ tag was created by and for people who seem to either have wildly misunderstood the character or are bending him in an attempt to make the OOC ending make sense…

I encourage all of us who actually appreciated the character for who he really was portrayed as and who acknowledge the importance that both being a shinigami was to him and the importance of R.ukia in his life to use the actuallyichigo tag.


lol, wut game is this even now. XD

the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots

  • *Newt visits Jacob's bakery for the first time after a couple of months later. well, he passed by a few times before but couldn't enter the shop*
  • Newt: *just looks at Jacob, not the different types of bread. Some of those are alike his beasts but he did not notice yet*
  • Jacob: *approaches and friendly smiles* First time.. I presume?
  • Newt: ..Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.
  • Jacob: Well, then I recommend you these muffins because yesterday a box of fresh blueberries were just delivered!
  • Newt: Oh.. Yes, of course. *looks at the mooncalf-figured blueberry muffin on Jacob's hand*
  • Jacob: Since this is your first visit I offer you this bag of tea samples for free.
  • Newt: *in the storm of feels* (Ugh, mooncalf-figured muffins! A bag of tea samples for free? What are you, Jacob? How can I even handle this?) ..!
  • Jacob: Mr..?
  • Newt: Yes, I would love to have these muffins and tea. Thank you, thank you, Mr.Kowalski.
  • Jacob: Oh, well, my pleasure!
  • *half an hour later, at Graves' office*
  • Graves: So.. You bring me a dozen of blueberry muffins. Why, Newt? Why.
  • Newt: *is holding back tears* Jacob Kowalski, he.. he is just..
  • Graves: Yes, it's all about him. Again. Obviously.
  • Newt: He gave me this good quality tea too, Mr.Graves.
  • Graves: Yes, yes. I'll make you a cup of tea with that. Okay?
  • Newt: *calmed down a little* Thank you.
  • Graves: *grumbles indistinctly* Blueberry muffins, tea, and tears.. I mean, tears..?
  • Newt: Mr.Graves? Do you have a camera?
  • Graves: Yes, I think I have one in the middle of that shelf. *during making two cups of tea swings his wand to find Newt a camera* Is that enough?
  • Newt: Yes, perfect. I need to take photos of these babes. *clicks the shutter at various angles and grins*
  • Graves: Here is your tea.
  • Newt: OH! But how could I eat these? It's so, tiny and precious.. Look, mooncalves' eyes are looking at me.
  • Graves: For Merlin's sake!

anonymous asked:

Not all SB are sexist, racist, whatever other fucking shit you guys say over and over again. Newsflash, there's other reasons to prefer Snowbarry over Westallen than the ones you guys say just to make Snowbarry fans look bad. Lots of people think Grant and Danielle have more chemistry than Grant/Candice and chemistry is subjective. Some people don't care about comic canon if they haven't read comics. Some people dont like a ship shoved down their throats. Get off your high horse.

I’m perfectly fine right where I’m sitting (and yes, it’s on a high horse).

I’m positive this wasn’t intentional.

I’m POSITIVE it wasn’t.


Damned if I didn’t go there anyway.