I DONT KNOW HOW TO GAIN MY REPUTATION BACK ON HERE i just used to have talked to everyone i was following but its not like that anymore. i wish i could like befriend everyone bcos i love everyone but i didnt even talk to you !! why do i love u right thats just creepy 2 some people !!! i’m afraid i come off as overfriendly n too hotblooded .. i’m so sorry if i’m annoying i jus have a lot of love in my heart as many corny posts on this site says , but i mean it !

i know im just being an Annoying Trans w/ this but it kinda bothers me / hurts a little when u see wc fans, mostly cis wc fans lmao, who go “i HAVE to change redtail’s description. it makes no SENSE. he has 2 be a red tabby now he cant be a tortoiseshell tom bc i cannot fathom it.”

like….I Get that some ppl just dont know about trans stuff lmao and cis people are like, not used to it i guess? like they dont really think about that kind of stuff, but it just. bothers me as A Trans that one of the only characters in wc who could actually, genuinely, maybe possibly, be trans is constantly being crapped on by fans and has everyone trying 2 change his description.

like i get a lot of wc fans just dont KNOW about it but at the same time it kinda just bothers me lmao. esp when ppl say “well what if redtail is trans tho, thats how hes a tom and a tortie” the same fans will plug their ears like wHAT WELL MAYBE BUT I DONT LIKE THAT