Keep domain, or let it expire?

Hi guys! So it’s that time of year again–renew the domain! I have had manatopia.org just about since I started making themes for Tumblr and it grew into something I was highly into.

As most can tell, I am not into themes anymore. I reblog stuff here and there, but never release anything. And truthfully, if I did get heavily into themes again (which is very unlikely), I would probably just make a new blog, under a new name, and use this blog as an archive, as this blog would be my past and my new themes would be what matters.

I am left with a dilemma, however. Manatopia.org is expiring soon and needs to be renewed. Although the renewal is a measly $12, I just don’t know if it’s worth spending $12 every single year for the rest of my life to keep this domain, when ultimately people can still access me by typing in the Tumblr URL or just simply Google searching for the blog. I do believe (although I am not certain) that I have changed all of my themes to link to my personal blog: Jyuubi.org

So, people of Tumblr, what do you think? Should I keep renewing the domain, or should I just lay it to rest and give it up?