This really inspires me. Just the relationship between Hansol and his sister in general. I judged him poorly when I first saw him on SMTM 4, but then I watched the Seventeen project. It was so heartwarming to see someone working hard to make someone else happy and how supportive the other person can be. I’ve seen idols that are motivated and passionate in pursuing their career, but somehow this cut of Vernon saying how he feels sorry for his sister overwhelms me. I’m really touched to see someone willing to go through a hard time for their loved ones. I’m probably exaggerating this because I love my younger sister dearly or I’m just plain emo af, but I just need to let this off my chest. We need more people like Vernon, seriously.


I have something to confess… Or rather get of my chest. I hate men. Everything about them. From the way they put their hands on me… To the stink that surrounds them they can never wash off. I hate them. Women too. Probably more so. Because they need me. Because of men wanting them, they need me. And let’s face it, need is much worse than want… And all men want.

Just lay with me and tell me about the
stories of the stars, and how you’ve
gotten all your scars. Tell me how your
father fell in love with your mother, and
how most the time you feel like you’re a
shit brother. Tell me about the first girl
you kissed, and how ever since you met
me you realized all that you’ve missed. Pull
me close against your chest, and let our
anxious hearts lay to rest. Kiss me on my
shoulder, and tell me how you can’t wait til
we’re older. Pick the black eyelash off my
cheek, and kiss my eyelids when my tear
ducts leak. Just love me, goddamn love me,
because your arms are where I need to be.
—  i.c. // love me, love me

‘These Two’

Need I say who? I’ve recently developed a crush for these two as a couple thanks to some excellent writing by mahbecks. They were sweet enough to indulge my love of these two by writing a story centered around them titled ‘In Love and War’. I’m still blown away they’re writing this wonderful gift for me… like wow.

Cassandra, the romantic at heart, and Varric, the romantic in writing. I wanted to capture a more casual moment with these two. Maybe Varric convinced Cassandra to let loose, kick off her boots and relax. Maybe he wanted to enjoy the sun on his skin? You know she’d be a blushing mess, fumbling for words, but he’d find the chance to comfort her with a gentlemanly kiss.

Ah, Maker help me…

The 100 after 3x04

I am disgusted by some of the Bellarke shippers out there. This might be my first original post. I usually don’t chime in along with the Clexa vs Bellarke shippers out there. Yes, I want Clexa to happen (for many reasons that I do not care to say bc this isn’t what this post is about). I let people happily ship who they want. BUT after 3x04, I need to get something off my chest or I’ll explode.

I’ve seen multiple posts that blindly confesses absolute devotion towards Bellamy despite the grave mistake he has made in supporting and arming Pike. Yes he is going through loss, but does that excuse his behavior? 100% NO! Are you people friggin kidding me?

Bellamy is making this decision with knowledge that: 1. It was Ice Nation who blew up Mt. Weather 2. He saw Lexa’s reaction - to bring justice to Skaikru 3. He saw that the coalition took them in as the 13th clan with Clarke as ambassador 4. Lexa sent 300 Grounders to PROTECT them. He knows these things. He didn’t deny any of them to be untrue. Some of you are defending his actions because Pike is manipulating him. News flash, who the hell is Pike to Bellamy?! He hasn’t been secluded to just Pike and his minions! Marcus is right there with Bellamy, trying to guide him and put some reasoning in his head which he ignores.

Bellamy has a devil and and angel on his shoulders and he is willingly choosing the wrong path, to kill 300 innocent lives with knowledge that those Grounders are there to protect them. Now, we haven’t seen the episode where they’re killed yet so maybe Bellamy will see the error of his ways first and God do I want him to. We will see.

Meanwhile as this is unfolding, I still see Bellarke shippers spout complete hate towards Lexa despite all she selflessly continues to do for the good of her people and for her love of Clarke.

I can’t believe the level of cult-like devotion I am seeing. You people need help. I know it can be hard but quit being so damn biased just because you love a character. It’s not healthy. If you have any sound arguments against what I’ve said, please feel free to message me.


So, i just came across the ugliest statement i’ve seen in my whole life: “little mix is misogynist and gross”. I have no words to describe my utter anger so i’m just leaving a few things said and done by Little Mix and whoever thinks they’are “misogynists and gross” after this, can honestly fuck off:

Let’s start with the “little mix is misogynist”:

“It’s so refreshing to see females owning it right now. Girl power is what we’re about. It’s what we stand for as a group. We want to do everything we can to make women feel better about themselves.” (Wonderland Magazine)

Oh yes, pure misogyny i see wow

Actual conversation they had with fans they invited for a private dinner

“Jade then asked me what I’d like to do when I get better. I told her that I’d love to be a singer and she was like ‘you sing?!’ I told her how I’d auditioned for The X Factor but I didn’t get through. She told me not to give up as she’d auditioned twice before she made it into the band and because of her I’ve applied for the next series and i will continue to post covers on soundcloud to help boost my confidence. I also told her that I’d done covers of three of their songs and she told me how amazing it felt for people to even know their songs let alone cover them. I told her that I also wanted to be in a group and she said that it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. I mentioned how it would be so nice to have band members who have your back if you got abuse or whatever online because I was bullied at school for my hair colour. She turned round and said that my hair was beautiful, and that Jesy would’ve killed for my colour hair and that she would’ve stayed that colour if it wasn’t so hard to maintain. She then said to me that people only made comments about my hair because they were jealous. I also told her how it was because of them, and more specifically the song We Are Who We Are, that made me realise how pretty my hair colour is and I really embrace it now!”

WOW look how misogynist, an idol giving inspiration and boosting the confidence of a young female fan.

Again, empowering a female fan, how fucking misogynist. 

talking about feminism exactly how it should be, misogynists on point uh?

Putting women down, i see.

I could add thousands of times little mix were fucking amazing to females and not only to their fans but also to other girlgroups and women on the music industry but let’s move on. 

Song lyrics:

ain’t putting here salute, little me, wings and change your life or any other song, instead i’m gonna ask y’all to take a look on the lyrics because you should at least know your facts straight and that their songs is literally the meaning of female empowering (and empowering in general, not only for females).

“little mix is gross”

wow what is so gross about four women with different shapes, colors and minds living their dream and spreading love for the world?

Wow so gross, remember when an american fan met the girls and told them about cutting and how their music helped her to overcome depression and perrie spontaneously drew a butterfly on the fan’s wrist? really gross.


no fucking words.

Please consider that i’m letting out so many things they’ve done, i didn’t even list the amount of charity work they do but anyways i think i’ve made my point pretty clear. Next time you say these four girls are misogynist and gross, look at YOUR life, look what YOU are doing and rethink because Little Mix represent amazing role models since they got put together and the last thing you’ll do in your miserable life is tear them down for something they do not deserve.

  • Keith: Lance? Is something wrong?
  • Lance: There's something I need to get off my chest, Keith.
  • Keith: O-Okay...
  • Lance: [deep breath] We're no strangers to love... you know the rules and so do I.
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: A full commitment's what I'm thinking of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy.
  • Keith: Wait a secon-
  • Lance: I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling, gotta make you understand.
  • Keith: Lance-
  • Lance: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna
  • Melkor: Mairon?
  • Mairon: What?
  • Melkor: Where's my armor?
  • Mairon: What?
  • Melkor: Where - is - my - battle - armor?
  • Mairon: I, uh, put it away.
  • [several orcs explode outside]
  • Melkor: Where???
  • Mairon: Why do you NEED to know?
  • Melkor: I need it!
  • [Melkor throws several chests around, finding his armor]
  • Mairon: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do. We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Melkor: The fortress is in danger!
  • Mairon: My evening's in danger!
  • Melkor: You tell me where grond is, Mairon! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Mairon: 'Greater good?' I am your lieutenant! I'm the greatest GOOD you are ever gonna get!
Dialogue Prompts
  • “You know if we were married I would’ve divorced you a long time ago.”
  • “I can’t help it. It’s just a part of who I am.”
  • “I think you’d be a sexy vampire.”
  • “____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”
  • “Boobs are fucking amazing.”
  • “Either someone’s in the house or that ghost’s playing a prank on me again.”
  • “What do you mean aliens aren’t real?!”
  • “You’re letting them get away with this - You cannot be serious!”
  • “There’s a surprise for you in the basement…”
  • “Stop flirting with that mannequin.”
  • “I swear, he was like this when I found him!”
  • “There’s something I need to get off my chest.”
  • “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t get drunk and steal my ex’s car.”
  • “Oh my God. You’re in love with them.”
  • “You were always so damn predictable.”
  • “We could get arrested for this.” “That’s what makes it fun.”
  • “Promise me you’ll never do that again.”
  • “Is that supposed to be a threat?”
  • “You changed my life.”
  • “I’ve moved on. Get over it.”
  • “Take one step closer and I swear to God I’ll kill you.”
  • “You’re so cute when you’re angry.”
  • “Perhaps we’re better off without each other.”
  • “Next time, we do it in your car.”

I gave you
all the pieces of me
that I thought I was supposed to give;

My heart,
to give you love and companionship.
My mind,
so you knew my darkest secrets.
My hands, 
for holding on tightly when you almost let go.
My lips,
to plant kisses that could heal your sadness.
My ears,
for everything you needed to get off your chest,
and my legs,
so I could carry us on when you have gone.

But I realized that every single piece of me
would still not be enough 
for your greedy heart.

—  4/30/2015
50 Smiles of Hoseok

Did you know you can actually tell a lot of Hoseok’s emotions through his eyes, smile and voice?
If he is genuinely happy, if it’s for fanservice or if it’s a forced/smile laughter. 

When he is calmly and comfortably talking with a smile, his voice is actually quite deep. It gets higher when he is laughing but still has that deep undertone.
Watch him during their wins. You can see the genuine happiness and gratefulness in his sparkling eyes. It’s a very calm, warm and sweet smile he gives the cameras then.

When he is forcing himself to smile you can see how it won’t reach his eyes and his laughter is high, exaggerated and ends quickly. 

There is also the bright, slightly exaggerated smile and laughter reserved for fanservice and the cameras. Where his eyes almost disappear and his grin is wide open, his laughter very loud.

And he has a smile that only comes out in moments of affection for the members (especially the Maknae Line).

It might look like Hoseok is the person who expresses all his emotions openly but I think he expresses himself even more through his smile, his eyes and his voice. He seems like a very careful, controlled person who doesn’t let himself ruled by emotions in public.
Watch him closely especially during wins or, on the other hand, during uncomfortable situations and see how his smile slightly changes. 

In honor of that, a compilation of a few different Hoseok smiles. Enjoy!

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I know that my lips are out of practice,
But let me kiss you until my mouth remembers all that my head did forget.
Let me kiss you until my lips fall off,
I want them to graze every inch of you
Memorize every bit of your skin
From the little freckles that dot your nose and cheeks
To the way your arms wrap around me like vines.
When August ends I always feel the warmth leave my bones,
You leave me feeling like bonfires in mid-autumn,
You make me burn
In all the right ways.
I can’t think straight when you smile and that laugh,
Oh god, that laugh is so dangerous to my heart
I need to put my palms to my chest to make sure the beating hasn’t stopped.
Forgive me for flinching when you ran your fingers
Over where my side meets my hips,
I have not been touched so lovingly in years.
But I promise that I do love the feel of you against my skin,
I’m not shivering out of fear,
I shake to let you in.

“Relearning How To Ride A Bicycle” - Nishat Ahmed

With November behind us, I want to get something off of my chest. I should have written this sooner. I shouldn’t have let it sit on my computer for so long. It’s late, but at least it’s no longer waiting to be published.

Confusion and curiosity are natural reactions. I get that. Believe me when I say that I’m not trying to deprive you of an education or an understanding. In fact, that’s one of the biggest things I advocate for: education surrounding LGBTQ identities. But also please understand that there are some just some questions that don’t need to be answered. Instead of dwelling on the negative comments or poorly-worded inquiries I’ve received in the past, some of which are just too ridiculous to repeat, this piece is really in honor of Transgender Awareness Month – in appreciation for the years I’ve been able to exist just as I am.

I’ve always been an open book. Heck, last month, pictures of me post “top-surgery” and of my very feminine childhood were shared on people.com. Those closest to me, and perhaps strangers who’ve recently begun to follow my transition, can attest to the fact that I don’t usually hold very much back. When someone wants to know more about my journey, I’m honest.

The end of middle school and all through high school served as the main part of my social transition: I changed my pronouns, changed names, and continued to change my appearance. I told friends that as long as they were respectful when approaching me, I would tell them the truth regarding whatever they may have been confused about. After all, these were kids I’d grown up with; they watched as I changed from the person they thought they’d known, to the person they realized had always been there. In several of my social groups, and in some of my classes, I was the first trans-guy they’d known personally. For a while, I told myself that if I didn’t answer their questions, then they’d just go to someone else and make that person feel uncomfortable, and they would never learn what was and wasn’t “acceptable” or respectful. And really, I don’t mind talking about gender or gender identity; in fact, I enjoy it. But now, after being assured on and off over the last few years, it finally clicked: I finally realized that I don’t have an obligation to reply. The voice that I found in middle school has served me well in sharing my story and spreading awareness, but that doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good for.

Curiosity, Confusion and Comfort: The Three C’s I Experience When Coming Out As Trans | Leo Sheng for the Huffington Post Gay Voices

Animes with a large yaoi fandom that are NOT yaoi/BL~

UPDATE: To the idiots who are actually flaming me, how cliche and illiterate can you get, it’s hilarious. 

I’m probably going to lose a shit ton of followers and get a lot of hate on especially on a bishies blog like this, but I’ve been thinking of making a post like this for a while and frankly, need to let this out of my chest. 


So to my disturbance but unsurprisingly, I noticed a lot of people who like anime, but have not seen the following animes I am about to list, thought they were shounen-ai, boys love or yaoi. Because of that, a lot of people avert from them dismissing the animes off as pure fanservice for crazy fangirls. 
I understand this because I was and still am one of those people who stayed away. 

But after having the pleasure of diving into actually watching/reading Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, Hunter x Hunter, K-Project, etc. you start realizing how damn deep these works of fiction are and you really enjoy the characters and plot once you zone out the fandoms. 

There is no yaoi or BL whatsoever and any fanservice added is simply added in the anime and is in no way canon to the original work, manga.

I won’t be mentioning sports animes or reverse harems cause they’re full of guys, the fandom is bound to be crazy over that so I’ve given up hope. 

Basically, I just want to be a bitch and crush fangirly dreams so this post is pretty much me proving to newcomers why these animes are not yaoi and the men are not ‘gay.’

Okay, if you hate this already, stop here, backspace, block me, whatever. If you agree, carry on.

If you do happen to carry on but don’t agree, DO NOT attempt to argue or fight with me on this. Sorry to say, but I’m not really that open-minded and I stand firm on my beliefs here so if you don’t agree, then don’t ever socialize with me. Everyone is happy. We’re good.


Let’s start with Durarara!!

Let’s start with the most popular and raging ship in that fandom. Shizaya.
Shizuo and Izaya have been confirmed that they feel only hate and dislike towards each other. They literally want to get rid of each other. That’s it. And somehow, that is interpreted as ‘love’ by fangirls. 
In any case, the author already answered that Izaya was ‘normal’ and that he ‘has his needs.’ In Japan, that equates to being a healthy, heterosexual male who has normal sexual urges now and then. 

Despite claiming to love all of humanity, Izaya does flirt with women a lot and even said how he wants to date one or a few of them when they threatened to kill him. 

Shizuo used to have a crush on an older woman who sold him milk. He was originally supposed to be paired up with Namie by the author. He is also ship teased with Vorona and she to him.

Never had Shizuo shown any interest in men. 


Now on to K-Project. 

Reisi has been canonically ship teased with Seri. Seri has been revealed to harbor a bit of a crush on him. 
Reisi has no other feelings towards Mikoto other than wanting him to take responsibilities as King and a comrade. Mikoto is 100% indifferent to everything aside from his clan and family. 

Yukari Mishakuji is beautiful. He talks femininely, use makeup and skin care products. He paints his nails and is obsessed with everything beautiful.

He also said that he would only date Nagare Hisui IF he was a girl. If that doesn’t not ring a bell, I don’t know what does. 


Let’s go on to the ever so famous Kuroshitsuji and its famous bullshit rumor about it being “supposed to be a yaoi.” 
A Japanese person runs a blog on this website responsible for translating Yana Toboso’s blog. 
She has already confirmed that literally, no one in Japan including the author herself know anything about that made up rumor. As time went by, the rumors only got worse to the point that even non-shippers believe it (like I stupidly did in the past)

Both Yana and her editor already said too many times that Sebastian and Ciel feel nothing for each other aside from business, hostility and distrust. Let’s also add that Yana had GFantasy publish Kuroshitsuji. A company that strictly prohibits yaoi and BL of any form.  

Ciel throughout the manga and especially in the latest chapters had only shown concern and love towards Elizabeth Midford. Ciel, a cold-hearted child obsessed with revenge was legitimately about to throw his life on the line when Lizzy was in danger during the Campania arc. 

Whether this can be interpreted romantically or platonically on Ciel’s part is more ambiguous, but there is no doubt that the two care greatly about each other. 

If Sebastian really had ‘feelings’ for Ciel like so many fangirls like to believe, he would definitely do everything in his OP demonic power to get rid of Lizzy and have Ciel for himself.

Instead, he actively teases Ciel and respects Lizzy as well as support their fiancee relationship. Any ‘feelings’ he has towards Ciel is that of a predator and his dinner. 
Sebastian also has a lot of fun interrogating women in certain, special ways. Something he has never shown interest in doing with men. 


Finally, Hunter x Hunter.

Ever since a shounen like HxH attracted female viewers, no doubt because of the generous amount of bishounens on there (Hisoka, Killua, Illumi, Chrollo, etc,) the yaoi fandom now dominates the place and Killua and Gon became the most popular ship.
Even more than canon ones like Meruem and Komugi. 

I have run across people who even said that Killua and Gon are canon and that there can be nothing to challenge that. (apparently fangirls think they own shit now)

Killua had said countlessly that Gon was his “dear friend.” To anyone with common sense, a friend is not the same thing as a lover lol. There is nothing between the two little boys aside from a beautiful friendship that often occurs between children and adolescents even if a website like tumblr might find this shocking.

Let’s finish this with Hisoka, a character that has much controversy recently regarding his sexuality ever since certain people including I headcanoned him heterosexual cause we can.
But because of that one simply headcanon, people I personally knew and I were attacked, harassed, badmouthed and mocked. 

Until Togashi or Ishida confirms anything, Hisoka is left ambiguous. 
That does not mean that we cannot analyze canon evidence however.

When it comes to every single male character in HxH (including Illumi and Chrollo, the two male characters often shipped with Hisoka,) Hisoka has only expressed desire to fight and eventually kill them. This stretched down to Hisoka’s only ‘friend,’ Illumi. He has absolutely no problem killing Killua just to earn Illumi’s wrath to have the opportunity to kill him.

Hisoka’s interest in fighting Chrollo turned into 100% indifference when he learned the Phantom Troupe leader could not use nen courtesy of Kurapika.
Gon is just another toy he wants ripened to have the pleasure of killing.

The only person Hisoka is intimate with, tried to sleep with, get a date with, shared his past and his abilities with is to the beautiful female character Machi.
This extends to the latest chapter of 357 where he seemingly spared her at least temporarily out of respect.

Even when Machi threatened to chase him down to the ends of the world to eradicate him when he playfully makes her choose between him and Chrollo, he seemed satisfied with that.


For Shingeki no Kyojin, the most popular pairing in the Western fandom is Eren and Levi.
In the Japanese fandom, the most popular ship is Eren and Mikasa.

While I’m at it, SNK’s author answered in a Q&A that he purposely wrote Levi to have an attraction towards Petra Ral. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my throwing shade analysis of the above yaoi-dominated animes. 

(Also, I own none of the drawings used.)

All my love, all my heart
Well, this is what you getting girl from the start
On the run, on the job
Me never yet keep a beat make it fall apart

Sweet is love but love is hard
Sometime you got to work pon it right round the clock
Never let it flop, never let it stop
Give thanks for what we got, me tell you this

Dean's Confession (full)
  • Dean: (knocks on confessional)
  • Father: Yes?
  • Dean: Hiya, Father.
  • Father: Pardon me?
  • Dean: Pardon you? I thought it was the other way around, just- So, uh, I'm here to clean house. I need to get some things off my chest.
  • Father: Huh. Alright, continue.
  • Dean: Um. It's the women, Father. Where do I begin?
  • Father: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned, as usual.
  • Dean: Right. Good. Yeah, so. That, and um. So, the women,uh, and this is not something that I'm proud of, but I let them think that we have more of a future than we do, you know? Uh,Gina.
  • Father: Gina?
  • Dean: Oh, and don't get me wrong, I'm mean she was--it was good times. You know how it is, the sex, the lasagna, but I was not honest with her. Sometimes I was seeing two, maybe three, girls at the same time, sometimes on the same day. You get the picture. And it wasn't just Gina. It was endless. It's making me sick.
  • Father: And you wish to be forgiven, my son?
  • Dean: I do. I need to clean up my act.
  • Father: As penance, you shall say five Hail Marys, two Our Fathers, and reflect on your transgression.
  • Dean: And then that's it? Then I'm good to go?
  • Father: One would hope some inner exploration might occur. Prayers are just the beginning to some serious soul searching.
  • Dean: Hmmm.
  • Father: Is there anything else on your mind, Agent Allman?
  • Dean: What if I said I- I didn't want to die? Yet. You know, that I wasn't ready.
  • Father: Are you expecting to?
  • Dean: Always. You know, the life I live, the work I do, I pretty much just figured that's all there was to me, ya know? Tear around and jam the key in the ignition and haul ass until I ran outta gas. I guess I just thought sooner or later I'd go out the same way that I live--pedal to the metal and that would be it.
  • Father: But now?
  • Dean: Now, um. Recent events, uh, made me think I might be closer to that than I really thought. And I don't know, I mean, you know, there's things, there's people, feelings that I- I- I want to experience differently than I have before. Or maybe even for the first time.
  • Father: Go a little deeper, perhaps, than with Gina.
  • Dean: Yeah... I'm- I'm starting to think that maybe there's more to it all than I thought.
  • Father: Learning there's more to the universe than your tiny world can be a frightening discovery. You truly believe in God, Agent? Because that can be a comfort.
  • Dean: I believe there is a God. But I am not sure He still believes in us.

gahh i like don’t need to be saying this but i feel like i gotta get it off my chest…i know it’s easy? to get frustrated with the update schedule of check please when there’s these long breaks and it can feel like ngozi doesn’t care or like…is just letting things slide but keep in mind??? she’s doing like so much work. 

like as of now each update consists of multiple episodes and each episode is normally 8-10 pages (with most of them being closer to 10) and like??? if you add up the february, april, and june updates…..that’s 11 episodes so like 110 pages?? so while, yeah, the majority of webcomics i read may be updating more regularly and multiple times a week, they’re also only producing one page each update. if ngozi updated check please that way she could also be easily updating multiple times a week (there’s only been 36 weeks so far this year!! so with 110 pages….u get it adjf). so while it might seem like the content is sparse, she’s doing a significant amount of work in a short amount of time.

and on top of all those pages/updates (which includes the actual drawing of the comic, but also the script writing, the paneling, the design of each pose and like “shot” etc. etc.), she’s also managing the twitter (which i know has been kinda dead lately but i’d personally like to think there’s narrative reasons behind that), restocking the store occasionally (which means printing books/huddles/making up tshirts), streaming on the patreon/updating the private blog, going to cons (which means producing merch!!!!! and taking time to travel), and drawing madison, and now planning a new kickstarter….like her plate is definitely full. 

i get why people are disappointed/frustrated cause yeah!! it can be annoying when u feel like you’re not getting what you were promised but idk it’s also a free comic on the internet so if you’re not enjoying it there’s nothing wrong with no longer following it….idk basically ngozi’s working hard and i like her content