I’m struggling out of this art block


And what better way to get out of art block then with this little angel <3 

God I wish I could find all the people I upset with my ignorance and privilege and apologise. Or at least let them know that their effort wasn’t in vain.

That I would one day finally BEGIN to understand and listen.

Especially the many black women who, in my years on the internet, tried to educate me and who wasted their emotions and effort on me and probably walked away feeling hopeless, angry and just unsafe because I wouldn’t listen to things that really mattered to them and impacted on their lives.

I was so sure, in my position as a white woman, that I had all the knowledge I needed and was more angry at someone daring to call me racist than listening to what they were saying was racist and working on it.

Like, I know what it is like to argue with people and feel small when they can’t recognise your genuine issues, and that is only a fraction of what women of colour deal with.

Those women deserved better.


okay but you need to know that they deleted a scene from aou when pietro probably saves a life of another avenger, thor

his cape was all on fire after he fought with ultron and pietro just speeded around him to turn the fire down, that’s probably where this scene is from cause it wasnt in the movie  

before he died he managed to save lives of 2 avengers and he died protecting one of them and a child

you need to know that pietro probably had no idea clint had a family, and yet he saved a life of a father of two, with one child to come and a husband, even thought clint was ready to give up his life for costel