If you don’t think McGonagall was invited to James and Lily’s wedding you’re wrong
  • She was in her office working late one night when she heard tapping on the window; it was an owl, carrying a letter labelled « Minnie »
  • So of course she knew who it was from
  • ngl she teared up a little at the thought that Lily and James were getting married, in spite of the war, and that they’d invited her to the wedding
  • She wondered for a (very short) while if it would be appropriate for her to attend her former students’ wedding, but oh who was she kidding - this was James Potter and Lily Evans, of course she was going
  • She showed up in a long bottle green silk dress, and a high bun with green feathers sprouting from it
  • Of course Sirius was the first to spot her when she arrived
  • He offered her his arm (« you look ravishing tonight, Minnie ») and escorted her to her seat
  • She didn’t even try to conceal her tears during the ceremony
  • she was so proud
  • later Marlene dares Sirius to ask McGonagall for a dance
  • Sirius looks offended
  • « I don’t need to be dared to ask Minnie for a dance! I was going to anyway! »
  • « Minnie, would you care to dance with me? »
  • « Mr Black, I hardly think this would be appropriate! And may I ask again that you stop using that name! »
  • « Come on Minnie, you know you love it. One dance? »
  • *deep sigh from McGonagall*
  • « Alright, Black. One dance »
  • Sirius winks at James as he dances with McGonagall
  • James is dancing nearby with Lily
  • He looks so betrayed it’s comical
  • « Excuse me Lily I must go dance with Minnie right now »
  • Lily rolls her eyes
  • « sometimes I wonder if you don’t love her more than you love me » she groans
  • but she smiles and goes off to dance with Alice
  • James approaches Sirius and McGonagall and clears his throat
  • « excuse me, Minnie, do you think I could have this dance? »
  • Sirius looks bewildered (« uh, mate, can’t you see I’m dancing with Minnie?? »)
  • « Ah, yes, Padfoot, but this is my weeding. I do what I want »
  • To their surprise, McGonagall nods, « you know, Black, Mr Potter’s got a point.. »
  • James smirks at Sirius, who stares at them for a second then stomps away mumbling to himself like the drama queen that he is
  • McGonagall may tell James how proud she is of him while they dance
  • James may find his eyes to be a wee bit watery for a second
  • After a while, Sirius reappears
  • James starts to make a speech about how Sirius should quit trying already (« I am the groom, Padfoot, therefore I am the one who gets to dance with Minnie » *severe eye-rolling from McGonagall*)
  • but Sirius cuts him off by saying « Prongs, I didn’t come here to ask Minnie to dance with me. I came to ask you. »
  • « Oh. Well in that case » — he turns to McGonagall — « Minnie, if you’ll excuse us »
  • James takes Sirius by the waist and they start dancing
  • Almost half an hour later, Lily sits down next to a grinning McGonagall and sighs « you know, sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t love him more than he loves either or us »
One-Shot Master List for Mobile

Bruce Wayne

  1. Cuddles
  2. Big Fight
  3. 5th Anniversary
  4. I Need my Shirt Back
  5. Teenagers
  6. Double Dog Dare
  7. The Picture
  8. Cute
  9. The Opposite of Cute
  10. Bad Dream
  11. Enviormental Hazzard
  12. Out on Assignment
  13. You Get the Car
  14. No More Batman
  15. Fancy Meeting You Here
  16. Not a Sidekick
  17. Failed Birds and Bees
  18. Number One Guy
  19. Running Wild
  20. Burden of the Crown
  21. Mr. Sunshine
  22. Sucked Back In
  23. Secret Revealed
  24. The One With Running
  25. The Original Batgirl
  26. Breakfast on the Patio

Dick Grayson

  1. Chapped Lips and Cold Hands
  2. Let’s Take a Ride
  3. Baby Now that I Found You
  4. Don’t Let Go
  5. Cold Shower
  6. Under the Stars
  7. I Never Thought You’d Ask
  8. You Really are an Idiot
  9. Practice Makes Perfect
  10. Acquaintances with Benefits
  11. You!
  12. Queen of the Klutz
  13. I Can Take Care of Myself
  14. Special Time
  15. The New Nightwing
  16. No More Wasted Timed
  17. The Riddle
  18. Elephant in the Room
  19. Sick Night
  20. Don’t Touch Me
  21. Tackled
  22. Oblivious Identity
  23. Present
  24. Ginger Ale
  25. The Text
  26. The Date
  27. Bed Time
  28. Flying Grayson
  29. Fishy Fishy
  30. Burn Out

Jason Todd

  1. Tax Purposes
  2. Undress
  3. Wonderful Diabolical Woman
  4. Star Gazing
  5. Middle Child Syndrome
  6. I Killed  Somebody
  7. You’re Pre-Med Right?
  8. Water Aerobics
  9. Sister
  10. Mocking Jay
  11. Rings and Boxes
  12. Cookies
  13. It’s Not Right
  14. Bun in the Oven

Tim Drake

  1. Can I have a Cup of Coffee
  2. Did You Have Fun Last Night
  3. Two Orders Please
  4. Hot Topic
  5. Flying Bagels
  6. Kiss in a Bookstore
  7. A Summer to Remember
  8. Smart Choices
  9. You’re My Boyfriend
  10. Nightmare No More
  11. Coffee

Damian Wayne

  1. Sleepy Time
  2. Sick as a Dog
  3. That’s All I Ask of You
  4. Youngest
  5. Home

Alfred Pennyworth

  1. Grocery Store

General Batfam

  1. Sleepy Time
  2. Family Vacation
  3. Sun, Sand, and Sea
  4. Too Far
  5. Kiss Cam
  6. A Stern Talking To
  7. Batmom and Beyond
  8. Delivery
  9. Flash Point Paradox
  10. Son of Batman
  11. 3rd Times the Charm
  12. Stalker
  13. Always a Paradox
  14. The Incredibles
  15. Sleep
  16. Two Worlds
  17. Panic Attack Princess
  18. Bring Her Back

Barry Allen

  1. Puppy Eyes
  2. Doppelganger
  3. Let’s Have a Baby
  4. Cell Migration (Sequel to Let’s Have a Baby)
  5. I Can Live with That
  6. Tell Me a Joke
  7. A Ride on the Nope Train
  8. Apocalypse

Wally West

  1. Big Brother
  2. Hickey
  3. Little Part
  4. Changing Planets
  5. Daily Lessons
  6. Wrong Freaking Hole

Vic Sage Kaldur

  1. The Question
  2. Light a Fire
  3. You Get Holidays
  4. Not Likely

Clark Kent

  1. Supermom: Part 1
  2. Supermom: Part 2
  3. Discovery of Self
  4. Stupid Sparks


  1. Catfish
  2. Escort


  1. Wings: Part 1
  2. Wings: Part 2
  3. Old Life

Headcanon that Meg is like a cat when it comes to cuddling.

Like, she and Castiel are done having sex and Meg is like: “No, don’t cuddle me! I am a strong, independent, FEARSOME DEMON and I need no cuddles! DON’T YOU DARE CUDDLE ME, CLARENCE!”

And then Castiel wakes up the following day and Meg is all up in his personal space, sprawled on top of him with her hair smothering him. And if he happens to make a mention about it, Meg will say she does it for the body heat because Castiel hogs the sheets (he doesn’t).


As the writer: OMG somebody liked my smol story! Wait…write more you say? Turn this into a multi-chapter fic you ask? Uhh…

Originally posted by gifs-from-the-seaside-ca

Adult Truth or Dare

You honestly didn’t know how you’ve gotten yourself in the situation you were in just now… kneeling between Marks legs and pulling of his pants. Well actually you knew how, you just didn’t imagine it would come to this.

The evening started out by you and a group of your closest friends meeting up at Arin and Suzy’s house for a night of games and drinks. This group also included Mark who you had a giant crush on but didn’t dare to admit so.

After a lot of games and a few to many drinks someone had suggested to play adult truth or dare which at the time seemed like an hilarious idea. But since no one knew how to get the game started Suzy quickly downloaded some random app and typed in all the names of the people that were playing.

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Sleepless Nights

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader has insomnia. Sam is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 1kish

Warnings: Angst, Light Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. I got Insomnia. It was harder than I thought it would be. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated!! <3

My eyes burned. My head felt like it was about to explode. I wanted to cry so damn bad as I stared hopelessly at the red ugly numbers on the alarm clock. They were making fun of me, I just knew it.


How pathetic could I be? How much more of this would I be able to take before I went completely insane? My body literally felt like it was deteriorating, my skin crawling with frustration as I lay in bed, slowly watching the night turn to day.

Another sleepless night. How many was that exactly? Ten? Fifteen? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes and sleep. Forever.

I rubbed my eyes, the frustration getting to me, making me dig my palms into my sockets, putting pressure on them and making me see stars.

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Mark: Like I said before we’re waiting for the right time… hopefully it’s soon

Matt: What was that?

Mark: Oh it was nothing!

Matt: Give me your hand.

Mark: What?

Matt: Just do it.

Matt: *kiss*

Matt: There I kissed Mark. 

Mark: Matt….

Matt: What?! They never said where!

(I know there were asks that were specifically asking for Matt and Mark to kiss on the lips but the majority never actually stated where :^) )

(6/10 I need more truth and dare asks from you guys) 

Beauty and the Beast

I couldn’t help it! These two are so cute!

Only problem… well, not really problem, more of a slight annoyance… SO. MUCH. DETAIL! It’s I both love and hate about Ever After High because it makes fan art both fun and stressful.

Also the cover art for my Wattpad story “The Deadly Rose”

P.S. I do realize that this is sort shamelessly advertising my story

P.P.S Is it just me or is Daring’s hand a little small… I’m gonna have to fix that if I want to colour it…

Update… his hand is too small, I need to fix it.


so, since i’m making an extended effort with this blog now (i promise) i think it’s fitting to write a little bit about myself.

i’m m. i’m 16 and i live in the UK.

i’m currently studying for my GCSEs (scary stuff, bro)

i’m very much in love with my awesome partner, a, who’ll probably crop up a lot in this blog! 

so yeah!! i’ll add more to this post as i come to it, but THAT’S ME! 

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More than clever (void!Stiles x reader)

The nogitsune pays you a visit

“They kicked you out, didn’t they?” That voice was the one you did not want to hear. It was the one thing you didn’t want to be present right now. You sighed, rolling your eyes in the progress, making eye contact with the one that was behind it all. The mess around you and all your pack.

You were sitting on your couch, your hands resting on your lap. He was steps away, but still there, able to be seen by you. He was standing right at the front door, closed behind him, he took couple of steps forward, coming from the shadows. To his surprise you weren’t scared, or triggered by his visit. And it made him curious.

“You knew they would.” You said calmly, but kept your eyes cold.

“Aren’t you scared?” He chuckled. He seemed like he knew the answer to that, or maybe he didn’t. You furrowed your brows and shrugged.

“Why would I need to?” You dared to ask, he was still approaching you but it didn’t scare you.

“I could kill you with the snap of my fingers.” He suggested, the permanent grin on his face not fading a bit.

You shook your head. “No you wouldn’t.” You looked at him in the eyes with a wicked grin on your lips, just like his. A dark and intimidating one. “You don’t kill like that. You don’t kill without a pattern. Your chaos is not centering around death and murder. No, there always needs to be a reason.”

The nogitsune tilted his head, then giving you the look of proudness. The thing was, he was proud of you. He had faith in you, you didn’t know it but he did.

“Then why am I here then?” He asked, wanting you to talk, say it out loud. Let him know just why you were so interesting, so fascinating. He was always drawn to you, but he needed more. He needed more clues for why it was so.

“You’re not here for me.” You said. “You’re here to distract me while one of your big steps on your plan is getting further. For all I know you could be having someone killed at this second, harmed, sacrificed.”

You didn’t let your gaze fall from him, you kept studying him, to see were you guessing right.

“You’re making sure I won’t be there to stop it.” You were rewarded by the nogitsune clapping his hands. He smiled, now getting so close that you were only a meter apart.

“I’m surprised how Scott kicked you out.” He admitted to himself. “Such an intelligent human, you could be for good use,-”

“To who?” You shot back. “To you?” You looked at him, amused and in disbelief. Surprised how predictable he was. Did he expect you to just go on his side this easily?

“to anyone.” He finished with a smirk. He then sat down on the couch next to you, not so close you were touching. “It was a big mistake for him to let you go.” He said and looked at you. “You are the only one that has me completely figured out. You know my methods, you know why I do what I do,-”

“I’m not smart.” You announced. “I’m not clever, I just get you. You’re so predictable, and easy. I can’t even understand how is this, what I do and say, any news to you! It’s so simple!”

You only got the nogitsune to smile and shake his head. It wasn’t just that. There had to be more than that. There had to! It might not be something you were aware of, but it was something different, something big!

“It isn’t that simple, darling.” You winced when he said the last word. It made you shiver. From disgust. It only made the fox to smile even wider. “You’re not afraid. You know I wouldn’t harm you. Somehow you have me all figured out, it triggers Scott.” He then leaned closer. You moved away, first time showing fear. Not fear for him to harm you, it was something different. But it didn’t go by without the nogitsune noticing.

You looked at the boy, Stiles’ body that had a different affect. It wasn’t Stiles. It was as clear as a day and the aura around him screamed to let you know it.

The thing leaned closer again, rested it’s hand on your thigh, the cold radiating through your clothes, making you shiver once again. You felt your body shivering, your skin on goosebumps, you wanted to get him off, to crawl further on the couch away, but you knew better. You knew you couldn’t let him get under your skin.

“It is almost disappointing that this is what you are afraid of me.” Stiles frowned. He truly was disappointed. You didn’t care though, even if it bothered you a little. So much for those ‘you’re so clever and special’ compliments then. “You’re afraid of a little touch.”

“It’s not your touch I’m scared of.” You said calmly and powerfully. Your head was high, but your eyes fixed on his hand, resting on your lap. “I don’t like to be touched in general. It makes me feel trapped.” You then pushed his hand away and got a little further from him, making more space.

“That is even more interesting.” He said wickedly, annoyingly proud again. “You are so honest. You just tell what you think, even if it would put you in danger and you know it. You are completely aware of the consequences but you still say it. You tell what you hate and are scared of. For what? To tell it you seek it. You seek someone to use it against you. But why? To create your own kind of chaos?”

You gave him a warning look.

“You want to get in danger, you want to make your life interesting. You plan your life, you dig your own grave.” Then he smirked at your 'don’t you dare say it’ look and whispered: “Just like me.”

You shot up from the couch, took couple of steps and turned to him. In rage you moved around, keeping your eyes on him.

“Why do you care? Why are you still here?” you yelled at him. “You want me to feel bad? That I’d start to accuse myself for being such a horrible person that Scott threw me out?” You laughed. “No, I know I’m a bad person. I know I’m not meant to have friends, and I know what I do and why I do it. It’s not news to me! But I am still sick of being pushed away, alright! Yeah, I’d want to have a friend and yeah, I’d like to have someone who knows how I feel!” You then calmed down. Taking deep breaths and relaxing.

“You thought it would be Scott, didn’t you?” Stiles said, trying to sound comforting. “That he would understand you, when you can’t control yourself like he didn’t at the start. But he thinks you do bad things. He thinks you are a bad person. He is not who you are seeking for.” You knew where this was heading. Shit. “I am what you need. I am the only one who understands.”

“This is your plan?” You laughed, mocked the fox. “To get me on your side? Are you stupid?” You laughed again, your tone amused and angry. “You think I’m this easy to get on your side? I get it, you might be the only one to understand me, but I don’t betray people! I don’t trust you! I’m not going to hurt anyone!”

In seconds the nogitsune was right in front of you, his face against yours, whispering: “Don’t ever insult me you stupid girl.” He then chuckled, humored by how the tables turn. You were now cornered, scared even. He was way too close to your comfort. “I am not after you as a friend!” He yelled in your ear.

You tried to back away, but he didn’t let you get far from him. He walked close, he kept himself as close as always, you finally hitting your back against the wall behind you. You squeaked when you hit the wall, afraid of not being able to get away.

Stiles lifted his hand slowly, caressing your cheek with the back side of his hand, smiling. He talked to you calmly, but it felt dangerous to you.

“I don’t want you to be my friend.” He repeated, his other hand taking a hold of your arm, to keep you there. You swallowed and whispered: “Then what do you want?” You heard a light chuckle.

“I just want you. All of you.” He said sweetly, then kissed your cheek to your disgust, getting closer to your lips. You tried to get away, but he pushed you, every time after a new kiss, back against the wall hard. He then kissed you, passionately and roughly. Biting your lip softly, seeking for entrance to your mouth. You didn’t want it, you didn’t want to let him do it, but there was no declining it.

He pushed you once again against the wall, harder than before, you yelped from the pain, then feeling suffocated by his tongue in your mouth, circling yours, you had no intentions on fighting it. You didn’t want to move at all. You were almost like a dead body. Though the nogitsune didn’t stop there. It was far from over.

“You have been my obsession for a while now, (Y/n).” He whispered to your ear, finally breaking the kiss and letting you breath. “And I’m not intending to let you go.” He smirked, looking at you tauntingly, tilting his head. “You are mine, and only mine.” He said hauntingly, then kissing you again.

Art School AU Xmas

out of continuity fluff that takes place some time after Bog and Marianne start dating. I wanted to write something nice for you guys but all I could come up with was some fluffy garbage. Sorry

“Marry me, Bog.”

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got wine-drunk with one of my friends last night and she’s been telling me to unfriend former boy on facebook and I’ve been refusing to, as that seems like making a big deal and I really just wanted to move on and that’s that—but she ended up taking my phone and unfriending him and on the one hand, I’m cringing because if he ever notices (which, he won’t tbh; he’d need to care/check up on me to notice), it’ll be as if I’m acting petty when I wrote a giant text post rant about how he was petty for deleting me off of Snapchat but ! on the other hand, maybe this is the complete break I needed, because I kept daring to think that maybe, just maybe, one day down the road, we can be in each other’s lives again. maybe this is a blessing and maybe it’s something that I needed to do to be able to let go of everything, even the “maybe"s.