“At least classes seem to be starting off well, and seem to be at least relatively interesting.”

reasons chris pine should play frank sinatra:

  • he looks the part, from the bright blue eyes to the narrow face and chin
  • he has the voice of a crooner. seriously, listen to him sing and tell me it isn’t reminiscent of sinatra and other singers of the era
  • it’s a role he wants to play
  • he sang Fly Me To The Moon for his audition for Into The Woods
  • they’re making a sinatra biopic soon anyway
  • just cast him in that
  • please martin scorsese cast chris pine, I BESEECH YOU.
helping Chris Evans shave would include

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  • waking up to Chris kissing your neck
  • him smiling when he notices you’re awake
  • “good morning, beautiful”’
  • him pulling you into his embrace
  • putting your head under his chin
  • kissing his jaw
  • your fingertips wandering on his hairy cheeks
  • him kissing your fingers
  • “i like your scruff”
  • “well too bad because it needs to go away today”
  • “you wouldn’t dare”
  • “i’m sorry, love, but Cap can’t have a beard”
  • “maybe he decided to change his style, you know, wearing all leather and stuff, growing a beard, dating Buck-
  • “urgh here we are again. you ship stucky more than you ship us”
  • “it’s absolutely true”
  • getting up to make breakfast
  • him hugging your from behind as your making pancakes
  • him moving his cheek against yours
  • feeling his scruff on your skin
  • leaving small kisses on your skin
  • turning around and kissing him passionately
  • your hands on his cheeks
  • eating your breakfast while sitting on his lap
  • “want to help me shave, love?”
  • “why would i want to help you kill something i love so dearly?”
  • “because you love me more?”
  • “good point”
  • putting some shaving cream in your hand
  • rubbing your hands together
  • him kissing your neck
  • his soon-to-be-gone beard tickling you
  • “i feel like a mother who’s about to kill her son”
  • applying the shaving cream on his beard
  • taking the razor
  • slowly and gently shaving a small section of his beard
  • him giggling
  • “you’re so cute when you’re concentrated”
  • working on another section
  • “i’m so sorry”
  • “who are you talking to?”
  • “your beard”
  • washing his face with warm water
  • pat drying it
  • taking his face in your hands
  • nuzzling your face against his smooth cheeks
  • “it’s so soft”
  • him pulling you closer
  • “but i like you better when you have a beard”

imagine keith getting grindr….. and coming across shiro…. who happens to be his astronomy professor…

I just HATE how I have real, legit reasons as to why I wouldn’t want to see a R•ylo romance happen onscreen, yet that automatically makes me a bully and stupid for not seeing the “underlining themes” in TFA.  (Note that I don’t go harassing shippers or even trying to bring up the topic with them.)

Like…sorry. Star Wars is supposed to be an escape. I don’t want to watch the bad, real life elements I’m trying to escape from in the first place be glorified and romanticized in my favorite film series. 

What’s better than regular Kaiba? That’s right! Bewd!Kaiba!

Also known as roleplay shenanigans between @celticmagician, @ashinypegasus and myself–!

Who thought it was a good idea to let me have a Kaiba muse–

I just wanted to thank all of you for support and offers to help! I really appreciate it!
The situation presently: the computer store is fixing my old PC - new hard drive, new operating system, new video card. It’s going to be costly, but it needs to get done. I may have to open commissions later on to fund this trainwreck, but I’ll worry about it when I get there.
Meanwhile, I’m going to pick up my old hard drive and show it to a family friend who has previously had some luck pulling data out of broken computers by using Linux. He said no promises, but at this point it doesn’t hurt to try. I’ll look into some other options while he’s doing his thing - there are so many important things on that computer that I simply have to try something. So, yeah, I’m going to get a second opinion on my situation. Possibly third and fourth, too, if I have to.
Anyway, thank you everyone for messaging me with ideas and advice! I’ll let you know how it works out!

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I'm sorry I mean to put #10 Finn not 1.

#10 “And you’re here because…?” 

“Because I’m your friend and you need me right now.” You reply softly, as if testing waters, feeling scared with the raspy tone he greeted you with.

“No, I don’t. Don’t you dare pity me! I don’t need your pity. ” He spits, angrily, making you flinch. This isn’t the Finn you’re used to, this isn’t the Finn you know.

“I get that you’re angry, heartbroken and on a huge roll of emotions with all that’s happening but… don’t take it out on me! I didn’t come here to pity you, I came here because I was fucking worried about you! I came here to support you, to just be here for you, because I know that behind all that smiley face, you’re hurting. I can see it in your eyes, but it seems to me that you have it all figured out…” You snap, not being able to hold back what you were feeling. “So, I’ll leave you to it.”

With that, you turn on your heels, leaving the room as fast as you could, tears brimming your eyes. Finn was left there, sitting on the bench, completely dumbfounded with what just happened, both your outburst and his reaction, feeling guilty with the way he treated you.

He knew he hit your feelings when he said what he did. He knew he used a mean and angry tone. He knew you better, he knew you wouldn’t never fail him. He knew and he snapped at you anyway. And he hated himself for it. The last thing he needed right now was his best friend, the woman he always loved, the woman who was always there for him, to be angry at him.

He takes a deep breath, using his good hand to wipe the tears that had formed while he was zoned out. Then, he stands up, heading out of the room.

He walks down the corridors trying to find you, but no luck so far. He spots Carmella and jogs to her.

“Hey Mel. Have you seen (Y/N)?” He asks, feeling rather nervous.

“Hi!” She says cheerfully, but rapidly turns serious as she notices the look on his face. “As a matter of fact, I did. But what happened?”

“I screwed up.” He admits, hanging his head in shame. “But I have no time right now, I need to find her. Please, Mel.”

With him begging, Mel had no option but to tell him where she saw you.

He walks down to here Mel last saw you, slowing down as he sees your tiny frame, sitting down on the floor of the small balcony. You’re sitting against the wall, hugging your knees to your chest, taking deep breaths of fresh air, as tears rolled down your cheeks.

His heart broke instantly, even more that it already was. He hated seeing you cry, and knowing it’s because of him… Well, that killed him.

He walks in front of you to get on your right side, so his good arm is next to you. He gently sits down next to you, wrapping his good arm around your shoulders, but you stiffen a bit at the feeling. He turns his head to you, but you don’t look back at him. He lets out a deep sigh, making your heart ache once more.

“(Y/N)… I’m so sorry…” He chokes back a sob, hanging his head low as he finally allows his tears to fall. You turn to face him and your chest tighten at the sight. You can’t be angry at him, you just can’t, you love him too much. He smiles, you smile. He cries, you cry. That’s how it always has been, that’s how it always be.

“Oh Finn. C’mere.” You sob too as you move to hug him, pulling him close to you. He leans into you, his head against your chest. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, soon moving your left hand to caress his cheek and his hair, trying to soothe him as sobs ran over his body. “I’m here. I’m here.” You whisper as you keep caressing and pressing soft kisses to his hair.

“I know. I’m sorry. I just… it all happened so fast. One minute I was on the top of the world, the other one I lost everything… I lost everything I worked so hard for… It’s not fair…” He mumbles, his voice hoarse from the crying. As soon as he stops, he lets out another sob, making you hug him tighter.

“You didn’t lose anything, Finn. You had to give it up for a while… It’ll be waiting for you. And you’ll come back stronger than ever to fight for it. I know you will. Besides, it’s not a title that proclaims whether you’re a champion or not. You were always a champion. And you’ll always be my Champ.” You say, trying to cheer him up a bit. He lets out a small chuckle. “What?”

“What would I do without you, (Y/N)?” He asks, then pulling back from your embrace, facing you. Right now, he’s such a heartbreaking sight, his eyes are bloodshot and the bluest you’ve ever seen, he looks tired and pale. “What would I do without you by my side? Supporting me? Reasoning myself? I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.” He shyly confesses, trying to maintain his gaze on yours.

“Finn, I-“

“Shh. Let me finish. I hope what I’m about to do, doesn’t ruin our friendship, but I can’t hold it anymore.” He whispers, feeling himself blush a bit as his heart starts speeding in his chest. “I love you, (Y/N). I always did and always will. Everything you do just makes me love you even more.”

After a couple of seconds, you still haven’t said anything to him. You’re in shock, you always thought he didn’t see you as more than just a friend.

“You don’t need to say anything, I figured that this would go this way… I just… I need to ask you something.  Will you be there? I mean… when I have my surgery? I just need you there. Please come, that’s the only thing I’m asking you.” He looks even more heartbroken now, but he needs you to be there. And he begs you, making his best puppy dog eyes, then moving his gaze to your hands.

You try to find your voice. The last events left you completely overwhelmed.

“There’s no place I’d rather be…” You give a shy smile, before finishing your sentence. “… than by the side of the man I’m in love with.”

With this, his gaze turns to you in a heartbeat. Hope written all over his features, as well as happiness and love.

“You’re my champ and I’ll always walk by your side. I love you, Finn.” You finally confess, a warm smile on your face as a huge one crosses Finn’s.

“I’ve waited for so long to hear you say that, god. It feels so g-“ You cut him off with a soft kiss to his lips. “Good.” He smiles, blushing a bit, as he kisses you again.

“If I didn’t have my arm hurt, I’d pick you up right now and run around this whole arena, screaming how much I love you and showing everyone that you’re finally mine.”

“I’ve always been yours.” You confess.

“I’ve always been yours too, love.” He replies, kissing you.

“But going back to that run the arena thing… I kinda like that idea… Girls need to know you’re off the market now. I’ll hold you to that one.”

“Uh, I’m off the market now?” He grins.

“Hm. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know, I thought… Well-“

“Babe, if you take me, I’m yours.”

“Okay, so you’re off the market.” You smirk, making him chuckle.

“I’m glad to hear that.” He smiles, kissing you once more. He could kiss you forever that you won’t get tired of it. “I want the world to know that you’re mine, c’mere.”

With this he pulls out his phone, snapping a selfie of the both of you. The photo is adorable: Finn with a huge smile on his face, you with your face hidden in the crook of his neck, smiling really widely.

He then posted it on his Instagram, with the following caption:

the only one who can take my pain away. #forever #loveofmylife

Today I have realised that I need to work on my insults as this is not usually something that you’re supposed to say ‘apparently’

MysticAss: oh you play Pokèmon go, what team are you on

InstinctFriend: Team instinct, and you?

MysticAss: isn’t that the weak team

ValorMe: don’t insult my storm you bigoted blue meat monkey

InstinctFriend: mate, no

MysticAss: wat??????

MysticFriend: not this again, please!

ValorMe: oh hush you overgrown cyan horse woman

This is not how you conversation is it?

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Hannah give me the Nastiest™ head canon fic/drabble about zimbits that you can. Something that resides deep inside you. Your darkest ideas. Fool worthy cringeworthy nasty™ and delicious and irresistible. Something you can't even think about at work. I need it. ( You know...For science.)

oh my gosh how dare you try to corrupt me and make me think dirty thoughts…. for the fifth time this minute. but ok. I’ll give you some headcanon, even though it’s not that dark or nasty.

and, come on, do you really think I wouldn’t imagine dirty scenarios while I’m working?? It’s the only thing that gets me through a day of retail. My ultimate #1 thing to imagine (when I need to calm down and NOT strangle the customers) is Jack and Bitty fucking in plain sight of the others. But secretly. You know what I mean??

like they’re all watching a movie in the living room late one night, and Bitty just undoes Jack’s jeans and starts wanking him right then and there on the couch. But since everyone is focused on the movie, they don’t see it happening.
Or! Jack walks into the kitchen while Bitty is baking and really quickly drops to his knees, undoes Bitty’s pants and yanks his soft cock out. He sucks on Bitty’s cock for maybe half a minute, and it’s barely gotten hard before he hears someone coming down the stairs and quickly stands up, leaving Bitty to tuck himself back in before Holster bursts into the kitchen asking what smells so good. 
Or maybe! they’re coming back from a roadie and while everyone is tired/listening to music/watching something on their laptops, Jack pulls Bitty into his lap, takes out the butt plug Bitty put in earlier, and fucks him so very slowly. They have to be slow so as not to draw attention. And the point isn’t even to orgasm, it’s just so hot to fuck right in front of everyone, and not be discovered. Bitty might only ride him for a minute and then chicken out, but they still do it and they fuck properly later that night because the memory is so arousing.

just…. fucking in plain sight. Secretly. 

*happy sigh*

I Need a Shower 💧💧💧💧💧

I was tipped off that I was the subject of a lot of banter on PGB’s sisters blog. Yes, there are two of them. 😞 I dared to scroll and now I need a shower. 

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Let’s talk about this. I send anon’s says the “anon”. When was I ever ‘exposed’ by Kaylor’s for sending anons? Please oh please do share those receipts for all of us to see  ….. Not immature, bitter betties trying to smear me with baseless rants. Real genuine receipts. I will be waiting …..⏱

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Let’s talk about this one too. I am a ‘coward’ says the internet hero hiding under “anon”. I blog and I respond to people who communicate with me publicly or privately. If you ask questions, I answer them. I never try to promote my blog because there is no value in that. What do blog reads get me? Nothing. I don’t even know if I get hits because I don’t check the stat counter. 

I should add that I was contacted by a media outlet asking me to be a source for their story. I declined. If I wanted to promote my blog I would have jumped at that chance. 💅

As for you two ‘liars’ above hiding under anon: 

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Let’s talk about this sweetheart ☺️: