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I'm about to finish dare me and I'm in desperate need of something to follow it. Something sort of dark and gritty is usually my taste. I'm also of course into the dangerous teenage girls trope that's been circulating. But from what I can tell I like your taste in novels, and I was hoping for a few recommendations? Thank you!

dangerous teenage girls? that I can definitely help you with :-)

highschool ‘verse

  • pretty little liars & the lying game series by sara shepard
  • the basic eight by daniel handler 
  • dead girls don’t lie by jennifer shaw wolf
  • the list by siobhan vaughn
  • all souls by christine schutt 
  • the revenge playbook by rachael allen
  • the innocents by cathy coote
  • dirty london by kelly york
  • before i fall by lauren oliver

suburbia americana ‘verse

  • burn for burn series by jenny han
  • the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides
  • sharp objects by gillian fiynn
  • lolita by vladimir nabokov
  • black iris by leah raeder

??? ‘verse

  • dangerous girls series by abigail haas (thriller; foreign country)
  • special topics in calamity physics by marisha pessl (mystery; SA)
  • tiny pretty things by sona charaipotra (ballet heavy)

haven’t read / not out yet but damn the summary is good

  • ugly girls by lindsay hunter
  • undone by cat clarke
  • in ecstasy by kate mccaffrey
  • the shining girls by lauren beukes
  • vanishing girls by lauren oliver
  • the secrets we keep by trisha leaver
  • underneath everything by marcy paul

my other rec list

Some more weird/sad au’s for your otp’s

“I accidentally challenged that man to a duel and I need you to be my second” AU

“My friends dared me to go down this open manhole but then they closed it again and you’re the first person who’s heard my shouts for help” AU

“We were childhood friends but you moved away in High School, and I became a doctor and you were the first patient I ever lost” AU

“We hadn’t seen each other in years and i saw you pass me on the street but as I was about to say your name I had a coughing fit and once it was gone i couldn’t find you again” AU

“We’d been flirting for weeks but it turns out that you were a reluctant part of the drug ring my undercover police taskforce was tracking, and you were shot in the takedown” AU

“The hotel double booked this room and now were both trying to decide if we should complain or see where this goes” AU

“We both got whispered at by fans because we were leaving a Marvel movie before the end credits scene. Turns out we were both extras in the scene and we went out for coffee to discuss Chris Evans but I think I like you better” AU

“I was singing High School Musical in my apartment and then I hear a knocking at the door, I open it to find simply a basketball with ‘Get your head in the game written on it” and i see your retreating back going down the hall. I will find you wildcat.” AU

“I’m a cosplayer and you’re a cosplayer and the con is in two days and we both need the last packet of hot glue sticks in the craft store. I’ll fight you for them” AU

“We got married in Vegas but it turns out we were already married. To each other. And we married other people.” AU

“We made a pact when we were seven that we would get married when we were twenty five but when we were twenty five you were already married to someone else and I was already dead. I drift through your lifetime as a ghost making sure you’re happy, but resenting it when you are.” AU

Erron, don’t you dare ...

Erron, no.

Erron, I know what you’re thinking, and I know we all want to do the same thing, but don’t you dare go anywhere near precious Takeda’s booty otherwise Jacqui will blast you.

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Hi I Was wondering if you know of any books with this "boredom of teenage girls" trope that's going round?

Hi! I’ve recently heard a lot about this trope and I’m looking forward to reading some books with it. Some that I know of are Dare Me and Fever by Megan Abbott. I need them both! I think The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton fits this trope aswell, but I haven’t read it, I’m just going off what others have said. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides? Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn would probably fit this trope very well! I think Megan Abbott other book fits this trope as well, The End of Everything

Also, Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas - I almost forgot about this one, but it is one of my all time favourite books! 

Some others I’ve heard that have this trope include The Bell Jar by Sylvia PlathThe Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin, Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma, Innocents by Cathy Coote, and The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein. Also, Maybe Great by Sara Benincasa? There are also various triggers in books like these, just for anyone who wants to know. 

Some books that I’ve read that could possible have this trope include The Good Sister by Jamie Kain - I don’t think the trope would be massively strong in this one. Possibly Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten, this one is a quite dark relationship between two girls. Also, The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma. Also just remembered Lauren loved Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, and this has the trope I think.

 Anyone else got any they could recommend that would fit with this trope?

BTS when they accidentally slap you during an argument

Okay, I received aout 4 requests for this, so I feel obliged to create this gif reaction. However,I also feel the need to state that I believe none of the guys would ever dare to slap their significant other, and they would all be very sorry if anything like this happened.

Also, violence is never the answer.

Jin: As soon as he realized what he did, he would torture himself over this, he wouldn’t ever stop apologizing to you. 

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Jimin: He would understand if you needed space after what he did. He would probably beat himself over this, thinking it over and over in the bath tub. He would feel so guilty.

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J-Hope: He would shower you with kisses, and apologize over and over again, and you wouldn’t blame him for it, because you honestly know he didn’t mean to slap you, it was just an accident.

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Jungkook: He would break down, he would hold onto you and begin crying his eyes out, apologizing, and asking you to please not leave him.

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Rap Monster: He wouldn’t know how to let you know how badly he felt over it, so instead he writes you a song and a poem for you to understand him, the only way he knows how.

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Suga: The moment his hand collided with your face, time would freeze for him, everything happening so slowly. He would be on his knees begging you to forgive him, which you would, without a doubt, but it would take you some time  before you could talk to him properly again.

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V: He would hate himself for it, You would tell him you knew it was an accident, total by timing on his hand, he turned around at the wrong time, and you were at the wrong place, but he wouldn’t fprgive himself.

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I always favored the theory of Daring’s destiny being the next Beast, but I never realized the idea had actual canon to support it, until I started reading the books. I’m only not-yet-halfway through A Wonderlandiful World, but Daring turning into a little Beastie creature when the Jabberwock’s magic infects EAH is proof enough for me.

Apple turned into an apple, Raven into a Raven, Cedar into a real girl, Blondie into a key, Humphrey into a brass egg, Briar into a rosebush, Ashlynn into glass slippers, etc. Everyone into something that relates to their name and/or character.

What relation does Daring have to a beast, if it’s not a reference to his destiny being THE beast? It has nothing to do with his name, his -supposed- role in the Snow White story, or his personality, besides the fact that his personality mirrors that of the Beast character, what with his vanity…

So it’s pretty glaringly obvious why Daring became a beast when everyone else became something related to their stories. And I’m so excited about it honestly. I need to read on~

It’s amazing to see all these new people put hand to clay with the thought of ‘you know, maybe I can make a doll?’

There is no limit. If you don’t try, the possibility never starts! So by all means, DO IT, give in to the ‘maybe’, go ahead.

Even if you don’t plan on casting or anything, even if it takes a long time, it’s great to kick in and start, man.

And it’s normal if you’re insecure, or unsure of things, it’s part of learning.

I’m just really amazed at how many people popped up with projects, like Fuck yeah!


About to watch episode 33 of Fushigi Yuugi...
Dares- Calum Hood Imagine (slight smut)- part 4- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-  Can you do a part four to dares with Calum? Btw I love your blog!

Anon-  dares part 4 with smut??

Anon-  Part 4 of Dare Calum (straight) or both if you’d like. Whatever suits your fancy

Anon- Dares part four? pls omg I need it 



NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

“You lied?” His voice is breathy. “You are a virgin?" 

 You blush and nod. 

 "Why would you lie about that?”

 "Cause you just assumed and you were acting all superior and I didn’t want you to know that-“ 

 "That what? You haven’t been touched? I don’t care about that Y/N." 

 "What does it matter anyway?" 

 "Because it’s fucking hot! Ugh." 

Calum turns away and throws his hand up to the back of his head.

"You are so bloody confusing. One minute I want to rip your clothes off and the next I feel like wrapping you in bubble wrap to keep you safe." 

 "The only thing I need kept safe from is you? Are you insane? Luke is going to be lucky not to need stitches." 

 "I thought he-" 

 "What? Popped my cherry? Used me and left? Who cares? That’s none of your business!" 

 "You don’t know Luke like I do." 

"And that gives you the right to beat him up?”

 "He’s a player y/n! He treats girls like crap and he uses every trick in the book to have his way with them.“

 "So? Maybe I like that!" 

 "You don’t." 

 "You don’t know me!" 

 He steps closer so there is very little space between you. 

 "Oh I think I do." 

 You are furious and you know you should push him away but you can’t control your hormones and, when he leans in and crashes his lips to yours, you become putty in his capable hands. The door is shut but he pushes you against it as your hands grip his hair. Why does he have to make you feel like this? 

 "You like dares baby girl?” He mumbles against your ear. 

 And you are so far gone that you would say yes to anything he asked. You nod, incapable of forming actual words right now as his teeth tug on your ear lobe. 

 "Well I dare you to not make a sound while I eat you out. Right here against this door.“ 

 What? Oh crap. Your sex clenches and you can practically feel yourself dampening your panties. He wants to eat you out? Nobody had ever done that before.  Granted nobody had ever touched you before but still. 

 You didn’t have time to register what was happening because Calum moved his hands down to your bikini bottoms and pulled them down, lowering himself to his knees as he did. He didn’t give you the option of stepping out of your bikini bottoms so they lay around your ankles as he leaned in. 

 He didn’t go straight for your core. He was too much of a tease for that and he wanted you to pay for how you had teased him that night.

 "Keep totally quiet,” he reminds you. 

 You bite your lip as he places soft, lingering kisses across your thighs, his mouth just barely skimming across your sex as he crosses from one leg to the other. It’s already impossible to keep quiet and you bring a hand up to your mouth and clamp it over your lips. You know it’s just a matter of time though. He’s driving you insane. So teasing but so delicious. 

 You can’t help but look down as his head moves across your thighs and he kisses across any stretch marks or freckles he finds. 

 "God you are fucking hot,“ he growls, suddenly, making you jump a little.

 He looks up at you for a second and you wonder what he is doing. Then he winks and brings his mouth to your pulsing core. 

 And it is phenomenal. You’ve never experienced pleasure like it. Your blood feels like it’s bubbling as a fizzy sensation takes hold of your entire body. You cry out against your palm, smothering your self to keep quiet. Calum knows exactly what he is doing. Not that you would have been aware if he didn’t. His soft, plump lips caress your sex with ease.

 He licks his way between your folds then brings a finger up and tickles your entrance while his lips continue up to your clitoris. Your head slams back against the door and you nearly knock yourself out with the force but you couldn’t care less. Nothing has ever felt as satisfying as this boys lips around your sensitive nub. Every bit of your body is ignited and filled with bliss. Your eyes squeeze shut and your free hand scrapes against the door, looking for something to grip on to. 

 "Mmm,” Calum murmurs, appreciatively against your sweet spot and you feel the vibrations pull in your lower abdomen. 

 You didn’t know it was possible to feel this good. You’d never experienced something so satisfying and you hadn’t even climaxed yet. You thought you might be getting close though. The fizzy sensation felt ready to explode.

 Calum seemed to sense your closeness too and he leaned back and looked at you for a second. 

 "Close baby?“ He checked and you nodded, quickly, desperate for him to go back to what he was doing. 

 "Okay you can make noise now,” he decided before submerging his face in your sex once again. 

 You let out the loudest moan you had ever made. Fuck he felt so good. He smirked against your sweet spot and somehow it felt amazing. Every tiny thing he did felt incredible right now. 

 You cried out and gripped his hair in your hand as he began to flick his tongue, roughly across your bundle of nerves and you couldn’t hold back the explosion inside of you.  Your body jerked against the door as Calum’s name spilled from your lips in ragged breaths. 

 It was like a waterfall crashing down through your bloodstream. All your nerves were ignited and your body became out of your control as it convulsed above Calum’s teasing face. You’d never felt anything so pleasing in all your life. 

 Calum leaned back and got to his feet, watching as your body went numb and your eyes fluttered open. The aftermath was exhausting. You’d only ever dreamed of being this relaxed. 

 "God you are so responsive,“ Calum smirks before pressing his lips to yours, forcing you to taste your own arousal.