I never thought I would leave or come back.

My decision to leave was a tough one. In the end everything here felt so overwhelming, that I decided to deactivate. While I’m sad that I lost so much, starting over has a certain beauty to it. I needed a reset, and this was definitely a reset.

I need a place to put my thoughts, not just in journal form, but to get it out, somewhere else. Especially now. So much hurts. Every cell in my body is screaming.

So, I’ll write here again. Share a painting on occasion. Maybe selfies. Maybe my t-shirts. Who knows? This can be whatever I want it to be, I can change things up. Rebirth in digital format. I won’t let it become what it was towards the end there. A place of pain, a place I hated. I won’t take this from myself.

For those that missed me and sent such kind messages and wrote poems, thank you. It was overwhelming and touched me deeply.

For those that were glad to see me gone, fuck you, I’m back.