i know it would be like physically impossible for taylor to NOT see the type of rude comments ppl write to her on social media but generally i like 2 be naive and pretend that she doesn’t see any of it so when she DOES acknowledge that shes read “die slut” comments its so confronting I feel so defensive like im literally about to go and track down every single person who has ever in their life been even slightly rude to her. Wrote a mean comment in 2013? watch ur back sweetie. Didnt say thank u when she held the door open for u in 3rd grade? im fucking coming for u


kaistal au - these broken stars (starbound #1)

when they met on a high-class spaceship, they couldn’t’ heav thought they’d end up this way.. she’s heir of the richest man in the galaxy, a real princess, and he’s a simple war-hero, a soldier who shouldn’t even dare speak to her. they’d never, ever stand a chance together.. but then the spaceship goes down, killing all passengers, except for them. they land on a strange, unknown planet where their only hope is to send off a signal for help. however, the planet turns out to hold a lot more secrets than they first assumed, and a faceless danger threatens their sanity and life.
in the face of death and survival, would love be able to find its way out and bloom between two people whose love would be doomed under normal circumstances? and if it does - would you rather save yourself or the one you love, in a place where options are limited and love could be the mean to your end?

Fall 2013 // Samurai Flamenco (22 episodes, currently airing)

This is the story of the birth of a true hero featuring these two young men with a touch of comedy and serious drama, while they come face to face with hardships as they search for the true meaning of becoming a hero of justice in this world! 

like its really weird in the ace discourse tag now in 2016. i saw people saying asexuals aren’t lgbt because they’re not in the acronym. there were people arguing that straight means heterosexual heteromantic while others say any any het- at all means straight. and there was other stuff calling aces ‘mogai’ or ‘pretenders’ or ‘special snowflakes’ or stuff like ‘not everyone wants to have sex all the time’ and i’m just.

i’m dead fucking serious i saw these arguments from conservative, asshole anti-sjws in like 2013 and now they’re coming from radical feminists and other really liberally people. it’s just really surreal.