Day 1: Favorite characters

How dare this question make me choose between all of my loves. Hm. Can I choose all of them *throws dice*

Okay but it’s totally Ryan. I mean, he’s the calmest fictional main character I’ve ever come across and he’s also probably the nicest. Theory states that that would make for a stagnant plot, and yet here we are, here we are…

Story time: I’ve been subscribed to Justin’s writing newsletter since 2012/2013 but unsubscribed like weeks before I found Eos 10. When tumblr recced me his blog I went from ‘oh its that guy!’ to ‘i should probably listen to that podcast now it’s a sign.’ Don’t tell him that.

10 days of Eos 10


I haven’t done a selfie Sundae or whatever in a long time but I was talking hair with friends today and it made me realize how far I’ve come in my natural hair journey. 

I transitioned for the entire year of 2013 then cut off all my relaxer in February of 2014 and next year I’ll be hitting my 3 year mark of being completely natural. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long and without these pictures documenting my progress I wouldn’t have even realized how much it’s really grown and thrived. I mean people can say “its just hair” all they want but learning to care for my Black, Afro textured hair after years of relaxers and hearing people say Black hair can’t grow unless you’re mixed and wishing my hair could stay straight and silky like my non-Black friends has been such a good experience for me. 

I’ve watched my hair go from a TWA of 4-5 inches to a halo kinks and curls and that’s just fucking amazing to me and I felt like sharing it with the world because I know there are tons of other simblrs on here who have gone through (or are still going through) the same thing.