Title: The Nereid

“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.” ― Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid.

Other artwork of my muses project, this time based on the Nereids myth. I made this picture trying to avoid one single meaning. Her side can be real or her imagination, the other way around is also possible, both can be “real” too. That’s the reason why the line between both worlds are carefully demarcated. I wanted to involve my viewers making them create their own interpretation. Just believe your favorite story :)

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Hi Hi Hi everyone!! ~Naama here!! I made this follow forever not really for any milestone I reached but to celebrate (not really) the end of summer! School has started and now I will not  be on tumblr much, so I wanted to make a follow forever with everybody on my following list. I plan on being on semi-hiatus on this blog so I can focus more on my school work!! Also autumn is coming and it’ll be getting colder, and I hope everyone can stay warm and won’t catch a cold!!^^ And my tumblr birthday came around on the 10th, my blog turned 3 years old!! Yayyy ^o^ Have a nice day everyone^^

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I really wish the show would just get on with it. Give us real, proper answers. Tell us the real reason why Maya was killed, why Noel helped Maya hide, what Jenna told Shana that made her turn on Allison, what Allison was doing for the years she went missing (how does no one ask omg), why no one talks about the night Allison was nearly killed, why Mrs. DiLaurentis cover it up, why Mona is helping out Big A or was, about the N.A.T. club, and so on.

It’s just getting boring.

ok but humanstuck transgendered karkat actually makes kind of sense

not saying trans people are mutants because omg ew.


-keeps things secret from his friends

-made to feel bad about something he cant control

-in real danger, faces discrimination

-deep insecurities caused by always being told he is “wrong”

-searches for people who are like himself so he knows he isnt alone (like with jack)

-wears certain things to feel secure and hide parts of himself he that doesnt really like

idk plus other reasons… i never really headcanoned it, but a few minutes ago something just clicked and i think that would be a really nice plot device IMO, as well as just a pretty sweet piece of representation and a nice addition to the character

I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THIS! Omg you have no idea how long it took me to work on this, three days! Why? Work, then the background wasn’t working because I tried to draw one myself but that just made everything real slow for some reason and fucked everything up. So i just used an image of NYC from google. But yeah enjoy a Casey and April riding away from some Purple Dragons or something. 

This was actually based on a scene in the TMNT Mutant Nightmare 3 opening, seriously why does no one talk about that more?

Why is OMGChad's Hair So Red?

Okay let me just check my ask box

Jimmy my flippin' TIMBERS, okay okay! Apparently there’s some Chappers out there who’s got hair redder than a baboon’s favourite red balloon. BUT WHO IS THIS GUY?! Time for some ENHANCED INTEROGATION, Straight from the source!

Having no luck in that route, I headed straight to my PokeMindcrack-dex to find the answer to this vexom minx

My god… of course! How could I be so dumbo? OMG-Chadus, one of the rarest and reddest mindcrackers out there! But how did his hair get so not blue? So awkward yellow and opposite green? It could have been anything!

From a classroom experience in school…

To a life-changing day out…

To a tragedy at his first day at work…

Or even a simple mistake in a music shop!

But no, we all know the real reason. It happened far in the past, when CHoD made a deal with the devil. In exchange for stellar LP skillz and the ability to assemble weekly recap videos, Taz was cursed! Cursed to become a flame haired red machine that LPs by day… and serves REDHOT JUSTICE BY NIGHT, for this man, this myth, this monster


Hope that answers your question Anons and Iswearit'snotanigloowellthenwhatisitabloodycoldwaterdome?

-Lit “Flamehead” Zippo

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Graphic T-Shirt Friday....woops

My bad, tumblr. I didn't forget it was Friday but I’m wearing a cream colored skirt and I don’t really own any good graphic tees to wear with it. Trust me, I tried. Not even my trusty shark t-shirt worked with this one.

OMG, I forgot we made no pants Friday, a thing! DAY SAVED.  Also, my hair is on point today. Low humidity, ftw!

Moving on to the real reason we’re all gathered in this weird little subset of the internet: running.

It’s going. Slowly but surely, it’s going. I kind of keep forgetting that I’m training for a marathon, technically. It’s a big deal but not THAT big of a deal right now. Wednesday was hills, which I may have talked about already. I did a three mile warm up and then right under three miles of hills (.4 miles up, .4 miles down repeat three times followed by a cool down. Which happened to also go uphill). Although:

Really? Only 100 feet up and down?? Ugh, now I feel even MORE lame about them. I demand mountains for breakfast, suburban Virginia! 

Interesting, I felt prettygood once I had showered and breakfasted and gotten over myself a little that day. And then Thursday I also felt pretty good:

Nevermind, that also looks less impressive than it felt. Damn. (ETA: I totally felt light and easy on that run so I figured it would be at a little bit of a more consistent pace. Ah well, so it goes!)

You know why this is taking me aback? I spent all of last summer in a pool and deep water running while I was trying to heal up and had no idea what conditions were like outside in the heat and humidity. I am definitely slower right now (on average) than I was this past fall but we’re going to call it “summer” and just move on from it. 

Tomorrow I’ve got 11/12 miles on the schedule (aiming for 12 but technically only 11 on the training plan) so we’ll see what happens.

OH! Speaking of training plans! If you are looking for a more personalized training and coaching experience, trainwithmarc is currently offering a Blogger Discount: in exchange for writing some posts about working with him (click for details), he’s offering a slamming deal on coaching. Marc wrote my plan for (and was very patient with all my whining during) the Boston Marathon!

That’s all I’ve got kiddos, it’s just been a quiet week! HAPPY FRIDAY! May your weekends be full of sunshine and laughter and good-pain-only kinds of runs.

Can someone tell me is there is any truth to this? I found it on the comments section of the link that was posted  (about how the BVB army aren’t the only ones who hate Ju) - see below for whole comment (link to the site just in case http://believeinbrett.blogspot.co.za/2012/05/why-i-hate-juliet-simms.html)

External image

cheyenne roseJune 7, 2015 at 8:38 PM

omg i agree i don,t get why he is still with her he needs to break up with her cause all she is doing is using him for fame and shit and she made a fan of bvb kill herself and Andy made a fan cut her wrist yall should read this i,m not sure this is real doe Okay, so people keep asking WHY I hate Andy and BVB, so other than the obvious reasons I’ll share this story with you. Can you guys share this around so people know WHY I have this page?

So when I was 16, last year, I went to a BVB concert with my friends. I already hated the band, but one of my friends (who was 14) wasn’t allowed to go unless I did, being the oldest of us. So I agreed. The live show sucked. Andy just abuse the crowd and shit, but it’s what happened after that really got to me.

We went to the signing after the show and lined up for hours. We get to the band, and my friend put her poster down and asked them to sign it, cause you know, it was a signing. So Andy was too busy talking to Ashley and no Doing what he was meant to, which was fine until he turned to my friend and got angry at her because she wasn’t moving along. He said in these exact words ‘keep moving, we have a whole fucking crowd to get through and we don’t have all night to wait around for you’, so I spoke up in her defense and told him that he hadn’t signed her poster like he was meant to, and he then yelled at me and told me to fuck off, so I told him that he was being an ass, and he responded by throwing my friends poster at her and telling us to fuck off, then he told the band to not talk to us, Jake and CC said they were sorry, but Ashley just laughed. It’s a shame that two nice guys and talented musicians are fucked over by the assholes that run the band.

So I step up, and say to Andy ‘what the fuck did you throw it at her for? She didn’t do shit to you!’ and he just told me that he had plenty more fans, losing one wouldn’t make a difference, so I mentioned to him how much I already disliked his band and how I only came because I was with my friend, then he said to me 'get fucked. I’m in a famous band, and you’re nothing. If you don’t like my band, I don’t fucking care, you’re not worth anything to me and you can go fucking die for all I care’ so we left, and he just laughed and pretended nothing happened. He’s an ass, and my friend sliced up her arms up that night because of them. They are assholes and posers, or Andy is anyway. That’s why I made this page. It’s mostly a joke between me and some friends, but I’ll share my stories with people who hate BVB just because they think it’s 'cool’.

anonymous asked:

Ahhhh ok so I apparently looked really sad when I came into my math class to because he was like "hey what's wrong you can tell me" so I actually told him the real reason not censoring it at all and he was so cute he was like "I'm so sorry that that happened you are strong." I WANT TO CRY HE IS SO NICE AND CUTE AND OMG!!!! then he made it his goal to get me to laugh and it worked (shown by the fact that we were doubled over laughing) ugh I really like him... btw this never happens! ~ eye anon💗

Looking sad when coming into maths class. I 100% relate. But honestly this sounds like a freaking fanfic. How perfect can that be. It was his goal to make you laugh? What a cutie. I’m rooting for you two!! ☺️