I’m crying ya’ll, I forgot that Vulcan Furniture is just Hard Modern furniture with cushions just strapped on. No cushion cover, no sheet, just a cushion and some straps

(pic from @capsfromtrek)


Meanwhile on Romulus

Comfiest fuckin furniture in the galaxy. it probably comes with a butt warmer.

When the Sundering happened, the Vulcans made the Romulans leave their sense of fashion behind, and the Romulans stole all the good furniture.

this is the real reason unification needs to happen, the Romulans need to save the Vulcans from their awful decorating skill, and the Vulcans need to save the Romulans from horrid fashion.

I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THIS! Omg you have no idea how long it took me to work on this, three days! Why? Work, then the background wasn’t working because I tried to draw one myself but that just made everything real slow for some reason and fucked everything up. So i just used an image of NYC from google. But yeah enjoy a Casey and April riding away from some Purple Dragons or something. 

This was actually based on a scene in the TMNT Mutant Nightmare 3 opening, seriously why does no one talk about that more?

I really wish the show would just get on with it. Give us real, proper answers. Tell us the real reason why Maya was killed, why Noel helped Maya hide, what Jenna told Shana that made her turn on Allison, what Allison was doing for the years she went missing (how does no one ask omg), why no one talks about the night Allison was nearly killed, why Mrs. DiLaurentis cover it up, why Mona is helping out Big A or was, about the N.A.T. club, and so on.

It’s just getting boring.

Why is OMGChad's Hair So Red?

Okay let me just check my ask box

Jimmy my flippin' TIMBERS, okay okay! Apparently there’s some Chappers out there who’s got hair redder than a baboon’s favourite red balloon. BUT WHO IS THIS GUY?! Time for some ENHANCED INTEROGATION, Straight from the source!

Having no luck in that route, I headed straight to my PokeMindcrack-dex to find the answer to this vexom minx

My god… of course! How could I be so dumbo? OMG-Chadus, one of the rarest and reddest mindcrackers out there! But how did his hair get so not blue? So awkward yellow and opposite green? It could have been anything!

From a classroom experience in school…

To a life-changing day out…

To a tragedy at his first day at work…

Or even a simple mistake in a music shop!

But no, we all know the real reason. It happened far in the past, when CHoD made a deal with the devil. In exchange for stellar LP skillz and the ability to assemble weekly recap videos, Taz was cursed! Cursed to become a flame haired red machine that LPs by day… and serves REDHOT JUSTICE BY NIGHT, for this man, this myth, this monster


Hope that answers your question Anons and Iswearit'snotanigloowellthenwhatisitabloodycoldwaterdome?

-Lit “Flamehead” Zippo

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