“Cas, what’s wrong? Cas?”

A headcanon about where Cas’s mind might be right now now that his vessel’s possessed by Lucifer. Man, what a tragic storyline.

I added my friends birthday to my calendar on my phone and made a mistake and I somehow added her birthday 20 times a day until February 7th 2153 and now I can’t delete them because my phone just crashes so now everyday I get 20 notifications that it’s my friends birthday :|

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February’s busy(。・v・。)💫
I’m thankful! I’ll gratefully work hard😉💕

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My work has ended~❤️😂✨
I’m cold and shivering(´°ω°`)

But it was really fun

Years ago I had someone in my life correcting me every single time I made a mistake and I clearly remember once watching a movie and this person asked:

“What did you gain from it that would benefit you in the Akhirah?”

And i remember thinking “Leave me alone!!” I used to hate whenever this person corrected me. If I said a bad word immediately I would be told to fear Allah and again I thought - “Leave me alone!”

I remember telling my friends (Jahil friends) that I’ve had enough of this person always pretending to be the Haram police and like one could expect from juhala they used to mock this person and make fun of the Naseeha ’s I was given.

Right before, this person left my life these were the words that was said to me : ‘ Wallahi one day, you will know the value of my reminders and one day in the future Allah will punish you by sending you someone that will feel burdened by your advices just so you can feel the pain I’ve felt every time I saw you sinning while laughing. One day, wallahi one day you will regret not listening to me"

Almost six years later, these are the words that keeps me up at night. They were so true wallahi and I feel it with every piece of my heart and soul. I suffer and I’m in so much pain for not listening back then

So - If you have that one person in your life that nags so much (about your Akhirah), that you litteraly wanna punch them in face, then I beg you with tears in my eyes to NEVER let go of them and to appreciate them and their love and concern for you

Don’t learn from your mistakes, learn from other people’s mistakes.

You Will regret ignoring the advices. This is no joke. Wallahi you will miss that nagging so much when you find yourself in a place where that ‘nagging’ would do so much benefit

Wa Allahu al-Musta'ān 😔 💔


Hi fellow artists and fans of Osomatsu-san! It seems pixiv is having a contest for Osomatsu-san illustrations! I decided to translate some contest details. Please note that I am far from fluent in Japanese so I may have made some mistakes, but I tried to get the general idea of the contest guidelines.

1. Eligibility:

Users of pixiv must agree to Application Guidelines, and if you are under 18 you must have your parents agree to these. 

2. Posting Period:

The contest runs from February 4th to 29th, 2016. 

3. How to Participate:

Submit an illustration/drawing to pixiv. The illustration/drawing must be related to the anime “Osomatsu-san”. When tagging your submitted drawing, please use the tag “おそ松さんイラコン” [in English, this translates to “Osomatsu-san irakon (short for illustration contest)”]. 

4. Posting Format:

You can post more than one illustration work, but please do not post the same work multiple times! Also, you may use any dimensions at the time of submission, but if you are chosen as a winner you must resubmit the work with the dimensions at least 2480 pixels long x 3508 pixels wide, 300 dpi. (Size may exceed but not fall short of the above dimensions.) Works will be excluded from judging if the works are not related to Osomatsu-san, not tagged with the specified tag, posted privately, posted past the post period etc.

5. Selection Process/Rewards:

Winners’ works will be shown in pixiv Zingaro (an art gallery owned by pixiv, presumably) in the Osomatsu-san Exhibition that starts on March 24, 2016. The grand prize for winning the contest in first place is, from what I can understand, original merchandise signed by the character designer, and the runners-up (second to fifth place) will receive original merchandise. However, prizes will only be shipped to addresses in Japan.

There are also some notes and disclaimers to be translated, if anyone is interested in reading them please contact me. I’m too busy to translate them if there is no demand for them xD

Please have fun submitting Matsus!!

Talia Hale & Derek Hale- Conversation with mom pt.2

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Imagine: Imagine dating Derek and you can communicate with spirits and Talia has a conversation with you.

A/N: This is the second part      ( pt.1)

Pairings: Derek x reader ,Talia Hale

Warnings: Nothing

Word Count: 1362

Reader Gender: Female

Author: b-chocolatelover

It’s been two months since I’ve talked to Talia, Derek’s mother. In these months Derek and I had a few fights. I never thought that it would be so difficult to live together. We were both stubborn and didn’t accept when we made mistakes. I usually went to his old house to calm down. I didn’t meet Talia again but only the fact that I was walking through the woods and then rest for a few hours around the house relaxed me. I don’t know why, it just did. Then I would come back and we both appologized to each other.

The last fight was the worst. A few weeks ago, Derek became cold and distant. I tried to talk to him but he just shrugged it off and told me that it’s just my imagination.

Today, he invited me on a date. We should have gone to a restaurant and have a lovely dinner. I think that this would have been the night he wanted to propose. But a stupid fight ended our plans. We were preparing to go when Derek’s phone rang.

“Y/N! Can you answer for me ,please?” Derek shouted from the bathroom. I answered and I was surprised to hear an unknown woman’s voice.

“Derek?” She asked. I cleared my throat and tried to seem annoyed.

“It’s not Derek. It’s his girlfriend. Do you have any messages that I could tell him.”

“Uhm, yeah. Tell him it’s Braeden and he should meet me really fast because I have found what he is looking for.” She said and hang up.

I shouldn’t jump to a conclusion. Maybe they are just friends. But then why didn’t he tell me about her. And what was he looking for? He didn’t tell me that either. The bathroom door slides open and Derek appeared.

“ Who was?” Derek asked.

“Braeden. She said you have to meet her fast.” I said.

“I’m sorry Y/N but we will have to postpone the date.” He said

“Why?! Are you really leaving me home while you go to meet another girl?!” I snapped.

“Please understand that it’s important.” He said.

“What are you looking for, Derek? A new girlfriend?” I yelled.

“What?! Do you hear yourself when you talk?” He screamed back. I stood for a moment, thinking about what I could say next. Then I realised that I wanted to know the truth even though it would destroy me.

“Are you cheating on me, Der?” I said with tears in my eyes.

He laughed. “What?! Do you really think I would do something like that?”

“You are so cold with me. You don’t tell me how was your day. You don’t hold me at night anymore. You don’t cuddle with me.” I said.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I moved in with a baby who needs to be hold all night long.” He said.

“I’m not a robot Derek. I need love. It would be nice to hear I love you once in a while.” I cried.

“I tell you all the time. I’m sorry I don’t have time to tell you that, every second of the day.” He yelled.

“You don’t have time for a lot of things anymore, Der.” I whispered and left the building with watery eyes.

I was outside when I heard him screaming my name. I didn’t want to talk so I just ran. I went to my usual relaxing place, the old Hale house. I looked back. Derek didn’t follow me. I think he didn’t want to let Braeden wait. I stood on the steps, my arms wrapped around my knees. My phone buzzed a few times until I became so angry that I threw it away, somewhere in the woods.

“Understand that I don’t want to talk to anyone” I shouted after it.

“It looks that the great night wasn’t so great.” I heard a familiar voice of Talia. She stood next to me and put a hand on my shoulder. I was so happy being a witch because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to talk to her.

“Will you tell me what happened?” She asked softly.

“I think we just broke up.” I cried and burried my face in my palms.

“Easy, Y/N.” She slowly stroked my hair. “It can’t be that bad.”

“You didn’t hear what he told me! Is it bad? Is it bad that I want to be loved?” I said looking at her. She had a sympathetic smile on her face.

“Derek loves you.” She said.

“He didn’t use to be so cold with me.” I said.

“He used to hug me. He stayed nights stroking my hair and whispering in my ear that he loves me.“

“These two months were hard for him. I think he realised how much he loves you and he got scared. I think that he is afraid to lose you.” She said.

“After more than one year he should be sure that he will never lose me.” I sniffed.

“The same way you should be sure he wouldn’t cheat on you?” She raised a brow, smiling.

“When Braeden called I felt so … I don’t know. It seems the perfect explanation for his behaviour. He met someone new so he stop being attracted to me.” I shrugged off.

“What he feels for you is love not atraction.” She said.

“I know I said I don’t want to rush him but I don’t think I can live like this. I can’t give him my love and in exchange he pushes me away. I don’t know what to do.” I said.

“I like you,Y/N. You are his first girlfriend that made me say that. But I won’t tell you to stay with him. If you don’t feel loved and you are not happy find someone else. It’s your life. You deserve the best. Even if it’s not my son.” She said and got up, heading towards the house.

“Wait! So what I am supposed to do?” I yelled.

“Listen to your heart.” She smiled and entered the house, slowly disappearing. I sighed and return home. Derek wasn’t there. He is probably with Braeden, I thought. An idea came into my mind. I started searching through his night-stand. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything.

“She said it’s here.” I mumbled.

“Are you looking for this?” I nearly jumped out of my skin.

I turned around and saw Derek with a little smile on his face, holding a small box on his hand. I stood there, looking at him, at a complete loss of words.

“Do you want to see it?” He asked. I nodded. He opened the box and reavealed a beautiful diamond ring. I gasped.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t ?” He asked raising a brow.

“I guess it’s for Braeden. After I left you went to her, right?” I said.

“Look on the inner side of the ring. Tell me what is written.” he gave me the jewelry and I looked inside. There, in the most careful handwriting, was imprinted Y/N Hale. I felt tears ready to fall from eyes.

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“Well? Does it say Braeden?” I shook my head and gave him the ring.

“Why do you do this to me?” I cried.

“Proposing? Because I love you.” He said.

“No. You push me away. You don’t tell me what are you doing. You yell at me.” I said.

He took a deep breath. “Kate is back. Braeden helps me to find her. I didn’t told you because I was afraid that Kate will use you against me if she founds out about us. So I avoided you to keep you safe. And for the earlier yelling…I’m sorry. I just got scared because you thought that I was cheating and that you will leave me. I’m sorry for calling you a baby. You are a princess, Y/N. You deserve the whole love in this world and I’m afraid that I am not able to give it to you.” He admitted.

“You don’t have to be. I love you, Derek. I will never leave you.” I said and kissed him.

“So this is a yes?” He asked after we broke the kiss.

“Definitely.” I smiled.


They say the worst mistake in life is falling in love and they don’t call it “falling” for nothing, falling is unexpected, clumsy, messy and really a hassle because you’re destined to fall and fall and fall over and over again, but I’ve made so many mistakes in my life and falling in love with you will always be my favorite

Inspired by FrozenMemories’ video

Ode to 2015

Why do we seek validation from unknown sources?
Why do we peel back layers of our soul for people who will never realize?
We spend our whole lives wasting time
While simultaneously wishing for adventure and purpose.
Those aren’t things that come naturally.
You have to force yourself to find them.
I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot allow
My past to define my future.
I used to be fixated on every mistake I made
Then I realized no one else cared.
Sweet interludes of a better life slipped through the cracks
Of the armour I had so carefully created.
For the first time in a long time,
I smiled without fear.

- @sohelpmedun

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so my bd thinks that he's such a big love doctor and he's like Cupid for band kids like he tries to set us up and my older brother knows him and used to be his student too so I made the mistake of telling my him the guy I liked so he emailed our bd and I told my friend and she felt bad so she emailed him who she liked and then a THIRD friend did the same thing about her crush and ALL the guys were in our class too and I swear to god our director had a freaking field day with this information

Lol what it is. Is it like real.

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Hi lazy yogi! I was an extremely unconscious person years back and made a whole lot of mistakes. I realise I haven't yet been able to forgive myself and it's causing me to feel extremely guilty and fearful. Because of this I find I can't be completely transparent with the people closest to me. How do I forgive my past and let it go? How do I stay here now? Sometimes I am able to feel safe and stay present in the moment, but this is brief and I find myself fearful again.

Anything other than the present moment is the mind. Anything other than the present moment is memory and imagination. To be present isn’t just “staying” here. It means not leaving. 

Sometimes the present moment contains unpleasant elements. Learning to stay with the moment, no matter how unpleasant it feels, is an empowering practice. By not running away, by staying your ground, you begin to liberate yourself from fear. 

Whatever is done from a place of unconsciousness, whether it is by you or anyone else, must be forgiven. You cannot hold a sleepwalker responsible for their actions. This is the meaning in Jesus’ words, “Forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”

We tend to be too punishment-oriented because we hold resentments from the times in which we were punished and misunderstood. But from mistakes and misdeeds should come healing and growth as best is possible. Rehabilitation. 

Practicing forgiveness with yourself is important if you are going to be able to practice forgiveness with others. To learn genuine forgiveness rather than just pardoning the circumstance is essential. 

A book you may find helpful is The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa. 

Namaste :)


I know that it’s confusing. It is one thing to question the official story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I’m a superhero. I’m just not the hero type. Clearly. With this laundry list of character defects, all the mistakes I’ve made, largely public. The truth is… I am Iron Man

I distance myself when I can feel my walls coming down. Because that scares me the most. Those walls protect me, they make me strong, empowered, independent. They keep a level head on my shoulders and all my deepest darkest emotions and feelings in check. But when I can feel them breaking and weakening … I run. I run because I’m terrified to see what’s behind them. To let the monster that has been pent up for years harbouring pain, disappointment, insecurities, sadness, hurt, distrust, and everything beyond or in between those emotions, free. The memories that have tied me down or broke me surfacing to be relived again. The thoughts that have kept me awake, sleepless for days, coming back to steal precious sleep away. I cannot even forgive that side of me. I cannot love those parts of myself. I cannot live with the mistakes and regrets I’ve made. So how would someone else be able to face the monster? Or live with my sorrow if I cannot.