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Question! How do you find the motivation to do things? I have a video project I need to finish and every time I go to work on it, I just feel discouraged and play video games instead. Love you and your artwork so much! ^^

thank you!! but uh I’m not a great example of motivation because my general technique is to ignore my responsibilities until I’m so stressed and guilt-ridden that I fucking power my way through them in one evening. but that works for me personally like I get better grades and shit when I do it that way as opposed to going slow over a series of days or weeks where I over think things and give myself time for self-doubt and second-guessing to set in. 

but also the concept of waiting for “motivation” to arrive is bullshit. motivation is a myth; you either decide to get shit done or you don’t. sitting around waiting for a revelation or wave of magical drive and determination to do shit is never going to get you anywhere. motivation is just a word, not a force that suddenly and inexplicably helps you do your work. you just have to make the decision to get your work done and then do it. 

Kpop Voice Challenge
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tagged by blingblues, kibummys and kkeybo Thank youuu~!! I am currently squishing your faces cause all your voices are cute as shit and match you guys so well. Hehe. <33 First time doing this and my voice is cringy so bear with me! Thank you again! 


✧your username and why you decided to use it.
✧ how did you first get into kpop?
✧ what was the first kpop song you ever listened to?
✧ what are you top 1-5 favorite kpop groups?
✧ name every person in those groups/bands.
✧ how long have you been a fan of these groups?
✧ who is your bias and why?
✧ favorite song?
✧ favorite mv?
✧ favorite choreography?
✧ favorite era?
✧ do you own any merchandise?
✧ otp and other ships
✧ say something to your bias that you want them to know.
✧ why do you listen to kpop?
✧ state an unpopular opinion.

If you want to, i tag: jong-fetti, laziestasitgets, minhoandthebabes, dubuluvr, excusemehotchocolate, taem-me-jongin and 3-2-1-shinee

I’d love to hear your wonderful voices if you havent done this yet :3 

A brief history of fandom, for those on here who somehow think tumblr invented fandom:

  • 1960s: with the advent of Star Trek, fandom moves into the public sphere for the first time with a television in almost every home, creating a large group of people all excited about one thing. Beforehand, fans mostly had relationships with the author, not with each other. Obviously there were groups and conventions prior to Star Trek, but many pop culture scholars agree that Star Trek was the beginning of an independent, interactive, saturated fandom culture centered on one show, and set many precedents for how many modern fandoms act. 
  • This means in the coming years: conventions, mailing groups (both public and private), fan magazines, and fanfiction presses. 
  • Yeah this pretty much remains the deal until the internet gets put into every home in the 90s. 
  • EXAMPLES OF BIG FUCKING DEAL FANDOMS, 90s EDITION: X-Files, Xena, Star Trek, Star Wars, ASoIaF, The West Wing, Buffy
  • So with the internet, this really cool thing happened: Geocities. And then Yahoo groups. Early fanfiction archives. Back in the day, fandoms had to create their own private spaces. This made fandoms on the internet smaller and less accessible than fanzine operated ones. However, since fans on the internet didn’t have to pass through an editorial board to publish their fic, it was the beginning of the democratization of fandom. 
  • USENET. Which will probably be confusing to anyone who wasn’t actually on Usenet during it’s height, but feel free to Google. 
  • In 1998, fanfiction.net was launched to compete with the hundreds of independent, fandom-oriented fanfiction archives. More democratization, although fanfiction was marketed on how many reviews one had. You had to, like today, “break into the market.” 
  • In 1999, Livejournal was launched. Fans created communities and their own private journals which was like woah, we have our own places to store our own fic? And can cross-post them places? However, with Livejournal came a new incarnation of the internet-based BNF: big name fan. Since communities had moderators and posts could be friend or community locked, people could easily gain social capital. 
  • See also: Cassie Claire and misscribe
  • On the other hand, authors like George RR Martin get Livejournals. 
  • Around this time was also the rise of forums. Again, moderators had a lot of power, as did certain users who would rise to the position of moderator. People rapidly gained and lost power, causing quick turnover in these parts of fandom. 
  • In 2002, due to legal concerns, fanfiction.net bans NC-17 fanfiction. 
  • Adultfanfiction.net is created to fill the void. For years, 13 year olds would pretend to be 18 to enter. Including myself. 
  • In 2005, fanfiction.net, again due to legal concerns, bans “choose your own adventure” and songfics. 
  • In 2007, Archive of Our Own is launched to further democratize fandom in response to fanfiction.net’s and LJ’s new stringent rules, offering writers a cleaner format, kudos, hit counters, and bookmarks. However, many older fandoms have not made the move. 
  • In 2007, tumblr is launched. It would take until 2010 for it to reach saturation on the internet, meaning that most fandoms which lived and died pre-2010 exist(ed) on Geocities, Yahoo Groups, independent archives, ff.net, etc. 
  • In 2009, Geocities is taken offline. Thousands mourn because they never backed up really old fic that they liked. 
  • In 2012, most major broadcasting companies have caught on to the fact that tumblr has democratized fandom to a degree of anarchy and mob mentality, and utilize it, since tumblr is unmoderated. 

And that’s what you missed on FANDOM BEFORE TUMBLR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 

Studio Ghibli Masterpost

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
Grave of the Fireflies (1988) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
My Neighbor Totoro (1988) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
Only Yesterday (1991) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Porco Rosso (1992) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
The Ocean Waves (1993) :OnlineSub ) | Download
Pom Poko (1994) : Online Sub ) | Download
Whisper of the Heart (1995) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Princess Mononoke (1997) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Spirited Away (2001) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
The Cat Returns (2002) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
Tales from EarthSea (2006) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Ponyo (2008) Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
The Wind Rises(2013)Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download

So I’ve been seeing a lot of questions on who sang which part in 5sos’ songs so I decided to make a lyrics page indicating who sang which part.

Permanent masterlist can be found here.

Unplugged EP:

Somewhere New EP:

She Looks So Perfect EP:

Don’t Stop EP:

5 Seconds Of Summer:

Amnesia EP:

Good Girls EP:

Other Songs: