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How much do you know about the DNC email leaks? Do you have an opinion on the situation and/or how we as voters should interpret it?

My interpretation:
The DNC’s primary job is to get Democrats into office (they are a non-profit corporation, not an arm of government, not a democracy). The clearest path to getting a Democratic president this year was to focus on unifying the party and Hillary Clinton was the obvious candidate to unify behind and for a while it even seemed that she wouldn’t have any serious pressure put on her. 

That would have made the DNC’s job super easy, and I remember being excited about it…about not having all of the turmoil I remembered from 2008. But Bernie put that pressure on (and frankly I think that’s good, because we need to actually grow as a party.) But I think people in the DNC found that frustrating, especially after Bernie continued to say negative things about Hillary Clinton even though it was clear he couldn’t win. 

The best option for a Democratic president was party unity, so that’s what they wanted and what they fought for. Yes…the picked who they preferred, there’s not actually anything functionally wrong with that. They absolutely should have accepted that the situation had changed and they should have treated Bernie Sanders with the respect his campaign deserved. And they should have considered the members of the party rather than only the eventual outcome in their perspectives.

In the end, these organizations are made of people and they were frustrated that the simple path they once saw became so damn complicated. I am also frustrated by that as I now watch Bernie supporters boo Bernie himself as he calls for unity against a truly disastrous alternative.

After some googling and collecting ideas for the “famous autistic creators” post I realized one thing - there are a lot of autistic people out there, and have always been. That’s why “autism epidemic” is nonsense, and that’s why autism prevention or compulsory autism “cures” (like conversion therapy) are also nonsense.

Autistic people have always existed and made a huge impact on science, technology, art, culture and the entire human civilization. You cannot erase us from the history of humanity. All autistic people matter.

Reasons I like Marvel Comics now: Invincible Iron Man

I think we might need some positivity, so I want to do a few posts about why I’m enjoying Marvel now. Because I honestly am. And I want to have fun.

I’ll start with my fave, Invincible Iron Man.

I had dreamt of Bendis Iron Man for ages; I’d made that joke hoping to see Bendis on IM since he was off the X-Men—and then it happened. They announced a Bendis-written Iron Man series. I was just going walking home from the beach, and I might’ve screamed aloud in public when I read the news.

It was the best thing to happen to Tony since the Director of SHIELD run.  And I knew I should contain my enthusiasm, but I was just so excited. And then, finally, after months of waiting, the first issue was out.

And it was perfect.

I loved all of, 100%, without any exceptions. Marquez’s art was exquisite. Tony’s eyes were the blues blue ever. Amara was so very cute.

And then it continued. New issue would show up, and it’d be very great, and so on, and so on. It was impossible, but he basically kept the level of the series very high, all the time. I love it. This is my Tony. The Tony I missed desperately. I love his interactions with other characters (oh god, Doom, but also—the scene with Strange was very nice).

He was so worried about Whitney, he so clearly cares about her still. And I started caring about Amara after all of two issues with her. Tony is worried about people there. Worried about his armour. Worried about everything. And still trying to smile. This is my Tony.

The next arc get progressively darker (and gives us some amazing rhodeytony moments), but I like darker Tony. I love it. Deodato isn’t my favourite artist, but I think even he’s getting better. Also, I really love the little bit of Kamala and Tony interaction we got there. (Also: Doom and Amara. That might be interesting). Bendis can really make me care about characters like no one else.

I’m very invested in it now. I want to know how everything else. I can’t wait for the next issue.

And wow, the new armour is glorious. I love the design and I love the abilities.

I just really, really love Bendis Iron Man. I’m happy we’re getting it (and okay, I am a bit sad it’s coming to the end :/ But I believe the next one will also be great).

BTW, I think it’s the perfect starting point if you want to get into the Iron Man comics. It’s very recent, you don’t have to dig through piles of old comics and weird continuity, and it’s a lot of fun. Most importantly: it really shows Tony the way he’s supposed to be.

OKAY I’ve been thinking about this for so long. Like I’ve just been putting together so many mixed of couples, trying to find the perfect fit. So here’s what I’ve come up with, there are 2 possible ways this can work (and probably others please comment some of your thoughts because my mind is truly boggled) and after watching SL1 and SL2 I’ve made sense of it all so here’s what I’m thinking

•since Joshaya and Rucas blossomed there’s the 2 couples, now say being with other people have made them realize what they REALLY want and BAM couple number 3 Lucaya.

•now picture the same thing Joshaya and Rucas as the 2 couples that had to form for the third one which could also be Riarkle, for the same reason as the first scenario.

And this is nothing against rucas and Joshaya, I personally love the little moments they had when they both got together ,despite my ships. This is just what I could put together based on the writers tweet (I’m pretty happy with either outcome)

The only thing that’s clear to me about this whole romance is that Alibaba’s first and only love is …

At least I can feel a romantic atmosphere here…
He is so happy, hugging his lover, blushing, he is deeply in love

after looking at some of the comments that have cropped up from my wing AU drabble, I have decided to delete it. some very good points were made and the only thing i can really say in response is that i didn’t think things through before i wrote it. i was focused on the wings and the angst and all that but didn’t think of the racist connotations that would come with it (black wings being seen as inferior to white wings, the Afro-Latino character yelling the equivalent of a slur a the white character to shut him up, etc., having the white boy being the victim of racism when it’s not like that irl) and that was disgusting on my part.

there was no ill intent behind it. i just literally did not think of how fucked up it would look when any sort of critical thinking was applied. it was something i tapped out in ten minutes and then went on my way. it was tasteless and i cannot apologize enough to those that were hurt and offended by it.

i’m putting this in the tags so people can see this and hopefully refrain from reblogging that fic

(Note: I overshared, read at your own risk)

When I was still in college, I was super excited to graduate and find a job asap. I had that mind set that being a college graduate means that I could easily land a job. So when I finally graduated, I then started to find my future after resting for four days. Actually before graduation, I already submitted my CVs online and got a bunch of messages from different companies. I was happy to think that omg it’s finally happening, that I had options on hand, that it looked as though everything went as daydreamed. June 20, I went to one of the companies that contacted me and I was there to apply as a web designer. It really made me stoked because doing the thing that you love ain’t feel like working at all. Besides, it’s related to my course.

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Today, after work, I went to a program at another library. When I walked in, I saw three of our regular patrons (two were there for the same program) and one of our board members. So they’re cheating on us. Whatever.

The thing was, I was off-duty. I was just attending a program that interested me, but I wasn’t really, because here were all these patrons that knew me and knew which library I represent. So when one of them made a racist joke, I still wasn’t allowed to tell him off. I wasn’t allowed to respond (which in and of itself is kind of a response and definitely not the one he wanted). And while we were waiting our turns, I was more or less held captive by these people and their conversations and their racist jokes. Because I know them and they know who I am and they know which library I represent. So even though I was off the clock and in the next town over, it still felt like I was working. I still had to put on a good face for the library, because that’s what being a public employee is.

When I worked in customer service, I had to be the face of the company at all times while on the premises. I worked for Jenny Craig for almost 5 years and while I was there, I had to promote a healthy lifestyle and eat the food we served. Which was fine, because some of the food was good (until they got bought out by Nestle and changed the recipes but that’s another story) and at the end of the day, I could go across the street and eat a whole pizza and no one could tell me otherwise. But that doesn’t really exist for librarians, I don’t feel like. Even when we’re out of the library, we are the library to some people.

I’m fine being the face of the library. Most of the time, I love it. I can tell everyone about great books and movies and video games and programs and, unlike when I worked retail or customer service, I can feel good knowing that what I’m “selling” people doesn’t cost a thing. But sometimes I just want to take off that mask and do things on my own. And tell off people for their racist jokes.

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"Daisy doesn't need to know this, Jemma!" For the sentence thing

Jemma simply stared at him, as she opened, then closed, then opened her mouth at him.

“Well, I um, I didn’t … I didn’t tell her anything, really,” she defended, finding herself shrugging despite her best efforts, “and all I really said was … was that you … well, you and I were … that we had  … that we made sure it went to a better place.”

Fitz brought two fingers to his temple as he pursed his lips. “So you’re telling me,” he said, “that after two and a half years of strict secrecy, you just told Daisy all about the time we accidentally opened the Bus hangar and dropped her van into a junk yard?”

“Well,” she said, raising a finger to the ceiling to punctuate her point, “she doesn’t know that it was a junk yard. I think she thinks it ended up in some commune somewhere.”

Fitz put his head in his hands, mumbling as he walked away.

||I'm here for you||

You sat in the back as Taehyung drove you back to the dorm

Looking up at the mirror he could see you stare out the window as of lost in thought. But the thing is you weren’t thinking at all. You couldn’t right after what had just happened.

Jungkook turns in his seat to look at you, worried that you were hurt. “Y/n” His soft voice spoke. You hummed when hearing your name but continued to look at the passing buildings and cars. “Are you ok?” You gave a single nod. He chewed at his bottom lip hesitant of his next question “What happened in there?”

The question made your brows furrow and a small pout grew apon your face. You weren’t even sure.

“I wish I could tell you kookie.”


“Thanks for the ride you guys, I’m sorry I had to ruin your day.” You sheepishly rubbed your arm and looked away from your best friend. Tae smiled softly at you and reached out to pet your head “you didn’t and you know I’d do anything for you.“ You returned a sweet smile “thanks tae, I’ll see you later.” As they drove away you got into your car. Plopping on your seat you sighed and leaned you head back. With your eyes closed you tried to calm yourself before you let the tears that have been threatening to fall out.

There was a sudden few taps on your window. When you looked you see hoseok slightly waving. You got out of your car again “Hey hobi”, you tried to hide that strain in your voice with a small smile but he already saw through your mask.

“I already know you’re not ok y/n”

“Is it that obvious?”


You sighed and your hands rubbed over your face then covered your lips. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?”


You were rambling.


Letting all the rage out.

“And he had the fucking nerve to ask me if I had feelings for you and was basically forcing me to answer!”

He watched you and listened as you paced back and forth in the small space of his room. “What did you end up telling him?”, “what?” He fiddled with his thumbs “When he asked you if you liked me, what did you say?”

This didn’t throw you off “I said no, and it’s not like he would care if I did”, you huffed.

“But before I told him, he yelled at me.” Your voice kinda broke “it scared me”, “it scared me because he had never done that to me.” You could feel your eyes water and those tears finally fell. Hoseok was quick to bring you into a tight embrace already comforting you, telling you it’s ok. As he held you, you couldn’t help but feel, safe, happy even. The way he had you in his arms made you feel warm. It felt so right. He kisses the top of your head, “I’m here for you, it’s ok.”

{Part 9}


Graphite is my comfort zone.

Painting? Mixing colours? “Not my thing”, I would say. Human figures are my thing. Drawing from reference is my thing. Yet, I would recurrently dream of myself painting enormous panels, with bright beautiful colours, richness of textures. Everything was possible – I would mix dry pastels with oils, paint asymmetrical paintings that looked more alive than all of my graphite drawings combined without ever using a reference. Later, I would wake up in a sigh, knowing it was but a dream. “Painting is not my thing.”

Well, do I really need a thing?

After a long conversation with a dear friend, he made me realize the limits were only in my head. He convinced me to break free from the references and the symmetry and just experiment. Unpretentiously.

It was only before yesterday. I started with crayons on the day before yesterday, and tried some fabric paint leftovers yesterday.

It felt silly at first. A lost cause. Until I gave in and just lost myself completely. Strangely, it really felt as if I was being conduced by a greater force, and yet, I knew that greater force was my own. Like in the dreams I’ve had, everything was possible. I felt completely alive, and that made me realize that I haven’t been for a long time.

Even though the results might not be one of a professional artist (what makes a professional artist anyway?), it made me realize that this is what I want for me – freedom, to feel alive and free.

After all, “I’m an artist because I want to be free.

I guess art is my thing now.

P.S.: You can purchase those paintings before July 31st for a fairly affordable price and help me go to Barcelona. Contact me for info.

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what's this eggplant thing you keep talking about is everything okay

so like

yesterday about an hour after I came home from a small vacation I just see 4 new things in my inbox. I thought it was something for another blog of mine but when I click it I see four eggplant drawings submitted to this blog.

this was the first image I got. Honestly I found this all kinda funny at the start so I made a quick post about it and told two friends about it too.

Then I got 14 eggplant related asks saying to show it and such.

Also, something important I forgot to mention is that the submitter is always anonymous with different emails. Their nickname is always “Jourje” though and this seems to be done by multiple people because of different art styles are between pictures.

Anyway, after a while of this thing being kinda fun and interesting, I see two skype notifications pop up

at this point I started to freak out. The only way for this person to have gotten my skype contact was to have either added me before or dug deep into some deviantart comments. One friend I told the Eggplant thing about said that both these Jourjes where just their friends who knew my skype info because we’re in a group chat. So yay, the real Jourje doesn’t know my skype.

After some time had passed I gotten more drawings and this is around the time when things started to creep me out a bit

The drawings started to include my URL, nicknames such as “bagel”, referencing shitposts, referencing one of my main fandoms, a song I actually like, dating sims??? (Which also included my favorite food in the text which is not “bagel”.) The most recent one I’ve gotten had my actual name written which I should have expected since I have my irl name in the about.

TL;DR: I got a bunch of eggplant drawings in my inbox by “Jourje” and I think Jourje is trying to flirt with me or something I don’t even like eggplants why is this happening

Good things
  • The gym in my new building that is motivating me to start working out again. It has only been four years!
  • My husband’s new job. Three day weekends every week. Paid overtime. Five weeks paid leave each year. It all means much more time with our son.
  • I’ve come back from feeling so down, so flat. When I weaned Leon a couple of months ago from twelve to four breastfeeds every 24 hours I plunged into a feeling of total despair! That sounds really dramatic, but it’s really how I felt. Something chemical was going on after weaning him that made my bones ache, my heart sore, and my brain feel all foggy and confused. I thought I was developing postpartum depression because I really didn’t understand why I felt so crappy. Things went on like this for a few weeks and then I started to increase the number of breastfeeds again until I was back to nursing Leon whenever he initiated it throughout the day, and a couple of times a night. And sure enough, the fog started to lift. I remember having these incredible feelings in the first six weeks after giving birth that were completely unexpected because before having a baby I was a really emotionally stable person. You know that feeling you have when you’re a teenager and you fall really hard for someone for the first time and you walk around with butterflies in your tummy and your fingertips pulsate when you think about them? That’s how I felt for the first couple of months after giving birth. I was obsessively in love. And now I realise it was probably because of the breastfeeding! Because I’ve had the elated feelings again since resuming on-demand nursing. I feel awake, calm, inspired, and totally loved up! Breastfeeding seems to be some kind of protection against sadness for me.

Can we talk about how Genji most likely wouldn’t have liked being part of Overwatch? The pretty much forced him to join. It was that or they left him dead.

Ontop of that, he was made into a living weapon. And there is a good chance Genji did a lot of work for Blackwatch. While Overwatch WAS there to help the greater good and humanity and Omnic alike. There is all ways two sides of the coin. Overwatch would very much do dirty work as well. In order to help push things along. Thats why Blackwatch is a thing. Sometimes good cops have to play bad cop. Thats how the world works.

Furthermore, Genji didn’t really return after Winston issued a recall. The first thing Genji did was find Hanzo. While I do thing at this point Genji might actually go back to Overwatch, it wouldn’t be his main focus.

Genji also felt used by his own clan, and while with Overwatch he took it onto him self to take out the Shimada clan, on his own with out Overwatch telling him to. AND HE DID. (But they were able to reform). While I don’t think Genji would ever attack Overwatch, I also don’t think he would very much like Overwatch as well. (For being used and turned into a living weapon.)

Because its not untill AFTER he is done training with Zenyatta that Genji felt free for the first time in his life. And I don’t think he would go back. Maybe to help out here and there. But not likely.


been  while with a real update. I am like weeks behind. especially with all the asks and texts… Please use asks…

after our first week at the buddies things were a bit odd, drunk mom made a reference bout my mom, and then poof we had to leave.

don’t get me wrong, glad to go. Its very hot here and n the high country its cool and private for sister ant the things.

We go up to the “rim” country. we drove up and we have a really nice kind of thing that hooks onto our SUV.  

we took about 4 hours, got to this lake called  “big  lake” it was much cooler and rainy up there.

All the way up I was texting thing 1 about what he and mom had done since we knew about his cumming in her hand and stuff…

I got no answers.

After we set camp we all like to sit in chairs and start a fire, so we did. The local wood was wet but we had a bunch we brought up.

By like 700 we were comfy and tired and mom had some beers and I ssked for one, she said yes, and then everyone but thing 2 had a beer cause he dont like beer.

So, sister says she gotta pee. She asks me to go so we go. we are bout 100 yards away and out comes the weed, so we smoke it. We are like half done when mom rolls up..

shit storm right? , no she takes the weed and takes a giant hit. In ten minutes we are all 3 getting blazed.

We are stoned and tumble back to camp. The things are angry, when thing 1 notices we are high. He looks right at mom who shrugs and we all start laughing. 

So thing goes into the camper and comes out with his back pack and sits down.

He pulls out his bong, and we laugh. Mom is a bit stoned but still shocked.Thing 1 is an expert and loads his bong in like 30 seconds and then fills it with beer.

Thing 2 comes over and looks at us and sits down next to 1. Thing one sets to blazing and mom starts to stutter.

Sister hands her a beer . Within like 30 minutes we were totally baked. 

Mom wants to know where we got our dope, where we learned to smoke shes not mad, shes not glad shes just like really ?

SOOOOO… we start talking about the buddies and she says you mean Mrs. so and so and her son so and so?… we say yes and she smiled…

more weed

so far all we have told her is that we go there and get high, no sex stuff. So she says tell me about big buddy and we start talking about pool time when sister says “ he has a very big dick”….

An mom says “I know”… and starts laughing.

more beer and weed

After some questions we learn that drunk mom has seen big buddy naked, and after more questions we learn that mom and her were drunk and drunk mom told her.

So last summer they hung by the pool and spied on big buddy….in some wet boxers and saw his big dick……

so mom wanted to know how how sister saw buddies dick and sister said we were all naked and we saw it….


a whole new beer and then a big gulp of more beer and more weed

All of you?


the things?


the buddies


both of you two


anyone else

a few…..

mom is blazed and drunk. She is swaying. Thing 2 is asleep. Thing 1 and sister are giggles. I am swaying and very drunk. she is smiling, has a good beer and weed thing going on..

Well if you like being naked then lets do it.

So its like 800 at night , kinda dark but not really. The fire is going and mom is stoned and suddenly her top is off..

go ahead you little nudist lets see…

so sister and i take off our shirts and thing one is staring at all our boobs,

Mom stats teasing him and tells him to stand up and “drop em” so thing stands up and takes off his shirt, and mom says no dude pants too. and thing is like “no  I dont want to”

Now mom is for sure drunk and says its not like i didnt see it before…and says if you can be naked with big buddies mom … and the next thing she drops her shorts and i stark naked.

So she kinda points at us and goes now you guys… Shes kinda unrsteady and rather than argue Sister and I step out of our pants…

Now we are all nude except the things. @ is asleep but 1 is all nervous when mom says you better take your pants off. and he did.

Sister says to mom, we’ve never been nude with Drunk mom, only the kids… So mom sits down in her chair, We are all standing there naked…

in front of her and she is looking at us…..


Come into the light…

calum just seems so damn happy on this tour like you can tell that every night he goes on stage and gives it his all and he thanks the fans and shares his thoughts and he just seems so genuinely happy lately and that’s all i could ever ask for. i want to be there with him so bad on this tour though, i want to be there to see him in his happy place where yeah his head is running with a million different thoughts but the only thing he can focus on is you. and it would mean so much to him when you were in bed that night after msg or something and you looked him in the eyes and explained to him how much his happiness effected you and made you happy. it was like just being in his presence could boost your mood by a million times. i guess it sucks never really knowing how calum feels, but seeing his big smile on stage every night gives me the biggest sense of comfort and i want to be there and give him a big hug!!!!!!!

On Hiveworks Acceptances/Rejections

During Hiveworks acceptances/rejections, remember you can still go on to create wonderful things even if it doesn’t work out this time.

You’ve all heard the stories about people who went on to be famous/successful after getting rejected a bunch of times. You’re not exempt from that!

I know how hard rejection is, but just remember: there’s a spark inside of you that made you try in the first place. Don’t let that die out.

There are a million ways to be, and a million paths to take in life. One closed door swings a bunch of new ones open. You’ve got this.

Let’s stick together and keep making good stuff!

SU Theory: Why Rose ISN’T Pink Diamond

A common theory that was going for a very long time was that Rose was Pink Diamond. At the time it made a lot of sense (Anyone who’s been in the SU fandom for a while knows what I’m talking about) Until “Stevens Birthday Bomb” rolled around. Then we got to see not one, but THREE of the Diamonds.

Blue Diamond

Yellow Diamond

and even some of White Diamond

After seeing all of these Diamonds, many began to question the theory saying Rose was Pink Diamond. And I I’m here to talk about it today! Lets begin!

Roses Physical Appearance  

The first thing that made many people start tho question the Rose is Pink Diamond theory is her physical appearance . Or, more specifically, her height.

Now, we can assume that all pearls are roughly the same height.

So this is our pearl next to Rose

And this is Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl next to their Diamonds


Now, some people may be saying  “What if pink was just really small compared to the other Diamonds?” But giving what we know about Homeworld and the Diamonds, it wouldn’t  make any sense to have one diamond half the size of the others. 

Now, who is closer to the actual size of? Well, if old Peridot and Pearl are around the same size…..

On to my second point.

Her Gem

This is the point I’ve really wanted to bring up

Here is Blue and Yellows gems

And this what Roses gem looks like

Notice anything odd? While Blue and Yellows gems have a square/diamond shaped, Roses has a pentagon shaped center, with the outside being a circle. 

Now, some maybe saying that Roses gem may just have a odd shape for a Diamond. But many seem to overlook this moment from When it Rains

Peridot: Yeah, you’re some kind of quartz, right? *The two stop walking* You must have been made here.

Remember, Peridot has spent almost her whole life on Homeworld, serving under the Diamonds. I’m positive she would be able to recognize what a Diamond gem would look like. But, instead, she refers to him as a quartz. This brings me to my final conclusion,

Rose wasn’t a Diamond, she was a quartz solider.

She was most likely a gem that served under PD, when she was around.

After all, her name is Rose Quartz.