Little do a lot of you know, StarMo is actually a character I made up back in the early months of my Freshman year of High School.
At the time, I had been getting out of a heavily abusive relationship with the help of one of my bestest friends, @otorikei who was a big help in making the character with me.
They and I made a short comic series called StarMo and Hyde, and although it never fully came to fruition, I would love to start drawing it again.
StarMo, both as an OC and a blog has helped me overcome a lot of bad things in my life and open me up to good things.
I have lot’s of amazing friends, a place to post my art and I met my beautiful boyfriend and life partner @young-emmett through it. Without StarMo I would’ve never gotten to know who you all are and I just wanna thank each of you for being a big part of my life.
I love you all. Thank you.

Thank you potatoes!!

Hey dear potatoes!!

I haven’t gotten the chance to say anything or see anything in time with how busy school keeps me, but I got to hear about what happened on Patreon today, but thanks so much for sticking around and still show your support on Patreon ahh I can’t thank you enough!! It still sucks what internet is going through so much in the last years… When I look at only a few years ago, it felt like so many artists could thrive and now bigger companies try to only make it harder…

Times are pretty harsh, but I hope you can all go through :D


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Hellooo, I know This is a stretch, and I hope Im not bothering you, buut my game started lagging after the latest patch update and was sondering If you had any idea What happend? Im fairly new to sims 4, so I don’t know What to so :(

awh you’re never bothering me nonny :+) !! i’m not 100% sure but have you tried running origin + fixing the game? or maybe remove your mods folder first + see how the game works? i heard some ppl’s games were buggy after the patch cause of their cc so maybe try that!! i’m sorry im no help :+( but good luck love !!

@stanandy messaged me with some awesome questions and said it was ok to answer them publicly, so here we go: 

1) I love the thematic elements of the Canto Bight storyline. When Finn and Rose got imprisoned, I was actually hoping they’d encounter a dishonored Phasma somewhere in that story. I thought she’d be a great way for Finn and Rose to grow and explore TLJ’s theme of failure in a compelling way. What are your thoughts on Canto Bight? 

I was actually not really on board with the Canto Bight scenes, although I did love the fathiers in general and the notion of seeing a different sort of the seedy underbelly of the galaxy—that just because it was beautiful doesn’t mean it was good. But there were a WHOLE lot of problems with the scene—one of which of course is that no, selling weapons is not the only way to become obscenely rich, and that felt like sloppy characterization. You can make the case for the indifference of the rich and even still have the really great moment where the Codebreaker points out that the guy whose ship they stole sold weapons to both the First Order and the Resistance. But framing the entirety of Canto Bight as some weird warlord Monaco was dumb.

I also think that scene did a real disservice to Finn, making him overawed with the sights and sounds and literally not realizing why that kind of display was bad. Like, Finn’s been raised by the First Order; he of all people understands the rot that can hide under a shiny facade. To have Rose telling her history with the background of fathiers and fathier-handlers suffering abuse made it clear that Finn was supposed to Learn An Important Lesson, one he absolutely already knows. It was supposed to be character growth, but it was kind of ridiculous to presume Finn wasn’t already there.

I think your idea of Phasma being in the prison cell instead of the Codebreaker is… frankly genius? Like oh my god I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT, and the best part is that you could have it go either way—she could turn on them, or she could double-cross the First Order. That would’ve been amazing and a much more satisfying use of Gwendolyn Christie than we ended up getting (which was such a disappointment, honestly). 

That being said, I certainly loved the feel of the Canto Bight scenes—especially the escape on the fathiers, the beautiful imagery and the freedom, however temporary, that the fathiers enjoy at the end. I like to imagine that Finn and Rose set up a Fathier Rescue Fund in between all the Resistance-ing they do going forward, a la the farms dedicated to ex-racehorses.

2) I wonder if IX’s pillar could be Anakin, now that it can’t be built around a living Leia. What do you think about Ahsoka and/or Force Ghost Anakin playing an integral role in the next episode? 

I was never a real fan of Anakin or Darth Vader, tbh; I thought the prequels handled his character arc terribly, and so seeing more of him is not really something I’m interested in? But I certainly think it’s possible that Abrams will go that route, although lord knows the dude isn’t great at following through with interesting ideas. I think I personally would be more interested in seeing something almost entirely unrelated to the skywalkers, other than Leia—that is, I’d like to see what Poe and Finn and Rey do in order to build the resistance without Leia there to lead. Because if you think about it, right now the Resistance is Leia. Who are they without her? That story I think will be even more compelling, since Leia won’t live to see them succeed, and that adds to the risk that they won’t. I’m looking forward to it, as heartbroken as I am to have lost Fisher.

3) Lastly, it’s discomforting how negative the general audience reaction is to TLJ! So many howling, betrayed fanboys—it’s deafening. How do you navigate the negativity when all you want to do is love the damn film? I sometimes feel this irrational obligation to read fan opinions opposed to my own, as if I need to shore up my opinion and validate that yes, in fact, it’s okay to love this flawed film seemingly everyone takes issue with. Is that weird? Any tips for getting past that impulse?

It’s not weird at all! But I confess that I’m not NEARLY so mature; the past couple days I’ve just unfollowed most of the tags and when something negative shows up on my dash, I block the post. So far none of the negative reactions have carried a lot of weight with me, not because I necessarily disagree with their points but because I…don’t..,care what they think? Like I support those who didn’t like it but I don’t want to hear it; nor do I need to. There was very little Problematic Behavior in the movie (which I do feel I should listen to) and almost all of the criticism has been either plot-related (which I agree with) or “OMG HOW COULD THEY GET LUKE/POE/WHOEVER SO WRONG I’M GOING TO KILL RIAN JOHNSON” which I don’t. So I guess the tip I’d like to share is: have an ego so monstrous that you can easily discount any opinions you dislike about a movie you loved.

So some stuff about me...

So in the last 8 weeks, my follower count has doubled to 800. I just want to throw random facts about myself in the hopes I can interact with more people. You might see something and be like “SAME” or “wow…she’s a nutter.” Either is acceptable to me.  

I’m hoping if you know more about me you’ll be more comfortable here and it may open doors for you to get to know myself, and some of my other friends (WHO ARE AMAZING AND I DON’T DESERVE AND I LOVE SO MUCH)

So…let’s begin… :)

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So, I’m gonna put out the next parts for both “I’m Whipped For You” and “My Other Half” here soon. Please leave nice comments on both? I’m feeling down and am not too sure about the posts, whether or not they’re even good. So I’d appreciate it if you guys let me know how you felt about them. Thank you.


I am so sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted last. School, work and life were all kicking me in the ass and I was in a very bad place for quite some time. However, I actually am working on myself and on my writing so I definitely should be posting more soon. I will get to all of your requests as soon as I can.

I love you all immensely and dearly for sticking with me this entire time. We hit 20,000 followers and honestly, that has touched my heart. You guys are absolutely wonderful and if I were to wish for anything it would be this. All I’ve ever wanted was for people to read my writing and feel something for it - and you guys make that dream a reality. thank you so much for loving my writing almost as much as I do.

So much love to each and every one of you,

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