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I know that Cliff named Theo and that the name is significant to Cliff, but did Cliff also pick Theo's surname and if so why did he choose Thatcher? Love, love, loooove your artwork btw!!

Cliff did choose Theo’s last name too! ‘Thatcher’ was the name of Cliff’s personal tailor, who died a couple weeks before Cliff found Theo. He was real old but Cliff liked him a lot.


This set is called “21 Janvier” in the Chenilles et Papillons website. And I TOTALLY LOVE IT. Maybe it’s my dark soul with my inherent appreciation of black, the elegant but unusual combinations of black, teal and black or the fact that this could be part of a Tim Burton film set in the 1790s.

I don’t know how to express the love I feel for this project/enterprise/whatever-the-fuck-this-dude-does: the design is interesting even for the contemporary eye, the colours are ALWAYS on point, the and the colour schemes are balanced and limited, the craftsmanship behind each garment is mindblowing and EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ACCESSORY IS PERFECT.

And if that’s not enough, the hair, makeup and photography could be from an 18th century version of Vogue.

In resume: I LOVE DRAGOS MOLDOVEANU AND I WANNA DO STUFF LIKE THIS WHEN I GROW UP (ignore the fact that I’m already a grown up).

Designs are all by Dragos Moldoveanu from Chenilles et Papillons, photos by Corinne Mariaud.

I took a break from binge watching Thrilling Intent to Binge watch Anime Campaign after I caught the tale end of the stream from the third installment and I finally got around to drawing my favorite character in the whole campaign Ramsey Murdoch! Played by @bigmovingtarget! All I really had to go on was a head shot and teeny sketch so I made a ton of shit up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

If any of you like Thrilling Intent you’ll have a lot watching Anime Campaign Also if you like ( JelloApocalypse since he’s the GM) I highly suggest giving it a watch! Ramsey’s in the third one and I just adore that gerbil-y weirdo.


just some loser college kids who don’t have a clue what’s going on ♡♡♡

@grimhatesdeathflowers lmaoo bby looky it’s like they’re sitting there waiting for mar to be with them ;___;

Fyi just because Lance is Latino that doesn’t mean he’ll have 5 brothers, 7 sisters, 20 cousins, 2 dogs, an Abuelita, randomly switch to Spanish, dance like Shakira, sing like Shakira, know guitar, etc.


When your horse pop up on your FB feed

Pic from someone who was at the show my coach did with Uma! They had a clear round in the 95cm, then 3 rails in the Grand Prix 105cm (lol) and 2 in the Grand Prix 110cm. Coach was pissed at herself but I’d say not too bad considering she barely had time to prep her and the fact that Uma has only strolled me around Club 2/Club 1 classes this year. Now she has more pointers for our work this year.

Uma got back yesterday and she seems in greater form than when I left her.


 Really wow 2000 people are following this blog and it’s so crazy how a tiny blog that started out with only like 10 followers can reach 2k!!!!! AHHSDGSHHDHSJ IM SO HAPPY AJDHSJS I REALLY DONT DESERVE THIS MUCH LOVE (I do though! - pocket kookie) 

Okay so to my new followers that I haven’t greeted yet. HI!! WELCOME! *big hugs* from me and pocket-sized Jungkook.
Thank you guys so much really I can’t even explain how thankful I am LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 

Now pocket Jungkook’s turn
THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME SO MUCH AND GIVING ME SO MUCH FOOD, CANDY, HUGS AND MUCH MORE THINGS THAT ADMINNIE NEVER LETS ME EAT hehe You all deserve cookies made by the one and only Golden Maknae~ I’ll get started on them and give one to EVERYONE! So make sure you wait for them! I LOVE YOU ALL ❤
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