where do they come from?

you just genuinely make my dash freaking  L I T  af ??  anyhow can you believe those people invented being amazing and talented and beautiful ? may you always wake up and be perfectly well rested, may you always have a good hair day. i hope y’all find $50 today.

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A Quick Update...

Hey friends, I just wanted to apologize for any sort of depressing art that may show up here for a bit. I realized after I posted “LOSS” that I might’ve worried some of you. I know most of you are used to seeing the cute, happy and/or weird doodles, so something so intimate, personal and depressing might’ve come as a bit of a shock. It’s a strange thing for me, as I’ve never had much of an audience, and didn’t realize that it would cause any worry. I have always been one to use art as a method of introspection. A way to examine my feelings and pull them out of me so I’m not bottling them up and leaving them to fester. (Which, trust me, is an incredibly bad habit of mine) I feel that by taking the time to explore my feelings and try to capture them on the page, I am able to work through them easier, to come to terms with whatever is in my heart or on my mind. It’s an incredibly helpful and therapeutic ritual for me, actually. Create, release, move on.

I create so that I can heal, quite simply.

Recently, there has been some stuff in my personal life that has really shaken me up and thrown my heart into chaos. I don’t really feel comfortable sharing the details, so forgive me for leaving it at that. I am handling things the best I can, and taking it all one day at a time. I promise not to be too mopey or turn into a sad arts blog or anything. I just am feeling really drained right now and it’s hard to draw cute, happy Bee-antics when I feel like curling up in a ball and weeping. But have no fear! Bee-antics *will* return! I have a whole stack of asks to work through, as well as some bigger projects I’d like to start. (Bee’s Closet is a thing I’m looking to bring back for another run!) I am just going to be a bit slower than my usual turn around time, so for those who have sent me an ask earlier, don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten, nor am I ignoring it! I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and draw them yet.

Although I am not completely ok right now, I will be alright, and that’s what matters. I’ve been through a lot in my life and this is only going to serve to strengthen my resolve and give me more experience to make better choices in the future. Thank you all for your concern. I seriously appreciate the support I’ve gotten throughout this. You guys are all so wonderful and dear to me. Never forget that you guys are awesome. To the kind anon that dropped by my inbox to ask if I was alright earlier, thank you. You are so sweet to have taken the time out of your day to drop me a line. I wish I knew who you were so I could hug you. Just know that I really appreciated the concern and I hope I haven’t worried you or anyone else overly much.

Um, anyway, I hope all that made sense. I’ve never really been good with words…Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and please don’t worry! :3 Things will be alright eventually. I just need some time to heal.

<3 I love you all so much <3

New shot game for The Enemy series

The every time Andy shows up in the book and only gets recognition for being that kid in the background who has a big nose take a shot.

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32 feels pretty damn good to me! Thank you for the birthday love Erie Pa!

I also want to thank everyone of you for all the wishes and gifts and love. You are all so important to me in my life, and I have some pretty amazing queens(and kings obviously) by my side. I need to especially thank two people who I don’t know why they love me so much. @hinchtown. you popping up after lying( I see you) was the best present I could have asked for..and all I wanted really. Emilia. My goodness girl, you really know how to throw parties and make someone feel loved as hell. You’re too good to me my dragon queen and I love you.

Always spread love, it makes others feel amazing 💕


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