I have this head cannon about Harry coming out and it’s that he never had to. Like imagine if Harry throughout his entire life had been making comments (verbally) about both guys and girls (or just guys whatever you want). He makes comments so often and with so much nonchalance that everyone’s just sort of like “okay”. So when harry starts dating a man (draco or otherwise) no ones like WHAT OMF YOURE, CAN IT BE?? GAYYYYYY!!!!!! Instead everyone’s just like oh wow this is your boyfriend Steve, he’s cute good job.

Just no one realizing that it’s different or weird, instead it’s just Harry and Harry has always loved everyone.


Adventures of Michelle and Hayden…..

After our dinner tonight we walked around the town (despite the rain) and I got to see Christmas lights.

Then we stopped at Tesco (kind of like Walmart-ish) and I bought a new hat and Hayden bought me these adorable socks. ❤️❤️

“It was a dark and stormy night” as we walked back to his house (inside joke).



60-Second Challenge: Frederik Andersen afraid of sharks

Neville Has One (1)

-Neville Longbottm at some point probably

my hearts so much. he doesn’t deserve this. he doesn’t deserve her. he deserves the world and infinite happiness and it’s not fucking fair he’s been through heartbreak after heartbreak and knowing what she meant to him knowing what he wanted…it’s not even my breakup and i feel numb just thinking about it.