Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

highlights from B.A.P’s Honeymoon fanchant guide
  • Junhong leaning on Daehyun’s shoulder at the beginning
  • Jongup’s floofy hair
  • Daehyun’s squaky “yeeee” sounds
  • Daehyun pulling up his hoodie and looking like the cutest muffin
  • Them chanting their names in the start
  • Youngjae choking on a yell
  • Youngjae screaming
  • a lot
  • Yongguk whistling in Jongup’s ear
  • Jongup’s look of extreme offense after
  • Yongguk doing it again
  • Yongguk’s ☉.⊙ face after the first chorus
  • Youngjae sneakily dabbing during Junhong’s rap
  • Jongup always pumping his fist during the chanting parts
  • The way everyone went super flowy during Himchan’s bridge
  • And Yongguk doing a super high-pitched (for him) yell to ruin the atmosphere
  • Youngjae hyping Yongguk’s upcoming rap part like he’s never been hyped before
  • Himchan’s s c r e a m
  • Yongguk not caring about the actual fan chant and whistling during his part regardless 
  • Yongguk’s shoulder dance
  • Youngjae supporting the rap by yelling “Bang Yongguk” and ending with a “chyeah”
  • Himchan and Youngjae giggling a lot
  • Junhong being the only one to chant at one point and going shy and quiet because of it
  • Yongguk not being able to stop smiling throughout the entire thing
  • Bangdae keeping the whistles in their mouth after the song ended 

Moana was great. 

  • Moana explored family relationships, and found family. 
  • Moana wasn’t about a princess who needed to be saved.
  • Moana didn’t involve a dramatic romantic sub-plot. 
  • Moana challenged the classic villain vs. hero narrative.
  • Moana dealt with redemption, misunderstanding, and healing. 
  • Moana had a beautiful and meaningful soundtrack.

I never want to hear about Frozen!!! Ever!!! Again!!!