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41, 43, 65, 70.

41: Do I have any strange phobias?

Who doesn’t! I’m not deathly afraid of clowns, but I definitely do not enjoy them… (you can imagine how rough it was to watch a few episodes of SPN for me..). I also have this terrible fear of open water. Like I don’t even live near an ocean. 

43: Favourite hobbies?

Cosplay! I’ve loved dressing up for Halloween forever and I’ve always hated waiting for that day to whip out a costume. Going to conventions and cosplaying is a great way to dress up as characters more than once a year!

65: What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

Oh man… that’s a tough one, there are so many great fictional universes! I’d say Star Wars but space is a little scary, so that wouldn’t work for me. Lord of the Rings would be breathtaking but I feel like I’d get killed in some kind of battle…so I’m gonna have to go with J.K Rowling’s wizarding world. Who doesn’t wanna be a witch or a wizard!

70: Can I sing?

Not very well, but that doesn’t keep me from belting out show tunes and Disney songs when I want to. 

No Dry Eye

Wedding Week fic #6

The Wedding with George Washington

“You look so beautiful darling. George is a lucky man,” your mother said behind you, tears in her eyes.

You looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring your dress. Your mother set the veil on your head and straightened your train.

“Thank you mom. I love you.”

“I love you too darling. Now, it’s almost time so we need to get you out there to your father. Oh he’s going to burst into tears when he sees you.”

You giggled and grabbed your bouquet.

Moving carefully, you made your way out the door. The dress wasn’t big but it was delicate. It was long sleeved with a neckline that seemed more of a turtleneck.

It was stunning.

When your dad saw you tears filled his eyes.

“Oh darling. You are the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you dad.”

Everyone proceeded to line up at the doors that entered the great hall.

“Are you ready?” your dad asked you.

“Absolutely,” you replied, giving him a soft kiss on his cheek.

He looked at you sadly.

“No matter what, you’ll always be my baby.”

The music started playing and you took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

You made your way down the aisle, looking ahead at George. He gave you a loving smile, a few tears pricking his eyes.

He looked so handsome in his military uniform.

As you reached the altar you handed your bouquet to your maid of honor and took George’s hands.

The service was short and sweet. You stuck to traditional vows, but you both said them with enough emotion that it still brought tears to everyone.

There was no dry eye in the house.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

George kissed you softly and quickly, but it was filled with love. The crowed cheered for the two of you as you looked over everyone.

“I love you Mr. Washington,” you said to your new husband.

“I love you too, Mrs. Washington.”

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Below are the pictures for the dress and the bouquet. Enjoy!

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What I Wore | Floating

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WhatIWore: A new closet space calls for a new look at old favorites. I’ve been slowly retiring and reselling pieces that I don’t think I’ll ever wear again, but this is the kind of dress I’ll probably keep forever. I also feel more confident wearing older (non linked) pieces on the blog, without searching through the depths of the internet for similar options. 

When: June 24, 2017

Hat: Self Made
Shades: Karen Walker ‘Super Duper’
Baby Wrap: Solly
Dress: MNG for Mango from JCP (gift from partnership)
Sandals: Clarks (gift)

Where: Farmer’s Market with my fam

I really love this dress - it’s got vintage vibes but it’s a) long enough and b) easy to wash. The lining is built in and it’s nursing friendly. And it makes me feel like a goddess whenever I wear it! I’ve pulled up four older photos in four different ways I’ve styled it from the past (posts are here, here, here & here). Looking back I remember feeling so great each and every way I wore it. Like when you look in the mirror and think to yourself “this is the best outfit I’ve ever worn!!”

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I wanna be a nature fairy with an adorable tiny cottage in a magical forest! I want a beautiful flower garden and I want my friends to be a baby fawn, a honeybee, and a squirrel! I think about my fairy aesthetic all the time hehe. And the Disney fairies movies are some of my favorites too! Plus I also have always wanted to fly if I could have a superpower! I would also love to make dresses out of flowers! And I want to be a little baker and drink tea every day! 🌻🌼🌹⚘🍀

same ~!! i agree with this completely!

i already drink tea everyday, matcha green tea with lemongrass.. it’s reeeeally yummy ⭐️ but imagine baking in a tiny fairy house… what would you use to make stuff? like stuff you found outside… so cool 💚 if i was in the disney fairies movies, i’d wanna be a garden fairy so i could make nature even more beautiful 🌻🌺🌷🌸🌹 and i’d wear a really long lavender-colored dress! i also wanna be small enough to touch a bunny’s lil nose with my whole hand… is that weird? XD and a magical forest… i wouldn’t have to bring my glowy turtle mako, because everything would just glow at night with all kinds of colors~ and trees wave at you and rain is sparkly and all other magic stuffs ~!! 


“I really embraced working on the dress, making sure that it was utterly whimsical, and magical. The scene that I wear that dress in, and I have that dance in, it really tells the story of Beast and Belle falling in love. You know, we don’t have a huge amount of time in the story to tell that story. The dance, for me, is really where the audience starts to see it happening and starts knowing that it is happening. This is total, blissful escapism. You are transported to another world. The dress, and the dancing, and the candlelight, and the music — it was really fun to work on every aspect of that. Jacqueline Durran is just such a wonderful person and costume designer. I think she did such an amazing job.” — Emma Watson