A Little Girl Who Got Bullied For Loving Bugs Just Made A Ton Of New Pals
Let Sophia play with her bugs!
By Ishmael N. Daro

Keep up the bug hunting, Sophia!!! 

We need more future women in science! Don’t let the bullies get you down (they’re just scared to be “different” than what’s “cool”).

 I was what you may call a “girly” girl growing up- I loved my pink dresses and ribbons- but I would also come home with frogs in my pockets (much to my mother’s dismay)! I was told this wasn’t how a “girl” should behave.  That was very wrong.   Girl, boy, dresses, pink, blue, tee shirts….no matter what scenario— does not define your interests or you.   You be you.  No matter what.  

Bugs are cool- and most people aren’t cool enough to realize that…unfortunately, until they are much much older than you.  I learned at a much later age that the very things I was once teased for are now the things that make me interesting.   I’m that same “girly” girl- I still like pink dresses- but now when I say “I study spiders” it’s met with interest rather than ridicule.    

There’s a wonderful thing that all entomologists share… and it is that we never grew up…   we always held on to that fascination of that little “weird 6 & 8 legged world” that most kids grow out of….   Don’t grow out of it.   You’re golden.  And even, I, a grown-up budding scientist, learned from your story.  

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THACCC omg my crush on benjamin is huge. redheads in vintage dresses is my weAKNESS T.T


<333 Thank you @leepala! This means so much

He’s made himself extra pretty just for you ;)



Jennifer Burb was not the society-enchanted wife that her sister-in-law was. While Mary-Sue had been raised in relative comfort, with dukes and earls and viscounts all as potential options, Jennifer had only arrived in society after her brother had made his own fortune. As such, while others had been surprised at her marriage choice, when she could have had any man with a good name and struggling fortune, she had chosen a quiet and unassuming parson. Stability is what she craved, a solid foundation from which her childrens’ marriages and issue would rise. And so she had been quite content to play the parson’s wife, biding her time and making sure that her daughter was raised to be humble and sensible, before she entered the society scene. Now that Lucy had proved herself a possessor of both traits, however, Jennifer had set her sights on higher prospects than she herself had sought…

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Off for three days!🙆 Hopefully it’s going to be nice out☉…also I was washing our sheets and decided to take the opportunity for some photos haha✌ it was so warm too…..I love this little sun dress I’m wearing…😜…Haha….I got it at a thrift shop a few weeks ago!

Anyway have a great night luv's😙🌱❤

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Just bought this dress and I’m kind of in love with it. £6 in a charity shop, but it’s from Zara, basically brand new. V happy. Not sure about the sleeves though, I never wear long sleeved things..

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Had to drop by and say: your parents are SO CUTE and you look really stunning in that dress. Like, wow!

Thank you! I love that dress and it was a last-chance miracle find. I had been shopping for hours with no luck and that one was buried in the sale rack, the last one like it, and it was my size and it was…THAT. On sale half off. WINNING.


dress haul +stamp haul because I love little artsy things 💕😍 it’s soO hot where I am & I keep wearing t shirts and running shorts and looking blah:( So I’m gonna wear little sun dresses more because they’re comfy and so cute!

Butterfly stamps x3- $14.99
Flower stamp, Skull stamp, Heart stamp- $27
Stamping pen- $8
Stamp pad- $9

Sally’s beauty:
Face Mask- $3
Hair mask- $3

Old navy:
Dresses x2- $60
Sports bra- $20
Anklet- $10
Shoes (not pictured)- $25

Sundresses x2- $47
Sweater dress- 22.99
Romper- $24
Flowy shorts- $19

TOTAL: about $293