Me and the babe earlier this week. Look how sassy she’s standing! I’m wearing new boots and I’m thrilled with them. I have big calves (because I have big everything haha) so finding knee highs that fit is always stressful. I ordered these from @simplybeuk and they feel lovely- yay! (Dress is from them too. Darcy is in Next and Baby Zara) 👧🏼💋👩🏼 http://ift.tt/2cNM75G

I spent an entire class today tryna find a team north america shirt that I liked at a good price bc like. I love those boys. But! I didn’t find one. So I’m thinking. Like. I might make myself a hugeass now and draw the logo on the end…

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I have the cutest story ever for you! Today I was talking to your lovely husband as he was dressed as Captain Drake. I asked for one of his cards, as I'd lost the one I had. He gave me my pick of two different ones, and I just took one, saying that he looked happier in it, without looking at the picture too much. He gave me a sly little smile and said "funny you should say that, because that's one of my best friends." I then realized that the chickarito was you. So yeah, ur hubby is ADORABLE.

“Same anon- I just realized that I may have not mentioned this but the picture on the card was of you and him. Hashtag adorable.”

LOL! That is precious… and yeah, I love that photo. It’s actually from the day after our first kiss. So we were both kind of in lala land that day. 


No Limit….Pt. 5

Now that I’m feeling like myself again, I am excited as hell to be going out tonight. Struggling with my image these past few weeks was draining, but in a sense, worth it. I realized that it’s okay to, “look the part”, as long as I’m enjoying it and not trying to please someone else. While it was refreshing to be able to let my hair breathe and be comfortable without any negativity or judgement from Moses, I honestly missed dressing up. I mean, who wouldn’t love a good pair of expensive ass heels, designer clothes, and flaunting bags worth more than the average car? Some aspects of this cushy ass lifestyle are awesome and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. As long as I stay true to myself,  I’m okay with it. Shit, Moses got him a woman that can “do both” in more ways than one, ha. Since we’re going out with Dana, Sean and Moses’ new assistant, I took forever to find an outfit. I really didn’t want to do too much, so I chose a cute romper I bought on one of our shopping trips. I paired it with some beautiful new Louboutin heels, which always make an outfit pop. I looked good as hell and felt like was going to top any bitch…Humph, especially that Asia. 

Feeling like the shit, I started to walk over to my vanity to finish my make up. Well unfortunately that feeling was short lived, as I barely made it a few steps before I damn near broke my ankle trying to walk in those high heels. Humph, I guess my ass got a little rusty, trying too hard to be comfortable. I tried to walk a few more times but couldn’t get it down, so I pulled out some Versace slingbacks with a low heel. They were cute but didn’t do the outfit justice. I put them on anyway and headed downstairs. Much to my surprise his assistant, Asia, had already arrived. Once again this chick was overdressed and way too comfortable chatting it up with my man. I was starting to regret inviting her but let it go, since I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. As I walked up to Moses, I noticed she looked me up and down and smirked while she stared at my shoes. I ignored her though and focused on him with his arms already wrapped around my waist, pulling me in for a kiss. We met Dana and Sean at yet another exclusive restaurant frequented by the paparazzi. I didn’t look exactly how I wanted, nor did I look as good as Asia, but I was satisfied. After dinner Sean and Dana, clearly craving media attention, rushed out front after they overheard TMZ reporters were here. I tried to stall as long as I could, but we eventually had to go join them.      

Outside, Dana and Sean were right where they wanted to be. They instantly got the attention of TMZ cameras and were busy having a great time carrying on. Realizing that I had no choice but to join them, I started to panic. I surely wasn’t prepared to be filmed, even though pop ups like this are expected with Moses’ celebrity. As I nervously walked towards the stairs, I noticed Asia with her catwalk, clearly excited for media attention. Shit, it was bad enough that she was overdressed, now she thinks she’s in a damn fashion show and all eyes are on her. Once we reached them, the TMZ guy immediately shifted his attention to Moses. In true Teeleah fashion, I let my anxiety get the best of me and pulled out my phone to distract, hoping he wouldn’t say a word to me.

TMZ guy: “So what brings you guys out here tonight, Mogul?…Is this a special occasion or something?” 

Moses: “Nah Nah…Ain’t nothin special…Just treatin our ladies to dinner…You feel me?”

TMZ guy: “Yeah…Must be nice at $400 a plate..Right?” He said, laughing.

Moses: “Ha, Exactly…But I mean honestly this all comes with the territory…Living that Mogul life..”

TMZ guy: “Ha, I wish… By the way, your girlfriend looks incredible.” 

Once he said that, I knew he would ask me a question or two. So I put my phone away, pushed any fly-aways behind my ear and waited for him to speak.

Moses: “I definitely agree with you on that one.” He responded, making me blush.

Tmz guy: “So Teeleah, what’s it like being the queen in Mogul’s life?” 

Just as I fixed my face to answer him, I realized that he wasn’t talking to me. He made a gesture to the cameraman saying “Lets’s get a close up on her” as he turned toward Asia waiting for a response. I was mortified to say the least, and that bitch’s response made it worse. 

Asia: “Oh wow…I know I look like I could be but…” She said, struggling to contain her laughter. “I’m not…”    

Moses: “Seriously???” * cutting her off* “Nah man…That’s my assistant. This, is my lady.” He said, putting his arm around my shoulder. “Come on now…You gotta do betta research. She’s the top stylist in tha game, workin with everybody. I know she ain’t in the media heavy but damn my dude.”

TMZ guy: “I really do apologize to you guys. I knew of all of that…I got mixed up and just assumed…”

Moses: “Well you know what that makes you then…” He snidely responded, as he headed toward our chauffeured car.

Teeleah: “Look, it’s cool you made a mistake…But don’t let that happen again the next time you run into me.” I said jokingly, tying to diffuse the situation before I followed Moses.  

The ride home was awkward as hell. Moses was pissed and buried his head in his phone. Even though I was still embarrassed, I was more angry than anything, that this situation even occurred. I knew she looked better than me tonight but damn, to get us mixed up?? I was practically arm in arm with Moses and that guy still didn’t notice I was with him. Asia, of course, seemed happier than ever to be considered my man’s girl…Smiling at her phone as she scrolled…Humph. I’m starting to feel like there’s some ulterior motive this chick has but since I trust Moses, I have to take solace in that. Once we got home and Asia left, I figured we would talk. Instead, he hauled ass inside and disappeared. I’ve honestly never seen him this upset about anything and it worried me. I’m used to embarrassment but it’s obvious he’s not. I wanted to see if I could help, but decided against it and gave him his space.            

About twenty minutes later, Moses emerged from wherever he was hiding. I was the bedroom, headed for the stairs to our closet area, and didn’t notice he was here until I felt his arms around me. As soon as I turned around his lips ended up on mine. 

“Sorry for dippin off, beautiful.” 

“It’s okay…You needed your space for a sec.”

“So, how are you feeling?” He said, with concern in his eyes.

“Eh…I’m alright…It’s over with now.”

“Good…Sooo…Since we’re both over it, how about we relieve some stress before we go to bed. I been wanting to take this thing off of you since before we left.” He said, trying to unfasten the front. 

Even though the night was ruined by that dumb ass TMZ reporter, this situation proves just how strong our relationship is. Shit will always happen but as long as we don’t let it get in our way, then we’re good. As for Asia, I’m keeping my eye on her. At least, like I said before, Moses is trustworthy so I can’t let her nonsense get to me too much. Besides, if she does act up he will be firing her ass with the quickness. 


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my crush is my imaginary friend aka trans female version of DD era Gerard. they're genderfluid and all they do is stay at home and make art. i love their red hair. and they look super cute in dresses. disclaimer: i am 23 and i haven't been in a relationship for several years, my life itself is a bad mcr meme

Why would you need a relationship when you can just date them

Having Appreciative Children: The Struggle

So I wasn’t even going to make this a real blog entry but here we are. Because I should be doing something for the class I’m taking but I’m too depressed and scattered. I keep switching tabs, type a sentence here, type a sentence there.

Last year there was a little floral dress at Baby Gap and I loved it and I wanted it for my daughter and I looked at it all the time, and then it went on sale or I had a coupon code or I was anxious over foster care and binging on children’s clothing, and I bought it. As an adult, I was in love with it, because it was just the perfect, most magical little dress ever.

It came in the mail and my then two year old daughter grabbed it, hugged it, and exclaimed with the utmost sincerity, like some kind of inspirational film, “THANK you, Mama!” It was like watching some poor homeless child who had never had nice things get a dress. (For perspective, she had and has more dresses than she could wear in her closet).

I’ve never pushed or prompted manners at all and my children have become spontaneously polite, thank you for everything, over and over and over. I cannot buy them something without hearing about it.




It is precious and sincere and it sounds entirely too saccharine, but it is true. They say it to each other. “Oh, thank you, sister!” …and they call each other sister and brother and now we sound like some kind of weird cult. They’re toddlers, it isn’t weird in real life but typed out it looks odd. I honestly don’t know why they are so polite, except I think they are truly very sweet, and I think they are kind. And I try, and often fail, but I think I do genuinely model some of it. I thank them for helping me out or for handing me things.

So on one hand, I am super proud, and this is certainly not something to complain about. On the other hand, though, I get weirded out by the potential for anyone to connect it to some weird and dramatic projected foster care narrative, or some “adopted children should be grateful” trope. They are not effusively polite due to deprivation. (This is not what deprivation looks like). They are not needy, they are not (and were not) oh those poor foster kids because honestly, at that point? I had them and we were a family and I was drowning my sorrows in Carter’s. And yes, foster care is hellish, but they were not lacking for parenting or love because, you know what, I was parenting them and loving them. I was declining Christmas gifts because there are children in foster care that actually need them and mine were getting literal vanloads of toys between me, my parents and grandparents and their birth family.

So this is my PSA, if they thank you for a straw wrapper, or a single piece of tape, or some other weird bit of debris, it isn’t because OH THOSE POOR CHILDREN ADOPTED FROM FOSTER CARE, LOOK HOW GRATEFUL THEY ARE, it is because they are insanely polite for reasons I haven’t fully figured out and they take immense joy from practically everything.


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I love Amy and I love her personality and who she is. But sometimes I'm not a fan of the way she dresses and how her hair looks. What do you think of her appearance style-wise, not what she looks like physically?

Im going to have to agree, Anony. I love Amy. I love her sass and her fiery personality and i love how sweet and understanding and insightful she can be. Her clothing… not so much.

I understand her clothing makes her unique, and I’m okay with the skirts and the blouses and admittedly i LOVE the dresses she wore in S9 ( in 9.10 and 9.11 for example)… I mainly have a problem with the sweater vests and the weirder formal stuff the writers put her in (like in the Vegas episode in S8…)

I love when they put Amy in flowy, lighter cardigans and dresses.

As for her hair, I love that they’re styling it a bit more, but would love more updos! I need Amy in a messy bun TBH.

I’ve got that suit [vest] and tie life back, so here’s a classy work bathroom selfie. Haha. 💼

Honestly, I love dressing up. I love suits and I love ties. That has been a constant thing for me.

Fun fact: 10 year old me asked my parents to be able to wear a suit jacket to Christmas that year. They let me do it and I still have it. Haha. It’s a keepsake for me.
#ftm #transmasculine #nonbinary #transisbeautiful

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