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Your blog has gotten full of Yu Gi Oh. I'm not against, I love Yu Gi Oh but why? Is there a new series or a movie?

(OH THANK GOD otherwise I’m so sorry for the ygo spamming,I just can’t help myself :’‘‘

TECHNICALLY yes,last year/this year the Dark Side Of Dimensions movie came into theaters and right now the new Yu-Gi-Oh!Vrains series came out as well…but in my case it’s mainly because of the DSOD movie that made me go rewatch the first series(while discovering that there was also a Season 0 made by Toei) and read for the first time the manga….’TWAS REAL GOOD <3

Nostalgia trips hit me hard basically X’D

May 10th 2017

i have no idea or clue how to get past this… one more month and it’d be a complete year since Christina passed on…

we shouldn’t be the ones continuing the legacy for her

she should have been here

she’d be so excited about Side B coming out, and performing songs Team Grimmie know all too well at concerts.. and GrimmieThursdays.. AATIR, 

but no, a coldblooded human took it all away while Christina was doing what she loved most.. 

It’s been months and I’m still in denial…. i can’t digest in the fact and i don’t think i ever will..

My favorite thing about Prey is that you can’t really ignore how gay it is. Like, if you play as male Morgan you can ignore the wlw relationship with Mikhaila, but no matter what, you have to collect the transcribes of Danielle and Abby (which are hella gay) to progress through the main story, which I freaking love.