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Here’s my cover of Skinny Love by Birdy
(well hers is a cover too but work with me here)

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Luke Song Preference: “Dreaming Alone” by Against the Current

Author: Rhine


The story starts laying in the dark with someone new
I’m feeling tired from all the time I spent on you
But I know I’m strong from all the trouble I’ve been through
The story starts where the story falls apart with you

You’re tired.

You’re tired of having to chase after him, tired of running and running but never quite catching the boy who could never stop flying.

He was soaring past stars and he was meant for airplanes and big trains; he was meant for moondust glory and sunshine radiance.

You wished on every shooting star, praying that it would be him, finally falling back down to earth with you.

But he was only meant to go up from here – perhaps there was a time when he walked on the dirt grounds with you, a time when your kiss was all the high he needed – but not anymore.

You ran after him in hopes of grounding him again, but he was too far up for you to reach, leaving you with nothing but scratched legs from the brambles you ran through for him while he soared effortlessly through the clouds, away from you.

You finally realized that you had to stop running for the cuts to heal into scars; you finally realized that letting go of colourful helium balloons meant never getting them back.

They weren’t yours anymore, he wasn’t yours anymore; now scattered and lost in the atmosphere.

Shooting stars were just burning rocks and dandelion wishes were just weeds; 11:11 was just a time and birthday candles are nothing but smoke.

That didn’t stop you from wishing for him all the same.


Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
‘Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night

You think starlit boys like him don’t dream of dandelion girls like you.

He is a part of something bigger, something brighter – and you are one in a field of thousands, hoping that your wishes can possibly reach him in a gust of longing.

You dream of him, a boy that was once yours – now just in a dream.

Only in your sleep does his arms wrap around you, does his voice whisper just for you – back when he was just a boy who dreamed just like you, who dreamed of you.

Back when he was yours, back before he was a metaphor for something you couldn’t reach.

You use beautiful things to hide the ugly hurt he left you with when you ran after him through scarred lands.

You use beautiful things to comfort yourself in accepting that such beautiful things – like him – weren’t meant to love plain things, that extraordinary could never fall for ordinary.

You use dreams to hide the brutality of reality when you wake up alone.

He doesn’t, though – he’s already living in one.

And his dreams no longer have you.


The story starts laying in the dark, broken and bruised
I count the scars left in my heart from loving you
And I was wrong but let’s be honest, you were too
I miss the part when I was falling hard for you

You remembered when it was too much, when you weren’t enough.

You try to forget the boy he was before he was a star, but the lights that twinkle down at you every night are too much of a reminder of all he is without you.

You missed it when you were just two meteors crashing through everything that came in your way, back when you were falling – but with him.

You didn’t even realize you were falling until you crashed, until you were lying face up at the stars, a crater where you landed, staring at the boy who somehow managed to fit himself back into the sky after he dropped you.

You lost pieces of yourself as you were falling through the atmosphere and you’re still too dented from the harsh landing and every lonely night is a salt reminder of the wounds you sustained from it.

And despite the pain of a heart cracked open, despite the scars that now marred your body –

You’d fall with him all over again.


Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with any other

You don’t think anyone else can compare.

Of course – how could they?

How could anyone compare to what you had with Luke – the way he said your name, the sparks of his touch, the fire in his taste – it was burning, it was warmth, it was everything you had before he left you with that cold goodbye.

Maybe you’re just a little too heartsick over him – too blinded by the memories of him, too infatuated with what you had, too hurt with what you lost – but you can’t see anyone else ever coming close.

Everything he gave you, everything he took away – you can’t forget what was yours for a moment, you can’t forget what you thought would’ve been yours for an eternity.

You relive it in your head because you can’t have it in reality again.

I love you.

But the words are always an echo of the past, the words are only from your lips now, said to an empty spot next to you where you hoped he would’ve been.

He’s not yours to love anymore.


Don’t lie, bright eyes
It’ll always be you and me
So why are we dreaming alone?

He dreams of you, too.

He gets tired of flying through the sky, without the rush of falling with you.

He doesn’t realize how much he misses it – you – until he sees the crowd as nothing but roaring shadows and cellphone stars and remembers how the only flashing lights he needed was the gleam in your eyes.

Until he remembers how names are what makes a star so special, but you loved him when he was nothing but dust.

You were what made his name special to him, not those billboard letters and blazing words across a magazine – it was the softest whispers in his ear when you said his name and you gave him chills and he’s been empty ever since.

He was just dust underneath it all, without your touch to set it on fire and blaze it into something bigger.

And you did, once – you did and he left you only to fizzle out, only to fade in the spotlight.

He dreams of you, of what he’s let go, of what’s now too late, too far.

You’re both dreaming underneath the same stars about the same past and it’s a goddamn shame because you’re looking up for him in the sky when he’s already fallen without you.

And in reality there’s the lonely nights and regrets, the I love you that never reaches the right ears.

But in your dreams – and in his – you’re not alone.


more imagines here!

What with all the utterly gorgeous fan art of Chanteuse!Marianne happening up in here, and her being portrayed as all kinds of glamorous and sultry and poised, sometimes I forget how genuinely clumsy she can be. 

Like, imagine her making some grand, sultry slow-mo entrance to this song

…and then tripping over her hem or heels. Oh, Marianne. 


Taiko no Tatsujin DS - Kurofune Raikou

anonymous asked:

Can up please write a Luke imagine to the song "Dreaming Alone" by Against the Current

Sure thing, darling - I’ve got the imagine written for you right here. Thank you so much for requesting this! I love this song so much so it was great fun to do ~ Thank you for being so patient and lovely while this was being written!


‘Robbers’ is a love song, it was originally inspired by my love of the Quentin Tarantino film ‘True Romance’, the story of an Elvis obsessed loner who falls in love and marries a prostitute. In the movie the couple run away to California after killing her pimp and stealing his drugs to start a new life financed by a once in a lifetime drug deal. It’s the sentiment behind the film that appeals to me, the hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love, an escape story where love is the highest law and conquers all against the odds. 

I seriously love Missing You so much. It’s so positive and powerful because not only does it inspire a sense of hope and say ‘Hey, you’re not alone in this and there are so many who care about you’. It also talks about taking ahold of your life and braving the brunt of your own battles.

Whereas 'Therapy’ was about trying to hold yourself together, and survive through sadness and chaos, 'Missing You’ is about standing up and acknowledging your mistakes and saying 'I know I’ve fucked up and I know I’ve been low, but I’m still here and it’s time for me to start living again’. And I think that’s extremely fucking important for everyone to hear.