“So come on I’ll take you on take you on, I, ache for love ache for us why, why don’t you come, why don’t you come a little closer? So come on now strike the match strike the match now we’re a perfect match perfect somehow, we were meant for one another, come a little closer.. Flame you came to me, fire meet gasoline, fire meet gasoline, I’m burning alive. I can barely breathe when you’re in love with me, fire meet gasoline… fire meet gasolineee.. I got all I need when you came back to me, fire meet gasoline.. Burn with me tonight.”

Just sat on the edge of the bed,  playing my guitar and having a little sing song with myself to some songs I’m playing. As you do. And Sia is amazing, so I couldn’t not play a few of her songs.


The Stag - Angelo Branduardi

I seriously love Missing You so much. It’s so positive and powerful because not only does it inspire a sense of hope and say ‘Hey, you’re not alone in this and there are so many who care about you’. It also talks about taking ahold of your life and braving the brunt of your own battles.

Whereas 'Therapy’ was about trying to hold yourself together, and survive through sadness and chaos, 'Missing You’ is about standing up and acknowledging your mistakes and saying 'I know I’ve fucked up and I know I’ve been low, but I’m still here and it’s time for me to start living again’. And I think that’s extremely fucking important for everyone to hear.