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Can we talk about how Peter not only offers the bite, he also allows Stiles to break his grip and even when he calls him out on lying he doesn't attack him to force the bite on Stiles. I love this scene so much

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Yeah, it’s unusual how gently and slowly he goes about it. He gives Stiles the decision to pull away, but he’s fully prepared to bite if he gets the opportunity. After launching himself at Scott and Lydia, he could have easily done the same once he’d used Stiles, or stuffed him in his trunk, even walked away if he was being merciful. In the short time he’s with Stiles, he’s clearly impressed. He knows Stiles is clever, he was outwitted by him and Lydia in Night School, so I think he worked out that they’re excellent candidates for betas.

If Peter does believe the bite is a gift, then it’s one hell of an offer… I think it’s the risk versus reward that makes him hesitate- perhaps even that marginal risk is too much to decide for himself because this one’s perfect. :p He’d rather have Stiles turning up and getting in the way than to not have him at all.