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Hey so I love your art and as for marichat my cat likes it when I pet her with my feet sometimes so I just imagine Chat being over at Marinette's and she's studying and his head is somewhere by her feet and she just absentmindedly runs him on the head or scratches him behind the ear with her foot/toes I'm trash I'm sorry but I love your blog!

Hello, anon! FiRsT oF aLL, thank you soo much for the compliments! /(owo)/
Trust me, we love you too! Also, if you’re trash, you’ve come to the right place! :D I had a lot of laughs doing this one <3 Thank /you/ for being our very first request!

I’d picture Chat as the type-of-guy who’d sneak up on you to bust a very very very lame cat pun. -13asic

HII :) lool omg I actually cannot believe I’m doing this finally!! ok so I’ll just start off by introducing myself😊
my name is Marcie! I’m 15 & I’m from Canada!!🇨🇦 idk what to say about myself tbh, buuttt I’m basically just an overall cheery person?? idk everyone tells me I’m super happy & preppy?!😄 the way I look in this picture is pretty much how I always am I guess?? im pretty short.. like 5 feet. I’m on student council at my school as my grade rep as well :) I don’t mean to sound full of myself, but I’d say I’m a nice person😂
I love dogs soo much, but I mean who doesn’t? I’m into photography!!!
oml my music taste is literally an everlasting list of bands. I’m pretty much into every kind of genre :) but I’m a big fan of The 1975, Arkells, One Direction lool, Drake, Kodaline, Young The Giant, The Ramones, Imagine Dragons, Zac Brown Band, idk just a lot of bands!
ou & I love the walking dead, FRIENDS, criminal minds, & DISNEY!!! I’m pretty much up to watch & listen to anything tho!!
I’m basically just hoping to find someone who will kinda be there for me & text me lol😌 we can eventually do some letters too bc that’d be pretty sick, & we can send each other like cute lil things ya know??
I’m hoping for someone my age (14-16?) maybe from Canada, maybe not! :) I’m open to anything! I’m down to get to know anyone who’s a kind & funny person & who has a good sense of humour, pls!!! I’ll be that friend that tags you in Instagram videos that I think are funny & sends you cute pictures of dogs & will probably rant to you.. I can be annoying sometimes, but idk if you’ll think that so we’ll just have to wait and see!!! here’s my tumblr, message me or follow me, but you do you😝 http://goodvibes-morningskies.tumblr.com

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OMG thank u so much for the new chapter, you are incredible. you know Iam really curious if you ship sowon&lili cuz seriously i hate that, somehow i would like it if sowon have feelings for yona even though i ship HakxYona. i just hate it that lili is like the second yona or like yona's replacement for sowon. i think sowon have feelings for yona (maybe) when he said she look like a woman, what do you think? and again thank you so much. and iam having a hard time asking with login so anonymous

I do ship Soo-Won x Lili and I’m sorry you see Lili as a 2nd Yona because I really don’t think she is. Soo-Won never really showed he loved Yona and I believe if he did he couldn’t accept it anyway since he had already planned his coup and knew Yona & Hak wouldn’t be by his side anymore. So while Yona’s out of the picture, he’ll still need to marry soon, if only for political reasons. That’s where Lili comes in. She’s the daughter of a Tribe leader, is roughly around the same age as Soo-Won and already knows him. Plus I’m intrigued as to why Lili thinks older men are better, so I’d like to see someone challenge her about that. Yet Lili will never be what Yona was to Soo-Won. SW and Yona grew up together, they had a special bond.

But really I don’t have any real reason to ship Soo-Won & Lili. I just do. Nothing in the story indicates they have romantic feelings for each other so… crack pairing it is.


january 21st, 2016 || day 8/100          [bad lighting vs good lighting]

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

It’s 12am and I’m making notes for tomorrow’s physics class. Had a terrible headache earlier and couldn’t concentrate on anything so I’m doing everything right now :) and it’s not funny at all eh

Also hanged out with my bestie Kate and her cute dog Jackie at her place after school. I’m really happy about it, I love her soo much and I think we’re cute ^-^ 

p.s. I’m on the left; and i don’t really have time to take good pictures and lighting is so bad, it’s sad :c

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green, blue, periwinkle, mauve, blush, fuchsia, umber, razzmatazz, timberwolf, tangerine, sage (in a good way), chartreuse, and burgundy :*

GREEN = I think you’re cute. 
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
MAUVE = You are really talented 
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold  
UMBER = I want to know more about you
RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you 
TIMBERWOLF = I trust you
TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
SAGE = You make me cry
CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you
Send me a color

NARGEES I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!! YOUR SUPER PRETTY AND I ALWAYS HAVE HEART EYES WHEN I SEE YOUR PICTURE. I LOVE YOUR BLOG IT’S FREAKING AMAZING!! you’ll share your food too??? even if I add chili sauce to it and eat it wrong and yea….. I always get excited when you text me even if starts off with me spamming you mark XD

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VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I DREW YOUR FRIEND THAT YOU TOOK A PICTURE OF!! And ive been trying to find your blog. Its the first post on my blog :)))) hope she likes it. Im sorry i should have asked for permission but shes soo pretty i really wanted to draw her :)

I love it thank you so much!!

BCT: Day 20 Sunday 11:31 p.m

Tomorrow is school, that means back to the grind of listening to stupid lessons and endless school work.I’m soo over joyed yipeee 😑.No not really I hate school and I hate school work even more,I have so many tests to make up from Friday not mentioning the tests I take this week that are new.So wish me well on picking up my grades 😧 before report cards👍.But anyway today I finally got a chance to write my baby a letter.Gosh I’m so excited,I really hope he gets the letter and writes me back I miss him soo much.But first I have to put it in the mail box.And I can’t imagine what they’re putting him through emotionally,physically and spiritually while over there.I love him soo much and I almost cried today looking at pictures of him on my phone from video chat and just pics of him in general.Gosh I can’t wait until we meet, whenever I give him that first hug..I can promise I’m never letting go 🙀❤💏.

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I met Amber last night, she was soo sweet and such a beautiful person. i cant understand why people are being so rude to her!

Did you get a picture with her? Can you tag me omg?. She seems so genuine, I was reading a interview with her and she seems like she would be a good person to just sit and have a conversation with. I want to go to one of her headline shows so badly, I love her so much and I hope she comes back to Australia asap