Two-Bit Head Canons

-He’s the kind of person who actually finds the aesthetic in clutter
-His mom once yelled “THERES SO MUCH TRASH IN HIS ROOM” and he responded “I CAN HEAR YOU” because he actually thought she was referring to him
-He’s the opposite of claustrophobic and when the house is clean it slightly puts him on edge

-He’s allergic to chocolate
-Doesn’t stop him though, he’ll still smash a whole chocolate cake
-He’s also allergic to cats and it’s the only reason he doesn’t have 50 of them

-He loves Mickey Mouse so much because he snuck into Disney land when he was 7 and the guy in the Mickey suit fended for him

-He used to live in Florida, some family issues popped up in Tulsa and that’s why he moved there
-He’s kind of afraid his mom will want to suddenly move back home even though they’ve been in Tulsa for years
-She knows how much the gang means to him and that he’s not moving out anytime soon so she’s not going to move

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me??? as well??? i literally love everytime the speak and are near each other???? like i don't ship it per se but if i see them glance at each other across a room for .3 seconds i'm like dID YOU SEE THAT THEY JUST LOOKED AT EACH OTHER THEY HAVE A C O N N E C T I O N LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL BOYS dowejdrgth. i can't even write fics anymore without these two being like *two fingers join into one blob* jinkook literally gives Life to all those in need like what do you need more

ndfhfhjs all of their interactions are gold like, i love their dynamic so much.

i ended writing quite a big chunk so i put it under a cut haha

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The aquarium in my city has a touch tank with sharks and rays. They also have an actual Nursery where they raise baby sharks and for some of the egg sacs they backlight it so you can actually see the baby shark moving around in there!!!!

that’s so cool!! i love shark pups, they’re so smol and precious. there’s so much we don’t know about them though bc they tend to be harder to find/research than adults, which is probably a good thing. but that’s really neat!!

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this message is kinda out of the blue, but i think that count olaf is far more intelligent/educated than what he lets on? but he sort of masks it by staying true to the "villain-arsonist" archetype/trope. i mean, he has received the same vfd education, and in the end of "the end" he recites a poem, of all things. and "poisonous darts" scene.

hey anon! i love receiving messages like these, thank you very much for sending!

it’s kind of an interesting point. this may not make sense, but i hope it is possible to follow!

i think the ‘firestarting’ side of the schism represents a rejection of the intellectualism that the volunteers treasure so much. they want to set the world on fire - literally, in this case, though also metaphorically - not research ways to keep the status quo in place. they are a rebellion. they make a mockery of ‘the greater good’, because for them the greater good is personal gain, rather than…whatever the volunteers think it is, which is never clear.

with that as a backdrop, i don’t doubt that olaf is intelligent - he’s very intelligent. but he perhaps just isn’t booksmart. maybe he just doesn’t spell so well, for any number of reasons. but i don’t think that matters either way.

in my view it is probably partly genuine and partly him playing into the anti-intellectual firestarter ethos, but it doesn’t matter to him or the people on his side. when esme comes out with your fancy words won’t save you, in the hostile hospital, that’s really a very important line - because being traditionally ‘clever’ does not really save anyone in the real world, in their view, and that’s what the firestarters represent.

i know it sucks and hurts right now, but i promise that sad feeling will go away and you’ll feel so empowered one day. I was praying with some friends the other night and one of them said, “even though we are unworthy sinners broken and cracked, God’s light & love shine through those cracks to not only hold us together, but to make us whole. HE makes us whole.” I know you feel broken on the inside, but i need you to remind yourself that those cracks are good. I honestly believe that the people with the most cracks are the most loving bc those cracks are FILLED with God. You’ve been through so much shit in your life and I know in the moment it feels like you are never gonna get better but seriously jiwon, you are filled with God - His light SHINES through you and your heart. You have always been the most compassionate person I know and I know why that is. So remind yourself the reason why too. You don’t need a stupid boy like him - if he can’t see how much love and light you have within, he doesn’t deserve you. God reserved the perfect man for you who will love, cherish, and respect you.
—  grace’s solid words of advice 

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assalamu alaikum, im a convert and dont rly differentiate between different schools of thought yet though i am trying to understand, but i didnt know Sunnis consider loving the Prophet (SAW) and his family (RA) to be haraam...i love them all so much and thinking of what they have done for Allah Subhana fills me with peace and happiness, why would loving them be considered haraam by some? do you know?

walaikum salam. 

1. congrats on your conversion ((: i hope things have been peaceful and easy for you. 

2. it’s not necessarily that simple: i have no doubt sunnis love the prophet and his family, but they also criminalize practices which shias commit to only out of love for him and his family 

for example: shias travel to the burial places of the prophet’s family in order to pay their respects, and commemorate the violent deaths of the prophet’s family to keep their memory alive and these practices are considered harmful, shirk, and criminal by sunnis. remember that sunni entities have initiated a genocide on shia muslims solely on the basis of our practices. so that’s what i mean when i say sunnis consider our love for the prophet and his fam to be invalid and haram. 

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Tarquin and Fenrys


Fenrys is the wild and Tarquin is the calm. They’re literally perfect together. But Fenrys doesn’t just want into Tarquin’s pants - though, come on, everyone does - but he really wants this emotional connection. And they just talk all night. Fenrys is laying on top of his boyfriend and stroking his chest and Tarquin is stroking his back. Fenrys just cant stop talking and Tarquin just whispers, “I lost the only family I had left,” and they just look at each other and then hold hands and start talking again and this time there’s a lot more kissing and they’re just so open with each other AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OH?? MY?? GOD?? 

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How would dark react to his S/O being supper de duper shy?

I think he would find it adorable in its own little way. He also realizes he has to be much more gentle in how he handles speaking to them. The heavy atmosphere that seems to be present with him could possibly scare them, so he tries his best to seem as comforting as possible.

Let’s be real, though, after they warmed up to him, he’d definitely love to tease them. He finds their blush cute. And it boosts his ego a little bit. But he’s willing to go out of his way to make them feel at ease and open with him before this happens, of course.

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If you don't mind my asking, who is the Poppy girl?

no problem dude! Poppy’s a…youtuber I guess? She definitely puts videos on YouTube. And she also makes pop music. I think her youtube videos are more interesting than her music (though the music is catchy af and I love), since her videos are super abstract and kinda off-putting until you get used to them. Though most of them are like a minute or less long.

If you wanna explore her a little more

Songs I like of hers:
Chewing Gum

Videos of hers that give you the gist of her “style” the fastest:
Valentine’s Day
Some People
My Past
A Plant

She’s definitely not for everyone but if you’re into weird, artistic, kinda satirical shit, then I hope you like it. I dunno why I like Poppy so much, I’m just super endeared to her now.

But yeah, I hope this helps!


Oh, it was so perfect, I have no words. From the beginning to the ending scene. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. I know now why DOTS was so popular and got the title one for the best dramas ever! (right next to GOBLIN)

I loved it so much! Though, I gotta say I loved the “side” love story more tbh. ^^

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Oh, I will definitely re-watch at some point in time. It’s full of action, and love, and drama, and I loved the dialogues. And the VISUALS. *faints*

I have completely fallen for…

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And omg my dubu leader and cute tofu ONEW:

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Oh, and the BROMANCE almost killed me.

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The story kept me on my toes, I WANTED TO WATCH MORE. I still need to watch the special episodes. Sigh. It will be really hard for future dramas to top 2016/2017 dramas… (W, DOTS, GOBLIN)

i’m so nervous so i can’t sleep even though i’m so exhausted.

i’m gonna miss y'all a lot. especially interacting with you guys. it’s become one of the few things that makes things not so bad lately.

i really love and appreciate all of you so much. i’m constantly so amazed about how kind people can be if you give them a chance, and part of the reason i’ve been able to do that recently if because of all of you, so thank you.

All I Could See Was Your Eyes | 14

I would just like to formally apologize for this taking a month. I’m truly ashamed of myself. Hopefully the next chapter will get here a little quicker (I’m working on setting a writing schedule so I won’t be a lazy pile of trash and not write)(because my friends give me so much shit for this not being further along)(LOVE THEM THOUGH) Also I’m gonna link to all the songs I use for each quote that begins each chapter. I’m gonna have to go back to each previous chapter (which is gonna be tedious and annoying) but it’s fine lol!!! Sorry I began this with a long note, just getting my thoughts out. OK ONTO THE CHAPTER.

“Bask in the glory of all our problems ‘cause we got the kind of love it takes to solve 'em.”

Previous chapters

The night was winding down and even though I was with Shawn and Beatrice, my mind kept wandering to what happened with Delaney. At the time I was sure that my accusation was completely sound, that there was no room that I could’ve possibly been wrong. Now, I wasn’t so sure. I needed to talk to Beatrice as soon as possible. The more we sat and watched the movie we had on, my body curled into Shawn’s, the more my mind began to wander. It was as if the universe knew that I needed to talk to Beatrice without Shawn in the room, because his phone began ringing. He ignored it the first two times, but by the third call I knew it had to be important.

“Sorry, I’ve gotta take this,” he said, getting up and walking out of the room. I faced Beatrice, but before I could even open my mouth, she spoke up.

“So, what happened?”

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I think one of my favorite things about BBC Sherlock is that Sherlock ships Warstan with all of his heart. My sad tsundere detective ships his best friends super hard.^_^ (Also Sherlock with Rosie. He loves her.)

I totally agree. Which is one of the reasons why it breaks my heart when one half of them is gone and some make it seem like he didn’t love Mary. He loved her so much. His heart was practically breaking because he loved her, and her relationship she had with John. It meant something to him. His speech at their wedding/and the reception meant so much because it was true. All of it.

and omg yes, Rosie holds such a special place in his heart. Even though he has no idea what he’s doing half the time he loves spending time with that little girl. She reminds him so much of her mother. I’ll just be over here crying about this until the end of days.

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its the last day of reading week today! im pretty proud of how much i got done, though i probably could have worked a litle bit more. oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thought id show you guys what i use for my [nice, not in-class] notes! ive been using clairefontaine notebooks for over a year now, the paper is So Smooth and i just love the grid notebooks, theyre the perfect size! im not sure where to find them in the states (for my american followers) but ive always gotten mine in quebec! for pens i like to use staedtler fineliners.

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no offence but if you're always cheated on maybe its you?

I’m going to be completely honest with you here and say that I used to think much the same way. I used to think it was all on me, that I was a bad girlfriend, that I was a bad person, that I failed at relationships and it was my fault for being ugly/fat/needy/selfish/stupid/loud etc, etc. My self-esteem is through the floor, son. It’s easy for me to blame myself for things, to feel less deserving of good things because I’m not perfect.

You want to know a secret, though? No one is perfect. No one. I love so many imperfect people, and I love them relentlessly, flaws and all. Why is it so obscene to think that there might be someone who could love me with all my nonsense, too? 

I guess my point is that we could sit here and think about everything that’s wrong with me, and everything I could have done to drive these four people to completely disregard me enough to hurt me in such a way, but in the end it’s not down to that. It’s down to them and their shitty decisions. 

I’m not taking the blame for that.

checking in!

Hiya everyone!!! oh my gosh, it’s been so long, do forgive me!! I am slowly getting my laptop back as my mental health repairs, please do be patient with me!! 

Speaking of mental health, I’ve been doing quite alright, if anyone’s been worrying- which I doubt, but I figured I’d tell you anyway!! Once I’m allowed my laptop all the time, I’ll be able to help you all again, just as I love to do!!! 

By the way- I make those little sprite videos in my spare time, and if you find those entertaining….. I do those, hehe !! 

Ahem, here’s a link to one of them…. spoilers ahead though, hehe!

I do hope you all are doing well!! I love you all so much!!!!

-Mod Naegi

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What are your 5 favourite commissions you've ever done? :D

Aahhh, such a good but also difficult question to answer!! :D I enjoyed doing pretty much all of them for different reasons, although meanwhile there are also lots that I’d want to improve now when I look back at them.

My favourite types to do currently are tarot cards, because I can be the most creative with them :D And the epilogue slides, because I just love doing lineart, and colouring not so much x’)

I’m not sure if I can really boil it down to a top five, but one that’ll probably be one of my all-time favourites is this tarot card I did for @iio-in-thedas last year! Even though it’s already a few months old again I’m still really happy with it (and I hope Iio is too :D). Iio is generally such a wonderful and supportive person with great ideas, and so far I’ve enjoyed drawing all the commissions I did for her so, so much!

Another favourite, I think, would be this one I did for @verayne almost exactly a year ago, because the character design was really cool and it’s always an honour to draw non-fandom OCs for people! It’s admirable how much work people put in these characters and I’m glad if I can give them a visual reference of sorts, because stuff like screenshots just don’t exists for the characters in your head ^^

But yeah, as I said, it’s hard to pin everything down to a proper top 5 ^^’ but as I said, there’s usually something I enjoy doing about every commission (some I like doing more than others, because just like I struggle with some of my own drawings I sometimes also struggle with getting a commissioned piece down right).