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Why is your blog name Yujachachacha?

…oh my god, I was right. You brokoro my kokoro, anon. _(:3 」∠)_

Well, before I get into that, let me at least answer. Yujachachacha = Yujacha + chacha. “Yujacha” refers to my favorite kind of tea, and “chacha” refers to the “Cha Cha Slide”.

The explanation got really long because I can honestly never be trusted to keep my answers short, so the rest is under the cut.

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so my sister got me into your rejectmatsu's and i just simply love them they are so cute. plus they will always br canon no matter what people say and again i love them so much. so please continue your work

((awwww thank you so much!!! they appreciate it

look at how happy they are! they dont even care that i drew them witha mouse. in terms of continuing, though, i decided to continue their legacy on a different blog for organization sake. head over HERE !!))

Day 23 of 31 Days of Series 18
Favourite Kiss: Bernie and Serena in Life in The Freezer
I know it seems as if it’s the 31 days of Berena but how can it not be this kiss for my favourite. I love these two so much and I couldn’t imagine AAU without them, even though Bernie is currently hiding away in Ukraine. If Bernie has any common sense she’ll come back with an expensive bottle of shiraz, carnations and a really expensive dinner date planned as an apology.

I’m just here to remind everyone that jeon jungkook repeatedly says in interviews, broadcasts, and even his solo song, the fact that even though he doesn’t really experience much emotional stress he feels such a strong connection to the other members that when they hurt it hurts him 100x more and he wishes he could take on their burdens for them because that would be easier than watching his members suffer. Basically this is a reminder that Jeon Jungkook is too good and pure for this world. A baby bun who must be protected at all cost.

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Consider the following: an MC who plays roller derby and is constantly covered in bruises from it, which they show to everyone cuz they're proud/they think bruises are pretty. How do you think our guys and gal would react?

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS ASK!!! I personally love bruises and how they look! They’re gorgeous! 

Admin Rina did Jumin and Zen and I did Yoosung, Seven and Jaehee!!

~Admin MP


  • He worries about MC CONSTANTLY
  • If he goes to watch them he’s pretty much just looking through gaps in his fingers because he is so afraid they are going to get hurt 
  • Slowly, though he gets into it
  • Cheers loudly for MC!
  • Is ready to jump into the skate rink and help MC if they fall over or get hurt
  • Afterwards, when MC is showing them alllll their bruises Yoosung sort of pouts
  • “Do they hurt?”
  • “A little, but don’t they look badass??”
  • He kisses every bruise to help them heal faster


  • He finds bruises super attractive?
  • He’d think the bruises were super pretty
  • The mottled patterns and colors were always unique 
  • Likes to poke them and say “does that hurt?”
  • “Really? I think it looks like Italy”
  • “No no there’s no boot! Just look!”
  • MC struts up to Seven
  • “STICK M  LEGY OUT” and they do, right in front of his face just to smugly show him all their bruises 
  • Sometimes while they’re getting frisky he purposely presses on them (only if MC is okay with it, of course)
  • Also he’d fucking love the roller derby you kidding me?
  • Brings his own secret snacks of Dr Pepper and Honey Buddha chips


  • The inner mother in Jaehee is activated
  • “Do you need to ice those?”
  • “I will in a second, just look at how cool they are, Jaehee!”
  • She decides to humor them for a few minutes before forcing them to ice the bruises
  • “Yes, very pretty.”
  • But the more she looks
  • the more they kind of are nice?
  • And Jaehee remembers how proud she always is of her own bruises from Judo
  • So she nods
  • “Very nice.” And runs her hands over them
  • (They get distracted for a few minutes after that oops)
  • But she always makes MC ice them after admiring them
  • (Also is surprisingly savage during games? “KICK THEIR ASS, MC”)


  • Jumin is really into bruises
  • Like
  • A LOT
  • He thinks that they are beautiful and stunning
  • He does get concerned when he watches one of MCs matches
  • But he has not missed a game
  • He will leave work early just to make sure he is there on time!
  • Watching MC play is honestly one of his favorite things to do!
  • He is very protective and doesn’t like seeing MC get hurt
  • But he LOVES when they have new bruises
  • MC shows them off like jewelry
  • Jumin honestly couldn’t be more proud of them
  • But he does prefer the bruises he leaves on MC more tho (  ͡°   ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • This man is so protective of MC!
  • He HATES seeing MC get hurt
  • Even if they are doing something that they love
  • He doesn’t really like going to their games because of this reason
  • He does try and go to the big ones however
  • Because he loves them and knows that they are doing something they love!
  • But whenever Zen sees a new bruise on MC
  • He just loves to kiss the new bruises
  • And he will kiss them anywhere
  • Arms, legs, head, Thighs ( ͡°  ͜ ʖ ͡°)
  • He would kiss them all until they go away
  • Sad for them both there always seems to be more and more each day
  • Although he isn’t too upset about it

Shh I know I’m 10 million years late with this but HERE YA GO

I’ll slowly start posting these (maybe 1 or 2 at a time) as I draw them but I really wanted to draw Freddy b/c I love him so much *w*

Freddy hates almost everyone and LOVES scaring people. He really dislikes Bonnie because Bonnie never takes him seriously. He is good friends with Chica though and Foxy. He gets along with Foxy sometimes but occasionally they will argue about stupid things. He is an incredible singer and will only sing for children or by himself. He doesn’t really like teenagers either lol

Reblogs are appreciated!

Feel free to ask him questions too! (he’s really sassy tho…lol)


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Fun facts about the characters? And any webcomics you recommend? (Not rockandriot or grieferbelt tho cuz I'm already a Stan for them and I love those comics so much lol)

Hey there, thanks for the ask! Have a fun fact for everyone:

The first puppet she ever made herself was named Ara. She was made of wood and rags and she used her to tell the story of the First Lander moon goddess. She doesn’t have it anymore, though.

“Keys” is a stage name. As Oroline folks belong to clans that are all named after birds, her clan/family name is technically ‘Kingfisher.’ She should be wearing a tin wing on each ear, but she doesn’t–a sign that she’s not very active when it comes to clan stuff (much to her mother’s chagrin). 

Satinder comes from a military family: she has three brothers, all in the Eastwater Fleet. Satinder, on the other hand, joined the Northwater Fleet when she was 17–purely because the Northwater Fleet was the only one stationed in Galos, and she wanted to rebel. (There are four fleets in total, each representing one of four personified oceans that make up Autrian theology.)

He has eight brothers and sisters, some of whom are half-siblings. He grew up in a super rural coastal town where his mother raised sheep and his father was a travelling musician. His father taught him how to play guitar and fiddle, but he was only home intermittently. He died when Dom was about ten.

He’s actually sort of interested in fashion and clothes: can’t exactly afford it, but he likes pretty things. He and Ivo have this interest in common and talk about it sometimes. He just doesn’t make a big show of it because he knows he doesn’t look the type, and it’s more advantageous for him to to look tougher in general.

He has (had) two fathers, who are mentioned in the comic. One, who was born in Tourmalie, is dead. The other, of Paravinian descent but Galos-born, is still alive. He has an adopted sister of Tourmish descent named Portia who is into plants and botany.  

For comic recs, we follow tons and just recced a bunch for #comicbookhour on twitter. So check out our twitters for recs, we reblog the stuff we’re reading all the time! I’m linkeepsitreal and Capp is capitalette.


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Do you, the mod, like candycorn? Also, what is your favorite holliday-centric candy?

I like the idea of candy corn, but not the execution.  The stuff is pretty much solid lumps of high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring, so it’s one of the worst things you could possibly eat, period.  Plus it gets stuck in your teeth like mad.  I’ve honestly been tempted to have a swing at my own version of candy corn for a few years now, though candy making isn’t exactly my forte.

As for holiday-focused candy?  Hm… probably rice crispy treats?  It may just be anecdotal, but my grandma or aunts always make rice crispy treats balls around Christmas time and I’ve always loved them.  My usual candy contribution around holidays tends to be Oreo Bonbons.

I suppose a more commonly popular candy, especially around Halloween, would be Candied Apples.  Those have all kinds of variety to them and can be amazingly delicious when done right.  There’s a candy shoppe in my local area that specializes in Candied Apples and they get super creative both with the ingredients used and the designs applied to the apples.

I will admit, I did not see Reylo when I first saw Star Wars VII (or the second time; watched it probably 4 times in theaters). It wasn’t until I started wanting to look at SW VII fanart on DeviantArt (wasn’t on tumblr at the time) in January I think that I happen to see Reylo fanart. At first I was hesitant because of so many people bashing the ship because of the possibility of them being related. But the more and more art I looked at of the two, the more I fell in love with the ship. Art tends to do that to me (why I am a multishipper most of the time). I shouldn’t be all that surprised though that I like the pairing, Rey and Kylo Ren are my favorite characters from the movie other than BB-8 (he is adorable and I love him so much). I have had a thing for villains since I was a child so its no surprise that I would like Kylo Ren especially being a complex villain that he is. Rey is just plain awesome.  I mean come on she is adorable and badass at the same time. Not to mention the costume designs for both of them are awesome: Rey’s isn’t overtly feminine but practical and its actually a really cool design. Kylo Ren on the other hand…well his outfit is amazing and I want to steal it because I have a thing for black and flowy things. A major thing of why I like the pair is the intense symbolism they have (Light and Dark) and what a relationship between them would mean (Grey or neutrality/balance). I have always been about neutrality and in Star Wars I’ve always been eh about both extremes of each side of the force so it would be awesome to see a balanced side of the force I guess come about from this in a way.

ANYWAYS so I started to kind of went into the fandom all quiet like, being still rather afraid of hate especially after joining Tumblr. I would look at art, read fanfics, and that was about it. I would like stuff but never reblog. I didn’t want to be called out and harassed because frankly I have been harassed before for other things over my lifetime and I didn’t want another reason for people to give me hate. But after awhile I started to get more comfortable and decided I couldn’t let the potentiality affect me especially since most of the Reylo community is so kind. Am I still quiet about it? Yeah but I’m getting better slowly. It still unnerves me and I’ve seen how nasty people can be over stupid things before which is a shame. I can only hope that I do not receive any and if I do that I won’t be fazed by it too much.

One of the biggest things that I did to reflect my love of the ship was cosplay. I decided initially to cosplay as Rey in general because I loved her character and it was practical to wear the entire con. Plus I didn’t have to wear a wig which was a big bonus. It wasn’t until a little later when I told my boyfriend about liking Reylo that he offered to be Kylo Ren with me. While at first it was for me, he began to like the ship too (though not nearly as obsessive as I’ve gotten). It was AMAZING cosplaying together and I really enjoyed the experience. When I posted some pics on tumblr of us on a Reylo blog, I was blown away by the positive feedback they received. It makes me glad that people enjoyed them as much as I do. I definitely would love to cosplay again as Rey with my Kylo by my side. I think doing the cosplay together allowed us to express our love of Star Wars and paved the way for a blossoming interest we both share (especially considering my interest in Star Wars was rekindled with the newest movie).

Now I’ve probably read over 50 Reylo fanfics (I’ve lost count), have seen countless amazing fanart, and hope to even add my own fanart at some point. Now I look forward to next piece of Reylo fanart or fanfic to read as well as patiently await Episode VIII and IV.

(The picture above is of me cosplaying as Rey. Photo courtesy of @xstephxstumpx)

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Did you notice that Eunwoo has a slight lisp when speaking english? Cause I suRE DID AND I LOVE IT A LOT

It’s precious, really.  I love that he’s learning English solely for the international fans and that he keeps trying even though he messes up sometimes.  He’s a big inspiration for me learning Korean~ -M

I love it so much. It proves that he cares about all the international AROHAs. It’s honestly the best thing ever. I hope I can put as my much effort in supporting them as much as they do with us -J

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Your favorite Yuri ship for Yoshiko/Yohane?

I have so much that I love! This is gonna be hard…

Hmmm….well, If I had to pick one then it would have to be Youhane! Yoharuby is a super close second though! I know that both of them aren’t the most popular ships, but I just find their chemistry super adorable!

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Do you have any favourite blogs?

YEAS there are so many wonderful writers and amazing people i follow i absolutely love them on my dashboard and possibly ( very innocently okay ) stalk them because i’m so heart eyes like my bby @khcleesis, she’s the most wonderful person i’ve met here ( and if you’re not following her yet you should, like really ) and @maesterpieces, i’ve admired her writing for so long i’m still speechless she wants to write with me, she’s perfect and i mean @lxveleexinsxnity and @titaniuums who are absolutely AMAZING, @fixaticn is an amazing writer i’ve been following for so long even though we didn’t get to interact much i love her blog and THERE’S SO MANY. this is me feeling like a patato next to so many wonderful people 

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do you think it's stupid to be anxious about things relating to Captain Swan?

Of course not! People have different reactions to situations and that’s okay.. and as someone with anxiety, I completely understand getting anxious about something you care about. CS isn’t something I, personally, get anxious about because I fully believe there’s nothing that can happen that will tear them apart. No matter what, they’re true love and they’ll fight for one another though everything. The writers wouldn’t put so much time and effort into creating their beautiful story, only to destroy it all. But you can’t control how you feel so it’s perfectly fine to worry, angst isn’t the most fun to watch. You’re not stupid for feeling the way you feel, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 💕

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May I get a matchup please? It's so hard to find blogs that will accept them! I'm cis female, straight, smol and quite slim but pear shaped. I have long, slightly wavy dark blonde hair and a quick wit (growing up in England will do that to you...). I enjoy reading, drawing, video games and eating junk food 😅 In terms of personality, I am quite loving and cuddly, and I've been told I'm happy-go-lucky and generous, though I do have a bit of a temper. Thanks so much! :D

You’re welcome! So sorry for the wait I have so many requests to catch up on and University can be a pain in the arse :O

I match you with Genji. With Genji’s difficult past and accepting who is, he certainly needs someone like you by his side. Someone who is kind and positive like you! It helps him feel better about himself and definitely very happy to know someone accepts him for who he is now. Like you, Genji really enjoys to read and draw, thinking it as therapeutic for the mind and soul. Genji hasn’t played video games in a very long time but when he sees you having so much fun, he feels compelled to join in. Genji is very cuddly type like you so endless cuddles and affection will always come your way <3 When your temper comes into motion, Genji is able to quickly calm you down and remind you of what you are doing or saying. Both of you share some similarities and interests which make the pairing very strong and able to understand one another without spoken words. Psst, this guy LIVES for your smol form because he can cuddle and pick you up like the princess you are~

~Mod Rose

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Keith! 

general opinions: FUCKING LANCE oh my god listen, the first episode or two I will admit I didn’t like him. He was a bit annoying and too much for me, but it didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in love with him, like he is such an important character to me? Even though he saunters around, he is just a scared kid who likes to make people laugh and loves being around people… he loves his family so dearly and cries because he misses his mom?? My heart hurts for him. He loves his team so much and he’s SO BRAVE… also for all the bluster and the silliness, he is actually really level headed and is able to make good tactical choices… he’s someone you would want on your team because he would try to keep the mood light all the time, but he can critically think and make smart decisions. Also he’s just a kind hearted person through and through, it’s so natural to him to just… be good to people. Like when he jumped in front of Coron when he noticed that bomb, or when he was like… casually feeding the mice at the table. Just little things all the time. You can really tell that he is a good person through and through and now he is one of my favourite characters, he deserves SO MUCH HAPPINESS. I would read 10k fic that’s just the team snuggling him a lot and doing nice things for him tbh. Good shit right there. Someone cuddle him.