Mostly I am pretty content with how much human life usually lasts, but sometimes I wish I could live so, so much longer, to see how stars and another worlds are born and die, to witness how two galaxies collide and dance around each other, to see a black hole being formed and devour light.

hogwarts!bts | kim seokjin

request:  anonymous said to cosmosyoongi: Hello! I’ve read your hogwarts bts aus and I loved them! I couldn’t help but notice that you only have three of them, and I would love to see the rest of the members. Maybe you could begin with Jin? Thank you so much!<3


  • opposite of hufflepuff!jiminseems really sweet & nice & everyone thought he’d be a hufflepuff for sure
  • but then you meet him & though he is sweet he’s also cocky asf
  • so you’re like yep he really is a gryffindor 
  • there always seems to be at least one or two kids from the year below him following him around
  • so you’re like ?? 
  • always the first to sit down in the great hall for a meal 
  • also the last one to leavedon’t try touching his food, once jin has claimed something, it’s his & he will fight you for it
  • sometimes you’ll find him falling asleep in class
  • especially potionsstill got pretty good grades bc he’s always hanging around this one ravenclaw he seems to be really close to
  • constantly being asked out on dates
  • “hey jin, do you want to go to madam paddifoot’s with me this weekend?” 
  • “jin, I was wondering if you’d like to go to the ball with me?”
  • but he always smiles kindly & turns them down
  • no one really knows why but it’s most likely bc his only two true loves are food & his face
  • definitely not the type to try out for the quidditch team, might not even attend the games
  • maybe only to support the friends he has on the teams
  • one time he & his fellow gryffindor friend & their hufflepuff & slytherin friends were dared to sing in front of the whole of the three broomsticks 
  • when the whole place erupted in cheers, the 4 made it a mission to sing there as many saturday nights as possible throughout the years
  • best subjects are charms & astronomy probably

Patroclus x Achilles (The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller) 

I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it, even though I’m not that much into Greek mythology. Well, since I have no time to draw atm I’m just posting some of my drafts. :3 This is one of them.

@itzminyard  Thanks for recommending TSOA to me, I liked it a lot, even though it was really sad. (;_;) I love Patroclus sooo so much! >_< And Briseis. And Achilles is also okay most of the time. XD (When he’s not acting like a unreasonable brat and kinda causing Pat’s death ;_;) *sobs disgustingly*

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Heh, Blake being all cute in that extra interview. They've done the duet so many times now I forget that they've only done it at one of his concerts once. I don't think he'll have to beg though!

I know! I always like Blake’s quotes when written down. But I love them so much more when we have a video. He just seems so sincere and earnest when you can actually watch him. It’s incredible. 💖

Yes! They’ve done it so much now. But still only once at his concert. And I think the only thing that will keep Gwen from every single one of his concert’s that doesn’t have a conflict with her work schedule would be the kids (her forever #1 priority). I don’t doubt for a second that she won’t be flying out to every show that she can though. So I’m thinking he for sure won’t have to beg. 😂

I’m branching out a lot with my style lately. I’m trying to make my style more realistic while also trying to work with lineless. Eyes are hard though

I’ve been doing more original stuff lately, yeah, but I love these characters too much not to. I’d like to actually do something with them in the future. I can see myself creating a story with them and it not seeming like I’m trying way too hard.

I can’t wait to have this printed out and hung up on my wall in my dorm <3

@hachikato I know you’re ready to see the finish piece

pandorica101  asked:

Can I just say I absolutely adore your art! Especially your month characters :D I found you because of your undertale art, but the month characters are definitely what made me stay! I can't wait to read more about them ^^ Prof. January is my absolute favorite! Keep up the amazing work, I hope I can draw like you some day.

I love cat icons, and I love your message. This is the best!

I’m so happy to hear you that you are interested in my month characters! Though slightly jealous of Professor January…

Thank you very much for your message, and I’m sure you’ll be drawing 100 times better than I ever could. I mean, I don’t ever practice.

DR3 Mirai Hen Episode 7 ‘Ultra Despair Girls’ Impressions

This episode was just another giant kick in the teeth to everyone who said “DR:AE won’t be relevant to the new DR3 anime its story was pointless and you can just easily skip playing it don’t worry”, huh? As someone who actually loved DR:AE more than most people though, this episode was fuckin’ great and hilarious, and also I’m looking forward to seeing how many people decry the episode as ‘filler’ (despite not really being filler at all, rushed at worst)… spoilers under the cut!

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So like whats the fusions that you like drawing/writing the most and how long do you think it will be till we get another zoro fusion (i love zoro so much) cus when variscite was fused i legit cried (she's so beautiful and strong) but I just love all the fusions ad the crew

Oooh, ok so this is really cool question! I can say that it won’t be tooooo long until the next Zoro fusion, and boy what a fusion that one is. Like, damn son I’m in love. 

My three favourite fusions to write (that you haven’t seen), in no particular order are:

Labradorite, Jade, Fossil Jasper

It’s super tough though because so many of them are my faves and for such different reasons. Like of the three above I like all of them for totally different reasons, one because of their amazing dialogue, one because of the interesting relationship they represent and the other because of how alien their mindset is and how terribly fascinating I find it.

- Liz

I’m really glad u like them all!!
let’s see….. It’s really hard to call names since they all are my children (kind of?) and I love them all so much.

I think my faves to draw that you haven’t seen yet are indigo copper, sulfur and even though he is a bitch to draw, fossil jasper

All three of them have a very different body types and maneuvers and emit different feelings on the screen. I really want to do my best at drawing them and making them feel alive. As fascinating, emotional or terrifying as they can be.

- mimu

why  is  my  elf  always  so  dramatic  though
*thranduil  gracefully  falling  down  the  stairs  in  slow  motion*  i am not dramatic

Confession: Even though I love Arashi so much and hope they have many successes in their career, I really don’t want them to perform for Tokyo 2020. I would rather they use more traditional artists rather than main stream pop like Johnny’s or other idol groups. I feel like people like Kitajima Saburo would fit the part better.

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I just finished all three books for mphfpc this week and seeing your designs for the characters makes me so happy??? I love them so much but I wanted to ask you how did you feel about what happened in book two and three because I wasn't expecting anything of that level to happen (I still liked them though!! Just curious and I hope this isn't too vague I don't want anyone to be spoiled hahah..)

[warning: vague spoilers ahead if you read into it lol]

oh mann i didn’t honestly. i was hoping for a story centered around the children or at least their time at the house. It didnt go the direction i wanted it to but it was still a good read. my friend and i talked about how a standalone novel wouldve been okay too considering how much the story took a turn haha 

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Hi Chris! I've JUST found out about your escastreams and I don't really know that much about them. So I was wondering if you have a set time or schedule for them? I'll forever love you Chris and I hope you have a great day <3!

We certainly do! I almost always stream on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. 

On Wednesdays, I play a single player game, usually something story-driven, and on Saturdays I play multiplayer games with the viewers, or my friends. (Though I will not be streaming this Wednesday because I have a film shoot to be at.)

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Sorry you're getting so much grief, honey. I agree with you. Himchan has made it clear he isn't comfortable/is hurt by these comments. People think the words 'just kidding' can erase all transgressions. If the average fan was put in his place having friends and strangers who claim to love them calling them fat even though they've said they don't like it. How would that feel? Would they laugh that off too? I doubt it. Only because it's happening to someone else is it ok. My heart hurts for him.


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a'ight i really wanna follow you but i'm scared of stydia/lydia spoilers Dx i'm only on season 2 (I just can't keep stydia out of my bio though, i love them too gotdamn much)

you can follow me in spirit. Honestly you’re so lucky, I wish i could watch season 3 again for the first time. Season 3 is lit, the plot is the best in any teen show ever. hit me up and scream about them any time <3

To Ruby:

@rubyleaf! I wanted to say this, even though I am late as hell, that I feel the same way…even though I don’t have my mom or dad in my life, I lived with an aunt who literally had no idea why I loved the internet so much. It was because of my love of writing, and all the friends I made on here. I don’t really have that many friends to begin with, probably two the most, but…I just felt like every one I talked to on here was my friend. I don’t really live with them now, since I moved out with one of those friends, but I just want to say, it gets better! It really does! My aunt did not approve on anything I did, I was a artist and theatre kid in highschool, who was in the GSA and she tried to change that about me too! I just wanted to say, that do whatever you like to do, if tumblr makes you happy, tumblr on! Do whatever you want to do! It’s your life! I feel like she does worry, but if you think what you are doing is the best, then listen to your instinct and do what makes you happy, and well…do what makes you, you! I really hope I was able to help…even though I was late! XD <3 

700 Followers & New Blog

I’m very very close to 700 followers, and I just wanted to say thank you all so much! I have so much fun posting these incorrect quotes, so it’s really awesome that you guys enjoy them so much! I feel bad that there isn’t really much I can do in return other than these quotes though, so I decided to make another blog. I will do AUs and headcanons and sometimes even fanfics, and always feel free to give me any ideas. (Both for this new blog and this one honestly) Anywhoozles, find it here:


I’ll try to post pretty frequently on there, but with soccer and school starting up in two days, I’m going to guess posts about 3 days of the week. Anywhoozles, I hope you enjoy!

Now, back to this blog, I want to again thank not only all of you once more but also the 4 biggest fans of this blog sooo here we gooo:

4. @ask-nyotalia-estonia

3. @internetbanality

2. @cherrycrush52

1. @attackoftheoranges

Once again, thank you all so much and I’ll be back with some more incorrect quotes tomorrow!

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What do you think the significance of #onelove is in Gwen's last tweet? And them tshe added the prayer hands.

I was actually surprised not to see MORE people comment on that one. I try not to read too much into things, especially on social media, but, uh, yeah, that one doesn’t leave too much wiggle room for interpretation, unless I squint and try and justify it as being more generic and not specific. She’s talked about true love before (in Tokyo) so one love isn’t too much of a stretch, though. It also had the effect of putting the Bob Marley song in my head, which works well (”give thanks and praise to the Lord”) with the next part of your comment, and I doubt was accidental. 

As for the prayer hands, she just loves them and is profoundly grateful for what her life is and the blessings she’s been given (including, one assumes, Blake). She even drew that emoji in her lyric booklet and made sure to point out what they were, which is pretty much the cutest thing.