Twenty One Pilots accepting the Billboard Chart Achievement Award:

It sounds like something that would be based strictly off of facts. But for some reason it is a fan voted award and—they shouldn’t have done that. Don’t let our fans have access to that.

Because we have the best fans in the world.


I wouldn’t have it any other way


I’ve just discovered this video of a bug flying into Jade’s hair during a performance and it’s my favourite for so many reasons.

1. Leigh just screaming and running away on those heels
2. Jesy cackling 
3. Leigh trying to get the guy to come remove the bug
4. Jade literally just running around the stage
5. Perrie hitting Jade’s hair with her shoe
6. All the screaming
7. Leigh only coming back when the bug was gone
8. The fact they kept singing the entire time?!

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Any blog recommendations?

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i love them all so much even though some don’t know me but i religiously stalk their blogs on a daily basis💕

Remade these bloomers for like the 26th time but I’m finally happy with them besides being higher poly than I wanted them to be. I love them so much though! They came out exactly how I wanted! What do you guys think?

Happy 17th of May / Gratulerer med dagen!!

It breaks my heart that we won’t see the skam-characters celebrate their constitution day since it’s such an important day in Norway, but I hope that they all will have a great day and that Sana won’t be lonely, that she will have someone to celebrate with although she might feel like all her friends betrayed her.
On a more superficial note, I know she will look as radiant in her bunad (traditional Norwegian fancy clothing which usually is worn today) as she did last year.
Since we probably won’t get any SKAM-content today, I’d like to share a picture of the beautiful jentegjengen from last year. That episode is one of my favourites from s2 since all the girls stood up for Noora when she told them about Nico.) I love them all so much, even though I hated their decisions last Friday.

Sometimes I’ll just watch one video, any video really, of Super Junior and then it just hits me of how much I love them and how much I am proud of them and then I think of all the troubles they’ve been through and I just start tearing up and smiling because they’ve done so much for me and for others and all I can really do is watch their MVs and buy a few albums every now and then and it just makes me want to do more for them like they’ve done for me. I am so incredibly proud of these people who have gone against odds and just made a name of themselves. I love these dorks so much and I want the best for them.

has anyone ever thought about the fact that Cash Me Out by f(x) could be a reference to the meme