anyways, Otabek and Yuri sometimes send random memes to each other with no explication or context and everything is okay until Yuri flood some cat memes and Otabek send this here 

and then Yuri stop to reply him properly with a lot of ‘‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE YOU TOO’’ and the flirts start

Sons i have adopted long ago but havent drawn until now bc i avoid spiky hair at all costs. It’s diff now though bc lmao fuck my comfort zone when i got ch 133
I probs wont be drawing anytime soon bc wow fuck coding


I haven’t got to draw them for like 84 years…

this is a very self-indulgent, project-y headcanon but keith definitely exaggerates his ignorance of memes and teen culture just a little bit because it makes lance give him attention

like, don’t get me wrong, keith did live under a rock and legitimately has no idea what lance is talking about 90% of the time, but he really likes to make lance go oh my gosh i can’t believe you don’t know about this here let me show you

because dammit lance is cute and keith is weak and gay

cute deamus headcanons for you

- dean is a dog person; seamus is a cat person. they fight for hours on what to get before they realize that they can just get both
- when dean proposes, he paints an enormous canvas of his favorite seamus memories (an unsurprisingly large amount contain some sort of fire)
- they adopt a boy and a girl who become best friends with dominique and lucy weasley
- seamus is short but tries to Be Tall by attempting to rest his head on dean’s shoulder
- sometimes dean indulges him by kneeling. one time he did so in front of the minister but it was okay because the minister was hermione
- they’re the type of couple to forget that other people are around when they’re with each other
- one time they’re at a party at harry’s and they bicker for three hours over whether football or quidditch is a more legitimate sport
- everyone is too appalled enamored by how adorable and domestic they are to do anything
- dean is surprisingly weak for cute things, so seamus buys him a stuffed animal every year for their anniversary
- they get more obnoxious every time, until they’ve been married for twenty years and an actual two-ton stuffed elephant is outside their house
- dean isn’t sure whether to scream, cry, or hug his husband
- they become the most prominent gay wizarding couple in europe and enormous lgbt+ advocates
- they start their own foundation supporting lgbt+ youth which becomes wildly successful and helps over thirty million wizarding teenagers
- basically they’re happy and adorable and everything is great thank you