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yo,, hit me up with them sweet sweet jared x reader headcanons

u asked for it BETCh i love my meme boy

(these aren’t laid out like normal headcanons i know but i’m not even sure if they are headcanons?? they’re kinda just big chunky paragraphs what i think dating jared is like,, also i’m p sure all the readers pronouns are gender neutral ! correct me if i’m wrong :) )

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finally took a selfie after 11 months and i look happy in it. 11 months in which i got over my heartbreak, got played by another guy, kept myself on the floating line, my favorite cat died, fell in love with my current boyfriend, lost 10kgs, found happiness, got a haircut, gained those kilos back, got drunk for the first time (and the second), bought my first lipstick ever, got a new kitten, bought my second lipstick cause now i love them. oh, and bought a ridiculous amount of sexy underwear just because

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Hi! I'm pretty new to Supernatural and have only recently watched all the seasons. After the fourth one i fell in love with Castiel and Dean's relationship and think that Jensen and Misha have a lot of chemistry. I've been browsing your blog, because you seem to love them a lot too and was wondering do you think it's mostly Jensen that admires and is infatuated by Misha? Sorry for the stupid q, that's the impression I've got. :)

hey nonnie :)

I love them both a ridiculous amount tbh, and I don’t think it’s a stupid question, but honestly? I think they’re just as smitten as each other, it’s just that jensen generally does a far worse job of hiding it!

he is constantly telling stories about misha, and he gets so giddy when he’s around him sometimes - like the jibcon cockles panels for example - and just laughs his little head off at misha who, god love him, is really not /that/ funny.

misha, on the other hand, is less obvious, but is often softer around jensen, like he pulls back in order to let jensen shine… I don’t really know how to explain it properly but it’s really sweet.

they’re both pretty terrible though…