Valentines day with Seth Macfarlane would include:

- Seth all to yourself because he won’t let work get in the way today. 

 - Lying in, awoken by good morning kisses. 

 - Lots of flowers and something he remembered you liked from a long time ago.

 - His face lighting up when he sees your reaction.

 - Sushi at his favourite restaurant 

 - A Generous amount of whisky 

 - Holding hands 

- Karaoke 

 - Looking straight at you while singing ‘your the cream in my coffee’

 - Laughing at how cheesy but sweet that was. 

- Childish jokes and silly faces

 - More laughing 

 - You complimenting him on how handsome he looks. 

 - Blushing in response 

 - Staring at you when he thinks your not looking. 

 - “God I fucking love you" 

 - Smiling whilst kissing you. 

 - Late night films. 

 - Falling asleep before you, glasses slanted.

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Another A Million Ways to Die In The West Clip 

aka A Piece Of Art 

aka Why Not to Take Drugs From Strangers  maybe no drugs at all

Seriously, what kind of drugs were they on while writing this scene (when I say “they”, I mean “Seth in particular”) I get confused and fascinated  everytime I rewatch it.. 

(Source: YoureAJagOff Youtube Channel)

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Dream Job: Advocacy Lawyer.

Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2

Dream Fictional Character That You Would Want To Be: Hermione Granger

One Interesting Fact About You: I love Nutella sandwiches.

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I have a friend who thinks so badly of #SethMacFarlane it’s a surprise she actually likes him. You see we both have two totally different ideas of what he is like. I know we will never know which, if any is the right one. She thinks he practically sleeps with every woman he is linked to. That he constantly has one night stands. Whereas I get the impression from interviews that he is actually after proper relationships. That he prefers getting to know the woman first before sleeping with them. As I said we will never know who is right. Maybe it’s something in between. But I prefer to think the best of people and men. My romantic side coming out I suppose.

'Harvey Beaks' Composer Ego Plum: Modern Animation Deserves Orchestral Music
Nearly 60 musicians were enlisted to create the recent "Steampunks" musical episode of Nick's "Harvey Beaks."

Fantastic interview with our incredible composer Ego Plum about orchestral music in animation:

“Push for it. Do whatever you can! It’s a language that’s worth preserving and bringing back to modern animation. It elevates the art form. Nickelodeon was gracious enough to make 40-60 musicians happen for Harvey Beaks and I would love to hear that on other shows, besides the Seth MacFarlane properties and The Simpsons. There are tons of talented guys out there more capable than me who deserve this opportunity, but more importantly — cartoons themselves deserve it!”

Check out the whole interview!