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“WOOOOOAAAAAAAAH“ ,“AAAAAAHHHHHHH“, “OMG, OMG, Donghae, Donghae! “ ,“uh? what happened? “ ,“what’s going on?!! “ ,“ my heart sick “, “its real?” ,“eunhyuk?oh eunhyuk,eunhyuk,eunhyukkkkkkk”, “uh! oh my god Eunhyuk! oh cry! don’t cry! Oh my god “ ,“AWESOME, FANTASTIC, GREAT,SUPER JUNIOR D&E.. BEAUTIFUL! “


150327 Music Bank final speech:

Hyuk:so today D&E promotions officially ended.really really really thank you so much guys.next week  our Japan tour starts so please support us~
Hae:thank you so much! lets greet as Super Junior now!
Hyuk:i dont know if sj album will come out or no but we will do our best again!now,go home and eat and be healthy! thank you! i love you! (c)