as a kid I watched her all the time and she was like my biggest idol and I’d say I wanted to be Miley when I’d grow up and now my 13 years old self (I’m 21 now) would be so damn proud now to read this billboard interview, how she decided to give up drugs and smoking and take herself seriously and use her talent right. best of luck for her, so happy to see someone with good heart back on right track, you know what they say life is the climb but the view is great, there’s ups and downs, but you will always find your way back home, welcome back, Miles ;) xx 

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Honestly Ariana and Miley's friendship makes me so happy??????? Like???? They love and support each other so much and it's so pure and bright and i just !!!! Like if their friendship was a colour scheme it would be pastel blues and yellows (bc those are the brightest/happiest colours imo) i love them a lot

Miley was talking to Nick Grimshaw yesterday and was like “I’m in this with her forever like, I want to keep making music for the rest of my life and I know she does too, and this event, if she wants to make it an annual thing, if she wants to do it every year or in different places, I’ll be right there with her always, like i promised her that and i keep my promises, and i think she’s found her real job now, her purpose, to help people” and i teared up a little bit like!!!! girls supporting girls!!!! is so beautiful!!!! and i love it!!!!

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Neferet:  And now…back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the Vampire High Council; Zoey, what’s good?