You know what, no one in the Glee fandom hates on Brad.

Because we all agree that Brad is a beautiful person, who hates each and every one of those kids. 

He also might be a serial killer. Maybe. 

But the point is - he’s a BAMF. Everyone thinks so. He’s probably the least drama filled character. 


Broadway.com’s Live at Five interview with Brad Oscar

There’s a lot of trust between us, That’s key when you’re standing out there on that tightrope. More than that, what makes a great balance is she has such grace, and I don’t.- Brad Paisley. 

Brad is willing to make himself the butt of the joke, which you’ve got to respect, We’re both willing to look stupid, but he assumes the role of annoying big brother. And I’m sure he would call me the annoying little sister.- Carrie Underwood. 

Ill say crazy things, and she’ll be the voice of reason.-Brad Paisley.